Dearborn County Schools Graduates – 1889

Graduates of the Dearborn County, Indiana Common Schools for 1889 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 23 May 1889 – Page 2, Column 4

The following is a list of those pupils who passed successfully the examination and graduated from the Common Schools of Dearborn County for 1888-89; also the teacher under whom they passed, and the Corporation from which they graduated:

Names Corporations Teachers
Annie B. Conroy Sparta M. C. Mulford
Frank I. Glass Sparta M. C. Mulford
Sallie A. I. Vinson Sparta M. C. Mulford
Henry J. Bossong Sparta Laura B. Ferren
Ben G. Elder Hogan George Elder
Robert Denny Hogan George Elder
Frank Ward Hogan George Elder
John Whitaker York Susie Smith
Frank W. Hiett York Susie Smith
David Johnston Manchester Wm. Duncan
Charles McKinstry Manchester Wm. Duncan
Geo. W. McKinstry Manchester Wm. Duncan
Wm. B. Ross Manchester Emery P. Ross
Harry Clark Manchester Belle Laws
Edgar F. Johnston Manchester Luetta Brumblay
Harry Heustis Manchester Belle Laws
Fannie Mendell Manchester Belle Laws
Joseph E. Roll Logan Herman Roser
Harvey Lods Logan W. H. Nead
Annie Lods Logan W. H. Nead
Clinton Jackson Miller N. C. Bainum
Eliza Barkley Cesar Creek A. D. Pate
Fidella Krom Lawrenceburgh Wilber Smith
Gussie Ginter Dillsborough John A. Wise
Irvin Chance Dillsborough John A. Wise
Charles Tholke Dillsborough John A. Wise
Edith Perlee Dillsborough John A. Wise
Jesse W. Eggleston Dillsborough John A. Wise
Geo. Roberts Dillsborough John A. Wise
Pearl Brumblay Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Maggie Burlhage Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Mary B. Corya Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Charles E. Austin Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Clyde Jennings Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Bertha Robinson Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Louis Ross Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman


  1. J. HUSTON, County Superintendent