Lawrenceburg Fair Awards – 1880

Awards from the Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana Fair for 1880 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 21 Oct 1880 – Page 4, Column 3


The inaugural meeting of the Lawrenceburgh Agricultural Association and our new racing course was in every particular successful. Unfortunately the weather operated against the Fair, but in spite of this fact the meeting ended a success. To the officers, Col. Bannister, President; Henry Fitch, Secretary; and the Board of Directory, every praise is due. The accommodations of the track and the arrangements thereof are excelled by none, and with a little more age will be the superior of any track in this part of the State.

The display and attractions outside of the speed list were fully up to the standard of any county fair. The Floral and Mechanic Halls were crowded to overflowing with fancy and staple articles competing for premiums. Several of our merchants made creditable displays of their goods. The arrangement of the two halls was in good taste, and every appointment was complete.

The Directors will go in for a Fair next year with renewed efforts, and it will be a boomer. These fairs will be of great value to the business men of this city, and should be looked on with favor by them. We regret that we cannot give the full award of premiums this week.

Below is the result in the speed rings:

2:10 TROT.

  • Frank Griere, bl. m.
  • G. C. Grady, b. g. “Billy”
  • Abiah Hayes’ bay g. “Joe”
  • Thos. Dickerson’s b. g. “Big John”


  • Abiah Hayes’ b. m. “Little Gypsey”
  • John T. Biggs’ b. m. “Dream”
  • H. Bidwell’ b. m. “Lotta”
  • Thos. Dickerson’s bay g. “Big John”
  • Tom Cole’s br. g. “John B”


  • A. W. Robbins’ bl. m. “Black Bird”
  • John Miller’s s. stl. “Tom Crowder”
  • W. West Jr.’s s. m. “Fannie”
  • J. C. Calkins’ br. g. “Sleepy Ned”


  • Frank Grieve’s bl. m. “Hoosier Girl”
  • G. C. Grady’s s. g. “Granger”
  • Geo. Mahon’s bay g. “Wild Boy”
  • J. C. Calkins’ b. m. “Mollie P”


  • W. H. House, b. m. “Sallie”
  • J. M. Harkins, st. “Chief”
  • J. P. Jarvis, s. m. “Lulu B”
  • Enoch McElfresh, br. m. “Fannie Mc”
  • J. C. Calkins’ b. m. “Mollie P”


  • Wm Hannah, r. roan horse
  • Wm. Shanks’ bay g. “Billy”
  • Green Wilson, “Tom Montague”
  • John Mulford, b. m. “Flora May”
  • Wm. Marshall, b. g. “Robin Adair”


  • Tom Crowder
  • Bay Fox
  • Brewn Sam
  • Nevitt