Lawrenceburg High School Honor Roll – 1888

Honor rolls for 1888 of the Lawrenceburg High School in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 18 Oct 1888 – Page 3, Column 3


The following pupils of the High School have not fallen below ninety percent in scholarship, deportment and attendance, for the month ending October 5th:

B Grade—Mamie Johnston, Mary West, Marie Dumont, Zeph Dunn, Cleophas Wharton.

C Grade—Frank Brooks, Edward Winkley, Benjamin Smith, Grace Prichard, Ethel Bradley, Dollie Smashea, Laura Larimer.

Lawrenceburg Register – 15 Nov 1888 – Page 3, Column 4


The following students of the High School have not fallen below 90 per cent in scholarship, deportment and attendance for the month ending November 2:

C Grade—Ethel Bradley and Frank Brooks.

B Grade—Mary West, Zeph Dunn and Anna Lang.