Dearborn County Commissioners’ Proceedings – Mar 1880

Proceedings of the March 1880 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 18 Mar 1880 – Page 2, Column 4


The County Commissioners convened in regular session on the 1st—all the members being present.

Liquor licenses were granted to Steve Meyer, Frank Voltz, John Sicking, Christ Knoebel, and Nicholas Fahlbush, of this city.

The following physicians for the poor, were appointed: County Jail, Dr. J. P. Green at $20 per year; Jackson township, Dr. P. Fermier, at $32 per year; Hogan, W. H. Dunn, at $25 per year; Center, Drs. Rectanus and Henry at $140; Kelso, Dr. Swales Jr., at $35; Harrison and Logan, Dr. Swales Sr., $60; Caesar Creek, Dr. J. M. Barkley, at $20; Clay, Dr. S. M. Weaver, at $36; Miller and York, Dr. L. S. Collins, at $40; Manchester township and County Infirmary, Dr. T. Kyle, at $200; Washington township, Dr. H. H. Sutton, at $20; Sparta township, Dr. A. J. Bowers, at $39.

McMullen and Downey were appointed County Attorneys at a salary of $150 per year.

Unclaimed allowances, amounting to $17.44, were ordered to be cancelled.

An order was made for the painting of the Harrison bridge.

Auditor Pattison made special report in regard to the school funds of the county.

Contract was entered into with J. C. Pennington to furnish lumber for bridges at Aurora city.

A petition signed by John R. Miller, John Tellis and others, was presented, praying that a bridge be built across Hogan creek at Dillsboro station. A statement was filed with the petition wherein certain persons pledged themselves to erect the bridge tree of compensation. The petition was under advisement.

Abe Briggs was appointed to purchase a small tract of land in Logan township for the purpose of widening a road in district No. 9.

Willard Cobb, Secretary of the Horse Thief Protective Association filed a list of the members of said association.—The board designated each member of the association, who shall be in pursuit of horse thieves and other offenders, shall have powers of constables.

L. Harbaugh and other citizens of Logan township, file a petition urging upon the board the necessity of building a bridge across Logan creek.
John Seamon, John Miller and Pat McCormick were appointed viewers for a public highway through Jackson, Kelso, and York townships, upon the petition of Philip Weis and others.

Settlements were made with the Trustees of each township, and with the Superintendent of the County Asylum.

The remainder of the session was occupied in allowing and considering bills.