Lawrenceburg in 1839

The following article about Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 18 Jul 1878 – Page 3, Column 3

Lawrenceburgh Forty Years Ago.

We have before us “The Political Beacon,” published by Milton Gregg, in 1839. It is interesting to those who were living here at that time to glance over these papers. We intend making extracts from this paper, as well as others published at an earlier date, every week or two.

October 22d, 1839, Wm. Glenn, now a grocery merchant in Cincinnati, lived in Wilmington, and kept a Hotel. Court was to convene at Wilmington Oct. 28th, but on account of the great drought fears were entertained that persons would suffer for water. Mr. Glenn informs the public through the Beacon that he has a good well, and should any scarcity take place, springs were in half a mile of town.

At the above date the Annual Conference of the M. E. Church was in session. The Beacon says “the venerable Bishop Roberts presiding.” This was the Madison District, C. W. Ruter, P.E.; Rising Sun Circuit, S. T. Gillett and P. R. Guthrie, preachers; Lawrenceburgh, W. W. Hibben; Wilmington Circuit, A. B. Hayes and Charles Bonner. Aurora is not mentioned.

Married, Oct. 16, 1839, by John McPike, Esq., Mr. Asa Calvers to Francis Louisa Chandler, both of Lawrenceburgh.

The following are advertised as doing business. In subsequent numbers we will give incidents:

  • E. D. John, Cashier, Lawrenceburgh Branch, State Bank.
  • N. N. John, Secretary, gives notice of election of Directors of the Lawrenceburgh Insurance Company.
  • John Wymond occupied the corner where Mr. James Burk is, under this office.
  • Robert Anderson is teaching school in the lower part of the Court House, at $3.25 per quarter.
  • D. T. Laird keeps ready-made clothing.
  • C. S. Stevenson, grocery store on Short stree, opposite Bank.
  • J. Hunt, lumber.
  • J. Ferris & Co., drugs.
  • J. A. Morgan & Co., drugs.
  • E. S. Close, drugs.
  • W. Tate & Son, lumber.
  • John & Morehouse, groceries and leather.
  • Dunn & Ferris, groceries.
  • F. Lucas and W. Steele, jewelers.
  • Lawyers: Dunn & Spooner, Amos Lane and Richard Holman, John Dumont, Majors & Brown.
  • Physicians: Dr. E. S. Close, Dr. E. P. Bond, Dr. C. W. Prather.
  • Stephen Burr, shoe store.
  • J. F. Crider, saddlery.
  • George B. Sheldon and T. C. Thorp, stoves and tinware.