Dearborn County Common Pleas Court Proceedings – Jul 1867

Proceedings of the July 1867 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Common Pleas Court appeared in:

Aurora Commercial – 20 Jul 1867 – Page 1, Column 2


The July term of this court convened on Monday last, Judge Lamb presiding. But little has been done beyond calling the docket for issues, and hearing motions. The following State cases have been disposed of:

State on the relation of Criswell vs. Criswell, surety of the peace. The defendant entered a plea of guilty and was required to enter into bond, to keep the peace for six months.

State vs. Madigan. Violating the liquor law. There were eight cases against the defendant, in four of which the defendant pled guilty and the others were dismissed.

Same vs. Mrs. Madigan. Same charge. Two cases were tried by Jury, is one of which there was an acquittal, and the other a conviction and a fine of $5 assessed.

The case of the State against numerous persons for the alleged commission of riot at the Catholic Church, in Aurora, on Sunday a few months since, is now on trial and bids fair to occupy several days, as there are some twenty or twenty-five witnesses, and the examination of the first occupied about three hours.

The Court will probably be in session about five weeks.

Aurora Commercial – 17 Aug 1867 – Page 1, Column 4

Common Pleas Court.

William Medler was charged with grand larceny; verdict of guilty rendered, and the prisoner sentenced to confinement in the penitentiary for two years.

Hamilton & McCausland vs. I. & C. R. R.—Action to recover for sheep killed and injured by the locomotive and cars running on the road of defendants.—Judgment for plaintiffs for $78.

A. M. Ross vs. S. H. McCoy.—Suit to recover a balance alleged to be due for a stock of drugs sold by plaintiff to defendant. Two juries having failed to agree, the second panel was discharged and the case continued.

Mason vs. Mason.—Action to set aside a will. Verdict for plaintiff.

Watkins vs. York. Suit to recover for work done. Finding for the defendant.

The Court will adjourn today, as it cannot legally sit longer, leaving a number of cases to lie over until the next term.