Southeastern Indiana Fair Awards – 1883

Awards from the 1883 Southeastern Indiana Fair in Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 13 Sep 1883 – Page 3, Column 2

The Aurora Fair.



J. B. Gaines, Boone county, Ky., best jack, best jennet and best mule 3 years old or over.

W. B. Watts, Bullittsville, Ky., best mule 2 years old.

Austin Whittaker, Burlington, Ky., best mule 4 years old.

C. J. Johnson, Sparta, Ind., best sucking mule, best draft gelding 2 years old, second premium for draft brood mare.

H. D. Powell, North’s Landing, best draft gelding 3 years old.

R. A. Brady, Grant, Ky., best racking horse.

J. M. Horton, Pleasant, Switzerland county, Ind., best draft gelding 4 years old, second premium for racking horse.

Jacob Wise, Dillsboro, best draft mare 3 years old.

Elias Small, Aurora, best draft mare 2 years old.

Charles Yowl, Hebron, Ky., best draft mare 1 year old.

R. B. King, Cold Springs, Ind., best mare colt for draft, best draft mare 4 years old or over.

Riddell & Norris, Petersburg, Ky., best brood mare and best stallion colt under 1 year old.

W. S. Walton, Hebron, Ky., best draft stallion 4 years old or over, best draft stallion 3 years old, first and second premiums for heavy draft sweepstakes.




  • J. C. Jenkins, Petersburg, Ky., best stallion colt, Cole’s special premium for sucking colt regardless to sex.
  • J. A. Works, Vevay, Ind., best gelding 2 years old.
  • Riddell & Norris, best horse for general purpose, best four year old gelding, best mare 4 years old, best brood mare.
  • Frank Cobb, Aurora, best 2 year old stallion.
  • Charles Bruce, Dillsboro, Ind., best stallion 1 year old.
  • John Kerr, Aurora, best mare 2 years old.


  • J. H. McDaniels, Warsaw, Ky., best four year old bull, best bull calf, best cows, 4, 3, 2, and 1 year old respectively and best herd.
  • J. C. Jenkins, best bulls, 3, 2, and 1 year old respectively and best heifer calf.

The contest for the three prizes offered by E. S. Downey, for a farmer’s foot race was exciting. There were seven runners. The winners were Ben Wilson, first, an Oliver Chilled Plow; William Cosby, second, a Moon Cutting Box; and James Clements, third, an Excelsior Horse Poke.

The contest between four ladies in harnessing and hitching a horse to a buggy was the most interesting feature of the day. Miss Jaquith, of Wright’s Corners, Ind., won with ease and grace in 2 minutes and 30 seconds just one minute ahead of the next best competitor.



Riddell & Norris, best saddle horse, second best harness horse.

Mrs. Mary Scott, Petersburg, Ky., best milch cow any age, best Alderney bull 1 year old, best Alderney cow 4 years old.

Geo. W. Johnson, Aurora, best 1 year old milch cow, best Alderney heifer, second best Alderney bull—sweepstakes, best Alderney cow 1 year old and best Alderney bull 3 years old.

A. K. Hill, second best saddle horse—sweepstakes.

John Vail, Aurora, milch cow 2 years old, best Alderney bull—sweepstakes, best Alderney cow 2 years old, best Alderney heifer calf, best 1 year Alderney bull.

J. H. McDaniel, first and second on cows for beef purposes.

G. T. Gaines, Burlington, Ky., best saddle horse 3 years old.

A. E. Chambers, Petersburg, Ky., best Alderney bull calf.

A. D. Hopping, Aurora, best Alderney bull 2 years old.

J. A. Werks, Vevay, Ind., second best saddle horse 3 years old, best matched geldings or mares.

G. W. White & Bro., Alexandria, Ky., best single harness horse, second best matched horses.

The gentlemen’s equestrian ring was the best one ever seen in this end of the State. There were nine excellent riders in the ring (to say nothing of the tenth one—the writer) and the exhibition of graceful horsemanship was extraordinary. Mr. Julius White, of Newport, Ky., amid shouts of approbation and enthusiasm from his admirers, and the courteous tipping of hats of his defeated competitors was declared the winner of the special prize, a handsome coffee urn.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 20 Sep 1883 – Page 2, Column 4

Premiums Awarded at Aurora Fair.


Riddell & Norris, Petersburg, Ky., best light harness stallion 4 years old, best stallion 3 years old, best mare 3 years old, best mare 2 years old, second best any age or sex for light harness.

Wm. Harkness, Aurora, best light harness stallion 2 years old.

Terrill Bros, Petersburg, Ky., best light harness yearling stallion, best stallion colt and second brood mare—light harness.

Robt. Clore, Grant, Ky., best light harness mare, 4 years old.

John R. Cole & Sons, best mare 3 years old—light harness.

J. C. Jenkins, Petersburg, Ky., best yearling mare—light harness.

G. W. White & Bro., Alexandria, Ky., best 4 year old gelding and sweepstakes for light harness.

J. A. Works, Vevay, Ind., best 3 years old gelding—light harness.

Frank Terrill, Sparta, Ind., best 2 year old gelding—light harness.

J. H. McDaniels, Warsaw, Ky., best herd of cattle, special premium.

G. W. White & Bro., special premium $50, best light harness horse.

Equestrianism special premium $150, silver tea set; won by Miss Mary Jack, of Warsaw, Ky.

Cole’s special for best sucking colt, won by J. C. Jenkins.

Gentleman equestrian, won by Marcie Riddell, Hebron, Ky.

Driving by ladies, Helen Buffington, Aurora, first; Mrs. Tomason, Petersburg, Ky., second; Clara A. Covington, Rising Sun, Ind., third.

Equestrianism by ladies, Libbie Hill, Aurora, first; Anna Johnston, Ripley county, second; Mrs. Tomason, Petersburg, Ky., third.

Sheep—Fine Wool.

  • M. Butterfield, Wright’s Corners, best buck over 2 years old, best ewe, best lambs two in number.

Long Wool.

  • W. Beckett, best buck over 2 years old.
  • J. C. Jenkins, best buck 1 year old.
  • W. Beckett, best ewe, best lambs two in number.

Middle Wool.

  • W. Beckett, best buck over 2 years old, best buck 1 year old.
  • Wilk Smith, best ewe.
  • W. Beckett, best lambs two in number.

Hogs—Large Breed.

  • Wm. Crosby, Aurora, best boar 2 years old and over.
  • J. S. Jewett, Dillsboro, best boar 1 year old, best sow 2 years old.
  • J. F. Houze, Aaron, Switzerland county, best sow 1 year old, best pair shoats under six months, male and female.

Small Breed.

  • J. M. Hall, Allensville, Switzerland county, best boar 1 year old, best sow 2 years old, best sow 1 year old, best pair shoats under six months, male or female.

$10 purse on hogs.

  • J. M. Hall, Allensville, Switzerland county, best sow with five or more pigs.
  • J. W. Houze, Aaron, second best sow with five or more pigs.
  • J. J. Jewett, Dillsboro, best boar any breed.
  • J. W. Houze, Aaron, Switzerland county, second best board any breed.


  • Arka Trester, Aurora, best buff cochins, best bantams, best blue games, mixed breeds.
  • A. C. Hayes, Elizabeth, O., best white leghorns, black Spanish, ducks, geese and turkeys.
  • W. H. Humfeld, Cochran, Ind., best brown leghorns.
  • L. Lindsay, Aurora, Ind., best Plymouth rocks.


  • Mrs. Worley, Aurora, Ind., best Lima beans.
  • Simon Humfeld Jr., Cochran, best sugar corn.
  • Mrs. Temperance Davis, Aurora, best Kershaw pumpkins.
  • J. J. Feist, best onion sets.
  • Thos. N. Cooper, best sweet potatoes.
  • Frank Holman, best collection of vegetables.
  • G. W. Turner, Cold Springs, second best same.

Farm Implements.

  • A. M. Elliott, Aurora, best plow, best corn planter, and best display of farm implements.
  • E. S. Downey, Aurora, best hillside plow, grain drill, mowing machine, two horse harrow, and second best display of farm implements.
  • L. B. Daniels & Co., Lawrenceburg, best corn planter.
  • C. W. Mendell, Allensville, best axe handle.


  • A. C. Hayes, best white wheat, display of wheat, display of rye, half bushel oats, fall barley, second best display of corn, half bushel new variety of potatoes, half dozen parsnips, half bushel yellow onions, half bushel white onions, best squashes.
  • E. B. Hunt, best red wheat.
  • W. C. Buffington, best wheat—new variety.

Blythe Buffington, best white corn.

Harvey Hopping, best yellow corn.

Wm. Davis, best corn any other variety.

Ralph Smith, best half bushel early potatoes.

J. & B. Rumsey, best half bushel late potatoes.

Sam Fisk, best display of potatoes.

G. W. Turner, best beets, mangel wurzel and oalsify.

Frank Holman, best sugar beets and best tomatoes.

J. M. Truit, best red onions.

Wm. H. Humfeld, best cabbages.


  • G. W. Turner, specimen fall apples, specimen winter apples, display winter apples, display grapes and specimen plums.
  • Blythe Buffington, display fall apples, specimen pears, display pears, specimen white peaches, specimen quinces, and display of fruits, first and second premiums.
  • E. B. Hunt, specimen yellow peaches.
  • Lizzie Riggs, specimen grapes.


  • Simon Humfeld Jr., display of bedding out plants in bloom, roses in bloom, hanging basket, geraniums, cacti, evergreens, dahlias, cut flowers, greenhouse plants, piece of rustic work, bouquet, single plant in bloom.

Bread and cakes.

  • Mrs. John House, loaf white bread salt rising.
  • Mrs. James Lamb, best salt rising bread.
  • Mrs. Geo. W. Wood, best corn bread, rye bread, jelley cake, sample pies, collection bread and cakes, sour pickles.
  • Mrs. John Cobb, best fruit cake.

Mrs. A. G. Jackson, best sweet pickles, display sour pickles, specimen dried vegetables, collection dried fruits and vegetables.

Miss S. C. Chittenden, display of sweet pickles, specimen dried fruit, best foot mat, skeleton leaves, needle work on cloth, worsted footstool, darned net, homespun suspenders, lamp mats, silk embroidered stockings, embroidered fascinator, mantel lambrequin, cake tidies, silk embroidery, stocking bag, knit suspenders, clothes brush holder, hair receiver, rustic work, lace work lambrequins, embroidered toilet set, embroidered tidy, embroidered chair cushion cover, table cover, wax basket, watch case, chenille slippers, lady’s slippers, fascinator and bonnet.

Mrs. T. Davis, best ten yards rag carpet, woolen knit mittens, sample maple sugar, maple molasses.

Mrs. A. G. Jackson, woolen knit socks, stockings, gloves, calico quilt, worsted comfort, calico comfort, machine made woolen dress, hand made dress, woolen dress, machine made child’s dress, handmade chemise, work on muslin, cotton crochet work, sample silk crochet, sample tatting, pair pillow cases, display canned fruits, display jellies, display preserves, cotton knit stockings.

Mrs. Sallie Canfield, hearth rug.

Miss Cora Early, worsted quilt, knit counterpane, work on lace.

Miss Esther Griffin, handmade calico dress, specimen native wine.

Mrs. G. W. Johnston, machine made calico dress, soft soap.

A. M. Elliott, sulky plow, one horse grain drill.

L. B. Daniel & Co., self rake reaper.

A. W. Luker, washboard.

Miss Emma Rushman, best five pounds butter—Wildridge’s special premium.

Mrs. E. A. McKnight, best butter.

Mrs. G. B. Maltby, fancy apron.

Mrs. M. Burton, sewing apron, scrap vase, tooth pick holder, stocking bag.

G. S. Lozier, embroidered couch pillow, machine made pillow sham, machine quilted toilet, machine zephyr work, applique table scarf, tucking, puffing, dress trimming, display sewing machine work, sample embroidery.

Maggie Greely, best rusks.

Mrs. Alex Criswell, macreme lambrequin.

Mrs. James Lamb, yeast cake.

Mrs. G. W. Wood, white cake, machine made shirt.

Miss M. E. McClellan, handmade gown, work on canvas, work on linen, work on merino, woolen crochet.

Mrs. James Tomason, machine made chemise, machine made drawers.

Miss Pearl Gault, work on lace.

Maude Kingsbury, Natchez, Miss., hair pin cushion.

Mary Terrill, linen crochet.

Miss Carney, Tolono, Ill., pair pillow shams.

Mrs. Sant Givan, handmade drawers.

Mrs. Elizabeth Griffin, card basket, splasher and tidies, pressed flowers, tidy.

Bertha Woodward, lamp mats.

Alma Lane, water color painting.

Lula Wheeler, crayon drawing, sofa pillow, embroidered towel, specimen rickrack.

Nettie Taylor, lead pencil drawing.

Carrie Reichert, specimen wax work.

Mrs. N. H. Sherman, silk quilt, toilet mats, breakfast cap.

Lizzie Frank, specimen wax flowers, embroidered skirt.

Blanche Egan, hair work.

Mee Sparks, shell work.

Jennie Grow, pin cushion.

Belle English, feather flowers, fancy skirt, calico wrapper.

Louisa Petcher, worsted flowers.

Mrs. Twentyman, handmade child’s dress.

Mary Reinhard, machine made gown.

Florence Snyder, specimen canned fruit.

J. N. Walton, photo work.

Emma Neps, zepher work.

Josie Sargent, crochet lace and bead work.

W. R. Cofield, sewing machine, the White.

Josie G. Moore, transfer work on swiss.

Eva Wilson, worsted lace.

Mrs. D. H. James, art pottery, oil painting.

Emily James, oil painting on satin.

Alice Langley, bead work, silk knit stockings, toilet set, thread tidy, worsted lamp map.

Mrs. M. J. Sparks, preserved leaves and flowers, worsted tidy.

Mrs. F. Witherod, fruit butter, specimen jelley, specimen preserves, ten pounds lard.

Jim Truitt, best gourd.

John Hopping, best sugar cane.

Henry Blake, silver polish chickens.

A. C. Hayes, collection of poultry.

Elmer Tufts, specimen castor beans.

C. M. Tufts, variety bunch beans and best honey.

F. Mauntel & Co., patent ironing board, display of furniture.

Mrs. Miller, egg plant.

F. W. Grimsley, crab apples.

Mrs. Luker, embroidered hat marker.

A. T. Gridley, pen drawing.

F. Mathias, lithograph.

Augusta Seifert, paper flowers.

Mrs. Robinson, zephyr bird.

Chas Fisk & Son, best buggy.

Wm. Fike, best spring wagon.

Sam T. Caldwell, handmade horse shoes.

H. Reese, washing machine.

Geo. H. Held, cooking stove and fixtures and display tinware.