Lawrenceburg Public Schools Commencement – 1884

Commencement of the Lawrenceburg Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1884 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 3 Jul 1884 – Page 3, Column 2


The eleventh annual commencement of the Lawrenceburg Public Schools, at the Court House, Friday evening, June 27th, was, like all these entertainments, a matter of much interest to our citizens generally. The Court House was crowded, and the exercises were creditable all the way through.

The Salutatory, “Whence? Whither?” by Lulu Smashea, was an excellent production, and was distinctly uttered.

“Hermit Crabs of Society,” by Julia Akers, was, as its title indicates, a kind of medley on that portion of humanity unbalanced. It was a creditable paper.

“The Hour Before Dawn,” by Tillie Schwartz, was a well written essay, full of good points, and well read.

“In the Sweat of they Face,” by May Murnan, was a characteristic essay. It was original in thought, was portrayed in strong language, and coming from one whose practical ideas were in harmony with her thought, it was well received by the audience.

“Mountain Making Slow Work,” by Louisa Howard, was a thoughtful and well prepared essay, and was delivered in a clear, distinct voice.

“When the Geese Cackle, Let the Nightingale be Still,” by Mattie Freeman, was a unique production, full of good ideas, and pleasingly and gracefully rendered.

“Whip Up, or Get Out of the Way,” by F. Franklin Tilley, the only male graduate of the school, was a production practical in its bearing. The motto is a good one for the boys to take with them into the arena of life, and it will be found necessary, if they keep up in the race to use the spurs and whip.