Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Mar 1889

Proceedings of the March 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 14 Mar 1889 – Page 3, Column 4


The Township Trustees made their annual settlement of Road, Township and Dog Funds, and the following is a summary of the report:

  • Otto Hamerle, Trustee, York Tp.
  • Henry Assche, Trustee, Jackson Tp.
  • John Roser, Trustee, Harrison Tp.
  • Josiah Duncan, Trustee, Manchester Tp.
  • John Armstrong, Trustee, Hogan Tp.
  • A. Tufts, Trustee, Washington Tp.
  • John Steuver, Trustee, Clay Tp.
  • C. Nolte, Trustee, Cesar Creek Tp.
  • Jacob Schuler, Trustee, Center Tp.
  • Fred Rodenberg, Trustee, Law’bgh Tp.
  • Henry Fangman, Trustee, Kelso Tp.
  • John Brown, Trustee, Logan Tp.
  • F. M. Jackson, Trustee, Miller Tp.

Mark L. Hansell, a member of the Bright Horse Thief Detective Association was appointed Constable.

License to retail liquor was granted to F. X. Volz, Stephen Meier, John Deuschle, Frank M Fitterer, Otha W. Hayes, and Peter Stein, Lawrenceburgh; Kosmos Frederick, Harrison; W. S. Underhill, Aurora.

The offer of Thomas Craig of $10 for the piece of land belonging to Dearborn county, situated in the town of Guilford, was accepted, and the Auditor was instructed to make deed for the same.

Alex. P. Pattison, N. R. Stedman and James Everett were appointed school fund appraisers for the third district.

T. B. Cottingham, Charles Bowton and Lawrence Kappes were appointed viewers of proposed road in Harrison township.

John Renck, Joseph Wilhelm, and F. Mehrling were appointed viewers of proposed road in Miller and York townships.

Benj. Wethered, Sam. B. Sanks and Wesley Johnson were appointed viewers of proposed road in Hogan township.

Charles Hornbach, George T. Hudson and James Lods were appointed viewers of proposed road in Kelso township.

A petition was presented praying for the erection of a bridge across Laughery Creek near Guionsville. The petition was signed by 200 taxpayers of the county.

John E. Heustis of Dearborn and William Stegner of Ripley county, viewers appointed to view a proposed location of a road between Ripley and Dearborn counties, report that the road would be of great utility, and they recommend that the petition for the road be granted.