Dillsboro Businesses – 1867

The sketch of businesses in Dillsboro, Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Aurora Commercial – 9 Feb 1867 – Page 1, Column 2

Dillsborough Items.

Feeling an interest in the development of all industrial pursuits, and hoping to promote and stimulate that spirit in all, we herewith give a short sketch of the business in Dillsborough:

In the department of dry goods, &c., Mr. John M. Hoover occupies the stand of the late firm of Conaway, Richt & Co. Mr. H. is one of the most enterprising business men in the county, and withal, a gentleman. He intends erecting a commodious store-house in the spring. He is doing a good business.

Mr. Fred Ginter, also a dealer in dry goods, &c., occupies the old stand of Samuel Wymond. Mr. G. is a good business man and a clever gentleman, and is also doing a good business.

Mr. Greeve, who recently came to our town, is also engaged in selling dry goods, and is doing well.

Harrison Conaway, who flourished for a while under the sign of “live and let live,” has gone under.

Drug Stores.—N. Gullett, at the old stand of J. V. Jewett. Mr. G. is also engaged in milling. Drs. F. H. & J. H. Sale. This store has had combined with it a grocery department, and have associated with them Mr. David Suits Sr.—Dr. S. M. Weaver is also engaged in selling drugs.

Physicians.—Drs. F. H. & J. H. Sale; Dr. S. M. Weaver.

Blacksmith and Wagon Shoops.—Demas Perlee & Bro.; Barnhart & Suits; O. S. Mulford, the latter blacksmithing only.

Tailors.—Mr. Geo. Proctor; E. D. Lamb.

Boot and Shoe Shops.—Wm. N. Shutts; Aaron Niester.

Saddle and Harness Makers.—W. Lemon; S. Rudesill.

Cabinet Maker and Undertaker.—Thos. M. Scudder.

Hotels.—L. Richt and Wadig’s Nuisance.

Livery Stable.—John Lenover & Co.

Cooper Shops.—Henry Niebruggee; John M. Hoover.

Stoves and Tin Ware.—John Roberts.