Dearborn County Newspaper Index 1910-1917

The Dearborn County, Indiana Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, and deaths found in Dearborn County newspapers from 1910 to 1917. Coverage for this time period is spotty and will be improved when I gain access to additional newspapers. Visit the Dearborn County Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameEventNewspaperIssue DatePageColumn
Mr.AndersonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191031
SchwabBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191031
EmeryLittleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191032
Mr.TrueDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191032
ArthurMurphyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191033
FredFehlingMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191033
LouiseFrankMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191033
Mary AThompsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191033
JessieGoodpasterDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191034
Sadie MGoodpasterDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191034
Mary HarschFielderDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191034
RichardFielderDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191034
HazelCrouchDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191034
Oliver RCrouchDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191034
Henry LCourterDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191034
EdithCourterDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191034
SusieBrownDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191034
William HBrownDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 191034
Mrs.AbbottDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jul 191031
Mrs.MarshallDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jul 191032
CharlesMendellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jul 191032
EllaSchuermanDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jul 191033
ElmoSchuermanDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jul 191033
JohnKilleanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 Aug 191032
Henry B FBakerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 Aug 191033
AaronLukensDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 191032
Carl CMelsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 191033
LemuelAllenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Sep 191033
Hiram CChildersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 191152
WunderlichMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 191151
SteigenwaldMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Jul 191151
JesseSammonsDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191141
Rena CSammonsDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191141
JBaxterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191151
Jane AgnesStevensDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191152
EvaZimmermanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191152
Frank MStaussDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191152
LazenbyBirthAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191153
ClydePrichardMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191153
StellaSteuverMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191153
BlockBirthAurora Dearborn Independent31 Aug 191151
WmHoffmeierDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Aug 191151
WmGridleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191151
Mrs.FrankDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191151
GusMartinMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191151
MabelCannonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191151
Eliza NorrisBushDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191152
Mary AnnDaughtersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191155
EverettBirthAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 191231
Mrs.StephensonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 191231
WmTaylorDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 191232
Charles HLamkinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 191233
Edward ABlackburnDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 191234
LorenaBlackburnDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent9 May 191234
TheodoreBosseDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 191232
Will HHaynesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 191233
MaryMcMahanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Nov 191235
Louis WillardCobbDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 191331
L WCobbDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 191333
MortonPiattMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 191333
MaymeMattoxMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 191333
JesseStebbinsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 191333
GraceBoswellMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jan 191333
ClaraFolbreDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 191315
Jennie LoganRussellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 191315
Jennie LoganHoustonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 191315
TomHainesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 191316
Frederick FKappelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 191316
John PhilipEbelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 191316
Lulu MayMuenchDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 191316
Lulu MayMessangDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 191316
CanfieldBirthAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jan 191341
BenWitheredDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Oct 191317
AnnaMillerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Oct 191341
JosephTreaterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Oct 191342
JosephTresterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Oct 191344
MaryDoberMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Oct 191345
JackHendersonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Oct 191345
John AReadDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191611
Bessie DReedDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191611
Bert SRowlandDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191611
MaggieRowlandDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191611
George WFitchDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191611
Caroline RFitchDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191611
Clifton Jr.EverettBirthAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191613
Lewis BDanielDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191615
Olive DikeHopeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191615
Antoinette FrancesHassmerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191615
ZerildaSmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191615
KateMyersDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191645
LeRoyMyersDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191645
Elizabeth PateBarricklowDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191661
AntoinetteHassmerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jan 191661
EllaEmersonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191614
Agnes HendersonYounkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191614
Joseph DFrazerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191614
HarryDowneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191614
RobertMartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191614
Mrs.KorfDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191614
Kate MahoneyMarshDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191615
Frank TMcQuiddyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191615
Mrs.SmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191651
JamesBurnsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191651
ElbrightBirthAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191652
Mrs.ClauseDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191681
Mrs.KorfDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191682
ElbrechtBirthAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jan 191682
LaurenaBruceDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent3 Feb 191611
WilliamBruceDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent3 Feb 191611
James MahlonMcIntyreAdoptionAurora Dearborn Independent3 Feb 191611
James MahlonMcMullenAdoptionAurora Dearborn Independent3 Feb 191611
Amanda SmithYounkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Feb 191613
ThomasLawsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Feb 191653
CharityDyeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Feb 191656
Joseph Sr.FrazerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Feb 191681
JohnMeyersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Feb 191682
Verna DeanGravesBirthAurora Dearborn Independent3 Feb 191682
PerkinsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent10 Feb 191651
JosephWinkleyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent17 Feb 191611
Iva JessieWinkleyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent17 Feb 191611
RalphSmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Feb 191614
John RandolphBeachDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Feb 191615
HoganBirthAurora Dearborn Independent17 Feb 191651
NathanDykeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Feb 191653
FrankKnueDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Feb 191654
ClarenceHoodMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Feb 191682
AnnaPateMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Feb 191682
AgnesSuitsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Feb 191682
CarrieMasseyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent24 Feb 191611
WilliamMasseyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent24 Feb 191611
ElizabethButlerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent24 Feb 191611
CarlButlerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent24 Feb 191611
Eva BantaTresterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Feb 191614
RalphSmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Feb 191652
RalphSmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Feb 191653
RafeSmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Feb 191681
Louise CLangtreeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 191615
Albert VanceClarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 191615
VanceClarkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 191651
LouisaLangtreeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 191651
GeorgeHenryMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 191653
Lizzie BruceMcClellanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 191653
OlmansiekMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 191681
KammanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 191681
DoraBruceDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Mar 191682
FrankMattoxDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Mar 191616
StewartBirthAurora Dearborn Independent16 Mar 191651
HenryBrantDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Mar 191681
Mr.BrandtDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Mar 191682
John JosephMackeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 191613
CharleyAllenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 191613
Mrs.GaffDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 191615
BakerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 191651
CofieldBirthAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 191653
OchsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 191681
FrankMattoxDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Mar 191682
John JosephMackeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 191615
GeorgeVoshellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 191615
Mrs.BrumblyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 191615
MargaretGaffDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 191652
William Jr.WilberMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 191683
FrancesElliottMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 191683
JoeDavisMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 191683
EdithTucherMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Mar 191683
LaurenaBruceDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191611
WilliamBruceDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191611
SylviaJohnsonDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191611
John HJohnsonDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191611
GeorgeVaughnDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191613
PearlSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191651
AlfredPieperMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191651
EstellMoredockMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191651
PeterBeckerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191651
ThomasHarperDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191651
Mrs.BrownDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191651
PetersBirthAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191652
William ElsworthGibsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191653
Mrs.AndrewsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191681
CoraCrozierDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191681
PetersBirthAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191682
LouiseLangtreeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Apr 191684
LouisaBrandtDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Apr 191614
Mary JSweetDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Apr 191615
Ora EWaltersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent13 Apr 191654
Charles WStevensMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent13 Apr 191654
HoffmanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent13 Apr 191681
Mrs.SullivanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Apr 191682
Helen MillerFisherDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Apr 191682
CharlesKellyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Apr 191613
BrooksBirthAurora Dearborn Independent20 Apr 191644
WilliamMcCuneDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Apr 191644
EdwMeyersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Apr 191654
ElizabethButlerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191611
CarlButlerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191611
William RMcCuneDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191612
Mrs.PoehlmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191613
Mrs.MillerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191652
HenryHilterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191653
HarleyDettmerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191653
Curtis MiltonHillBirthAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191653
John AlbertSiegmundtDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191653
Frank GElliottMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191682
Laura JMillerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191682
MaryVoltzDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Apr 191682
Harriet Ellen WalkerSwangoDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 May 191614
AlbertCottonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 May 191614
Clacie FathalieBakerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 May 191652
Etta LouiseRoofBirthAurora Dearborn Independent11 May 191652
GeorgeBradyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 May 191653
FredKistnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191611
ClarenceJamesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191611
Charlotte LucileJohnsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191612
Inez ThelmaJohnsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191612
Etta LouiseRoofDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191612
Harry Sr.FiskDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191613
Edith MarieNolkeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191641
Henry C Jr.BusseMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191641
Alma BBromwellMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191642
Frank RayFishMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191642
SchipperBirthAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191651
CosbyBirthAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191651
JamesSaundersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191652
CharlottJohnsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191683
InezJohnsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent18 May 191683
MartinBirthAurora Dearborn Independent25 May 191651
MargaretVoslamberDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 May 191651
VoriesBirthAurora Dearborn Independent25 May 191652
Mr.NimoDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 May 191652
Mrs.RumseyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 May 191653
JamesSwangoDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 May 191651
Jodie OliveBennettDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 191614
William HCurtisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 191614
HowardRiggsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 191652
StodghillBirthAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 191652
KuhnsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 191652
HannahBirthAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 191681
SylvaRumsayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 191681
ThomasJohnstonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jun 191682
ThomasJohnsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 191614
Howard ElisRiggsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 191614
Robert LeeSmelserMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 191652
ThomasJohnsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 191682
Alta MyreeSnellBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jun 191682
Louisa ZimmermanSchipperDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191614
TaylorBirthAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191615
MildredTaylorMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191641
GeorgeBakerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191641
EmmaSchillerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191641
TheophilGreiveMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191641
RobertaWrightMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191642
ElliottChandlerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191642
RichardCutterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191642
OrrisThompsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191642
LuellaOwensMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191643
WilliamBihrMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191643
Mrs.SchipperDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191651
SmithBirthAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191653
EmmaHendersonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jun 191653
Charles JMcKinzieDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191613
Caroline EGridleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191614
IdaWannerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191641
ChristianThiemanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191641
MyrtleCallanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191642
BenRuscherMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191642
GrieveBirthAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191644
ElizaPerkinsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191643
CharlesMcKinzieDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191651
Mrs.CosbyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191651
EvansBirthAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191682
JesseAschermanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191683
EstherSoekampMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jun 191683
StanleyMcMullenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Jul 191615
ClaraMorandMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent13 Jul 191642
HowardMyersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent13 Jul 191642
Dudley CarlFehrmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191614
Clara BuddenbergMalanderDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191614
Margaret McKinzieMattisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191614
Susan WilsonGouldDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191614
August PMeyersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191682
Mabel CPrichardMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 Jul 191682
MargaretUllrichDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jul 191615
LizzieSchipperDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jul 191615
GlassBirthAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jul 191651
IraZumbachDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jul 191653
MissDrakeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jul 191681
MaryDrakeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jul 191682
RaymondSchulerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jul 191684
Bessie MayKasterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Jul 191684
EmmaRenzDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Aug 191614
Elizabeth LouiseLewisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Aug 191614
JohnEckDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Aug 191615
ElizabethSchipperDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Aug 191651
LizzieSchipperDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Aug 191653
LouisFrankDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Aug 191612
HinmanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent10 Aug 191612
JohnsonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent10 Aug 191612
LouisFrankDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Aug 191613
Henry Sr.KlueberDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Aug 191615
Mary EnolsHydeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Aug 191615
George FWagnerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Aug 191615
Frederick FSlaterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Aug 191614
WattsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent17 Aug 191652
HeatonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent24 Aug 191616
IrwinBirthAurora Dearborn Independent24 Aug 191616
WiemeyerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent24 Aug 191616
JosiahGreenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Aug 191654
RebeccaLamkinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Aug 191654
HeatonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent24 Aug 191681
Frances MPaulDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Aug 191616
RebeccaLamkinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Aug 191615
MinnieTekeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Aug 191681
Nancy CannonMcMahanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Sep 191611
WilliamJaapDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Sep 191611
John Jr.JobstDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Sep 191613
EmmaLahiffMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Sep 191641
S JConwayMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Sep 191641
John WChristyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 191614
James Sr.EverettDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 191615
VicarsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 191652
MaryGrabusMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 191684
Mr.LineckMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Sep 191684
HazenStedmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 191611
BirdieBakerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 191643
WillardCloreMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 191643
Naomi ElizabethGiffinMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 191644
Allstair CrollStewartMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 191644
Frank NKinnettMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 191651
MissMontoothMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 191651
TheodoreKingDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 191654
John FHinmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Sep 191654
Louise StiegenwaldHancockDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 191614
Olive McHenryWymondDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 191614
NaomiBakerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 191642
CliffordJacksonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 191642
ZinserBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 191651
FioritaBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 191651
TresterBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Sep 191651
LefflerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 Oct 191654
LouisHauckDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Oct 191661
Naomi DSmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Oct 191662
Marjory ElizabethCarverAdoptionAurora Dearborn Independent12 Oct 191611
Marjory ElizabethGriscomAdoptionAurora Dearborn Independent12 Oct 191611
LauraLoseyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent12 Oct 191611
FrankLoseyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent12 Oct 191611
BethelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 Oct 191654
Mrs.RehbergerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 Oct 191664
HenryTaylorDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 191616
Mary PhilippsDixonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 191615
HenryTaylorDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 191632
HenryTaylorDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 191653
HenryTaylorDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 191655
NicholasHorrDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Oct 191662
Elvira SmithStedmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191612
GregoryMattDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191613
KleueberBirthAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191611
Naomi ElizabethGiffinMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191623
Allistair CrollStewartMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191623
Julia LoringHainesMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191622
John AMcDonaldMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191622
NaomiGiffinMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191622
Allistair CrollStewartMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191622
LewisDrakeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191642
HunnefeltBirthAurora Dearborn Independent2 Nov 191674
Edward Sr.SchulzMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 191612
BerthaMerkleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 191612
Abram PShuttsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 191615
LewisDrakeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 191644
RheamsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 191653
MamieWardMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 191662
HolleyBloomMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Nov 191662
RosieLonakerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191615
WilliamLonakerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191615
CarrieMasseyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191615
WilliamMasseyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191615
MargaretSmithDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191615
HarrySmithDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191615
MayHayesDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191625
WalterHayesDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191625
Harriet AugustaLamkinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191644
WilliamDennerlineMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191643
MaryWarnerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191643
JohnScharerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191642
JohnCoxDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191654
JaneWellsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191661
AbrahamEpsteinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191662
LucyJacobsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Nov 191673
John KerrCoxDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191615
LouiseStrassingerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191625
MartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191652
SadieBradleyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191654
CharlesBradleyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191654
DoraChristyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191662
AEpsteinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191662
Mrs.RiceDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191671
AlexCampbellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191671
SmithBirthAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191671
MartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191692
LutherRiceMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191692
SylviaThomasMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Nov 191692
VionaBaileyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191612
AlexanderBaileyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191612
AnthonyMaloneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191615
Thos CHubbarttDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191621
BernedettaBoehlerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191651
LeoFaheyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191651
IdaMeyersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191653
FarrellFaheyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191653
MamieGarrickMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191653
MartinFaheyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191653
Mr.PerleeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191661
GillespieBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191671
RexHubbardDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191673
CheekBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191692
AnthonyMaloneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191692
JohnDountonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Nov 191691
HenryWillmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191651
CrecraftBirthAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191652
JohnsonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191652
JohnsonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191661
Laura May CannonBakerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Dec 191671
EffieLonakerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent14 Dec 191612
EdwardLonakerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent14 Dec 191612
ChristinaSohnsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Dec 191654
ArmstrongBirthAurora Dearborn Independent14 Dec 191681
JohnGravesMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Dec 191683
EthelMurryMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Dec 191683
Lawrence GFelkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Dec 191652
Clementine VLukensMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Dec 191663
William LPowersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Dec 191663
Benjamin PMelsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Dec 191663
Hennie JacksonHummelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Dec 191683
John MBrooksDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Dec 191693
ElizaNobleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 191612
Nancy JaneKerrDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 191613
Carolina WunderlichKortbeinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 191612
HenriettaWooleverDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 191614
EdwardChrismanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 191655
ElizaNobleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 191664
JoyceHulbushBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 191664
JaneKetchamDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Dec 191692
LouisBrandtDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 191712
CarrieSpeckmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 191712
JohnHessDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 191712
PearlWhiteMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 191742
ElmerLaclereMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 191742
Mrs.DeringerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 191753
HarrietZehDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 191762
NancyThompsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Jan 191762
HarrettZehDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Jan 191715
KathrynKempDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Jan 191715
IdaHarowitzDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Jan 191751
AaronKerrDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Jan 191763
CharlesMartinBirthAurora Dearborn Independent11 Jan 191764
AaronKerrDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Jan 191764
RosaLonakerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191711
William JLonakerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191711
Emma AgnesChismanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191713
EdwardTileyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191751
EmmaChismanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191753
JacobSuitsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191761
Mrs.McCuneDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191762
Mr.ShermanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191762
Mrs.MeyersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191762
FrankShenermanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191762
WalterReedDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191764
ClementsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent25 Jan 191764
LouisaLiddleDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191712
Frank ELiddleDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191712
NellieBarnesDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191712
JohnBarnesDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191712
VionaBaileyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191712
AlexanderBaileyDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191712
Anna KatharineUngerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191714
KinderBirthAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191743
Clayton BHuntDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191752
GoodersonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191753
LawrenceLesterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191761
C CPophamDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191762
RusselBirthAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191766
LouiseHeitkampDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191781
J WMitchellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191781
Howard WilliamStewartDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Feb 191781
Mary LouiseGouldDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191712
PierceBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191713
WattsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191713
MormanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191713
J CCordryDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191733
FrankJohnsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191733
PhilipKastnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191733
SamMcMullenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191742
AllenSpanagelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191751
ElmerDavisMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191755
FlorenceMacMillanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191755
WillmanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191761
KathleenDyasMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191761
VinicentMercwrioMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191761
WillmanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Feb 191762
AlbertGrabusAdoptionAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191711
AlbertDramanAdoptionAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191711
Francis FleetwoodGrabusAdoptionAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191711
Francis FleetwoodBuddenbergAdoptionAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191711
George EdwinMattoxDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191713
Ella MurreyMartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191713
KarstBirthAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191751
WiesemanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191752
TuftsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191752
KentBirthAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191752
Mrs.McMullenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191762
D AWillsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Feb 191763
Lula ESampsonDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191711
ElmerSampsonDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191711
GeorgeTagueDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191711
RosaTagueDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191711
AngelineBakerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191711
Maggie BakerPeasleeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191714
Sarah JaneCasteltineDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191714
SpiceMcCainDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191714
Mrs.ChambersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191751
LakerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191761
RieseDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191763
Mrs.ChambersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Mar 191764
J PJonesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Mar 191713
DannenfeldtBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Mar 191713
VirginiaDoerrBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Mar 191713
CharlesHitterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Mar 191753
Mrs.WintersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Mar 191761
SilasWardDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Mar 191762
GerkepottBirthAurora Dearborn Independent8 Mar 191762
Sarah SellersChambersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Mar 191762
ElizabethHaukDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191711
George KHaukDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191711
MortonFordDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191713
Amanda PrichardRoofDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191713
AlbertRobertsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191715
ElizabethProbstMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191743
MortonCrumbaughMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191743
Lida HastingsHamiltonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191752
Mrs.HamiltonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191761
Mary JaneCheekDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191761
Mrs.KittleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191761
Eduard FOttoDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191782
MaggiePeasleeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Mar 191784
AlbertBloomDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191712
Carrie YoungGolayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191712
JohnDeanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191712
Virgil JohnCottonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191713
LewisBildnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191713
Florence HelenSchulerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191713
MayCalvertDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191761
JanePeasleeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191761
JaneMarlmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191761
Estal WalterConawayBirthAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191761
Esther MargaretConawayBirthAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191761
MaeCalvertDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191761
LouisaYorkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191762
AmandaRoofDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191762
Mrs.RoofDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191763
Louise JYorkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Mar 191763
LouisSnyderDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Mar 191712
ThomasAdamsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Mar 191733
Mrs.SchulerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Mar 191761
JaneMarlmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Mar 191761
KateElwellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Mar 191763
LinkmyerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent29 Mar 191763
MillerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent29 Mar 191763
WiesemanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent29 Mar 191781
Cora ADietrichDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 191711
Albert HDietrichDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 191711
IrmaHauckMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 191741
Simon HarperConawayMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 191741
RossBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 191752
CottonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 191753
EffieLonakerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent12 Apr 191711
EdwardLonakerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent12 Apr 191711
Edna WilhelminaSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Apr 191741
Leonard WKaiserMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Apr 191741
Lillie ElizabethSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Apr 191741
Harry H FKaiserMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Apr 191741
Thomas AloysiusBrunerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 Apr 191752
Chas WilberDavisBirthAurora Dearborn Independent12 Apr 191762
Willard EugeneDrakeBirthAurora Dearborn Independent12 Apr 191764
DorothyMillerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Apr 191741
Harley AndrewKlueberMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Apr 191741
RominesBirthAurora Dearborn Independent19 Apr 191761
Mrs.LickingDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Apr 191763
MeyersBirthAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191712
TreonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191712
Louise ElviraStedmanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191741
George NGivanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191741
RebeccaPetersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191741
HarryRichardsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191741
LisleRossMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191752
IvaShottMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191752
HoppmireBirthAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191753
WilliamWheelerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191784
McMahanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191783
PhilipMcMahanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Apr 191784
JohnMcMahanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 191751
David CatherHopeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 191754
ReamerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 191761
NoysStroutDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 191761
Oliver PKeithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 191764
Mary CowlesDurbinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 May 191712
IreneLefflerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 May 191744
Mrs.DurbinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 May 191754
ClaytonErleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 May 191754
Mr.ShinkleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 May 191762
MendellBirthAurora Dearborn Independent24 May 191754
OliverKeithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 May 191762
Rosa GBlevinDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jun 191716
Charles LBlevinDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jun 191716
ElizabethHaukDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jun 191733
George KHaukDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jun 191733
BessieAhernMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jun 191744
HarryEverettMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jun 191744
NathanStedmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jun 191751
H BStroutDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jun 191762
Harrison BStroutDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jun 191783
RichardTrinkleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jun 191783