Miller Township District 2 School Roll of Honor – 1883

Roll of honor of the District 2 School in Miller Township, Dearborn County, Indiana for 1883 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 22 Nov 1883 – Page 4, Column 1


The following named pupils of District No. 2, Miller township, have attained a grade of 90 percent in attendance and deportment, for the month ending November 2d:

Grade No. 1—Wilber Nowlin, Nora Hurley, Archie Myers, Zeptha Kirkwood.

Grade No. 2—Rosa Mericle.

Grade No. 3—Alma Hurley, Ammy Kirkwood, Cary Williamson, Bernice Huddleston, Cynthia Kirkwood.

Grade No. 4—Edith Merricle, Fanny Merricle, Cora Haddock, Phebe Kirkwood, Ellen Kirkwood, Albert Haddock.

Grade No. 5—Sarah Kirkwood, Emma Judd, Belle Williamson, Nellie Wood, Annie Wood, Rees Jackson, Lee Jackson.

M. C. MULFORD, Teacher.