Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Sep 1882

Proceedings of the September 1882 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 14 Sep 1882 – Page 3, Column 3


The board passed suitable and appropriate resolutions on the death of Garret Bosse, late a member of the Board, and ordered the Commissioner’s room to be draped in mourning.

Torrence Green of Cochran, presented an application for a liquor license. A protest signed by eighty-six citizens of Cochran praying that the licensed be refused was presented. The board being fully advised in the premises, grant the application for license.

The Board ordered the purchase of land in Logan township from Eva Delacroix, John Delacroix, David W. Lake, and six others for the purpose of opening a road.

Dr. A. J. Bowers appointed physician for the poor of Sparta township, at a salary of $40 per year.

Thomas Duncan was employed as superintendent of the county asylum and farm for the period of one year, at the rate of $40 per month.

Mrs. Duncan, wife of the superintendent, appointed matron of the asylum and she is to receive $10 per month for such services.

Henry Bulthaupt presented his report and resignation as trustee for Caesar Creek township. The Board appointed Dr. J. M. Barkley to serve for the unexpired term of Mr. Bulthaupt. The appointment is a good one and meets with approval of the citizens of Caesar Creek.

Several days last week occupied in discussing and disposing of road petitions.

The Commissioners after a full and careful consideration of the question of the erection of a bridge over North Hogan Creek near Lytle Parks, and a personal examination of the proposed location of said bridge feel well satisfied of the necessity of the erection of a bridge at the place asked for by the citizens of that neighborhood and in their opinion that should be the first built by the county. As the term of office of the present Board expires before the contract could be completed they deem it, but justice it the incoming board should be left free to act on work that would necessarily have to be built under their supervision. The incoming board are recommended to look with favor on the project.