Lawrenceburg Fair Awards – 1889

Awards from the 1889 Lawrenceburg Fair in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 29 Aug 1889 – Page 3, Column 4


The tenth annual Fair of the Lawrenceburgh Fair Association held last week was a great financial success. The attendance was very large, and the exhibition was all that could be desired.

Below we give a complete list of the awards:


  • Painting in oil, Mrs. Frank Cobb
  • Hand painted cup and saucer, Mrs. George Taft
  • Hand painted plaque, hand painted wall banner, Miss Carrie Walter
  • Kensington painting, Mrs. P D Stagg
  • Luster painting, Mrs. E Stumpf
  • Scene from nature, Thomas Wheatley
  • Pencil drawing, Mrs. A. G. Jackson


  • Collection geraniums, single plant and collection growing plants, Mrs. A. K. Kohlerman
  • Hanging basket, Mrs. Maggie Inglls
  • Stand growing vines, Mrs. R E Ward
  • Display verbenas, Mary Kitthau


  • Worsted tidy, tidy any kind, toilet cushion, lamp mat, fancy work basket, sofa pillow, and knit lace, Miss Emma Jenkinson
  • Chair cover, Miss Lizzie Ferger
  • Bead work, mantle lambrequin, Mrs. George Taft
  • Rick work, dress apron, and fancy knitting, Mrs. Alice Dobell
  • Morning shawl, carriage afghan, raised silk arrasene, childs apron, picture in tapestry, pair slippers, white quilt, cloth patch quilt, log cabin quilt, knit stockings and collection plain knitting, Mrs. A. G. Jackson
  • Crochet work, collection of articles of tissue paper, Miss Lizzie Lansing
  • Work on card board, sweeping cap, hair work, Miss America Sparks
  • Embroidered flannel shirt, toilet set, embroidery on linen, Kensington in crewels, broom holder, scarf for gentleman, complete toilet set, Mrs. D P Stagg
  • Embroidered table scarf, embroidered wall banner, Miss Amanda Wuest
  • Embroidered fire screen, Kensington in silk, chenille work, machine sewing, Miss Binder
  • Embroidery with ribbon, hammered brass, Miss Lou Koehler
  • Arrasene, plush applique, J F Ruby
  • Lace display, crazy cushion, white skirt, rag carpet, knit mittens, knit stockings, Miss Jennie Montgomery
  • Mexican work, display pottery, Mrs. J F Hammerle
  • Dress for child, Mrs. A J Hassmer
  • Kitchen apron, Mrs. D M Skinner
  • Shirt, sewing by hand, Mrs. A S Wood
  • Wax work, natural flowers in worsted, Mrs. Fannie Berkshire
  • Agricultural wreath, Mrs. A E Nowlin
  • Plain sewing, Miss Lida Terrill
  • Turkish rug, Mrs. D A Sparks
  • Foot mat of rags and rug, Mrs. Sallie Haddock
  • Silk crazy quilt, Miss Fannie Kimmell
  • Worsted patch quilt, Miss Fannie Botts
  • Calico patch quilt, Mrs. D Zinser
  • Point lace, Mrs. Cora Stott
  • Hem stitching, Miss Ella Duck
  • Display ferns, Miss Maggie Nowlin


  • Butter, Mrs. Mary C. Scott
  • Yeast bread, salt rising bread, brown bread, collection of bread, gold cake, marble cake, pound cake, collection of cake, Mrs. A S Wood
  • Corn bread, Mrs. E Butterfield
  • Jelly cake, grand duke cake, Mrs. Richard Mason
  • Sponge cake, silver cake, Mrs. T T Annis
  • Chocolate cake, fruit cake, nut cake, Mrs. A E Nowlin
  • Canned peaches, canned plums, canned cherries, canned tomatoes, canned berries, collection spiced fruit, cucumber pickles, collection fruit butter, jar honey, collection of wine, display fruit, Mrs. A E Nowlin
  • Canned pears, Mrs. Mary Sims
  • Spiced fruit, collection preserves, sweet pickles, collection jellies, box honey comb, gallon apple butter, Mrs. E R Hunt
  • Sweet preserves, mixed pickles, catsup, Mrs. F Withered
  • Blackberry wine, Mrs. Fannie Berkshire


  • Yeast bread, salt rising bread, cookies, Miss Birdie Wood
  • Cake, outline work, Corinne Tebbs
  • Silk embroidery, patching an old garment, Miss Lulu Morrison
  • Linen embroidery, crochet tidy, Jessie Jackson
  • Kensington embroidery, pin cushion, Teana Inglls
  • Crochet cotton tidy, Miss Etta Lowe
  • Crochet lace display, Gracie Gosling
  • Darning an old garment, lamp mat, plain sewing, Pearl Frank
  • Tidy, hand painted placque, Gracie Wymond
  • Dressed doll, dolls wardrobe, worsted tidy, Laura Larimer
  • Crazy cushion, Anna Harsch
  • Collection pressed ferns, best specimen drawing, sketch from nature, Layman Tebbs
  • Fancy apron, Jessie Niemeyer
  • Picture in tapestry, Mollie Knorr
  • Penmanship, Julius Adler


  • Stallion 4 yrs, J L Mulford, G W Terrill
  • 3 yrs, T W W Sunman, R A Walker
  • 1 yr, W Mulford
  • Colt, Bailey Guard, John Marshall
  • Mares 4 yrs, T W W Sunman
  • 3 yrs, W S Walton, John Emmerson
  • 2 yrs, John Cooper, W S Walton
  • Colt, Edward Gaines, W S Walton
  • Gelding 4 yrs, Joe Jackson, James McKinney
  • 3 yrs, H A Darling


  • Stalllion 4 yrs, J W Berkshire, J L Rand
  • 3 yrs, O D Cunningham, James W Aylor
  • 2 yrs, J O Hamilton, G C Graddy
  • 1 yr, C N Dickerson, J C Jenkins & Son
  • Colt, R D Hedges, J A Botts & Son
  • Mare 4 yrs, Buck Dickerson, W H Gridley
  • 3 yrs, R D Hedges, J O Hamilton
  • 2 yrs, Harry Voshell, J W Rutherford
  • 1 yr, R D Hedges, J D Conner
  • Colt, E L Aylor, R D Hedges
  • Gelding, 4 yrs, J E Montgomery
  • 3 yrs, E L Riley, Chas Marshall


  • Stallion, W T Berkshire, R S Abbott
  • Mare, G C Graddy, R D Hedges
  • Gelding, J E Mountjoy, J C Graddy


  • Stallion 4 yrs, J D Norris, J L Riley
  • 3 yrs, J L Riley, James Bailey
  • 2 yrs, James Bailey, F Dickey
  • 1 yr, James Bailey, C N Dickerson
  • Colt, R D Hedges, J E Botts
  • Mare, 4 yrs, Buck Dickerson, M Giegoldt
  • 3 yrs, J A Botts & Son, J L Riley
  • 2 yrs, J W Rutherford, J L Riley
  • 1 yr, R D Hedges, J W Rutherford
  • Colt, E L Aylor, R D Hedges
  • Gelding 4 yrs, J M Blanton, G W Terrill
  • 3 yrs, E L Riley


  • James Bailey, J A Botts & Son


  • Stallion, R D Hedges
  • Mare, J L Riley
  • Colt, R D Hedges


  • Mule, 3 yrs, Edward Rice, W S Walton
  • Span mules, A B Corbin, Wm Roller


  • Short horns, J G Robbins & Son, Decatur county
  • Jerseys, J W Meyers, Jennings County


  • Uriah Privett
  • Enos Hayes
  • J F Elliott
  • J C Jenkins


  • J F Elliott
  • Anders & Vinnedge
  • F Gartin & Son


  • Brahma fowls, W H Smith
  • Brahma chicks, W F Stott
  • Buff cochin fowls, Harry E James
  • Patridge cochin fowls, Harry E James
  • Patridge cochin chicks, J A Hornung
  • Langshan fowls, Ed Walker
  • Plymouth rock fowls and chicks, Wyandot fowls, Toulouse Geese, White Wyandot fowls and chicks, black game chicks, J A Hornung
  • Wyandot chicks, Henry Shinaman
  • White leghorn fowls and chicks, Okey Nowlin
  • Brown leghorn chicks, Harry Boese
  • Black Spanish fowls and chicks, J Bennett
  • Brown leghorn fowls and chicks, white monorca fowls and chicks, white Plymouth fowls and chicks, black monorca chicks, Harry E James
  • Golden polish fowls, Houdan fowls and chicks, red game bantam chicks, bronze turkeys, heaviest hen, white Holland turkey, old bird, J P Walker
  • Silver Hamburg fowl, Ed Warnford
  • Silver Hamburg chicks, Ed Bateman
  • Red game fowl, Squire Kendrick
  • Red game chicks, silver duck wing chicks, Rudolph Kohlerman
  • Red game bantam fowls, Sherman Vincent
  • Yellow duck wing game, Frank April
  • Gold seabright bantam fowls and chicks, Clide Nowlin
  • Bronze turkey, Rouen duck, heaviest live turkey, Ed Walker
  • Embden geese, Otto Nowlin
  • Pekin ducks, Wm Beckman
  • Heaviest cockerel, W H Smith
  • White Holland turkey, 1889, M Stevens
  • Pekin bantams, Wm Spanagle
  • Black Minorca, Frank Kieffer


  • Lima beans, mango peppers, R E Ward
  • Table beets, early cabbage, winter cabbage cucumbers, sweet corn, winter squash, collection Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, Otha Hayes
  • Carrots, sweet corn, green peas, late potatoes, display of vegetables, George W Turner
  • Cucumbers for pickles, Charles Cochran
  • White onions, red onions, Mrs. Henry Ahouse
  • Tomatoes, E Butterfield
  • Early potatoes, Leonard Randall


  • White winter wheat, rye, oats, clover seed, Job Hayes
  • Amber winter wheat, white corn, Otha Hayes
  • Barley, display of grain, J P Walker
  • Timothy seed, G W Turner
  • Yellow corn, E Butterfield
  • Summer apples, single variety of peaches, Solomon Hayes
  • Fall apples, display apples, display peaches, display pears, quinces, display of fruits, Samuel Turner
  • Winter apples, Leonard Randall
  • Single variety plums, Mrs. J H Rus
  • Display plums, George Fahlbush
  • Single variety peaches, T T Annis
  • Grapes, E V Hunt


  • Arthur Alloway
  • Charles Watts
  • Wm H Bowman