Dearborn County War of 1812 Pensioners – 1871

War of 1812 pensioners from Dearborn County, Indiana in 1871 appeared in:
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Aurora Dearborn Independent – 8 Jun 1871 – Page 3, Column 3

Pensioners of the War of 1812.

So far as their names have come to our knowledge, we have learned of the following named persons, residents of this neighborhood, who will be entitled pensions, on account of service in the war of 1812. There may be several others of whom we have not heard:

John Howard, aged 88 years, (deceased about two weeks since,) drafted into Capt. Justice Sortwell’s company, Lieut. Coldwell, Capt. Breckenridge. Entered service in June, 1812, in Lawrenceburgh. Service done in the block houses on the frontier of Dearborn County, against the Indians. His widow will be entitled to a pension.

Mrs. Marilla Taylor, aged 70 years, of Aurora, widow of John Taylor, of Capt. Josiah Farrer’s company.—Lived at the time at Watertown, N. Y. Service done at Sackett’s Harbor.

Elijah Driskel, aged 76 years, Holman, Dearborn County, Ind.—Enlisted in Capt. Joseph Marshall’s company, 14th Maryland Light Infantry, at Salisbury, May 30, 1814.

Mrs. Mary Piles, aged 74 years, of Wright’s Corners, Dearborn County, Indiana, widow of Elijah Piles Jr., enlisted at Lawrenceburgh, in Capt. Sortwell’s Co., Col. Crozier’s Regiment. Service done on frontier of Dearborn County against Indians.

Adam Delph, aged 84 years, of Boone county, Ky., enlisted in Capt. Hume’s Company, Col. Madison’s regiment, at Madison C. H., Virginia, and discharged at Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 20, 1814.

Daniel Baldridge, aged 76 years, of Manchester, Ind., enrolled in Capt. Tyler’s company, at Lebanon, Ohio. Service done for six months, at and about Fort Wayne.

Thomas Annis, aged 73 years, of Lawrenceburg, Ind., enrolled in Capt. Huey’s company, Col. Hopkins’ regiment; at Livonia, N. Y. Most of service done at Fort George, Canada, opposite Fort Niagara.

George Painter, aged 80 years, of Lawrenceburg, enlisted in Captain Carmach’s company, 22d U.S. Infantry, at Pittsburg. Service done at Pittsburg.

Tabatha Wicks, aged 76 years, widow of Melancthon Wicks. Service done at barracks, corner of Broome and Cannon streets, New York City.

Thomas Ehler, aged 74 years, of Weisburg, Ind., enlisted in Capt. Lester’s company, 1st regiment, 1st Brigade Pennsylvania Militia, at Johnstown, Pa. Service done at Baltimore.

Besides these, there is Jeremiah Crosby and Mrs. Rice, (D. M. Skinner’s mother-inlaw) and Mrs. Ephraim Hollister; all of Lawrenceburgh, and probably several others whose names we have not learned.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 15 Jun 1871 – Page 3, Column 1

Col. Johnson Watts was a soldier in the war of 1812, and therefore a pensioner. The Lawrenceburg Press adds the following: Joseph Daniels, Capt. Sortwell, Lieut. Caldwell, Maj. Vawter, Col. McFarland. Service 76 days on Hogan Creek against the Indians.