Dearborn County Commissioners Allowances – Sep 1884

Allowances of the September 1884 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 2 Oct 1884 – Page 4, Column 5

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, Ind., at their Sept. session, 1884, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

County Asylum.

  • Tatum, Embry & Co., cattle for county farm
  • C C Cross, work on county farm
  • T W Kestner, for transportation and driving cattle to county farm
  • Robert Maybin, beans
  • W F Crocker, sundry supplies
  • James Griffith, for washing machine
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., dry goods
  • Wm Pummil, horseshoeing and repairing wagons
  • Samuel N Claspill, for mending shoes for inmates
  • E S Downey, sulky plow
  • H J Marshall & Co., paint
  • Charlotte Duncan, salary as matron
  • Chas Tally, wages as farm hand
  • Peter Heller, wages as farm hand
  • Anna Laughlin, wages as servant
  • Amos Sims, work on farm
  • Louis Drake, for 3 months as farm hand
  • Thomas Duncan, salary as supt
  • Cassey Manlief, wages as servant
  • Thomas Duncan, sundry, cash accounts
  • H Chairsell, 2 tones bone dust
  • Law’bgh and Napoleon turnpike, toll
  • C Goldsmith & Bros, sundry clothing for the inmates
  • David Perlee, sundry repairing of farm implements

Public Buildings.

  • Wm Damon, labor at court house
  • Belle Garrison, cleaning court house
  • Frank Sims, cleaning jail
  • Carrie Rich, cleaning court house
  • Dave Donaldson, whitewashing jail
  • Law’bgh Gas Co., sundry repairs
  • Rudolph Walter, for sponges
  • Sparks Bros., sundries for court house and jail
  • Henry Gerlin, cleaning court house
  • Law’bgh Gas Co., for gas
  • Henry Hitzfield, for sundry repairing of furniture
  • Archibald George, drayage
  • George Tebbitts, shoveling coal
  • Early & Daniels, sundry hardware
  • Gideon Renner, anthracite coal
  • I Crist & Son, hardware
  • Law’bgh Gas Light Co., gas

Expense of Criminals.

  • John C Sims, boarding prisoners
  • Chas E Glass, reward for arresting a fugitive criminal

Assessing Revenue.

  • I C Vandolah, asst assessor, Clay tp
  • Van S B Crowley, assessing Clay tp
  • Jos Wilhelm, assessing Kelso tp
  • Isidore Brichler, assessing York tp
  • John Berauer, assessing Jackson tp
  • Martin Kieler, binding assessment blanks

Roads and Highways.

  • Charles Schindler, filling approaches on Wilson Creek bridge, assisting surveyor
  • Joseph Gross, assisting surveyor
  • Albert T. Gridley, surveying Wilson creek road, Lawrenceburgh and Aurora gravel road
  • Jeremiah McLeaster, labor, making fence on Wilson Creek road
  • John C Sims, subpoena for road viewers
  • Sol Longenecker, damages for land taken for road purposes
  • John A Cole, services as road viewer
  • Chas Rachenbach, services as road viewer
  • D F Williams, services as road viewer

Bridges—Laughery Bridge.

  • Jos S Buffington, labor, painting bridge
  • Wm Christopher, painting bridge
  • Thos. Thompson, painting bridge
  • Willison Criss, painting bridge
  • Geo Fenton, painting bridge
  • Sohn E Theetge, painting bridge
  • Wm Wheeler, painting bridge
  • James E Christopher, painting bridge
  • Thomas F Harwood, painting bridge
  • F Thoms & Co., iron work on bridge
  • Michael Moran, iron work on bridge
  • Chas Mueller, paint brushes
  • Chas Leibecke, paint and oil

Dillsborough Bridge.

  • Jas E Christopher, labor painting bridge
  • Wm Christopher, painting bridge
  • Frank Transier, painting bridge
  • James Riddle, sundry paint and oil
  • F A York & Co., sundry hauling

Hogan Bridge (Aurora).

  • Jas E Christopher, labor painting bridges
  • Wm Christopher, painting bridges
  • Josephus Buffington, painting bridges
  • Michael Moran, drayage
  • Chas C Mueller, paint and oil
  • Lomas Forge and Bridge Works, adjusting bridge

Wilson Creek Bridge.

  • Michael Bogenschott, making rips raps, rebuilding abutments
  • Albert T Gridley, service as engineer
  • J C Small, receiver, lumber
  • Josiah McLeaster, making fence
  • Wm Brown, drayage
  • Joseph Tittel, lumber
  • Joseph A Mendell, labor
  • Lomas Forge and Bridge Works, for new iron superstructure

Lawrenceburgh township, expense of Poor.

  • Frank X Volz, provisions, Jac Weyland
  • Mr. Hood, groc for Mrs. Eichler
  • Schleicher Bros., groc, Henry Schmoel, Mrs. Sherrod, Mrs. Schultz
  • John M Palmer, boarding transient poor
  • Chas E Ferris, medicine for poor
  • Jos McGranahan, groc, Mrs. Junker, Lonnsberry, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Tout, Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Buchanan, Mrs. Cath Davis, Mrs. Derman
  • Gideon Renner, coal for Mrs. Sours, Mrs. Bruce
  • G Beckenholdt & Co., coal, Mrs. Kaufman, Mrs. Mack
  • Sparks Bros., groceries, Mrs. Williams, John T Baily, Mrs. Derman
  • John Isherwood, grocer, Mrs. John Flush, Mrs. John Calvin, Mrs. Mary Yarber, Mrs. Ruby
  • J S Dorman, dry goods, Mrs. Buchanan, Mrs. Sarah Graden, Mrs. Eickler
  • J F Hammerle, grocer, Mrs. Stack, Mrs, Buchanan, Mrs. Diggs, Mrs. Herron, Mrs. Sherrod, Mrs. Colvin
  • Herman Oertling, groc, Mrs. Weggand
  • S Strasburger, dry goods, Mrs. Buchanan

Poor—Centre Township.

  • McCreary & Niebaum, dry goods for Taylor Johnson, Mrs. Bealman, Mrs. Betterton
  • Riverview Cemetery, graves for poor
  • A C Murdock, grocer, Mrs. Geo Gray, Mrs, Sarah Smith, Mrs. Mary Guager, John Crist, W S Martins, Timothy James
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., groceries and dry goods, Mrs. Viditto, Mrs. Hagy, Mrs. Faulkner, Mrs. Vinson, Mrs. Powers
  • J M Wheeler, grocer, Mrs. Mary Ropping, Mrs. Thos Acre, Mrs. Eph Bailey
  • Giegoldt, Beinkamp & Co., groceries for Mrs. Walker, Wm McCartney, Wm Theetge
  • Robt Maybin, grocer, Wm Theetge, D Powers, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Eph Bailey, Mrs. Christy, Mrs. Brown
  • Thomas Wright, groc, Wm Vinson, Mrs. Thos Rand, Mrs. Vina Sanders, Mrs. Hagy, Mr. Timothy James, Mrs. Viley Dear
  • J C Green, groceries, Thomas Ackers
  • Geo W Taylor, sundry carriages for funerals of poor
  • John Wildridge, groc, L Winscott, Wm McCartney, Timothy James, Mrs. Eph Bailey, Wm Cheek
  • Fred Opperman, groc, Mrs. Thos Hughes, Mrs. Kate Welsch, Mrs. Mar Kerrigan, Mrs. Billy Dair, Mrs. John Kerrigan
  • Chas Fehling Jr., groc, Mrs. Barns
  • John A Neese, sundry meals for transient paupers
  • Nicholas Scharfenberger, boarding
  • Riverview Cemetery Co., graves for poor
  • Wm T Day, coffins for poor
  • Mrs. Pelgen, groceries, Mrs. Bittner, Mrs. Thos Ackers
  • Albert Bloom, grocer, Wm Cheek, Mrs. Cath Hauck
  • Henry Wood, grocer, Mr. Ross
  • Chas Mattox, agent O & M R R, Transportation of poor
  • Herdegan & Kress, groc, Mrs. V Sickles
  • A Hill & Son, transportation of paupers
  • Levy, Baker & Co., blank trustees orders for poor

Poor—Washington Township.

  • A M Campbell, expenses for caring for and taking sick man to county asylum

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • H D Moore, groceries for Isaac Davis for 9 months
  • John C Miller, transporting as insane man to county asylum

Poor—Harrison Township.

  • Wm Shroyer, coffin and burial expenses for child of Wm Smith
  • Wm Meade, boarding transient paupers

Poor—Jackson Township.

  • Frank Busald, groc, Mrs. Strasinger
  • J P Van Wedding, conveying
  • Mrs. Strasinger to county asylum

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Fred Ginter, groceries for Annie and Elizabeth Evans

Printing and Advertising

  • Hunter & O’Brien
  • L W Cobb

Books and Stationery.

  • Wm B Burford
  • Sentinel Co.
  • O H Hasselman
  • John Calvert
  • Levy, Baker & Co.

Specific Allowance.

  • T & A Pickering, tapeline
  • Henry Hitzfeldt, drawing tools
  • George L Gatch, sundries
  • F A York & Co., expense of commissioner’s court
  • D H Miller, sundry hauling for county
  • Julius Severin, postage and expressage

Officers’ Salary.

  • Jas D Gatch, Treasurer
  • Julius Severin, Auditor
  • Chas Fisk, Commissioner
  • John Feist, Commissioner
  • H B Hill, County Sup’t