Switzerland and Ohio County Fair Awards – 1852

Switzerland and Ohio County, Indiana, Fair awards for 1852 appeared in:
Hoosier Patriot (Rising Sun, Indiana) – 9 Oct 1852 – Page 3, Column 1

Agricultural Fair.
Notwithstanding the unfavorable state of the weather on Wednesday and Thursday last, a very large number of people were in attendance at the Agricultural Fair. As this was the first exhibition of the kind ever gotten up by the farmers of this district, it could not be expected that it would compare with the annual county or State Fairs of Societies which have been organized for a number of years. It was, however, of such a character as gave cheering prospect of the future and ultimate success of the establishment and perpetuation of a Society which will not only benefit the members thereof, but community at large.

Rev. B. F. Morris addressed the members of the Society in a most forcible and eloquent manner, and we are glad to learn that his address will be published in pamphlet form and distributed among the people.

The various articles on exhibition elicited the admiration of all present. We have not time this week to give a detailed account of all the proceedings. The following we take from the Republican:

List of Articles,
On which Premiums were awarded by the Ohio and Switzerland County Agricultural Society, at their Fair on the 6th and 7th of October, 1852.

  • John Hall, for the best arranged and cultivated farm. $3.
  • A. C. Pepper, for the second best farm. $3.
  • J. K. Harris, for the best acre of wheat. $2.
  • John Smith, for the best potatoes. $2.
  • Wm. Stewart, 2d best potatoes. $1.
  • B. B. Loring, for the best variety of apples. Diploma.
  • Mrs. Mallet, for 10 lbs. best butter. Diploma.
  • Mrs. Wm. Stewart, for the best Jeans. $1.
  • Mrs. D. Henry, for the best white flannel. $1.
  • Mrs. Rebecca T. Ruddle, for the best Bed Quilt. $1.
  • Mrs. George Gillespie, for the 2d best bed quilt. $1.
  • Mrs. Jefferson Hiser, for the best Coverlet. $1.
  • Mrs. D. Henry, for the best double coverlet. $2.
  • Mrs. John H. Jones, for the 2d best double coverlet. $1.
  • Wm. Pressor, for the best stallion, $5.
  • Wm. Cochran, for the 2d best stallion. $2.
  • John W. Powell, for the best gelding, $1; for best two year old stallion, $1.
  • W. J. Keeney, for the best brood mare. $3.
  • Elias Keath, for the 2d best brood mare, 1 copy.
  • Peter Lostutter, for the best one year old colt, $1.
  • James C. Rickets, for the 2d best 1 year old colt, $1.
  • Zachariah Scott, for the best sucking colt, $2.
  • James Brown, for the 2d best suckling colt, $1.
  • Moses Green, for the best Bull, $5.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the 2d best bull, $4.
  • Wm. McNutt, for the best two year old Bull, $3.
  • J. R. Harris, for the 2d best two year old bull, $2.
  • D. G. Rabb, for the best one year old bull, $2.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the best sucking calf, $2.
  • Benjamin Dennis, for the 2d best sucking calf, $1.
  • B. F. Ferris, for the best Milch cow, $2; for 2d best milch cow, $1.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the best two year old Heifer, $2.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the 2d best two year old heifer, $1.
  • J. M. Vance, for the best yoke of work oxen, $4.
  • Moses Green, for the 2d best yoke of oxen, $2.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the best male hog, $5.
  • Pomroy Merrill, second best hog, $4.
  • H. Olmstead, for the best sow and pigs, $3.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the second best sow and pigs, $2.
  • D. G. Rabb, for the best fat hog, $2.
  • D. G. Rabb, for the best sheep, on copy.
  • D. G. Rabb, for the best Ewe, one copy.
  • Emanuel Myers, for the best sow pig under six months old, $1.
  • D. G. Rabb, for the best quality fowls, one copy.
  • Wm. Stewart, for the second best fowls, one copy.
  • Wm. Clore, for the best plow, $2.
  • David Fisher, for the best pair Fine Boots, $3.
  • Mrs. S. B. Halley, for the best ladies’ shoes, $1.

The committee appointed to examine articles not mentioned in the list of articles appointed to be examined by other committees, report the following:

  • To U. S. Stowe one bale hay and three seven year old pumpkins. Diploma.
  • Miss Clara Davis, two ottomans, $1.
  • D. K. Harris, one side sole leather, two sides calf skins, two sides upper leather, two sides harness leather. $1.
  • H. S. & R. Espey, two smoothing irons. One copy report State Board of Agriculture.
  • Samuel Berkshire, three churns, one tub, $1. One pork bbl. One copy.
  • Wm. Reed (blind man) two rocking chairs. $1.
  • R. G. & J. Yonge, $1. Six cottage chairs, one copy.
  • J. M. Reister & Co. one parlor stove, one cooking stove, one panel cemetery fence. One copy. Hay press and horse power attached. $4.
  • J. W. Talbott & Co. two bbls. extra super fine flour. $1.
  • U. H. Stowe & J. R. Harris, one parent wire tooth hay rake. $2.
  • Frederick Harris, one threshing machine. $2.
  • U. H. Stowe, for 1st best plowing subsoil plow. $2.
  • Mr. Abbott, 2nd best two horse plow. $1.
  • John Stump, on the best mule colt, $1.
  • Charles Edwards, apple paring machine. Diploma.
  • J. & W. Gaff, for their stallion. Comet or Morgan horse. Diploma.
  • H. Cole, for his stallion, Chief Justice. Diploma.