Ohio County Circuit Court Proceedings – Apr 1883

Proceedings of the April 1883 Term of the Ohio County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Aurora Spectator – 5 Apr 1883 – Page 8, Column 2

The Ohio Circuit Court convened on Monday with Judge N. S. Givan on the bench. The attorneys present are Hon. A. C. Downey, J. B. Coles, R. L. Davis, S. H. Stewart, J. S. Jelley, D. S. Wilber, W. W. Williams and H. S. Espey of Rising Sun; H. D. McMullen, W. S. Holman Jr., and D. H. Stapp of Aurora, and Thos. Works, of Allensville. But little business has been reached except Probate cases. The case of J. H. Pate, et al, vs. The Rising Sun and North’s Landing Turnpike Company came up and a change of venue was granted to Dearborn County. Also the case of the City of Rising Sun vs. Samuel Seward and W. R. Seward to recover attorney’s fees.

The following are the new cases docketed for this term of court:

Belle Sink vs. Scott Sink. Failure to provide.

Prudence Sparks vs. Oscar Sparks, divorce. Failure to provide.

John B Garnier vs. Simon Bartholome et al, on note, demand $2,000. Change of venue from Dearborn County.

Alonzo Wood vs. George Goodpaster. Replevin. Appeal from Justice of Peace.

Rose Pate vs. John F. Pate Jr. Divorce. Failure to provide.

Anna M. E. Smith vs. George Aufdencamp and Louisa Aufdencamp. Proceedings supplementary to execution.

Eliza Peck vs. John B. Cole and D. S. Wilber. Demand $50 ground rent on leasehold.

Julia Jenkins vs. John D. Hunter. Demand $550. Breach of contract.

James M. Reister vs. Randolph School Township. Demand $3,000. Suit for settlement of claim due from Township.

John F. Riggs, Administrator of Estate of Matilda Merrill, vs. George I. Moore and Morris P. Merrill. Demand $3,000. Ownership of bonds in controversy.

Aurora Spectator – 12 Apr 1883 – Page 8, Column 1

Ohio County Department.
Court Report.


Estate Henry E. Meyers. Report filed and exceptions thereto. Referred to a Master Commissioner.

Estate Stewart Lotton. Final report.

Estate Mahala O’Neal. Continued.

Estate John T. Whitlock Sr. Final report. Continued.

Estate James Graham. Final report.

Estate Morris P. Merrill. G. I. Moore confirmed as administrator.

Estate Matilda Merrill. John F. Riggs confirmed as administrator.

Guardianship of heirs of James M. Graham. Sarah A. Graham confirmed as administrator.

Guardianship of heirs of George J. Downey, deceased. Partial report.

Estate Wm. Gerard. R. M. Jones, administrator. Final report and administrator discharged.

Guardianship of heirs of Wayne Lostutter. Partial report.

Estate Daniel Winings. Final report.

Guardianship of heirs of Henry Loheide. Partial report.

Estate Mary J. Starkey. Final report.

Estate George Buchanan. Final report.

Guardianship of Carrie Farrell. Mrs. A. R. F. Rabb, guardian. Petition of Carrie Farrell for removal of guardian. Petition overruled.


State ex rel John G. Burgess vs. Cornelius Luther. Dismissed.

D. S. Wilber, administrator, vs. Wm. S. Buchanan. Opinion of Supreme Court entered.

Neal McGinley vs. Laura McArdle. Opinion of Supreme Court entered.

State ex rel J. M. Pate vs. james M. North. Change of venue to Dearborn County.

Kate Blair vs. James M. Blair. Dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

Wm. H. Sullivan vs. estate of Robert Peters. Claim of $57.50 allowed.

Lizzie Lemmon vs. estate of M. A. Coshow. Dismissed.

John B. Williams vs. estate Jane Williams. Claim of $163 allowed.

Alex B. Williams vs. same. Claim of $150 allowed.

Cass Township vs. James B. Hill. Judgment on demurrer.

A. C. Downey vs. estate of Robert Peters. Claim of $250.50 allowed.

Prudence Sparks vs. Oscar Sparks. Continued.

John B. Garnier vs. Simon Bartholome. Continued.

Alonzo Wood vs. George Goodpaster. Appeal. Dismissed.

Ira McIntire vs. Samuel Dorrell. Appeal in replevin. Finding for plaintiff. One cent damage and return of property.

State vs. Scott Sink. Assault with intent to kill. Plea of not guilty entered. Bail fixed at $500.