Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Sep 1880

Allowances from the September 1880 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 28 Oct 1880 – Page 4, Column 3

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn County, Ind., at their Sept. term, 1880, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.



  • Chas Israel, groceries for Mrs. Emerson
  • Chas Israel, groceries for Mrs. Grasty
  • Chas Israel, groceries for Mrs. Anderson
  • F Rodenberg, groceries for Mrs. Kuntzler
  • C Kleir, groceries for Mrs. Williamson
  • Wm P Grant, groceries for Mrs. Anderson
  • Jac Anderson, groceries for Mrs. Kaiser
  • Tebbs Bros., groceries for Mrs. Williams
  • Tebbs Bros., groceries for Mrs. Morrison
  • Mary Farral, special allowance
  • B T W S Anderson, special allowance
  • James Burk, house rent for M Sterling
  • Catharine Kraus, house rent for C Kleckner
  • Indiana J Kraw, house rent for Mrs. Ray
  • Dr. J P Green, medical attendance
  • Wm Huber, house rent for Mrs. Weekly
  • A M Hauck, house rent for Mrs. Bennett
  • Peter Perlee, transportation poor
  • N Gillig, house rent for Mrs. Kinney
  • N Gillig, house rent for Mrs. Knorr
  • W Fitch, Receiver, Mrs. Smith
  • Moore & Spooner, groceries Nancy Alfred
  • Moore & Spooner, groceries B Henderson
  • John Sortwell, burial of drowned boy
  • John Huth, h. r. Mrs. West & Mrs. Kaiser
  • A Kaiser’s estate house rent L Smith
  • Francis Lang, groceries Mrs. Moran
  • Francis Lang, groceries Mrs. Tilford
  • Francis Lang, groceries Jos Lapourt
  • Francis Lang, groceries Mrs. F Dameyer
  • Francis Lang, groceries Mrs. Emmerson
  • Francis Lang, groceries Mrs. Wiley
  • Francis Lang, groceries Mrs. Wilson
  • Francis Lang, groceries Mrs. Carter
  • Mrs. Falderman, house rent Mrs. Carter
  • D Northern, house rent Mrs. Roberts
  • Squire Watts, house rent Mrs. Tilford
  • Edward Gillan, house rent M Williamson
  • Brogan & Harding, groceries – Flanigan
  • D Deutschle, groceries Mrs. Donner
  • Sparks Bros., groceries Susan Locy
  • Wm J Fitch, groceries Mrs. Bruce
  • Wm J Fitch, groceries Mrs. Dorn
  • Christian Scherger, house rent Mrs. Rieg
  • John S Dorman, dry goods Mrs. Morrison
  • Julius Currus, groceries Jane Howard
  • Julius Currus, groceries Mrs. Keough
  • Julius Currus, groceries Mrs. Sherrod
  • Julius Currus, groceries Mrs. Roberts
  • G Renner, cash paid on account of poor
  • Renner & Lang, coal for poor
  • Isaac Hayes, house rent Jane Howard
  • John Billingsley, house rent Mrs. Williams
  • S Dickenson, funeral expense H Morris


  • Fred Kreite, groceries Mrs. Luba
  • John A Wies, groceries Joseph Clark
  • John A Wies, groceries Wm Thompson
  • John A Wies, groceries James Hartell
  • John A Wies, groceries L & S Warner
  • John A Wies, groceries Wm S Powell
  • John A Wies, groceries Mrs. Hoppins
  • John A Wies, meals for transent paupers
  • W W Brison, groceries John Cooper
  • W W Brison, groceries Mary Bolard
  • Philip Kastner, groceries Mrs. Ehmans
  • Philip Kastner, groceries Lydia Warner
  • Philip Kastner, groceries Sarah Warner
  • Philip Kastner, groceries Adam Sengers
  • Langtree & Mitchel, groceries Thos Tracy
  • Langtree & Mitchel, groceries Wm Teechee
  • Langtree & Mitchel, groceries Mrs. Hudson
  • Langtree & Mitchel, groceries Mrs. Cofield
  • Langtree & Mitchel, groceries Martin Corcoran
  • Langtree & Mitchel, groceries Mrs. Harding
  • Langtree & Mitchel, groceries Mrs. Garrison
  • Henry Wood, groceries Mrs. Billingsley
  • Henry Wood, groceries Mrs. Dacon
  • J M Wheeler, groceries Mrs. J Cooper
  • J M Wheeler, groceries John Kerrigan
  • J H Wilke, groceries Mrs. Grey
  • Lucinda Acres, regular allowance
  • Philip Earl, groceries Mrs. Ross
  • E Brewington, 3 mos rent Mrs. Robinson
  • S Siemantle, groceries John Melson
  • S Siemantle, groceries Mrs. Burns
  • S Siemantle, groceries M H Carrigan
  • P Dobel, groceries William Brown
  • P Dobel, groceries Mrs. Boskamp
  • P Dobel, groceries Mrs. Moran
  • F Opperman, groceries J Kerrigan
  • F Opperman, groceries John Cooper
  • F Opperman, groceries Thos Hughs
  • F Opperman, groceries Mary Burk
  • F Opperman, groceries Kate Welch
  • F Opperman, groceries – Mahony
  • F Opperman, groceries Kate Murphy
  • F Opperman, groceries Mary Bowler
  • F Opperman, groceries M Kerrigan
  • F Rectanus, cash paid on acc’t of paupers
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Mrs. Smith
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Mrs. Jehu
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Mrs. Bussell
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Mrs. Teany
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Geo Hopping
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Miss Vidito
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Wm Powell
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., Mrs. Christy
  • Martha Pelgen, groceries Wm Powell
  • Martha Pelgen, groceries Mrs. Winscott
  • Martha Pelgen, groceries Mrs. Roberts
  • Martha Pelgen, groceries Mrs. Carlins
  • Martha Pelgen, groceries Mrs. Wengals
  • Martha Pelgen, groceries Mrs. Teechee
  • C Goldsmith, suit cloths for Tom Tracy
  • Herdegen & Kaess, goods Mrs. Smith
  • Herdegen & Kaess, goods Mrs. Thomes
  • Herdegen & Kaess, goods Mendel Liets
  • Herdegen & Kaess, goods Mrs. Tege
  • Herdegen & Kaess, goods Wm McCartney
  • Herdegen & Kaess, goods Mrs. Van Sickle
  • Chas Fehling Jr., goods Mrs. Bray
  • Chas Fehling Jr., goods Mrs. Shipper
  • Chas Fehling Jr., goods Mrs. Hauck
  • Peter Koehler, goods Mrs. J Sheppi
  • Peter Koehler, goods Mr. Sumager
  • Peter Koehler, goods Mrs. B Trester
  • Peter Koehler, goods Mrs. Calahen
  • A Bloom & Bro., goods Mrs. Blasdell
  • A Bloom & Bro., goods H A Moran
  • Herman Rabe, goods Martin Cochran
  • Herman Rabe, goods Mrs. Hauck
  • Herman Rabe, goods Martha Bruce
  • Herman Rabe, goods Mrs. Weishorn
  • A Lozier, goods Mrs. Stodizieller
  • A Lozier, goods Mrs. Robertson
  • A Lozier, goods Mrs. Harding
  • A Lozier, goods Thos Rabbett
  • Wm S Day, coffin for child
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., 2 coffins
  • F A York, funeral expenses
  • M Haring, coffin


  • Wood W Withrow, goods Mrs. J Fleming
  • Wood W Withrow, goods Mrs. Marsh
  • Wood W Withrow, goods Hannah Ewing
  • Ira Shepherd, reg all’w for blind children
  • J C Vandolah, goods for H Thompson
  • J C Vandolah, goods for Thos Acre
  • J C Vandolah, goods for John Curn
  • J C Vandolah, goods for Mrs. Spangler
  • F A Young, goods for Elisa Spangler
  • F A Young, goods for Mrs. McFarland
  • J W E Hartley, goods for Mrs. Lozier
  • F Tholka, goods for Elisabeth Evans
  • Thos Jewett, 3 mos rent for John Curl


  • Nathaniel Todd, house rent Mrs. Smith
  • Eliza McMahon, regular allowance
  • Mary Stevenson, Hattie Bowen, insane
  • Fred Homan, provisions for T Windsor
  • A C Daughers, rent for John Knapp
  • A C Daughters, provisions for Isaac Davis
  • A C Daughters, provisions for Dell Cole
  • A C Daughters, provisions for Eliza Smith


  • Francis M Jackson, cash paid for poor and charges for overseer poor
  • Jacob Sefton, taking care of Mrs. Sefton


  • Peter Werst & Co., provisions Mich Maty
  • Philip Weis, provisions M Mathias
  • Christian Roberts, house rent M Mathias
  • Mrs. Smith, regular allowance


  • W F Crooker, provisions for Mrs. Tayborn
  • Dr. T M Kyle, medical services


  • H Chairsell, provisions for W Johnson


  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., for coffin


  • Wilk. Smith, trustee paid Mrs. Switfield


  • Geo W Keen & Co., provisions J Weeks
  • Geo W Keen & Co., provisions W Teetor
  • Geo W Keen & Co., cash acc’t of Bartlett


  • Simon Miller, regular allowance on son


  • S Rudysal on acc’t of erroneous tax
  • Chas Libbert on acc’t of erroneous tax


  • John Dorman & Co., clothing Mrs. J Locy


  • J C Sims for blacksmithing
  • W F Crocker, for groceries
  • S S Gorby, bonedust
  • F Slater, bill groceries
  • Sparks Bruce, 3 months labor
  • Samuel Claspell, repairing harness
  • Samuel Laughlin, labor
  • Anna Korf, labor
  • Daniel McMullen, threshing grain
  • Geo Griffith for 3 barrels
  • F Slater, dry goods etc.
  • L B Harbaugh, tin work
  • S Strausberger, shoes
  • John Ketchum, labor
  • L & N Turnpike Co., toll
  • Thos Duncan for cash on acc’t of asylum, salary for 1 quarter


  • H B Hill, services and expenses of office
  • Lievy & Bro.


  • Tebbs Bros., articles for Court House
  • Brogan & Harding, articles for Court House
  • Brogan & Harding, articles for jail
  • Lawb’gh Gas Co., gas for court house
  • F Lang, articles for court house
  • H G Kidd, articles for court house
  • I Christ & Son, hardware for court house
  • James Burk, paints for court house
  • C E Ferris, paint brush for court house
  • W H Jordan, sundries for court house
  • W C Christopher, work at jail
  • Renner & Lang, coal


  • Lawrenceburgh Democrat
  • L W Cobb
  • Hunter & O’Brien
  • Sam Chapman


  • Sentinel Co.
  • Wm B Burford
  • Martin Kieffer
  • Indianapolis Journal Co.


  • W H Kyle, Treasurer
  • Alez B Pattison, Auditor
  • McMullen & Downey, Attorney
  • Frederick Slater, Commissioner
  • Michael Hoff, Commissioner
  • Abram Briggs, Commissioner


  • D H Miller, livery bill for commissioners
  • Warren Tebbs, Clerk, postage and expre
  • F State, traveling exp of bridges
  • W H Kyle, expressage and postage
  • Harris Fitch, buggy


  • A Briggs, cash paid for repairs on White Water Bridge
  • L G Hurlbert, lumber for Aurora bridge
  • O P Cobb & Co., nails for Aurora bridge
  • F Slater, cash paid on account for Aurora bridge
  • A M Kennedy & Son, labor and material for Aurora bridge