Historic Indiana Law Project

This list describes where to find digital versions of published Indiana Law books to 1853. Additional links will be added in the future.

Please let me know if you find any additional published laws books online by sending me an email.

Note: Google Books digitized multiple sessions in one ebook. You may need to scroll through the book to find the session you are seeking.

Northwest Territory (1787-1803) – See Territorial Laws.

Indiana Territory (1801-1816) – See Territorial Laws.

State of Indiana

1816 Constitution

1851 Constitution

1851 Constitution with present-day amendments

Laws for each session of the Indiana General Assembly were published. Between the 19th and 36th sessions (1834-1851) the general laws and the local laws were published separately. Sessions were held annually until 1857 and biannually on odd years since 1857.

Revised Laws or Statutes combine previous session laws, amendments, and repeals into one accessible code.

Indiana Law Guides

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