Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Jun 1885

Proceedings of the June 1885 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 11 Jun 1885 – Page 3, Column 4


The following persons were granted license to sell liquors: J. P. Ebel, John Petscher, David Peters, George H. Konig, Wm. Kasberg, Charles Fitterer, Jacob Gaffga, Geo. Siemantle, Joseph Bechtle, Louis Weiss, Fred Reichert, Simon Siemantle, John Stahl, Charles Martin, M. Kline, F. H. Rusher, John Bainart, John H. Siemantle, John Siemantle.

J. W. Eggleston, and other citizens of Clay township, presented a petition praying that a certain road in Clay township be abolished, as it is of no public utility. The following named gentlemen were appointed viewers: Benj. Wethered, Henry Bulthaupt and Christ Nolte.

Wm. Frazier, and other citizens of Clay township, presented a petition asking that a highway in Clay township be vacated. The following gentlemen were appointed viewers: John P. Walker, Henry Bulthaupt, and Christ Nolte.

William Huffman and others presented a petition asking for the location of a road in Kelso, Miller and York townships. After due deliberation the board find that the petition is insufficient in the statement of the vacation of that part of the old road and the dates of petition and notice not corresponding.

Philip Weis, and other citizens of Manchester and Jackson townships, presented a petition asking for the location of a road in Jackson township. W. H. Kyle, Perry Piles and Adam Ester are appointed viewers to examine the route of the proposed highway.

Jacob Treble, and other citizens of Jackson township, presented a petition asking for the location of a road. The matter was laid over for want of sufficient proof.

Daniel Platt, Trustee of Manchester township, lays before the board a petition signed by the citizens of Manchester, asking for a bridge across the stream at the foot of Hogan Hill, on the Lawrenceburgh and Napoleon State road. The trustee estimated the cost of the bridge $250. The board find that the change in the road is not lawful on account of the road not having been worked according to law.

At the request of Christopher Smith the report of the reviewers of a road in York and Miller townships was taken up. The board reject the petition on account of excessive damages.

Lawrenceburg Register – 18 Jun 1885 – Page 3, Column 3


Robert H. Davis appointed Justice of the Peace of Center Township to fill vacancy.

License to sell liquor was granted to the following: John H. Giegoldt, Peter Koehler, Jacob Kirsch, Peter Pfalzgraf, Adam Kestner, Philip Kestner, E. Braunagle, B. F. Green, E. F. Feistel, Geo. Fahlbush, Frank Weikle, Abram Junker, Edward Branagle, Michael Zimmer, John Sicking.