Lawrenceburg High School Commencement – 1883

Commencement of the Lawrenceburg Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1883 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 28 Jun 1883 – Page 3, Column 2


The Tenth Annual Commencement of the Public Schools of this city was held in the Court House on Friday night, June 22d, 1883. It was, as it always is, an occasion of general interest to our people, and the Court House was well filled with an intelligent and appreciative audience.

The salutatory was by Miss Ada F. Fitch, and was a most excellent production, well delivered.

“When the Tide Turns,” by Miss Carrie D. Schleicher, was clearly and distinctly uttered, and was a good essay.

Miss Anna Sembach took “The Journey of a Day,” and showed its dubious paths and pointed out its stumbling blocks that might be avoided by others. It was an excellent essay, full of wholesome facts.

“The Web of Life” was woven by Miss Lillie Rooke in a commendable manner and the subject was well treated in a common sense way.

Miss Flora M. Walter dwelt amid the “Starry Heavens.” Her theme was elevating, and sparkled with the gems of thought that have been strewn along her pathway. It was a well written composition, and pleasing in its manner.

“Ascending the Hill” was the subject of Miss Lillie Fichter’s essay. This was a plain, practical production, containing many truths of value to all. It was well read, and gave evidence of much originality in the author.

“At the End of the Threshing Machine” was the only boy in the class, Edward Y. Chapin. Young Chapin acquitted himself admirably, and had an excellent essay-address, the valedictory, full of sharp points and good sense well presented.