Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Dec 1866

The Dearborn County, Indiana, Commissioners proceedings for December 1866 appeared in:
Aurora Commercial – 15 Dec 1866 – Page 4, Column 1

Summary of the Proceedings of the Board of Commissioners.

The Board met on Monday, December 3d, at 10 o’clock, A.M.; present Anderegg, Briggs, and Buffington, and Commissioners. Fredrick Sauders Commissioner elect from 1st District, appeared after being duly qualified, entered upon the duties of his office, John Anderegg retiring.

Warren Tebbs Jr., Trustee of Harrison Township, presented his resignation, and filed his report; accepted, and Jacob B. Hollowell appointed to fill unexpired term.

Report of viewers appointed to mark and lay out road in Caesar Creek Township as petitioned for by Isaac Ramer, et als, presented and accepted. Road ordered to be open, J. F. Leucking et als, remonstrate and appeal to the Circuit Court.

Report of reviewers appointed to assess damages in Road case, as petitioned for by J. L. Blasdel et als, York Township, presented, and dismissed on account of excessive damages; appealed to Circuit Court.

Petition presented, signed by James C. Vinson et als, for change and relocation of a road in Clay Township; George Wilson, et als, remonstrate; sustained and petition dismissed.

Petition presented, signed by F. H. Sale, et als, for the appointment of viewers to locate a road in Dillsboro to the Ohio & Mississippi Railroad, accepted, and John P. Walker, George W. Baker and Alexander Hunter, appointed as viewers, to meet at the justice office of Alfred Suits, in Dillsboro, on Saturday, December 29th, 1866, to make said view.

Survey ordered to be made, for the right of way through the lands of Warren Steele, Logan Township, for the road leading from Logan Creek to Harrison, and $75 allowed as damages for said right of way.

Petition presented by Ralph Collier, et als, for the appointment of viewers to locate a road in Manchester Township, dismissed, on account of insufficiency of notice.

Petition presented by N. L. Isgrigg, et als, for the vacation of certain streets and alleys, in Moores Hill, accepted, and further hearing postponed until next session.

License to retail Spirituous Liquors for one year granted to Nicholas Garnert, Joseph Schwartz, Joseph Rechtel, E. Braunagle, and Henry Pellman.

Allowed numerous bills on account of various expense of County, and there being no further business for the consideration of the Board, they adjourned on Saturday, December 8th, 1866, until next regular session.