Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Sep 1879

Allowances of the September 1879 Session of Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 30 Oct 1879 – Page 4, Column 2

Commissioners’ Allowances.
The following are the allowances made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn County, Indiana, at their regular and special sessions of September, 1879:


Centre Township.

  • Thomas Wright for Mrs. Garrison
  • Herman Raby for Mrs. Wisshaat
  • Herman Raby for Mrs. Houck
  • Wm T Day for Mike Lodge
  • Patrick Doble for Wm Tickey
  • Patrick Doble for Mrs. Koch
  • Patrick Doble for Wm McCartney
  • Patrick Doble for Wm Thompson
  • Patrick Doble for Mrs. Kerrigan
  • Patrick Doble for Mrs. Moran
  • Henry Wood for Mrs. Dacon
  • Henry Wood for Mrs. Billingsley
  • Henry Wood for Emma Cure
  • Henry Wood for John Cure
  • Simon Siemantel for John Nelson
  • Simon Siemantel for Wm Maul
  • Frank Housemeyer for Joe Clark
  • F Mauntel for Martha J Smith
  • F Mauntel for May Zeany
  • F Mauntel for Elizabeth Valveavor
  • Mrs. A Erle for Wm Annabell
  • Mrs. A Erle for Miss Ross
  • Philip Kaster for Adam Sengar
  • Philip Kaster for Mrs. Ehmann
  • Wm T Day for Wm Smith
  • Herdegen & Kress for Mrs. Yaggie
  • Herdegen & Kress for Mrs. Thomas
  • Herdegen & Kress for Wendel Litske
  • Herdegen & Kress for Mrs. Vansickle
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. for Mrs. Jehu
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. for Wm Powell
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. for Wm Teaney
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. for Miss Vidito
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. for Mrs. Griffin
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co. for Wiley Johnson
  • H H Sutton, M.D. for Mrs. Hughes
  • Geo W Taylor for Mrs. Garrison
  • Geo W Taylor for Wm Smith
  • Geo W Taylor for Mr. Balweaver
  • Langtree & Haynes for P Tracy
  • Langtree & Haynes for Mrs. Hudson
  • Sarah Greely for Mr. Stivers
  • A Bloom & Bro for H Moran
  • A Bloom & Bro for Mrs. Blasdel
  • Peter Koehler for Mrs. Shoemaker
  • M Maloney Jr. for monies expended
  • Fred Oppermann for John Kerrigan
  • Fred Oppermann for Mary Bowler
  • Fred Oppermann for Thos Hughes
  • Fred Oppermann for Kate Murphy
  • Fred Oppermann for Mary Burke
  • Fred Oppermann for Kate Welch
  • Mrs. P. Pelgen for Mrs. Wenzel
  • Mrs. P. Pelgen for Mrs. Carlin
  • Mrs. P. Pelgen for Mrs. Winscott
  • Mrs. P. Pelgen for Mrs. J Schipper
  • Mrs. P. Pelgen for Mr. Smith
  • Mrs. P. Pelgen for Mrs. Robinson

Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • S A Tanner for I R Dunaway
  • S A Tanner for unknown man
  • K A Davis for Mrs. Robt Purnell
  • Tebbs Bros. for Mrs. Morrison
  • W J Fitch for Mrs. Williams
  • W J Fitch for Mrs. Bruce
  • John Hornberger for Mrs. Cath Kelly
  • H R Helmuth & Son for Mrs. Williamson
  • John Huth for Mrs. West
  • Christian Boemer for Louisa Schmit
  • Louis Garrison for Mrs. McKee
  • Moore & Spooner for Mrs. Dugles
  • Moore & Spooner for Mrs. Hays
  • Moore & Spooner for Mrs. Monrow
  • Moore & Spooner for Mrs. Cune
  • Moore & Spooner for Mrs. Creamer
  • Isaac Hayes for Mrs. Howard
  • Edmond Gilland for Mrs. Williamson
  • J J Hauck for Mrs. Arnold
  • N Gillig for Mrs. Knorr
  • N Gillig for Mrs. Kinney
  • N Gillig for Mrs. Kenugh
  • Daniel Chidister for Mrs. Hattie Carl
  • Daniel Chidister for Mrs. Geo Nevitt
  • Nancy Jones for unknown man
  • Hiram Clark for Mrs. Canter
  • D Nothern for Mrs. Williams
  • D Nothern for Mrs. Roberts
  • Mrs. Hess for Mrs. Lambertson
  • Elizabeth Chance
  • Josse Harper for I R Dunnaway
  • Julius Currus for Mrs. Stimel
  • Julius Currus for Mrs. Hayes
  • J F Hammerle & Co. for Mrs. Morrand
  • J F Hammerle & Co. for Clarance Flanagan
  • J F Hammerle & Co. for Mrs. Grasty
  • J F Hammerle & Co. for Mrs. Emmerson
  • J F Hammerle & Co. for Morris Carter
  • Louis Kohlerman for – Weis
  • Louis Kohlerman for Archabel Gee
  • Drs. Gatch & Miller for medical services
  • Drs. Harding & Robbins for medical services
  • Dr. J P Green for medical services
  • Gideon Renner for money expended
  • Walter Fitch, Receiver, for Mrs. Smith
  • Walter Fitch for Mrs. Douglas
  • Squire Watts for Mrs. David Tilford
  • Mrs. Tinnemeyer for I R Dunnamay
  • Mrs. Hommer for Rhoda Bennett
  • Mrs. D Deuschle for Mrs. Donner
  • Charles Israel for Mrs. Grasty
  • Charles Israel for Mrs. Main
  • Charles Israel for Mrs. Emberson
  • Charles Israel for Mrs. Jones
  • Sparks Bros. for Mrs. Locey
  • Sparks Bros. for Mrs. Howard
  • Sparks Bros. for Mrs. Tilford
  • George Hayes for Flora Rudolph
  • Samuel Dickinson for Perry Carter
  • Samuel Dickinson for — Bralley
  • Samuel Dickinson for Mr. Taylor
  • Samuel Dickinson for Mrs. Bolinger
  • Mathias Miller for Mrs. Bolinger
  • Joseph White for Mrs. Emily Miller
  • A Kaiser for Mrs. Jos Weis
  • Christ Scherger for Mrs. Reig

Sparta Township.

  • B F Draper for Mrs. Alice Vinson
  • B F Draper for Mrs. Dell Cole
  • B F Draper for Johnson Knapp
  • B F Draper for Elizabeth Smith
  • H B Gault & Son for Isaac Davis
  • Samuel Nelson

Harrison Township.

  • John Small for Mrs. Smith
  • Geo W Keen & Co. for W Tetor
  • Geo W Keen & Co. for J Weeks
  • Geo W Keen & Co. for Mrs. Smith

Kelso Township.

  • Patrick Diver for Mrs. Glaub
  • Peter Werst & Co. for Matz Matheus
  • P Weis for Michael Matheus

Clay Township.

  • W Withrow for Annie Lasure
  • Vandolah & Co. for Mrs. Lasure
  • Vandolah & Co. for Thos Acre
  • Vandolah & Co. for Jacob Fleming
  • Vandolah & Co. for H McFarland
  • Vandolah & Co. for Frank Hoover
  • J W E Hartly, guardian for Elizabeth Evans

Caesar Creek Township.

  • Henry Licking for Lecta Hinman
  • Garrett Bosse for James Warner

Washington Township.

  • Wilkison Smith for D D Winters

Miller Township.

  • Dr. W H Swales, M.D. for James Wood
  • Robert Hargitt for J C Richardson
  • Isaac A Marshall for Minnie Stokes
  • Jacob Sefton for Mrs. Sefton
  • F M Jackson for Mrs. McCracken

Manchester Township.

  • W F Crocker for Mrs. Laybourn
  • W F Crocker for Mrs. Fawset
  • S Strasburger for Elizabeth Vaughn


  • John C Sims for smithwork
  • D McMullen for threshing
  • Siebern & Kries for 1 barrel sugar
  • F Slater for groceries &c.
  • W F Crocker for groceries &c.
  • S Strasburger for 2 pair shoes
  • Alex Ruble for repairing shoes
  • Carrie E. Sims for 13 weeks labor
  • Andrew Sims for salary as Superintendent
  • Andrew Sims for Beef &c.
  • Edward Greenham for 3 months labor
  • Lewis Hoff for 3 months labor
  • Wm Rothenbush for 1 male hog
  • W H Swales for 1 sheep S.D.
  • Haynes & Conger for lumber and flour
  • Christian Oelker for 1 coffin
  • Lewis Stohlman for harness and whip


  • Elijah Christopher for boarding prisoners
  • Elijah Christopher for washing blankets
  • Jacob Anderson for 12 mattresses & pillows
  • Tebbs Bros. for oil and broom


  • Jacob Peters for coffin &c for G M Whitaker
  • W U Telegraph Co. for telegraphing


  • J E Christopher for cleaning vault pipes
  • Lawbgh Gas Co. for gas for Court House
  • H G Kidd for tin pipe &c.
  • S Strasburger for soap &c.
  • W J Fitch for oil and matches
  • Renner & Lang for coal
  • Tebbs Bros. for boom and brush


  • Martin Kieffer for binding ass. blanks
  • Ledger-Standard Co. for blank books &c.
  • O H Hasselman for paper and ink
  • Ind. Sentinel Co. for books and paper
  • W B Burford for books and blanks
  • Stanton & Noyes for stamp ribbons


  • Hunter & O’Brien for road receipts
  • Hunter & O’Brien for printing county officers
  • Sam Chapman for blank indictments


  • Geo B Tebbs for lumber and repairs


  • Geo Shoobridge for lumber


  • John Stark & Co. for lumber and labor


  • Thomas Rice for lumber


  • John H Thompson for building abutments
  • A B Pattison for services as engineer


  • A M Kennedy for time and expense


  • Helen M Ward for tax refunder


  • Harvey B Hill for time and expenses


  • D H Miller for horse hire
  • Warren Tebbs for postage and express
  • Wm H Kyle, Treas. for postage &c.


  • Wm H Kyle for 3 months salary


  • Myron Haynes for 3 months salary


  • Abram Briggs
  • Fred Slater
  • Michael Hoff