Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Sep 1891

Proceedings of the September 1891 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 24 Sep 1891 – Page 2, Column 3

County Commissioners Court.

N. Vogelgesang, G. W. Johnston, G. A. Swales, Commissioners.

S. K. Gold, Trustee of Harrison Township, filed a petition praying for the authority to borrow $500 on account of the Township Fund for the purpose of purchasing a stone crusher. The prayer of the Trustee was granted.

Matthew Whiteford, Trustee of Sparta township, filed a petition praying for assistance in constructing an iron bridge across Allen’s Branch, about one-fourth of a mile west of the village of Sparta, on the Sparta and Moore’s Hill road. Estimated cost of bridge and masonry $275. The Commissioners appropriated the sum of $150 for the purpose of building said bridge.

Andrew J. Cheek was reelected Superintendent of the County Asylum for one year at a salary of $450, and Mrs. A. J. Cheek was re-elected Matron at a salary of $120 per year. Mr. Cheek has made an excellent Superintendent, and keeps the County Asylum in “apple pie order,” and his good wife is a kind and successful Matron. Together they guard well the interests of the county and at the same time keep the wards of the county in the best possible condition. The welfare of the unfortunate wards of the county are well looked after in a manner that makes them forget as far as possible, their misfortunes. To make the Asylum as near “home” as far as possible, to the poor unfortunates is the aim of the Commissioners, and the Superintendent and his wife carry out their wishes to the letter.

The bid of H. G. Freeman to furnish 1500 bushels of coal at $2.75 per ton delivered at the Court House was accepted.

Sarah J. Darrigen was granted a refunder of $2.25 on erroneous assessment.

Grant Liddle and Robert Frazier were appointed constables of the Bright Horse-thief Detective Association.

Bids were opened for a tin roof for the Court House, as follows: George Knepfle, Harrison, O.; John Scherer, Newport, Ky.; H. Held, Aurora, Ind.; George Schneider, Cincinnati, Ohio; E. Barrott & Son, Lawrenceburgh.

The contract was awarded to Geo Knepfle. Estimated cost of work $1,300.

The Board awarded the contract for insurance on Court House as follows: R. A. McConnell, V. W. Huber, C. M. Bowers, Martin Kieffer.

The insurance to be written for five years.

Vogelgesang and Swales voted aye on awarding the insurance, and Johnston voted nay.

Joseph Gould, of Lawrenceburgh, was unanimously chosen Janitor of the Court House for a term of one year.

Henry P. Busse, Henry Meyer and O. C. Gatch, appointed viewers of a road in Manchester township, petitioned by T. C. Cryder and others, report said road “unfavorable and of no public utility.”

Jacob Fillenworth, James Aikens, and Lafayette Plummer appointed viewers of a road in Hogan township petitioned by James House and others, report said road “unfavorable and of no public utility.”

Maggie Crozier and twenty-four others petitioned for the location and vacating of a road in Hogan township. Henry Bobrink, Joseph K. Corbin and Charles W. Blasdell were appointed viewers of said road and instructed to inspect said road November 26th and report their doings December 11th.

The Board ordered the opening of the road up Jamison creek in Harrison township, and ordered the payment of damages on October 15th.

James Lods, George Singer and Thomas Gaynor appointed viewers of a road in Kelso and Miller townships report “said road favorable and of public utility.” John [illegible].


Liquor licenses were granted to Herman Allermeyer, Gustave Frank, Frank Federic, George Knorr and [?] Bryant.