Aurora Old Cemetery Removals – 1885

List of graves to be removed from Aurora Old Cemetery in Dearborn County, Indiana in 1885 appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 20 Aug 1885 – Page 3, Column 5


To All Whom it May Concern:

Whereas the Common Council of the City of Aurora, Indiana, has by proper action vacated and declared vacated, as a place of burial of deceased persons, what is known as the “old grave yard, or cemetery” situate in the south-western part of the City of Aurora, as plat of which is now on file in the Clerk’s Office of said city and reference is made there to for description. And, whereas, as complete a list as possible of the names of the deceased persons remaining interred in such cemetery has been prepared and is herewith published. Now therefore notice is hereby given to all persons interested, that on and after the 16th day of November, 1885, the Common Council of said city will proceed to exhume the remains in such cemetery. The remains of such persons as may be claimed by relatives or friends will be delivered to such claimants for removal and re-interment, and the remains of all persons remaining unclaimed will be removed and property re-interred in River View Cemetery, or in some suitable cemetery in the vicinity of said city, by and at the expense of said city. Names of deceased persons remaining interred in said cemetery:

Given NameSurnameDate of Death
WilliamEarles29 Dec 1862
M A KGoebel1 Feb 1871
Francis MLindsay16 Aug 1872
JonathanJones11 Nov 1848
AnnaJones2 Oct 1848
JaneJones17 Sep 1846
Geo WCope12 Apr 1850
Laura BellEshleman18 Jul 1848
Francis JRone25 Jan 1864
AlexanderMcCabe21 May 1849
C ColumbusBrewer26 Oct 1848
JamesKenney5 Aug 1860
M EMerrin4 Mar 1867
ElizabethFenton3 Apr 1855
Wm AlonzoFenton30 Aug 1861
Amanda MLeopard23 Oct 1848
Polly JaneCropper13 Jun 1849
W SCropper11 Jun 1849
Thomas EdwinCropper14 Mar 1848
WesleyJohnson31 Jan 1847
PeterScheiermann8 Mar 1870
MalbrurgaClonther28 Jul 1869
AnnLewis28 Sep 1844
Wm PBeach29 Jul 1844
Martha AnnMcBride5 May 1841
AmaziahBailey14 Aug 1846
Monira CBailey23 Jun 1847
Permelia ABailey28 Mar 1848
Columbus SBailey23 Jan 1849
RhodaKnapp1 May 1849
PhilipFreiberger10 Feb 1861
TheadyOdea24 Jul 1858
JohnCampbel10 Jun 1862
AlberdCraig20 Aug 1862
Henry WilhelmWestendorfDec 1861
JohannMoll24 Jan 1875
Wilhelmine CGebhardt20 Jun 1858
FrederickNiehaus29 Jun 1876
PaulusFriedlein3 Jul 1851
LouiseBuerger11 Jul 1857
JohannButtner11 Nov 1865
JosephMoran12 Apr 1873
Henry JacobRosenbaum2 Nov 1855
PhilipplineBrackenhoff27 Aug 1862
Kunigunda MarySchabdagh23 Aug 1861
BenjaminTrotter23 Jun 1849
Thomas JHuffman2? Oct 1856
EbrefDickenson26 Jun 1851
ElizabethRider21 Mar 1855
ElizabethRider14 Nov 1860
James DRider28 Sep 1865
Willie LRider26 Oct 1865
RobertGardner4 Apr 1854
FrederickKeck26 Mar 1863
JohnKerr4 Apr 1855
DavidFenton26 Jun 1856
Mary FFenton29 Oct 1848
Wm TFenton24 Sep 1846
M KathLuhn4 Jul 1874
Lilia BellCampbell12 Dec 1862
MargaretteBusby23 Dec 1853
MattieKemph19 Jul 186?
John HenryKemph4 Aug 1853
RegenaKemph12 Sep 1850
MarcusKastner9 Jan 1871
LouisaGraszmann24 Nov 1871
JohnDennerline6 Jul 1864
MatildaDennerline24 Sep 1866
HenryDennerline15 Sep 1866
CarlDennerline29 Mar 1867
PhilippKlippel21 Apr 1851
AlexanderGrambling12 May 1855
FrancisMeyer8 Aug 1864
S?dinaSchonegg19 Jul 1872
PhilipFrose12 Feb 1866
Charles WSmith2 Jul 1849
CatherineArmel28 Sep 1849
NathanielArmel3 Aug 1850
S PWilliams31 Mar 1859
Heinerich ValentineKluber13 Dec 1868
AntonKluber5 Apr 1867
Franz KarlFriedmann16 Sep 1858
SophieaKieser17 Sep 1866
CatherineCieger12 Oct 1852
CharlieCopland21 Jun 1858
JosephKluber15 Jun 1863
MortzSchockel15 Jun 1858
Wm SLoder12 Aug 1851
Sophia JaneHiatt24 Aug 1848
MagdalenaPetcher28 Jan 1876
FletcherNoble1 Nov 18?4
Lorenzo DHunt1 May 1864
ElizabethNoble16 Jan 1849
Mary JaneHall21 Aug 1851
FrederickWeeks19 Jul 1851
PhilindaMartin17 Nov 1859
Susana JosephineLawford16 Jul 1849
SarahLawford16 Jun 1849
EmanuelPrell25 Oct 1862
FrancisHarris2 Oct 1823
William TellHarris19 Oct 1865
SarahHarris8 Jan 1863
RobertSquibb29 Jun 1854
Robert OliverFoulk28 Mar 1860
Caroline E CBar16 Sep 1875
Fred JPotter23 Oct 1874
Geo HPotter29 Oct 1876
Sarah FTaylor24 Jul 1850
Ann MariaCummings8 Oct 1850
William WCummings28 Oct 1843
Dr. I BTaylor11 Aug 1849
Edwin SReynolds5 Oct 1860
Emma Bar?howBisbee31 Mar 1867
CharlesBisbee9 Jun 1853
JosiahBisbee11 Jun 1833
EllenWilliams12 Oct 1861
Frederick GHoff13 Mar 1852
WilliamLit?le18 Dec 1855