Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Jun 1869

Proceedings of the June 1869 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Aurora Peoples Advocate – 24 Jun 1869 – Page 2, Column 1

Proceedings of the County Commissioners.

We are indebted to Myron Haines, Esq., Deputy Auditor, for the following abstract of the proceedings of the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, Indiana, at their June session, 1869:

The Board met on Monday, June 7, with the Appraisers and Deputy Appraisers of Real Estate for the county, forming the Board of Equalization, and remained in session as such, during four consecutive days. After adjusting individual grievances, the said Board reduced the appraisement of lands in the following townships, as follows: Clay, fifteen percent; Hogan, 10 percent; Lawrenceburg, five percent.

The following additions were made to the returns made in the following townships respectively: Sparta, ten percent; Manchester, five percent; Miller, five percent; Logan, five percent; Centre, five percent.

On the 11th day of June, the Board of Equalization having adjourned, the Commissioners commenced the work of the regular session.

Bills were allowed, and licenses granted to the following persons, to retail spirituous and malt liquors: A. Schulze, George Siemantel and John Siemantel.

The Board met, June 12th, and after making a large number of allowances, granted licenses to retail spirituous and malt liquors, to the following person: Frank Voltz, Henry Rief and Michael Klein.

The Board heard the petition of William Ewbank and others, for a highway, to be located in Miller township; granted the prayer of said petitioners, and appointed viewers, as provided by law.

The Board met, June 12th, and after making allowances, granted licenses to retail spirituous and malt liquors, to Jacob Pfalzgraf and Emanuel Eiller.

Appointed Pierre Fermier, Physician to the indigent of Jackson township, for one year.

Appointed Charles Briggs, of Kelso, John Andregg, of Lawrenceburgh, and Martin Trester, of Washington, as visitors to County Asylum.

They also appointed the following Inspectors of elections, for the precincts of the county:

  • St. Leon, Joseph Steuger
  • New Alsace, Anthony Blattner
  • Lawrenceville, Casimer Barrman
  • New Lawrenceburg, Gideon Renner
  • Cochran, John L. Giegoldt

The Board met June 15th, and granted license to retail spirituous and malt liquors to Andrew Kreitlein; then considered the petition of William Smith and others, for change in a public highway, in Miller township, granting the prayer of said petition, and appointing viewers, according to law.

The Board also heard the petition of Nelson Handy and others, for the laying out and establishment of a certain highway in Harrison township, granted the prayer of said petition, and appointed viewers, according to law.

Also, heard the annual report of the County Auditor, and approved the same, and ordered the same recorded and published.

Also, granted retailer’s license to Peter Pfalzgraf.

Appointed N. S. Givan, School Examiner, to serve three years, as provided by law.

Allowances were made on bills presented.

The Board met June 16th, and levied the following tax for county purposes: On each $100, taxable, sixty cents; on each taxable poll, fifty cents.

Appointed J. B. Stewart, physician to the indigent persons of Hogan township.

Appointed A. J. Bowers, physician for indigent persons of Sparta township.

Made allowances on bills.

Received the report of the County Treasurer, approved the same, and ordered the same to be entered of record. The business of the session being completed, adjourned.