Ohio County Circuit Court Proceedings – Apr 1880

Proceedings of the April 1880 Term of the Ohio County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Aurora Saturday News – 10 Apr 1880 – Page 5, Column 5


State vs. Robert McCrary. Carrying concealed weapons. Two cases. Nolle prosequi.

State vs. John Mitchell, Daniel Mitchell and Scott Livingstone. Assault and battery. John Mitchell fined $1 and costs, others discharged.

State vs. Peterfield Evans. Surety of the peace. Recognized in the sum of $50.

Estate of Emeline Williams, dec’d. Final report, executor discharged.

Guardianship of heirs of John F. Akers, dec’d. Citation v guard’n.

Guardianship of Thomas Gregory. Stricken from docket.

Estate of Benjamin Moulton, dec’d. Administrator ordered to sell real estate.

Estate of Steven Hastings, dec’d. Refiled and approved.

Estate of Sarah Padgett, dec’d. Adm’r ordered to sell real estate.

Estate of Mahala O’Neal, dec’d. Appointment confirmed.

Estate of Wm. Tilton, dec’d. Appointment confirmed.

Estate of Hugh T. Williams, dec’d. Appointment confirmed.

Estate of Sarah Clore, dec’d. Appointment confirmed.

Guardianship of Kate E and Wm Munroe. Report filed.

Henry F Pottebaum et al vs. Allen B. Wiltier et al. Judgment for plaintiff for $46.15.

John B. Miller vs. John Colvin et al. Partition. Commissioner’s report made and approved.

Christian Hunter et al vs. Cynthia D Fisk. Partition. Report of sale filed and approved.

Matilda Merrill et al vs. Louisa Welch et al. Partition. Sale ordered. S H Stewart, Commissioner.

Neal McGinley vs. Laura McArdle. Motion by defendant for change of venue from Court.

Mary J. Lotton vs. Wm. Gillespie. Dismissed.

Ella Walker vs. Edward Walker. Divorce granted plaintiff and custody of children.

Heyn & Bro. vs. Jas. C. Ricketts. Judgment for plaintiff $37.57.

Richard Jones, admr. vs. Jacob Weaver, admr. Dismissed.

Elizabeth H. Lewis vs. John P. Brown, ex rel. Dismissed.

First National Bank of Lawrenceburgh vs. Peter Lostutter. Verdict for defendant.

William Grace vs. J. C. Ricketts. Verdict for plaintiff $12.50.

Sarah Clark vs. Hannah Hammond. Dismissed.

Joseph Bright vs. Robert McCrary. Dismissed.

Wm. D. Burkham vs. Ezra G. Hayes. Judgment for plaintiff $9,500. Appeal to supreme court by defendant.