Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Mar 1889

Allowances made at the March 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 11 Apr 1889 – Page 4, Column 2

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their March session, 1889, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Centre Township.

  • Wm Webber—Groceries furnished: Sarah Clark, Mary Abdon, Mrs. C Perrin, Mrs. Geo Smith, Mrs. C Lambkin
  • J. H. Vanhouten—Groceries furnished: Emma Chamberlain, Hannah Byrns, H Clark, C Perrin
  • David Peters—Groceries furnished: Margaret Ross, Wm Smith
  • C. M. Beinkamp—Groceries furnished: Ella Baker, R. Hall, Thos. Rand, Cynthia Baker, Malinda Block
  • J. C. Green—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Benj. Mills
  • Blythe Buffington—Groceries furnished: Wm Powell, Sarah Clark
  • Herdegan & Kress—Groceries furnished Mrs. A Pohl
  • L M Cheek—Groceries furnished: Miss Emma Chamberlain, Thos Rand, Wm Holdron
  • Fred Opperman—Groceries furnished: Mary Hughs, Catharine Walsh
  • Chas. Fehling—Groceries furnished: Mrs. H Broyles, Mahala Teaney, Wm T McMurray, Margaret Ross, Wm Smith, Johannah Thoms
  • M. Pelgen—Groceries furnished: Dora Sperlach, H. Broyles, L Theetge, Wm Powell, M. Pelgen
  • John Brannon—Groceries furnished: Nancy Hunt, George Gray, Catharine Walsh, Mary E Trester, Sarah Clark
  • G. W. Griffin—Groceries furnished: E Knapp, Thomas Rand, C Perrin
  • Robert Maybin—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Goodpasture, Bridget Cooper, A Ponl
  • Andy Kastner—Groceries furnished: G Smith, John Goodpasture
  • A Epstein—Clothing furnished: George Gray, Wm. Smith
  • Aurora Distilling Co.—Coal furnished: E Van Sickles, R. Campbell, M Brooks, Emma Chamberlain, A Pohl
  • George W Taylor—Conveyance to Asylum
  • F Mauntel—Undertaker
  • A Hill & Son—Coal furnished: Mary Abdon, A Shoemaker, W T McMurray, R Campbell, Hannah Burns, Wm Powell
  • Thos. W. Sargent—Coal furnished: Dora Sperlach, K Walker, Wm. Smith, Mary Abdon, Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Broiles, A Pohl, Wm Thompson, George Smith
  • L Grossholtz—Boarding tramps
  • Wymond Cooperage Co.—fuel furnished
  • Wm T Day—Undertaker
  • E. Lamar—Shoes to Louie Burton
  • T Studenberg—Shoes to George Smith
  • Catharine Schieb—Caring for Dora Sperlach
  • Jacob Schuler Jr.—Transportation

Poor—Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • Schleicher Bros.—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Krona, Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Craig, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Kriter
  • Spanagel & Co.—Groceries furnished: Henry Young, Mrs. Vinson, Mrs. Mack, Joseph Mondary, Mrs. Schaeffer, Mrs. Daumet
  • H R Helmuth—Groceries furnished: Mary Young, Mrs. McMullen, H Klefker, Mrs. Eads, Mrs. Hayes
  • A Shaw—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Parsons, Perry Carter, Wm Brown, Buarks
  • Jos McGrannahan—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Goodwin, Mart Skinner, Perry Carter, Jane Sheppard, Mrs. Eads
  • George H Wood—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Bruce
  • George Fahlbush—Groceries furnished: Thomas Darling
  • Harry Dobell—Groceries furnished: Nancy Jones, Mrs. Brown
  • Tebbs Bros.—Groceries furnished: Wm Winters, Mrs. McAdam
  • Sparks Bros—Groceries furnished: Thomas Darling, Mrs. Martin
  • H Oertling—Groceries furnished: Nancy Jones, Mrs. Thomas Marshall
  • C Israel—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Best
  • Wm F Cook—Coal furnished: Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Bruce, Nancy Jones, Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Early, Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Krona, Mrs. McAdams, Mrs. Parsons, Mary Young, Mrs. Best, J Mondary, Mrs. Caloway, Mrs. Schaeffer, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Tout, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Brown
  • Early & Daniel—Coal furnished: Mrs. Krona, Mrs. Klefker, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Tout, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Grill, Mrs. Darling, Mrs. Leindecker, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Early, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Phelster, Mrs. Whitcomb
  • Fred Wesler—Coal furnished: S A Martin, Henry Young, Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Kaufman, MRs. Moeers, Mrs. Fisher
  • Freeman & Stein—Coal furnished: Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Mary Young, Mrs. Charleston
  • Samuel Dickinson, Undertaker—Coffin and carriage furnished: McAdams, Kate Dodd, Holland, H Morris, Dudley, Minnie Early, Mrs. Morrison, Clarinda Osborn, Barney Losey, Jennie Howard, Ben Cave
  • L Kohlerman, Undertaker—Coffin and carriage furnished: James B Hills, James White, J O’Kane; Mitchell, conveyed to Co. Asylum
  • Greendale Cemetery Association
  • J P Lommel—Digging grave
  • F Rodenberg—Transportation
  • Fred Volz—Boarding tramp
  • John Shaw—Boarding tramp
  • R H Gould—Transportation
  • Anton Schneider—Shoes furnished: Mrs. McAdams, Mrs. Phister, Mrs. Johnson
  • F. R. Dorman—Shoes
  • L R Swift & Son—Shoes to Wm Bennet

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • Eldo Chance—Conveyance and digging grave for Belle Bradford
  • J S French—Coffin and box to Belle Bradford
  • A P Daughters—Medical attention to Belle Bradford
  • Peter E Shed—one day and mileage as witness to Belle Bradford
  • V D Chance—Groceries to Mrs. Margaret Bradford
  • H B Gault—Groceries furnished
  • H D Moore—Groceries to Isaac Davis and Jesse Colshire
  • O M Loyd—Overseeing poor; transportation

Poor—Hogan Township.

  • John Hayes—Groceries furnished: Jane Christy, Margaret Stitt
  • Aurora Distilling Co.—Coal furnished: M Stitt, Jane Christy, Sarah Buffington
  • John Armstrong—Overseeing poor

Poor—Logan Township.

  • Edward Grubbs—Boarding poor
  • Clark and Fagally—Groceries to S. Tarr

Poor—Miller Township.

  • Wendel Labbe—Groceries Furnished: Joseph Huber
  • Gerhard Fette—Groceries furnished: Caroline Smith, Joseph Huber
  • Chas Seekatz—Shoes to Mrs. Helfrich
  • Jos. Folzlogel—Taking paupers to County Asylum
  • Harmon Hodmeyer—Shoes to pauper

Poor—York Township.

  • Otto Hammerle—Overseeing poor

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • W F Crocker—Groceries to Mrs. Callahan

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Wm. Rowland—Groceries furnished: Harrison Conaway, Betsy Spangler, Jane Peasley
  • M. E. Withrow—Groceries furnished: Thomas Akra
  • Fred Ginter—Groceries furnished: E and A Evans, Sarah Fleming
  • Tyler & Vandolah—Groceries furnished: Sewel Sheldon
  • H H Kamping—Clothing to Wm Buchorn
  • John Steuver—Overseeing poor

County Asylum.

  • Thos Duncan, money paid out; salary
  • Charlotte Duncan, salary as Matron
  • Katie Wilson, work
  • Clara Ruble, work
  • John Sims, work
  • Andrew Johnson, work
  • John Bidner, pork
  • Geo. Wolforth, repairing shoes
  • Wm F Crocker, hardware
  • John Kleuber, clothing
  • E Lamar, shoes
  • C M Beinkamp, groceries
  • Alex Ruble, carpenter work
  • George W. Hall, groceries
  • Wm Pummill, blacksmithing
  • P Weis, bran
  • Sebastian Ross, harness
  • Geo Gutzwiller, blacksmithing
  • Sparks Bros., seeds
  • B Buffington, groceries
  • Gerhard Hilbert, repairing wagon
  • Frank R Dorman, clothing
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., dry goods
  • John Kleuber, clothing
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., coffin and box

Public Buildings.

  • R Petitt, repairing lightning rod
  • F R Dorman, oil cloth
  • George Day, painting Commissioner’s room
  • John Schwab, masonry on new barn
  • George W. Wood, groceries for jail
  • K Crist, hardware
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co., gas
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., kindling

Specific Allowances.

  • L Kohlerman & Son, horses and carriage
  • John Probst, postage and cards
  • S J Huston, postage
  • J H Russe, postage, expressage and telegraphing
  • E D Moore, postage, expressage and telegraphing

Public Printing.

  • Everett & Gregory, coroner’s inquest
  • L W Cobb, Treasurer’s notice and paper for county asylum
  • J E Larimer, delinquent list
  • Hunter & O’Brien, miscellaneous

Books and Stationery.

  • Wm B Burford
  • Sentinel Printing Company

Insane Persons.

  • F R Dorman

County Revenue.

  • J H Russe

Roads and Highways.

  • John Heustis
  • Hezron Haynes, Sheriff

Expense of Court.

  • Hezron Hayes

Commissioners’ Court.

  • Hezron Hayes


  • D M Guard


  • D M Guard

Aurora Bridge.

  • C H Glandorf
  • J E Johnston & Co.
  • Nathan K Stedman

Officers’ Salary.

  • E D Moore
  • H Vogelgesang
  • Geo W Johnston
  • Geo W Swales
  • S J Huston, County Superintendent