Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Sep 1888

Allowances made at the September 1888 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 11 Oct 1888 – Page 4, Column 3

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their September session, 1888, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • H. Oertling, groceries furnished: Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Cavanaugh
  • Jos. McGrannahan, groceries furnished: John Fisher, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Chance
  • Sparks Bros., groceries furnished: Mrs. Jeffers
  • G. C. Columbia, groceries furnished: Mrs. Bruce and sister
  • A. Shaw, groceries furnished: Mrs. Brown
  • Tebbs Bros., clothing furnished: Sherman Easum
  • John Isherwood, groceries furnished: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Parsons, Mart McCracken
  • Spanagel & Co., groceries furnished: Mrs. Mack, Mrs. Osborn, Mrs. Vinscins, Mrs. Tout
  • Robert Foote & Co., groceries furnished: Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Mack, Mrs. Early, Mrs. Crona
  • C. Israel, groceries furnished: Harry Goodwin, Mrs. Best
  • G. H. Wood, groceries furnished: Mrs. Bruce and sister
  • J. S. Dorman & Co., clothing furnished
  • Anton Schneider, shoes furnished: Mrs. Brown
  • F. U. Volz, boarding furnished: tramps
  • Graham & Co., groceries furnished: Nancy Smith, Mrs. Knuer
  • Louis Ellerbrook, boarding tramps
  • Frank Federic, same
  • L. Kohlerman, undertaker
  • John A. McIntyre, undertaker, coffin for floater
  • Greendale Cemetery Association, burying paupers
  • J. P. Lommel, digging grave in old cemetery
  • D. M. Guard, Sheriff, sending Eliza Easum to Richmond, Ind.
  • D. M. Guard, Sheriff, taking Sherman Easum to Richmond, Ind.
  • A. Beckman, coal furnished: Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Grill, Mrs. Hays

Poor—Centre Township.

  • E. H. Niebaum, clothing furnished: Thomas children
  • Blythe Buffington, groceries furnished: John Hess, Hannah Byrns
  • J. H. VanHouten, groceries furnished: Mrs. Perrin
  • Chas. Fehling, groceries furnished: Joanna Thomas, Mahala Teaney, Margaret Ross, Mrs. Fryberger, Wm. Smith
  • John Brannon, groceries furnished: Mrs. Welsh
  • F. Mauntel, undertaker
  • R. A. McConnell, clothing furnished: Mrs. Gray
  • John A. Nees, groceries furnished: Mrs. J. Henry, John Goodpasture, Wm. Powell, Fred Finke
  • A Kastner, groceries furnished: Mrs. J. Fryberger
  • Wm. Webber, groceries furnished: Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Lambkin
  • Fred Opperman, groceries furnished: Mary Hughes, Wesley Hancock
  • Ed. Holthouse, undertaker
  • Geo. W. Taylor, livery hire furnished
  • J. A. McIntyre, coffin for floater
  • Jacob Schuier Jr., transportation
  • J. C. Green, groceries furnished: Mrs. Mills, Wesley Hancock
  • E. Lamar, shoes furnished to Sarah Steig and Anna Davis
  • L. M. Cheek, groceries furnished: Wm. Holdon

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Fred Ginter, groceries furnished: Anie and Elizabeth Stevens, Sarah Flemming
  • Wm. Rowland, groceries furnished: Jane Peasley, Harrison Conaway, Betsey Spangler
  • M. E. Withrow, groceries furnished: Mrs. John Loftus, Thos. Aker

Poor—Hogan Township.

  • John Hays, groceries furnished: Margaret Stitt, Jane Christy

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • H. D. Moore, groceries furnished: Isaac Davis
  • F. Homan, groceries furnished to James Sebree
  • Slater and Heustis, groceries furnished to Mary McMahon

Poor—Jackson Township.

  • Stollman & Schweitzer, groceries furnished to Mrs. Hawks

Poor—York Township.

  • Otto Hammerle, cash expended

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • W. F. Crocker, groceries to Mrs. Callahan
  • O. P. Pyles, groceries to Mr. Scribner
  • F. Dohlerman and John Vogel, taking sick tramp to county asylum

Poor—Logan Township.

  • Ed. Grubbs, boarding three children

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Wendel Labbe, groceries furnished: Joseph Huber, Philip Spring
  • Gerhardt Fette, groceries furnished: Joseph Huber, Caroline Smith
  • Geo. J. Witt, money advanced by county

County Asylum.

  • Thomas Duncan, salary
  • Thomas Duncan, money paid out
  • Charlotte Ducan, salary as matron
  • John Sims, work
  • A. Johnston, work
  • Kate Wilson, work
  • Clara Ruble, work
  • L. & M. Turnpike Co., toll
  • Curtis & Kyle, twine furnished
  • Stohlman & Schweitzer, harrow and seed furnished
  • E. Lamar, shoe furnished
  • Tebbs Bros., groceries furnished
  • Geo. Robinson, corn furnished
  • B. Buffington, groceries furnished
  • Frank Swales, medicine furnished
  • John Kleuber, clothing furnished
  • Indiana Voksblatt, newspaper furnished
  • Geo. Gutzweiler, blacksmithing
  • Whitman & Barnes, grain drill

Public Buildings.

  • Wm. Stevenson, one box soap for jail
  • G S Lozier, organ for teacher’s room
  • Henry Hitzfield, work on Court House
  • Henry Gerkin, freight on matting &c.
  • Henry Gerkin, Court House
  • John Shillito, matting for Court Room
  • Fred Wesler, coal for Court House and Jail
  • James Skelton, material and labor on sidewalk and jail
  • G. C. Columbia, 5 gallons coal oil for Jail
  • Henry Gerkin, miscellaneous
  • Early & Daniel, coal for Court House
  • N. Vogelgesang, railroad fare to Cincinnati to purchase grain drill
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co., gas for Court House
  • G. H. Wood, oil to Jail
  • Sparks Bros., sundries for Court House
  • R. Walters, window glass &c., for Court House

Specific Allowance.

  • J. H. Russe, railroad fare and expenses to insane to Indianapolis
  • J. H. Russe, expressage and postage
  • John Probst, postage
  • S. J. Huston, same
  • E. D. Moore, same
  • D. H. Miller, horse and buggy
  • Martin Kieffer, binding of Trustees’ Reports for August

Road and Highways.

  • Isaac Carbaugh, land taken for road purposes
  • D. M. Guard, serving summons on road viewers
  • John Heustis, road viewer
  • George Rush, road viewer
  • John Abdon, road viewer

Books and Stationery.

  • Baker & Thornton
  • Thomas Winegardner
  • Martin Kieffer
  • Wm. B. Buford
  • D. M. Guard
  • Sentinel Printing Co.

Public Printing.

  • Hunter & O’Brien
  • J. E. Larimer

Officers’ Salary.

  • E. D. Moore, salary as Auditor
  • G. W. Johnston, salary as Commissioner
  • G. A. Swales, salary as Commissioner
  • N. Vogelgesang, salary as Commissioner
  • D. M. Guard, Commissioner’s Court
  • D. M. Guard, expense of criminals

Assessing Revenue.

  • D. M. Guard, serving summons to Board of Equalization
  • J. A. McIntyre, expense of poor
  • S. J. Huston, County Superintendent

Laughery Bridge.

  • B. P. Heustis, work on bridge

Dillsborough Bridge.

  • R. W. Miller, repairing bridge

Harrison Bridge.

  • John Roser, labor on bridge