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Dearborn County Newspaper Index – 1860s

The Dearborn County, Indiana Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, and deaths found in Dearborn County newspapers from 1860 to 1869. Visit the Dearborn County Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameEventNewspaperIssue DatePgCol
KateMulfordMarriageAurora Commercial12 Jan 186026
S AHagartyMarriageAurora Commercial12 Jan 186026
RuthEcklesDeathAurora Commercial19 Jan 186034
JohnSpencerDeathAurora Commercial26 Jan 186033
Charlie FMillerDeathAurora Commercial2 Feb 186045
NellieMaddenDeathAurora Commercial9 Feb 186024
Geo MJenksMarriageAurora Commercial16 Feb 186026
SimphroniaStageMarriageAurora Commercial16 Feb 186026
FrankWalkerDeathAurora Commercial23 Feb 186025
Mr.CurtisDeathAurora Commercial23 Feb 186032
Mrs.RobertsDeathAurora Commercial23 Feb 186032
EdwinJaquithMarriageAurora Commercial7 Mar 186025
Anne EHowertonMarriageAurora Commercial7 Mar 186025
BerthaDavisDeathAurora Commercial7 Mar 186025
Mary TichenorFreemanDeathAurora Commercial7 Mar 186025
HenriettaReeseDeathAurora Commercial7 Mar 186025
Robert OliverFoulkDeathAurora Commercial5 Apr 186025
Robert HWalkerDeathAurora Commercial19 Apr 186025
AustinSweetDeathAurora Commercial19 Apr 186026
Sarah LChristopherDeathAurora Commercial19 Apr 186026
C BirdPateDeathAurora Commercial3 May 186023
Wm SSpeakmanDeathAurora Commercial17 May 186023
William DAustinDeathAurora Commercial7 Jun 186023
SamuelWebbMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jun 186024
MargaretSaltmarshMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jun 186024
James AMartinMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jun 186024
ElizabethSwiftMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jun 186024
WmRouseDeathAurora Commercial21 Jun 186022
JohnHamiltonMarriageAurora Commercial12 Jul 186033
MaryBroadbentMarriageAurora Commercial12 Jul 186033
Elizabeth ARiceDeathAurora Commercial12 Jul 186033
Elizabeth AStephensDeathAurora Commercial12 Jul 186033
J WallaceChristyMarriageAurora Commercial6 Sep 186024
MaryLangtreeMarriageAurora Commercial6 Sep 186024
Pamelia SRiddellDeathAurora Commercial6 Sep 186024
BaileyGarrisonDeathAurora Commercial13 Sep 186033
BenjaminWalkerDeathAurora Commercial13 Sep 186033
CatherineWalterDeathAurora Commercial20 Sep 186033
SelahHolidayDeathAurora Commercial4 Oct 186024
John HBruceDeathAurora Commercial18 Oct 186024
R CBondMarriageAurora Commercial29 Nov 186025
Elizabeth FWheelerMarriageAurora Commercial29 Nov 186025
Henry DTuftsMarriageAurora Commercial29 Nov 186025
Sarah EColeMarriageAurora Commercial29 Nov 186025
B CCalvertMarriageAurora Commercial24 Jan 186113
CDavisMarriageAurora Commercial24 Jan 186113
BarbaraCheekDeathAurora Commercial24 Jan 186113
JohnFickenscherMarriageAurora Commercial21 Mar 186125
BarbaraStockMarriageAurora Commercial21 Mar 186125
WmHixonMarriageAurora Commercial21 Mar 186125
MargaretWrightMarriageAurora Commercial21 Mar 186125
Charles HDohertyMarriageAurora Commercial7 Nov 186125
ElizaHorsleyMarriageAurora Commercial7 Nov 186125
E RHollowellMarriageAurora Commercial7 Nov 186125
AmandaWatkinsMarriageAurora Commercial7 Nov 186125
WashingtonWeisingerDeathAurora Commercial9 Jan 186221
WmLefforgeDeathAurora Commercial9 Jan 186221
JohnParkerDeathAurora Commercial9 Jan 186221
A WClendenningDeathAurora Commercial9 Jan 186221
C BirdBurkamMarriageAurora Commercial9 Jan 186237
LauraLewisMarriageAurora Commercial9 Jan 186237
ThomasKilnerDeathAurora Commercial9 Jan 186237
HenryBeahlDeathAurora Commercial16 Jan 186236
PeterBeahlDeathAurora Commercial16 Jan 186236
GeorgeJohnstonDeathAurora Commercial16 Jan 186236
Charles CWheelerMarriageAurora Commercial16 Jan 186237
Elizabeth ATresterMarriageAurora Commercial16 Jan 186237
RobertCarmichaelMarriageAurora Commercial16 Jan 186237
NancyMcKinstryMarriageAurora Commercial16 Jan 186237
JamesHurdittMarriageAurora Commercial16 Jan 186237
ElizabethPowellMarriageAurora Commercial16 Jan 186237
DanielChidesterMarriageAurora Commercial16 Jan 186237
Jane WRoddenMarriageAurora Commercial16 Jan 186237
EVayhingerDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186224
JosephLacknerDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186224
G AMarksDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186224
C BSmithDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186224
TyreReeseDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186224
JamesSmallwoodDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186224
WashingtonRisingerDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186224
WalbusHunlingDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186224
K ERedlandDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186224
OscarAbbottDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186224
HenryMortonDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186237
Elizabeth PMillikenDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186237
PeterManliefDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186237
CatharineRumsayDeathAurora Commercial23 Jan 186237
Jason BBrownMarriageAurora Commercial30 Jan 186237
Laura ESmithMarriageAurora Commercial30 Jan 186237
Richmond RPattisonDeathAurora Commercial30 Jan 186237
WmBrownDeathAurora Commercial30 Jan 186237
ShepperdHealdDeathAurora Commercial30 Jan 186237
Thomas JWalkerMarriageAurora Commercial6 Feb 186237
Emily EHubbarttMarriageAurora Commercial6 Feb 186237
Luman HAndrewsDeathAurora Commercial6 Feb 186237
George HWorleyDeathAurora Commercial6 Feb 186237
Luman HAndrewsDeathAurora Commercial13 Feb 186237
Samuel LJonesDeathAurora Commercial13 Feb 186237
Rebecca EGrubbsDeathAurora Commercial20 Feb 186237
ElizabethFarrellDivorceAurora Commercial27 Feb 186225
JamesFarrellDivorceAurora Commercial27 Feb 186225
Emeline JWrightDivorceAurora Commercial27 Feb 186225
MiltonWrightDivorceAurora Commercial27 Feb 186225
NancyCheekDeathAurora Commercial27 Feb 186237
G PKrummelMarriageAurora Commercial20 Mar 186234
SusanHenniganMarriageAurora Commercial20 Mar 186234
WilliamBurkeDeathAurora Commercial10 Apr 186226
Isaac MAllenDeathAurora Commercial10 Apr 186226
T L AGraveMarriageAurora Commercial10 Apr 186233
Clara EEmrieMarriageAurora Commercial10 Apr 186233
JesseWilsonMarriageAurora Commercial10 Apr 186233
ElizaMillerMarriageAurora Commercial10 Apr 186233
John CManningMarriageAurora Commercial10 Apr 186233
Catharine SDrakeMarriageAurora Commercial10 Apr 186233
George MLozierMarriageAurora Commercial1 May 186225
LucindaConnerMarriageAurora Commercial1 May 186225
FrankBassettDeathAurora Commercial8 May 186232
ElijahRichDeathAurora Commercial8 May 186232
Emma LouellaSoebleDeathAurora Commercial29 May 186232
John WDennisDeathAurora Commercial29 May 186232
ZeniaBushDeathAurora Commercial5 Jun 186232
WmLearnedMarriageAurora Commercial12 Jun 186233
Anna BLampingMarriageAurora Commercial12 Jun 186233
R FBrewingtonMarriageAurora Commercial3 Jul 186225
Valeria RSoperMarriageAurora Commercial3 Jul 186225
WilliamHoardDeathAurora Commercial3 Jul 186232
GeorgeMedaryMarriageAurora Commercial10 Jul 186224
AmeliaBaslerMarriageAurora Commercial10 Jul 186224
C BGoodwinMarriageAurora Commercial14 Aug 186232
JosephineWorleyMarriageAurora Commercial14 Aug 186232
HenryWheelerMarriageAurora Commercial14 Aug 186232
ElizabethPearsonMarriageAurora Commercial14 Aug 186232
RobertPattonDeathAurora Commercial14 Aug 186232
Noah MGivanMarriageAurora Commercial21 Aug 186224
Lizzie CJacksonMarriageAurora Commercial21 Aug 186224
TillieWheelerDeathAurora Commercial21 Aug 186224
RolandTyrrelMarriageAurora Commercial28 Aug 186232
Hannah AnnDunnMarriageAurora Commercial28 Aug 186232
LumanAndrewsDeathAurora Commercial28 Aug 186232
Aaron BGuardDeathAurora Commercial28 Aug 186232
James MClarkDeathAurora Commercial28 Aug 186232
WmLoftisMarriageAurora Commercial4 Sep 186232
HarrietMoranMarriageAurora Commercial4 Sep 186232
Marshall BCooperMarriageAurora Commercial4 Sep 186232
CarolineSniderMarriageAurora Commercial4 Sep 186232
PeterStepitoMarriageAurora Commercial4 Sep 186232
PaulinaSteffenMarriageAurora Commercial4 Sep 186232
NelsonHammelMarriageAurora Commercial11 Sep 186233
HuldahNewtonMarriageAurora Commercial11 Sep 186233
Joseph MDavisDeathAurora Commercial11 Sep 186233
Wm HThetgerMarriageAurora Commercial18 Sep 186216
Mary AnnAbbottMarriageAurora Commercial18 Sep 186216
E HNiehausMarriageAurora Commercial18 Sep 186216
ElizaRiemanMarriageAurora Commercial18 Sep 186216
Oliver HTresterMarriageAurora Commercial18 Sep 186216
JamesStevensonMarriageAurora Commercial25 Sep 186231
PollieVanHoutenMarriageAurora Commercial25 Sep 186231
SolomonConnMarriageAurora Commercial25 Sep 186231
Xarissa ENoyesMarriageAurora Commercial25 Sep 186231
JesseCooperMarriageAurora Commercial2 Oct 186233
DorcasMillerMarriageAurora Commercial2 Oct 186233
Thomas NCooperMarriageAurora Commercial2 Oct 186233
MaryEspyMarriageAurora Commercial2 Oct 186233
MaryLewisDeathAurora Commercial2 Oct 186233
Laura EBrownDeathAurora Commercial2 Oct 186233
James MBakerMarriageAurora Commercial16 Oct 186233
AnziaBuffingtonMarriageAurora Commercial16 Oct 186233
JesseCooperMarriageAurora Commercial16 Oct 186233
MargaretCofieldMarriageAurora Commercial16 Oct 186233
MooreHoldenMarriageAurora Commercial23 Oct 186233
MargaretChapmanMarriageAurora Commercial23 Oct 186233
John PCarterMarriageAurora Commercial23 Oct 186233
MaryEmmersonMarriageAurora Commercial23 Oct 186233
John FHuckeryDeathAurora Commercial23 Oct 186233
HermanMousberMarriageAurora Commercial30 Oct 186233
Nancy JTresterMarriageAurora Commercial30 Oct 186233
JosephSangsterMarriageAurora Commercial30 Oct 186233
LucindaNeffMarriageAurora Commercial30 Oct 186233
JohnHiseyMarriageAurora Commercial6 Nov 186232
Mary ElizaBrewingtonMarriageAurora Commercial6 Nov 186232
John Q ABakerMarriageAurora Commercial6 Nov 186232
Lavina EStandriefMarriageAurora Commercial6 Nov 186232
WilliamCarterMarriageAurora Commercial6 Nov 186232
Rose AnnSmithMarriageAurora Commercial6 Nov 186232
William WBowenDeathAurora Commercial6 Nov 186232
Elam HDavisMarriageAurora Commercial20 Nov 186232
LizzieCheekMarriageAurora Commercial20 Nov 186232
Anna MarthaO'BrienDeathAurora Commercial20 Nov 186232
ElijahBrewingtonDeathAurora Commercial20 Nov 186232
Charles WWardDeathAurora Commercial27 Nov 186232
MariaStaffordDeathAurora Commercial4 Dec 186232
Hugh DavidStaffordDeathAurora Commercial4 Dec 186232
Thomas JohnStaffordDeathAurora Commercial4 Dec 186232
MattieWestDeathAurora Commercial4 Dec 186232
JacobMooneyMarriageAurora Commercial11 Dec 186233
HannahMeyerMarriageAurora Commercial11 Dec 186233
ElishaWashburnMarriageAurora Commercial11 Dec 186233
RebeccaShephardsonMarriageAurora Commercial11 Dec 186233
Thomas ChartersElliottDeathAurora Commercial11 Dec 186233
EliasConwellDeathAurora Commercial11 Dec 186233
Harvey PCheekDeathAurora Commercial11 Dec 186233
Mary JaneHowardDeathAurora Commercial18 Dec 186233
DanielHathawayDeathAurora Commercial18 Dec 186233
NancyHathawayDeathAurora Commercial18 Dec 186233
Robert MBoydDeathAurora Commercial18 Dec 186233
Oliver HTresterDeathAurora Commercial25 Dec 186233
EdwinPizarroMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
EvalineManningMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
ThomasRoachMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
Mary CSmithMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
Charles HWheelerMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
KateRitterMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
SamuelMcKehanMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
LauraHardingMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
Myron HAndrewsMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
Kate PFerrisMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
FrankJohnsonDeathAurora Commercial1 Jan 186332
John MWoodMarriageAurora Commercial22 Jan 186333
ElizabethWorleyMarriageAurora Commercial22 Jan 186333
EnochAbbottDeathAurora Commercial29 Jan 186333
Mollie AAdamsMarriageAurora Commercial5 Feb 186332
ThomasTrimmMarriageAurora Commercial5 Feb 186332
SamuelVanhornMarriageAurora Commercial5 Feb 186332
ElizabethEmersonMarriageAurora Commercial5 Feb 186332
Wm GDavisMarriageAurora Commercial5 Feb 186332
Hannah JEmersonMarriageAurora Commercial5 Feb 186332
GideonSayresDeathAurora Commercial12 Feb 186332
S RAdamsDeathAurora Commercial19 Feb 186323
Carrie EstellaDarlingDeathAurora Commercial19 Feb 186332
GeoKiddMarriageAurora Commercial19 Feb 186332
Maggie THoterMarriageAurora Commercial19 Feb 186332
RichardHubbarttMarriageAurora Commercial26 Feb 186332
LucyJohnsonMarriageAurora Commercial26 Feb 186332
William HDeSannoDeathAurora Commercial26 Feb 186332
RachelPowellDeathAurora Commercial26 Feb 186332
William MDillsMarriageAurora Commercial19 Mar 186332
Lydia EWorleyMarriageAurora Commercial19 Mar 186332
EmmaDeSannoDeathAurora Commercial19 Mar 186332
EdwinWoodruffMarriageAurora Commercial26 Mar 186332
CatharineMilburnMarriageAurora Commercial26 Mar 186332
John WSpicknallDeathAurora Commercial26 Mar 186332
Nathan WLargentMarriageAurora Commercial9 Apr 186332
GeorgiannaHubbellMarriageAurora Commercial9 Apr 186332
IdaDeSannoDeathAurora Commercial9 Apr 186332
Jas SCampbellDeathAurora Commercial9 Apr 186332
PhebeFolbreDeathAurora Commercial30 Apr 186333
ThomasSmithDeathAurora Commercial30 Apr 186333
JohnJonesMarriageAurora Commercial7 May 186333
Mary AnnMillerMarriageAurora Commercial7 May 186333
Frances MBuffingtonMarriageAurora Commercial14 May 186332
AnnaDewsMarriageAurora Commercial14 May 186332
John HFilderMarriageAurora Commercial14 May 186332
EmmaBrownMarriageAurora Commercial14 May 186332
D CFaulknerDeathAurora Commercial14 May 186332
T LHaymondMarriageAurora Commercial21 May 186334
Louisa JFerrisMarriageAurora Commercial21 May 186334
Geo WJohnstonMarriageAurora Commercial21 May 186334
MollieBenhamMarriageAurora Commercial21 May 186334
Albert GDennisMarriageAurora Commercial21 May 186334
Lucie AStanleyMarriageAurora Commercial21 May 186334
George WSanksDivorceAurora Commercial4 Jun 186326
Mary JaneSanksDivorceAurora Commercial4 Jun 186326
WilliamHinerDeathAurora Commercial4 Jun 186333
Charles BSparksDeathAurora Commercial18 Jun 186333
EmelineDeSannoDeathAurora Commercial18 Jun 186333
George WKingDeathAurora Commercial18 Jun 186333
JohnBarclayDeathAurora Commercial18 Jun 186333
James NGreerMarriageAurora Commercial25 Jun 186333
Margaret AWheelerMarriageAurora Commercial25 Jun 186333
LooveyPateMarriageAurora Commercial25 Jun 186333
ClarissaPateMarriageAurora Commercial25 Jun 186333
Hugh DMcMullenMarriageAurora Commercial2 Jul 186333
EllaJaquesMarriageAurora Commercial2 Jul 186333
Hannah TelithaReaDeathAurora Commercial2 Jul 186333
WilliamWymondDeathAurora Commercial2 Jul 186333
O TDarlingDeathAurora Commercial2 Jul 186333
Jas CSlaterDeathAurora Commercial2 Jul 186333
JohnWelhoffDeathAurora Commercial2 Jul 186333
GeorgeWilliamsMarriageAurora Commercial9 Jul 186332
Cornelia JGuldenMarriageAurora Commercial9 Jul 186332
Ollie AnnSmithDeathAurora Commercial23 Jul 186331
J PMillikenDeathAurora Commercial6 Aug 186324
Willie HWoodDeathAurora Commercial13 Aug 186335
MariaDailyDeathAurora Commercial13 Aug 186335
Augustus EddySpencerDeathAurora Commercial20 Aug 186333
Piercy WPhillipMarriageAurora Commercial17 Sep 186332
Annie LWheelerMarriageAurora Commercial17 Sep 186332
EddyKilnerDeathAurora Commercial24 Sep 186333
George WSanksDeathAurora Commercial1 Oct 186333
John FRecordMarriageAurora Commercial15 Oct 186333
Elizabeth ASpidleMarriageAurora Commercial15 Oct 186333
Ella MariaHarphamDeathAurora Commercial15 Oct 186333
Charles EKerrDeathAurora Commercial22 Oct 186333
GeorgeNicholsDeathAurora Commercial22 Oct 186333
CharlesAbdonMarriageAurora Commercial29 Oct 186333
CatharineFinleyMarriageAurora Commercial29 Oct 186333
J LThiebaudMarriageAurora Commercial29 Oct 186333
R CBowersMarriageAurora Commercial29 Oct 186333
John CMcKimMarriageAurora Commercial29 Oct 186333
Lucy NMcKinneyMarriageAurora Commercial29 Oct 186333
MaryRiggsDeathAurora Commercial29 Oct 186333
J HGreenMarriageAurora Commercial5 Nov 186333
CinderellaChismanMarriageAurora Commercial5 Nov 186333
FranklinDaggyDeathAurora Commercial12 Nov 186323
LymanClarkDeathAurora Commercial12 Nov 186323
David ESparksMarriageAurora Commercial12 Nov 186332
JosephineBeckelMarriageAurora Commercial12 Nov 186332
Henry FFerrisMarriageAurora Commercial12 Nov 186332
Pauline EJenkinsMarriageAurora Commercial12 Nov 186332
EllaGordonDeathAurora Commercial12 Nov 186332
GeorgeHibbertMarriageAurora Commercial19 Nov 186333
Margaret CStewartMarriageAurora Commercial19 Nov 186333
Eli TCampellMarriageAurora Commercial26 Nov 186333
AureliaGiegolotMarriageAurora Commercial26 Nov 186333
James WPateMarriageAurora Commercial26 Nov 186333
AmericaPaulMarriageAurora Commercial26 Nov 186333
JohnOsbornDeathAurora Commercial26 Nov 186333
James DParkerMarriageAurora Commercial3 Dec 186333
Annie BStedmanMarriageAurora Commercial3 Dec 186333
HolmanCanfieldMarriageAurora Commercial10 Dec 186333
HannahShuterMarriageAurora Commercial10 Dec 186333
William GMatherMarriageAurora Commercial10 Dec 186333
Fredrica A CInseeMarriageAurora Commercial10 Dec 186333
George MHauckMarriageAurora Commercial10 Dec 186333
ElizaBeckerMarriageAurora Commercial10 Dec 186333
Henry HTilfordMarriageAurora Commercial10 Dec 186333
MalindaStoughtonMarriageAurora Commercial10 Dec 186333
William RWorleyDeathAurora Commercial10 Dec 186333
Thos LHaymanDeathAurora Commercial17 Dec 186332
CTallmadgeMarriageAurora Commercial17 Dec 186334
Emma FSwingMarriageAurora Commercial17 Dec 186334
HiramHibbettsDeathAurora Commercial31 Dec 186311
DavidCopeDeathAurora Commercial31 Dec 186311
A JCooperDeathAurora Commercial31 Dec 186311
JohnSawdonDeathAurora Commercial7 Jan 186423
HarveyPlattMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jan 186433
Maggie CSmithMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jan 186433
JohnCleaverMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jan 186433
EffaMillerMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jan 186433
SarahHarrisMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jan 186433
SarahSargentMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jan 186433
James QHelphensteinMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
Eliza BShankMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
Thomas BPowellMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
Emma EShankMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
Robert BFowlerMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
Ann PCurtisMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
G WLutesMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
E JStandriffMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
JacobReeseMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
JuliaGilliganMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
Jno LBuellMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
R BLudlowMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
ConradSmithMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
Sarah AnnSmithMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
GeoSmithMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
AnnSmithMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
John D TJonesDeathAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
JohnBarclayDeathAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
John StrangeMcMullenDeathAurora Commercial14 Jan 186433
Joseph LMiddlebrookMarriageAurora Commercial21 Jan 186432
Sallie ECochranMarriageAurora Commercial21 Jan 186432
AbrahamRamseyMarriageAurora Commercial21 Jan 186432
MarionWinslowMarriageAurora Commercial21 Jan 186432
MaryLargeDeathAurora Commercial21 Jan 186432
J PShuttsMarriageAurora Commercial4 Feb 186423
ElizabethHullMarriageAurora Commercial4 Feb 186423
EllaStrattonDeathAurora Commercial4 Feb 186423
CharleyMulbargerDeathAurora Commercial4 Feb 186423
Allie FFrenchDeathAurora Commercial4 Feb 186423
J PStoopsMarriageAurora Commercial11 Feb 186423
ElizabethHullMarriageAurora Commercial11 Feb 186423
HenryHaynesDeathAurora Commercial11 Feb 186423
JaneChidesterDeathAurora Commercial11 Feb 186423
Hiram SWileyMarriageAurora Commercial18 Feb 186424
Jennie MSeniorMarriageAurora Commercial18 Feb 186424
Theodore CFitchMarriageAurora Commercial18 Feb 186424
Mary BurrPutnamMarriageAurora Commercial18 Feb 186424
GeorgeStarkDeathAurora Commercial18 Feb 186424
WilliamWheelerDeathAurora Commercial18 Feb 186424
Eddie HSmithDeathAurora Commercial25 Feb 186431
WilliamBallardMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186434
Margaret MGavinMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186434
GeorgeBurtlesMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186434
NancyCollierMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186434
LawrenceWhippleMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186434
Malinda MLoweMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186434
FrancesChamberlainDeathAurora Commercial10 Mar 186432
E DLongDeathAurora Commercial10 Mar 186432
W CAlleeDeathAurora Commercial10 Mar 186432
Ella MariaHarphamDeathAurora Commercial10 Mar 186433
ElizabethSparksDeathAurora Commercial24 Mar 186433
SarahElderDeathAurora Commercial24 Mar 186433
IsaacThompsonDeathAurora Commercial24 Mar 186433
Thomas LHaymanDeathAurora Commercial24 Mar 186433
ThomasBoothMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186434
ElizaSargentMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186434
LawrenceLozierDeathAurora Commercial7 Apr 186433
William HSmithDeathAurora Commercial7 Apr 186433
Aldon GWilsonMarriageAurora Commercial14 Apr 186432
HattieStedmanMarriageAurora Commercial14 Apr 186432
Joseph D BHorsinyMarriageAurora Commercial14 Apr 186432
Clara ESimonsMarriageAurora Commercial14 Apr 186432
Daniel MHayesMarriageAurora Commercial14 Apr 186432
Maggie EBradleyMarriageAurora Commercial14 Apr 186432
DanielLewyMarriageAurora Commercial14 Apr 186432
ClarissaDarlingMarriageAurora Commercial14 Apr 186432
Julia ARansdellDeathAurora Commercial14 Apr 186433
BenjaminSellersDeathAurora Commercial14 Apr 186433
JosephBechtelMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 186433
CatharineSchwarzMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 186433
Alexander SmithGaffDeathAurora Commercial28 Apr 186433
Hannah AnnBradleyDeathAurora Commercial28 Apr 186433
Asa BHubbaritMarriageAurora Commercial5 May 186432
PallieHarbaughMarriageAurora Commercial5 May 186432
WmGrayMarriageAurora Commercial5 May 186432
ElizabethWhiteMarriageAurora Commercial5 May 186432
Lizzie GHurlbertDeathAurora Commercial12 May 186433
George LMillerDeathAurora Commercial12 May 186433
Thomas RSmileyMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186432
Mollie EWymondMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186432
W WMorrisMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186432
Lucy CHamlinMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186432
JohnJacksonMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186432
Ruth AShortMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186432
JamesMcLesterMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186432
MaryFarlMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186432
H JBradfordMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186432
Sallie EShankesMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186432
Lorenzo DHuntDeathAurora Commercial19 May 186433
CarolineKerrDeathAurora Commercial19 May 186433
Daniel BMorganDeathAurora Commercial19 May 186433
TavnobCheekDeathAurora Commercial19 May 186433
EleazerSmallDeathAurora Commercial9 Jun 186432
HannahMcCrackenDeathAurora Commercial30 Jun 186433
ByronBrierMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jul 186432
ElizabethBuffingtonMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jul 186432
GeorgeCarbaughMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jul 186432
Lydia FHenryMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jul 186432
Ida MayCaldwellDeathAurora Commercial21 Jul 186432
Robert JacksonWheelerDeathAurora Commercial21 Jul 186432
John SShattuckDeathAurora Commercial28 Jul 186432
AgnesChamberlainDeathAurora Commercial28 Jul 186432
Wallace WBackmanMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186433
MaryShotwellMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186433
AugustusBogerMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186433
Rebecca FBelangeMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186433
JohnOwensMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186433
KateIngenthronMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186433
Benj RWellsMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186433
FannyGoodallMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186433
John AHaasMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186433
Ruth AMichallMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186433
WillieGibsonDeathAurora Commercial25 Aug 186433
WilliamBurchMarriageAurora Commercial1 Sep 186433
HelenHayesMarriageAurora Commercial1 Sep 186433
John AWymondDeathAurora Commercial1 Sep 186433
HarveyGriffinDeathAurora Commercial1 Sep 186433
JudahFreemanDeathAurora Commercial1 Sep 186433
NicholasHaufoldDeathAurora Commercial8 Sep 186433
LauraSlonagerDeathAurora Commercial8 Sep 186433
J GShinkleMarriageAurora Commercial15 Sep 186433
Mary EKnowlinMarriageAurora Commercial15 Sep 186433
G AStevensonMarriageAurora Commercial15 Sep 186433
MaggieHastingsMarriageAurora Commercial15 Sep 186433
AlbertBennettDeathAurora Commercial15 Sep 186433
GeorgeBennettDeathAurora Commercial15 Sep 186433
WmSpeerDeathAurora Commercial22 Sep 186433
O PGrayMarriageAurora Commercial29 Sep 186433
Emily MFowlerMarriageAurora Commercial29 Sep 186433
ElizaSandersDeathAurora Commercial29 Sep 186433
JohnMooreMarriageAurora Commercial6 Oct 186432
LouisaStullMarriageAurora Commercial6 Oct 186432
R HGivanMarriageAurora Commercial6 Oct 186432
Annie MKimbleMarriageAurora Commercial6 Oct 186432
Mary AnnFrancisDeathAurora Commercial13 Oct 186421
StephenArmstrongDeathAurora Commercial13 Oct 186421
SusanGageDeathAurora Commercial13 Oct 186421
C WRobertsonMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186432
Mattie HMullinerMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186432
JosephHayesDeathAurora Commercial13 Oct 186432
John WJohnsonMarriageAurora Commercial20 Oct 186432
MatildaDonlanMarriageAurora Commercial20 Oct 186432
MartinGrovesMarriageAurora Commercial20 Oct 186432
Laura JSimonsMarriageAurora Commercial20 Oct 186432
Jacob JHauckMarriageAurora Commercial20 Oct 186432
Ann ElizaBeherMarriageAurora Commercial20 Oct 186432
Eva MManningDeathAurora Commercial20 Oct 186432
Eva MPizarroDeathAurora Commercial20 Oct 186432
Lemuel ERecordDeathAurora Commercial27 Oct 186431
George WSanksMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186432
Sarah AnnSanksMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186432
Mrs. J HYeatmanDeathAurora Commercial27 Oct 186432
Napoleon BMcNeeleyMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186432
Mary JaneSmithMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186432
JohnShoeferMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186432
MaryMillerMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186432
Charles FSchmiedMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186432
MelvinaFergusonMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186432
LucyHardingDeathAurora Commercial3 Nov 186432
RobertSteeleMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186433
Frances EJuddMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186433
HenryGoodwinMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186433
HannahKirkwoodMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186433
JamesSpidelDeathAurora Commercial10 Nov 186433
LucyHardingDeathAurora Commercial10 Nov 186433
JohnMcComasMarriageAurora Commercial17 Nov 186432
Hannah AnnHuffMarriageAurora Commercial17 Nov 186432
JohnKramerMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186433
MaryKirschMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186433
W H HFiskMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186433
L ACrowleyMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186433
E TGipsonMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186433
AliceBallMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186433
Thomas HLamkinMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186433
MHudsonMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186433
FrankEmrieDeathAurora Commercial24 Nov 186433
Thomas MBeckinridgeDeathAurora Commercial24 Nov 186433
R D JrSlaterMarriageAurora Commercial1 Dec 186433
Mary LStockmanMarriageAurora Commercial1 Dec 186433
AustinAndrewsDeathAurora Commercial1 Dec 186433
Abby PClarkDeathAurora Commercial1 Dec 186433
JohnMcConnellDeathAurora Commercial1 Dec 186433
GeorgeMundaryMarriageAurora Commercial8 Dec 186433
Josephine AFriendMarriageAurora Commercial8 Dec 186433
ReubenClementsDeathAurora Commercial8 Dec 186433
FrederickRectanusMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
Charlotte LLangleyMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
Thomas HLampkinMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
MargaretHudsonMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
WilliamNucklesMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
ElizabethEarlMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
Hudson GLampkinMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
Rebecca JBowenMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
A BPattisonMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
Lizzie CCornettMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
HenryWicksMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
CatharineTubbyMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186433
John WHamlinMarriageAurora Commercial22 Dec 186433
Mattie JBrattonMarriageAurora Commercial22 Dec 186433
Willie CornettPattisonDeathAurora Commercial22 Dec 186433
Hewett NDixonDeathAurora Commercial22 Dec 186433
George WSquibbMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186433
Jennie ETaylorMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186433
Charles WAllenMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186433
Ella ERockafellowMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186433
WilliamMillerMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186433
Mary EBeckettMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186433
JosephAshleyMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186433
DelilaNowlanMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186433
SusanNorrisMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186433
JohnBowenMarriageAurora Commercial5 Jan 186533
RebeccaRadspinnerMarriageAurora Commercial5 Jan 186533
JohnBarnesMarriageAurora Commercial5 Jan 186533
AnnWattsMarriageAurora Commercial5 Jan 186533
MichaelMooneyDeathAurora Commercial5 Jan 186533
DunreathStageMarriageAurora Commercial19 Jan 186533
Selinda EMurrayMarriageAurora Commercial19 Jan 186533
MargaretHibbertDeathAurora Commercial19 Jan 186533
Hester AnnFiskDeathAurora Commercial19 Jan 186533
Job Sr.MillerDeathAurora Commercial26 Jan 186532
Salmon PWalkerDeathAurora Commercial26 Jan 186532
George WMillerMarriageAurora Commercial2 Feb 186523
Louie FWindersMarriageAurora Commercial2 Feb 186523
Wm HBurkMarriageAurora Commercial2 Feb 186523
Cornelia MPrudenMarriageAurora Commercial2 Feb 186523
James LReddingDeathAurora Commercial9 Feb 186521
JamesAbbottMarriageAurora Commercial9 Feb 186525
IndianaWalkerMarriageAurora Commercial9 Feb 186525
Charles WMarshMarriageAurora Commercial9 Feb 186525
TexanaCarrMarriageAurora Commercial9 Feb 186525
James LMcMullenMarriageAurora Commercial9 Feb 186525
Rose ADuncanMarriageAurora Commercial9 Feb 186525
JoannaHuntDeathAurora Commercial9 Feb 186525
PeterBrownMarriageAurora Commercial16 Feb 186524
MaryElizabethMarriageAurora Commercial16 Feb 186524
John HDentonMarriageAurora Commercial23 Feb 186523
Martha AColeMarriageAurora Commercial23 Feb 186523
S WMcMullenMarriageAurora Commercial23 Feb 186523
E PBrownMarriageAurora Commercial23 Feb 186523
LauraBridwellDeathAurora Commercial23 Feb 186523
PeterParsonsMarriageAurora Commercial2 Mar 186524
MaryFitzgeraldMarriageAurora Commercial2 Mar 186524
RizpahBowersDeathAurora Commercial2 Mar 186524
JohnSykesMarriageAurora Commercial9 Mar 186533
JuliaSmithMarriageAurora Commercial9 Mar 186533
J NBruceMarriageAurora Commercial9 Mar 186533
Melissa HGivanMarriageAurora Commercial9 Mar 186533
HarveyJohnsonDeathAurora Commercial9 Mar 186533
Dwight HBurlingameDeathAurora Commercial9 Mar 186533
ThomasLoudonDeathAurora Commercial9 Mar 186533
Frances LPierceDeathAurora Commercial9 Mar 186533
JamesSmithDeathAurora Commercial9 Mar 186533
JamesStevensonMarriageAurora Commercial16 Mar 186533
BrittaniaMcComasMarriageAurora Commercial16 Mar 186533
WmMcGinnisMarriageAurora Commercial16 Mar 186533
JuliaEvansMarriageAurora Commercial16 Mar 186533
Charles WTempleMarriageAurora Commercial16 Mar 186533
Mary MGibsonMarriageAurora Commercial16 Mar 186533
JamesMuirDeathAurora Commercial16 Mar 186533
HenryFisherMarriageAurora Commercial30 Mar 186533
Mary ElizabethSmithMarriageAurora Commercial30 Mar 186533
Mary ElizabethStaffordMarriageAurora Commercial30 Mar 186533
George NHornbergerDeathAurora Commercial30 Mar 186533
William ECraftDeathAurora Commercial30 Mar 186533
Frank IDurmanMarriageAurora Commercial6 Apr 186534
GenevaJordanMarriageAurora Commercial6 Apr 186534
EmmaBuffingtonDeathAurora Commercial6 Apr 186534
Nancy JaneBuffingtonDeathAurora Commercial6 Apr 186534
JamesAikenMarriageAurora Commercial18 May 186534
ElizaStrainMarriageAurora Commercial18 May 186534
WmSethMarriageAurora Commercial18 May 186534
NancyGoodpasterMarriageAurora Commercial18 May 186534
Louis MillsFreemanDeathAurora Commercial22 Jun 186533
Mr.RossMarriageAurora Commercial27 Jul 186533
Elizabeth PMortonMarriageAurora Commercial27 Jul 186533
ChristyDeathAurora Commercial27 Jul 186533
JoshuaBrewingtonMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
HattieSnyderMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
WmColvinMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
JuliaJacksonMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
JesseMcKinneyMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
JosephineEmersonMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
George SJohnsonMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
Clyea JGillMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
JohnTaylorMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
HannahStageMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
HadronGarrisonMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
Clarissa AMillerMarriageAurora Commercial10 Aug 186533
Steven KCofieldMarriageAurora Commercial7 Sep 186533
Mollie ABarkerMarriageAurora Commercial7 Sep 186533
A OGouldMarriageAurora Commercial7 Sep 186533
LouisaSpencerMarriageAurora Commercial7 Sep 186533
MatildaHelphenstineDeathAurora Commercial7 Sep 186533
Frank MortonBrewingtonDeathAurora Commercial7 Sep 186533
James RSmithMarriageAurora Commercial19 Oct 186534
Emma JThompsonMarriageAurora Commercial19 Oct 186534
WilliamMonkMarriageAurora Commercial19 Oct 186534
FrancisCoburnMarriageAurora Commercial19 Oct 186534
DavidMooreMarriageAurora Commercial19 Oct 186534
E DLongMarriageAurora Commercial19 Oct 186534
IsaacFrankDeathAurora Commercial19 Oct 186534
MaryParryDeathAurora Commercial19 Oct 186534
M HHardingMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186533
Mary AHillMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186533
George WSheldonMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186533
NettieMillsMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186533
Edward WJacksonMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186533
SarahSwalerMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186533
Stephen M CGipsonDeathAurora Commercial26 Oct 186533
Peter BConstanineMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
Fanny MBlythMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
Christian AHartMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
SymmesHuntMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
JoseyCheekMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
JohnPenneyMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
IndianaBeachMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
Albert GKesslerMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
Ellen JEldridgeMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
Amor FBruceMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
ElviraMcCoyMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
PermeliaShattuckDeathAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
Willie LucienRiderDeathAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
ElmerTresterDeathAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
SarahHayesDeathAurora Commercial2 Nov 186534
AugustSchmittDeathAurora Commercial9 Nov 186513
Frank L AGrovesDeathAurora Commercial9 Nov 186513
William SWymondMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186513
Maggie EBussellMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186513
Peter BConstantineMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186513
Fanny MBlythMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186513
Henry VBuffingtonMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186513
CarolineDanforthMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186513
John PStierMarriageAurora Commercial18 Nov 186513
FrancesStedmanMarriageAurora Commercial18 Nov 186513
N RStedmanMarriageAurora Commercial18 Nov 186513
Sarah JLangleyMarriageAurora Commercial18 Nov 186513
SamuelCampbellMarriageAurora Commercial18 Nov 186513
CharlotteBurroughsMarriageAurora Commercial18 Nov 186513
Charles WElderMarriageAurora Commercial18 Nov 186513
ElizaLozierMarriageAurora Commercial18 Nov 186513
JamesRoddenMarriageAurora Commercial18 Nov 186513
Sarah LavinaMatthewsMarriageAurora Commercial18 Nov 186513
William CVinsonMarriageAurora Commercial9 Dec 186512
Elvira JWindsorMarriageAurora Commercial9 Dec 186512
AtwoodRittenMarriageAurora Commercial9 Dec 186512
LibbieKincaidMarriageAurora Commercial9 Dec 186512
GilbertDarraghMarriageAurora Commercial9 Dec 186512
ElizabethBlairMarriageAurora Commercial9 Dec 186512
Ellis WBrownDeathAurora Commercial9 Dec 186512
GeorgeLemmonMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
Amanda JaneStarkMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
RichardBlockMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
ElmiraBriggsMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
AlonzoGoldthwaitMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
Mary EBowlbyMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
Charles EMayMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
JoannaHintermeisterMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
Philip JEmmertMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
CatharineHodelMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
WilsonMcNallyMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
LouisaWurtMarriageAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
George TWrightDeathAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
WarrenKincaidDeathAurora Commercial16 Dec 186513
JosiahDomMarriageAurora Commercial30 Dec 186512
KatieSmithMarriageAurora Commercial30 Dec 186512
Josiah HAndrewsMarriageAurora Commercial30 Dec 186512
Mattie AFerrisMarriageAurora Commercial30 Dec 186512
ThomasMerrillMarriageAurora Commercial30 Dec 186512
Eliza JaneFairfieldMarriageAurora Commercial30 Dec 186512
CarolineMillerDeathAurora Commercial30 Dec 186512
PaulineFerrisDeathAurora Commercial30 Dec 186512
ChalesSmithMarriageAurora Commercial6 Jan 186613
AmandaCarbaughMarriageAurora Commercial6 Jan 186613
HenryReddonMarriageAurora Commercial6 Jan 186613
LeahPetersMarriageAurora Commercial6 Jan 186613
PhoebeColumbiaMarriageAurora Commercial6 Jan 186613
DanielBonnellMarriageAurora Commercial6 Jan 186613
CarolineMillerDeathAurora Commercial6 Jan 186613
Mary Emma EmileMerkelDeathAurora Commercial6 Jan 186613
SewellPlummerDeathAurora Commercial6 Jan 186611
MHathawayMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jan 186613
LouShockleyMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jan 186613
LucretiaShockleyMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jan 186613
H HIsgriggMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jan 186613
Lida BCampbellMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jan 186613
William EWileyMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jan 186613
SarahMcFarlandMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jan 186613
EstherCampbellDeathAurora Commercial13 Jan 186613
LauraGordonDeathAurora Commercial13 Jan 186613
Charles EdgarTwentymanDeathAurora Commercial20 Jan 186613
FerdinandTurnerDeathAurora Commercial20 Jan 186613
G PBuellMarriageAurora Commercial20 Jan 186614
RochieBrianMarriageAurora Commercial20 Jan 186614
WilliamBiddleMarriageAurora Commercial20 Jan 186614
MarySpencerMarriageAurora Commercial20 Jan 186614
SimonBartholomeMarriageAurora Commercial27 Jan 186613
Mary MElbrechtMarriageAurora Commercial27 Jan 186613
WagnerDivorceAurora Commercial27 Jan 186641
WrightDivorceAurora Commercial27 Jan 186641
McClintockDivorceAurora Commercial27 Jan 186641
MillerDivorceAurora Commercial27 Jan 186641
Smith SSpeakmanMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
JosephineLangtreeMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
JosephAbdenMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
JemimaElderMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
George TBrownMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
Annie BFrostMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
Thomas HGibsonMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
Ann EEwbankMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
JohnPesoMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
BarbaraWeissMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
ValentineKirshMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
MaryCollermanMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
SamuelGushmanMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
IndianaSoprisMarriageAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
RachaelHowardDeathAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
ThomasLaughlinDeathAurora Commercial3 Feb 186613
SamuelStrasburgerMarriageAurora Commercial10 Feb 186613
EmmaAdlerMarriageAurora Commercial10 Feb 186613
WilliamTilfordMarriageAurora Commercial10 Feb 186613
AmandaGodfreyMarriageAurora Commercial10 Feb 186613
LetitiaHuntDeathAurora Commercial17 Feb 186613
JohnMcClintockDeathAurora Commercial17 Feb 186613
DavidStoneMarriageAurora Commercial24 Feb 186613
Elizabeth D KPlattMarriageAurora Commercial24 Feb 186613
G HDurhamMarriageAurora Commercial24 Feb 186613
Mattie BStevensonMarriageAurora Commercial24 Feb 186613
MargaretStittDeathAurora Commercial24 Feb 186613
IandoniaChamberlainDeathAurora Commercial24 Feb 186613
George WBriggsMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
Frank MConwayMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
James MMillerMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
Cynthia AMulfordMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
AlbertReinkenMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
MargaretStaggewaltMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
John MBennettMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
ElmiraEnglishMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
JohnTyreMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
Mary AmandaTyreMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
Greenbury WEnglishMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
Martha JaneBruceMarriageAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
Wm TellHarrisDeathAurora Commercial3 Mar 186612
LouisFrancisMarriageAurora Commercial10 Mar 186612
Carrie EPrestonMarriageAurora Commercial10 Mar 186612
FrancisVogelsangDeathAurora Commercial10 Mar 186612
WilliamBrownMarriageAurora Commercial17 Mar 186612
Mary CCavenderMarriageAurora Commercial17 Mar 186612
Benjamin JCavenderMarriageAurora Commercial17 Mar 186612
Julia ABrownMarriageAurora Commercial17 Mar 186612
George WAndersonMarriageAurora Commercial17 Mar 186612
SusannahGroveMarriageAurora Commercial17 Mar 186612
Margaret AKelseyDeathAurora Commercial17 Mar 186612
RawsonBarkerDeathAurora Commercial17 Mar 186612
JohnO'NealMarriageAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
EmmaWestMarriageAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
Charles WPeelMarriageAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
Martha JBainumMarriageAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
PeterMartinstienMarriageAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
LevinaHeustisMarriageAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
AdamWilliamsMarriageAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
BarbaraMinnickMarriageAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
AaronTaylorDeathAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
Margaret AnnPateDeathAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
George RGullettDeathAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
David DMcClureDeathAurora Commercial24 Mar 186612
John NArmstrongMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186612
Sarah AAshcraftMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186612
C BMillerMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186612
Helen EWymondMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186612
Richard SSpicknallMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186612
Rebecca AnnProctorMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186612
Henry HWeitzelMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186612
Eliza RBuckMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186612
William JBeggsMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186612
JennieMcKinstryMarriageAurora Commercial31 Mar 186612
IraShepardMarriageAurora Commercial7 Apr 186613
LouisaHeadlyMarriageAurora Commercial7 Apr 186613
JamesArdenMarriageAurora Commercial7 Apr 186613
LizzieBensonMarriageAurora Commercial7 Apr 186613
C EGreenMarriageAurora Commercial7 Apr 186613
Martha ARobertsMarriageAurora Commercial7 Apr 186613
James LLessingMarriageAurora Commercial14 Apr 186612
ElizabethSederleMarriageAurora Commercial14 Apr 186612
MarySwopeDeathAurora Commercial14 Apr 186612
AbijailRobertsDeathAurora Commercial14 Apr 186612
AmosRossDeathAurora Commercial14 Apr 186612
WilliamCollierDeathAurora Commercial14 Apr 186612
AnnDarlingDeathAurora Commercial14 Apr 186612
Jno WChristyMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 186612
SophiaStedmanMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 186612
James PAndersonMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 186612
CarolineEarleMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 186612
Wm HHamiltonMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 186612
MelissaMoranMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 186612
George JWalkerMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 186612
Annie LJohnsonMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 186612
George WHartDeathAurora Commercial28 Apr 186612
MarionHowertonDeathAurora Commercial28 Apr 186612
Daniel HMillerMarriageAurora Commercial5 May 186613
Carrie MHauckMarriageAurora Commercial5 May 186613
John FRossMarriageAurora Commercial5 May 186613
W IMcGarveyMarriageAurora Commercial5 May 186613
Charles WSnellMarriageAurora Commercial5 May 186613
America JRoundsMarriageAurora Commercial5 May 186613
J HWarnkeDeathAurora Commercial5 May 186613
JaneWalserDeathAurora Commercial12 May 186612
JaneDuckDeathAurora Commercial12 May 186612
ThomasOwenMarriageAurora Commercial12 May 186613
ElizabethWalsonMarriageAurora Commercial12 May 186613
Lucius TBarbourMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186612
Lizzie YLoringMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186612
C FCurtisMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186612
LizzieBainumMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186612
Wm GFreyMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186612
Mollie LWheatleyMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186612
AmosCainMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186612
IndianaSanksMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186612
GranvilleLucasMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186612
ElizabethBuellMarriageAurora Commercial19 May 186612
JohnJinningsDeathAurora Commercial19 May 186612
JohnSmithDeathAurora Commercial19 May 186612
WerthDeathAurora Commercial26 May 186611
Wm JFitchMarriageAurora Commercial26 May 186613
Margaret EMartinMarriageAurora Commercial26 May 186613
G BVaughnMarriageAurora Commercial9 Jun 186612
Martha EWorleyMarriageAurora Commercial9 Jun 186612
LairdDeathAurora Commercial16 Jun 186611
Mrs.LowesDeathAurora Commercial16 Jun 186611
John FKernDeathAurora Commercial16 Jun 186611
David HLambDeathAurora Commercial16 Jun 186612
William HBeinkampDeathAurora Commercial16 Jun 186612
HarrisonAlfredDeathAurora Commercial16 Jun 186612
SabinaKrentzerDeathAurora Commercial16 Jun 186612
Mrs.WintersDeathAurora Commercial16 Jun 186612
John BPaulMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jul 186612
Sarah APateMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jul 186612
MinieErhartMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jul 186612
RhodaStevensMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jul 186612
RobertMcCloskyMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jul 186612
Mary AnnTennyMarriageAurora Commercial7 Jul 186612
AsaShattuckDeathAurora Commercial14 Jul 186611
WilliamBakerMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jul 186612
Emily MGipsonMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jul 186612
D WCheekMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jul 186612
Mary JAndrewsMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jul 186612
SebastianTittelMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jul 186612
TheresaVoltMarriageAurora Commercial14 Jul 186612
KempfDeathAurora Commercial21 Jul 186612
Mr.ShattuckDeathAurora Commercial21 Jul 186612
MaryReetanusDeathAurora Commercial21 Jul 186612
Rachael AnnaYoungDeathAurora Commercial21 Jul 186612
Rachael AnnaBuffingtonDeathAurora Commercial21 Jul 186612
AsaShattuckDeathAurora Commercial21 Jul 186641
WidowLongfeldtDeathAurora Commercial28 Jul 186611
Henry WHurlbertMarriageAurora Commercial28 Jul 186611
KateStevensMarriageAurora Commercial28 Jul 186611
LeopoldKupferschmidtMarriageAurora Commercial28 Jul 186611
ReginaKeiseMarriageAurora Commercial28 Jul 186611
V JKoehlerMarriageAurora Commercial28 Jul 186611
Maria LHornbergerMarriageAurora Commercial28 Jul 186611
Minnie FrancesHarphamDeathAurora Commercial28 Jul 186611
AsaShattuckDeathAurora Commercial28 Jul 186612
Thos ECraigMarriageAurora Commercial4 Aug 186611
HattieMcMullenMarriageAurora Commercial4 Aug 186611
Charles HSmithMarriageAurora Commercial4 Aug 186611
Elizabeth CRogersMarriageAurora Commercial4 Aug 186611
John WRinehartMarriageAurora Commercial4 Aug 186611
Elizabeth ADaggyMarriageAurora Commercial4 Aug 186611
Mary AMcKainDeathAurora Commercial4 Aug 186611
Mary AMyersDeathAurora Commercial4 Aug 186611
Mr.CornwellDeathAurora Commercial11 Aug 186611
WilliamLairdMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186612
Helen MYeatmanMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186612
CharlesMereyMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186612
AnnWilliamsonMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186612
WmAppletonMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186612
Pauline EJenkinsMarriageAurora Commercial11 Aug 186612
Wm PBecketDeathAurora Commercial11 Aug 186612
Mrs. JosephPowellDeathAurora Commercial18 Aug 186611
JosephPowellDeathAurora Commercial18 Aug 186611
Bowman HYounkerMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186613
AggieHendersonMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186613
Benjamin IDilsonMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186613
Sarah JConnMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186613
R SRobbinsMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186613
Dora WMorrisMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186613
JacobSeftonMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186613
Ellen MBruceMarriageAurora Commercial25 Aug 186613
Mrs.WirthDeathAurora Commercial25 Aug 186613
T WAbbottMarriageAurora Commercial1 Sep 186611
Ella LHolladayMarriageAurora Commercial1 Sep 186611
IsaacScottMarriageAurora Commercial1 Sep 186611
MargaretRobinsonMarriageAurora Commercial1 Sep 186611
James JHunterDeathAurora Commercial15 Sep 186612
LewisBaileyDeathAurora Commercial29 Sep 186611
Mr.ThomasDeathAurora Commercial6 Oct 186611
WmRiceMarriageAurora Commercial6 Oct 186613
L LSmithMarriageAurora Commercial6 Oct 186613
SamuelWhippleDeathAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
HenryFiskMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
SallieGuardMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
T MKyleMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
AnnieJohnsonMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
WilliamLazenbyMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
JaneRobertsonMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
B PWalserMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
Anna MCaseMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
NathanCoonesMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
Louisa JLairdMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
WilliamRiceMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
Leah LSmithMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
Charles HPowellMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
JosephinePattersonMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 186612
Mr.ArnoldDeathAurora Commercial20 Oct 186611
S SBussellDeathAurora Commercial20 Oct 186611
W WHainesMarriageAurora Commercial20 Oct 186611
Jennie SFrankMarriageAurora Commercial20 Oct 186611
AaronTuthillDeathAurora Commercial20 Oct 186611
Silas HMinnickMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
GeorgianaIsgriggMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
JuliusHauckMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
JosephinaShiebMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
MaryKlineMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
GeorgeSheiteMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
Noah SGivanMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
MaryMartinMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
JamesStevensonMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
AnnieLieuMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
OthoHayesMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
Lucy AMcCrackenMarriageAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
ErnstKestnerDeathAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
AaronTuthillDeathAurora Commercial27 Oct 186613
J MortonClarkMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186612
KateRobensteinMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186612
Alvah LHobbsMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186612
CatharineDiggsMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186612
ZachariahHollandMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186612
WilhelminaColvinMarriageAurora Commercial3 Nov 186612
Joseph RVroomanDeathAurora Commercial10 Nov 186611
FrankBradfordDeathAurora Commercial10 Nov 186612
George PWrightMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
Indiana IsabelChanceMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
RobertWhittakerMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
Jane ESmithMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
HughGrubbsMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
ElizabethGrubbsMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
M EWashburnMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
Mary EThompsonMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
GeorgeWestMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
Sarah EBarrettMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
JohnRorkMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
AbigailPeelmanMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
VanHayesMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
RachelMasonMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
John WCheekMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
LauraLoweMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
John DPursellMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
CarolineHauboldMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
Frank TBradfordDeathAurora Commercial10 Nov 186613
HenryDavidterDeathAurora Commercial17 Nov 186611
W HLangdonDivorceAurora Commercial17 Nov 186611
JosephTaylorDivorceAurora Commercial17 Nov 186611
EmilyTaylorDivorceAurora Commercial17 Nov 186611
SusannahHankinsDivorceAurora Commercial17 Nov 186611
John FHankinsDivorceAurora Commercial17 Nov 186611
DavidAugustDeathAurora Commercial17 Nov 186612
L NBrownMarriageAurora Commercial17 Nov 186612
EllaSoperMarriageAurora Commercial17 Nov 186612
HenryMickenburgMarriageAurora Commercial17 Nov 186612
SarahJonesMarriageAurora Commercial17 Nov 186612
CharlesSchultzDeathAurora Commercial24 Nov 186611
LeroyBakerMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186611
CelestiaCanfieldMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186611
AlonzoSullivanDeathAurora Commercial24 Nov 186612
William PSullivanDeathAurora Commercial24 Nov 186612
C PRouseMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186612
Carrie ABurroughsMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186612
George WDoveMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186612
Elizabeth MRossMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186612
Cristopher CTresterMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186612
JosephineHargraveMarriageAurora Commercial24 Nov 186612
J BStewartMarriageAurora Commercial8 Dec 186611
ZereldaBruceMarriageAurora Commercial8 Dec 186611
John WPowellMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186612
MissCottinghamMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186612
Omar PHayesMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186612
MinervaCalvinMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186612
JohnPowellMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186612
Millie AnnCottinghamMarriageAurora Commercial15 Dec 186612
MarySmithDeathAurora Commercial15 Dec 186614
DanielHorrumDeathAurora Commercial15 Dec 186614
Charles LBrasheareMarriageAurora Commercial22 Dec 186613
Sophia JCarlisleMarriageAurora Commercial22 Dec 186613
EnochMcIlfreshMarriageAurora Commercial22 Dec 186613
JaneMarquitMarriageAurora Commercial22 Dec 186613
EdwinSibleyDeathAurora Commercial22 Dec 186613
John HPotterMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
Sarah JAndrewsMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
GeorgeHibbertMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
Margaret AStarkMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
Hamilton BHelphenstineMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
Fannie BRockafellowMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
James BMillerMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
DorathaEderbrookMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
James HAbbottMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
EmmaSmithMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
Joel ALoweMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
Rebecca JLoweMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
JohnLewisMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
MelissaCoxMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
ThomasIsgriggMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
MollieEberlinMarriageAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
Mary FrancesGrovesDeathAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
Anna CDavisDeathAurora Commercial29 Dec 186613
ThomasMillsMarriageAurora Commercial5 Jan 186712
ElizaGaskillMarriageAurora Commercial5 Jan 186712
JosephWalsonMarriageAurora Commercial5 Jan 186712
Mary AHozelbyMarriageAurora Commercial5 Jan 186712
George WThompsonMarriageAurora Commercial5 Jan 186712
CatharineLockridgeMarriageAurora Commercial5 Jan 186712
RachelPattonDeathAurora Commercial5 Jan 186712
Mr.KennedyDeathAurora Commercial5 Jan 186712
S SBussellDeathAurora Commercial12 Jan 186713
J WRandMarriageAurora Commercial12 Jan 186713
NannieAustinMarriageAurora Commercial12 Jan 186713
Hannah MTaylorDeathAurora Commercial12 Jan 186713
JosephTaylorDivorceAurora Commercial2 Feb 186713
EmilyTaylorDivorceAurora Commercial2 Feb 186713
AnneBurgenDivorceAurora Commercial2 Feb 186713
WilliamBurgenDivorceAurora Commercial2 Feb 186713
IdenBirthAurora Commercial2 Feb 186713
MillerBirthAurora Commercial2 Feb 186713
MorrisonBirthAurora Commercial2 Feb 186713
JuddBirthAurora Commercial2 Feb 186713
MargaretMontoDivorceAurora Commercial2 Feb 186714
Peter AMontoDivorceAurora Commercial2 Feb 186714
Ann MDilsDeathAurora Commercial2 Feb 186714
Ann MMerganDeathAurora Commercial2 Feb 186714
ElizaMusgraveDeathAurora Commercial2 Feb 186714
Elizabeth VPlattDeathAurora Commercial2 Feb 186714
SchooleyBirthAurora Commercial9 Feb 186711
J SWhicherMarriageAurora Commercial9 Feb 186711
Carrie LetitiaHuntMarriageAurora Commercial9 Feb 186711
ElizabethWattsDeathAurora Commercial9 Feb 186711
Fannie SmithWattsDeathAurora Commercial9 Feb 186711
HannahLoveDivorceAurora Commercial9 Feb 186712
SamuelLoveDivorceAurora Commercial9 Feb 186712
JohnHullDeathAurora Commercial9 Feb 186713
FredRobertsDeathAurora Commercial16 Feb 186711
SilasCooperMarriageAurora Commercial16 Feb 186714
MalvinaReserMarriageAurora Commercial16 Feb 186714
John MCallahanMarriageAurora Commercial16 Feb 186714
ElizaHallMarriageAurora Commercial16 Feb 186714
Wm LCalvertDeathAurora Commercial16 Feb 186714
John FrederickRothertDeathAurora Commercial16 Feb 186714
NicholasMinichDeathAurora Commercial16 Feb 186714
WmPenniwellDeathAurora Commercial2 Mar 186713
Hulda AnnBruceDeathAurora Commercial2 Mar 186714
Van VLucasDeathAurora Commercial2 Mar 186714
ElishaShermanDeathAurora Commercial2 Mar 186715
William HChappelowDeathAurora Commercial2 Mar 186715
Sarah AnnDavisDeathAurora Commercial2 Mar 186715
AdamGoodpastureMarriageAurora Commercial9 Mar 186711
Mary CCoxMarriageAurora Commercial9 Mar 186711
Lorenzo DNowallMarriageAurora Commercial9 Mar 186711
MarthaTeanyMarriageAurora Commercial9 Mar 186711
BlangieDeathAurora Commercial9 Mar 186713
William HChappelowMarriageAurora Commercial9 Mar 186714
Sarah AnnDavisMarriageAurora Commercial9 Mar 186714
SamuelLawrenceMarriageAurora Commercial16 Mar 186713
MattiePhillipiaMarriageAurora Commercial16 Mar 186713
MarySpanglerDeathAurora Commercial23 Mar 186712
AnnNixonDeathAurora Commercial23 Mar 186712
MissBruceMarriageAurora Commercial23 Mar 186713
JohnHelmMarriageAurora Commercial23 Mar 186713
FrancisRiddellDeathAurora Commercial23 Mar 186713
DavidGuardDeathAurora Commercial23 Mar 186713
WilliamFurgusonDeathAurora Commercial23 Mar 186714
Milton LTresterMarriageAurora Commercial23 Mar 186714
HattieWrightMarriageAurora Commercial23 Mar 186714
JohnHaddockMarriageAurora Commercial23 Mar 186714
EbecerBennettMarriageAurora Commercial23 Mar 186714
JamesBurkMarriageAurora Commercial23 Mar 186714
Hannah JConnerMarriageAurora Commercial23 Mar 186714
Mary FrancisBauerDeathAurora Commercial23 Mar 186714
FRiddellDeathAurora Commercial30 Mar 186713
Silas VHaysDeathAurora Commercial30 Mar 186713
WillieFurgesonDeathAurora Commercial30 Mar 186713
James EdwardOwenMarriageAurora Commercial30 Mar 186714
SarahMcWadeMarriageAurora Commercial30 Mar 186714
WilliamHowardMarriageAurora Commercial30 Mar 186714
Melissa JaneWicksMarriageAurora Commercial30 Mar 186714
JohnFentonDeathAurora Commercial6 Apr 186712
WmKerrMarriageAurora Commercial6 Apr 186714
KateSpicknallMarriageAurora Commercial6 Apr 186714
William FKerrMarriageAurora Commercial6 Apr 186715
KateSpicknallMarriageAurora Commercial6 Apr 186715
G WEwbankMarriageAurora Commercial6 Apr 186715
EllenHiettMarriageAurora Commercial6 Apr 186715
DanielHillMarriageAurora Commercial6 Apr 186715
MaryJennisonMarriageAurora Commercial6 Apr 186715
EmmaBisbeeDeathAurora Commercial6 Apr 186715
Thomas J Sr.TaylorDeathAurora Commercial13 Apr 186711
William WCheekDeathAurora Commercial13 Apr 186713
KateEmmertDeathAurora Commercial13 Apr 186714
JuliusGraefenhanDeathAurora Commercial13 Apr 186714
Thomas J Sr.TaylorDeathAurora Commercial20 Apr 186714
Mr.WalserDeathAurora Commercial20 Apr 186714
John SHopeMarriageAurora Commercial20 Apr 186714
HelenKelseyMarriageAurora Commercial20 Apr 186714
Samuel PBartonMarriageAurora Commercial27 Apr 186711
Issadore HPlummerMarriageAurora Commercial27 Apr 186711
MargaretTaylorDeathAurora Commercial27 Apr 186711
Francis MHindsMarriageAurora Commercial27 Apr 186713
LucindaBurroughsMarriageAurora Commercial27 Apr 186713
Mrs.MasonDeathAurora Commercial27 Apr 186713
MissBlasdelDeathAurora Commercial27 Apr 186713
Martin VBruceMarriageAurora Commercial27 Apr 186713
CorneliaGivanMarriageAurora Commercial27 Apr 186713
HenryWindDeathAurora Commercial27 Apr 186713
George YSquibbDeathAurora Commercial27 Apr 186713
Thomas NBoydMarriageAurora Commercial4 May 186713
BelleTaylorMarriageAurora Commercial4 May 186713
MargaretNesbitMarriageAurora Commercial4 May 186713
John HenryHeustisMarriageAurora Commercial4 May 186714
Mary AdalineDurantMarriageAurora Commercial4 May 186714
Caleb BGillDeathAurora Commercial4 May 186714
EPepperDeathAurora Commercial4 May 186714
ThomasLandersDeathAurora Commercial11 May 186711
GeorgianaNobleDeathAurora Commercial11 May 186712
HenryEnglekingMarriageAurora Commercial11 May 186713
HLangeMarriageAurora Commercial11 May 186713
H DMooreMarriageAurora Commercial11 May 186715
Jennie SDavisMarriageAurora Commercial11 May 186715
B FMooreMarriageAurora Commercial11 May 186715
Florence VWilbinMarriageAurora Commercial11 May 186715
Ellsworth DHaynesMarriageAurora Commercial11 May 186715
KateLangtreeMarriageAurora Commercial11 May 186715
Benjamin SRossMarriageAurora Commercial11 May 186715
Priscilla MDilsMarriageAurora Commercial11 May 186715
Samuel Jr.McMullenMarriageAurora Commercial18 May 186714
EmmaKernMarriageAurora Commercial18 May 186714
JuliusChurchillDeathAurora Commercial18 May 186715
William WChismanMarriageAurora Commercial18 May 186715
LouisaBruceMarriageAurora Commercial18 May 186715
HBryantMarriageAurora Commercial18 May 186715
Emma JWymondMarriageAurora Commercial18 May 186715
RobertMillikenDeathAurora Commercial18 May 186715
SamuelMartinDeathAurora Commercial18 May 186715
AbagailHaynesDeathAurora Commercial25 May 186713
IsaacWilliamsonDeathAurora Commercial25 May 186713
J AKelseyMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jun 186711
Rebecca CKelseyMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jun 186711
Sarah AnnGardnerDeathAurora Commercial1 Jun 186711
Frank MMarshallMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jun 186713
Elvira ALoydMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jun 186713
Will HKyleMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jun 186713
SenieJaquithMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jun 186713
CharlesHenniganMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
SaunchaRiefMarriageAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
Anna CatharineParamoreAdoptionAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
CarolineWeberDivorceAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
AndreasWeberDivorceAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
MaryHartmanDivorceAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
Henry WHartmanDivorceAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
Catharine JHoseaDivorceAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
WilliamHoseaDivorceAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
EliasFreetDivorceAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
Sarah SFreetDivorceAurora Commercial1 Jun 186714
PhilipGouldDeathAurora Commercial8 Jun 186711
JamesProcterDeathAurora Commercial8 Jun 186712
GeorgeHodelMarriageAurora Commercial8 Jun 186713
Mary EShoemakerMarriageAurora Commercial8 Jun 186713
Amor WBruceMarriageAurora Commercial8 Jun 186713
Amanda ADurhamMarriageAurora Commercial8 Jun 186713
Oliver BLiddleMarriageAurora Commercial8 Jun 186713
JosephineMajorMarriageAurora Commercial8 Jun 186713
ElijahMillerDeathAurora Commercial15 Jun 186713
EmanuelBruceMarriageAurora Commercial15 Jun 186714
Lila EDixonMarriageAurora Commercial15 Jun 186714
Rebecca SWymondDeathAurora Commercial22 Jun 186714
Jacob HWoodDeathAurora Commercial22 Jun 186714
JamesGosnallMarriageAurora Commercial29 Jun 186711
Aurora BDillsMarriageAurora Commercial29 Jun 186711
AlexanderManliffMarriageAurora Commercial29 Jun 186714
SusieRumseyMarriageAurora Commercial29 Jun 186714
Lillie CKelleyDeathAurora Commercial29 Jun 186714
IraWrightDeathAurora Commercial6 Jul 186711
John APlatterDeathAurora Commercial13 Jul 186712
Mrs.KelseyDeathAurora Commercial13 Jul 186714
MargaretBurgessDeathAurora Commercial13 Jul 186714
JohnHullDeathAurora Commercial13 Jul 186714
Col.PlatterDeathAurora Commercial13 Jul 186714
JosephSuttonMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jul 186714
HarrietPennewellMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jul 186714
Wm BMillerMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jul 186714
Mary EReddingtonMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jul 186714
MinnieTincherDeathAurora Commercial13 Jul 186714
James THughesMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jul 186715
MargaretCannonMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jul 186715
David SReedMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jul 186715
America AWellsMarriageAurora Commercial13 Jul 186715
Thomas EFrancisMarriageAurora Commercial20 Jul 186712
MaggiePattonMarriageAurora Commercial20 Jul 186712
IngolsButterfieldDeathAurora Commercial3 Aug 186713
JosephFrankMarriageAurora Commercial3 Aug 186714
SophiaBechtMarriageAurora Commercial3 Aug 186714
George FBrinkmanMarriageAurora Commercial3 Aug 186714
JennieHendersonMarriageAurora Commercial3 Aug 186714
Ben PBushDeathAurora Commercial10 Aug 186713
James ThompsonBrownDeathAurora Commercial17 Aug 186711
JacobHeckMarriageAurora Commercial17 Aug 186713
EmmaStittMarriageAurora Commercial17 Aug 186713
MaryTruittDeathAurora Commercial17 Aug 186713
RobertThompsonDeathAurora Commercial17 Aug 186713
JohnTuftsDeathAurora Commercial17 Aug 186714
Mrs.SwangoDeathAurora Commercial24 Aug 186712
Pervilla ASwangoDeathAurora Commercial24 Aug 186712
FrancisFreyDeathAurora Commercial31 Aug 186712
JamesHillmanDeathAurora Commercial31 Aug 186714
C CForsterMarriageAurora Commercial31 Aug 186714
AnnieLeggMarriageAurora Commercial31 Aug 186714
J AMeyerMarriageAurora Commercial7 Sep 186711
LizzaKempfMarriageAurora Commercial7 Sep 186711
LouisaSchulzeDeathAurora Commercial7 Sep 186711
TheodoreLongwoodMarriageAurora Commercial7 Sep 186713
Mary LAdkinsonMarriageAurora Commercial7 Sep 186713
CyrusBoldryMarriageAurora Commercial7 Sep 186713
RebeccaAdkinsonMarriageAurora Commercial7 Sep 186713
ThosRowlandDeathAurora Commercial14 Sep 186711
Sarah PermeliaTuckDeathAurora Commercial14 Sep 186713
Hugh FSmithDeathAurora Commercial21 Sep 186711
ThomasJohnstonMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
AbbieHeustisMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
PerryTurnerMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
Mary CJonesMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
George LSiemantelMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
LouisaStewartMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
G WBillingslyMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
Herriet EmmaKerchevalMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
Morgan TMitchellMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
Prisilla AnnDraperMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
JosephBeckertMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
Martha RHuffMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
G WMcMullenMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
Abbie EJumperMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
W WWymondMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
Laura HMcKeehanMarriageAurora Commercial21 Sep 186713
D HMcMullenMarriageAurora Commercial28 Sep 186713
Emma GLittellMarriageAurora Commercial28 Sep 186713
ElizabethBassettDeathAurora Commercial5 Oct 186711
GeorgeReunickMarriageAurora Commercial5 Oct 186713
LizzieHarrisonMarriageAurora Commercial5 Oct 186713
IdaRossDeathAurora Commercial5 Oct 186713
MissGrayDeathAurora Commercial5 Oct 186713
ChilisDeathAurora Commercial5 Oct 186713
CatharineDurhamDeathAurora Commercial5 Oct 186714
Mr.WallaceDeathAurora Commercial12 Oct 186711
Joseph MGrovesDeathAurora Commercial12 Oct 186711
SafronaBruceDeathAurora Commercial12 Oct 186712
LabanBrambleDeathAurora Commercial12 Oct 186713
JohnErstMarriageAurora Commercial12 Oct 186713
HelenStevensonMarriageAurora Commercial12 Oct 186713
Joseph MGrovesDeathAurora Commercial12 Oct 186714
AdolphSchulzeMarriageAurora Commercial19 Oct 186711
ThorodeaBrixnerMarriageAurora Commercial19 Oct 186711
EmilieNobleDeathAurora Commercial19 Oct 186711
J WMooreMarriageAurora Commercial19 Oct 186711
Clara LEldridgeMarriageAurora Commercial19 Oct 186711
VirgilShanksMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186712
ElizaPetersonMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186712
Chas.BuffingtonMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186712
EmelineClementsMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186712
CharlesFiskMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
JennieElliottMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
William JMcHenryMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
Caroline AGysieMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
Allen BSoprisMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
Ellen WJerneganMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
WilliamLieveMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
SophieReisingMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
David HHolmsMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
JaneJohnsonMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
ThomasStrongMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
Ruth AnnHunterMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
S SSimonsonMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
MaryErhartMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
CharlesBuffingtonMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
EmelineClementsMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
J WCasonMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
Margaret JRutledgeMarriageAurora Commercial26 Oct 186714
JohnIttnerDeathAurora Commercial2 Nov 186712
WilliamBellDeathAurora Commercial2 Nov 186712
Albert EBakerMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186712
Sarah JDunnMarriageAurora Commercial2 Nov 186712
John FCheekMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
JennieJohnsonMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
OscarFairbanksMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
PaulineFreemanMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
GeoNeadMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
Sarah JElderMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
EzraReamMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
Perla AMcCloskeyMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
WilliamGreenMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
HarrietOsborneMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
AureliaCampbellDeathAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
AureliaGiegoldtDeathAurora Commercial9 Nov 186711
Joseph MGrovesDeathAurora Commercial9 Nov 186712
J KWaltsMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186714
FannieDunnMarriageAurora Commercial9 Nov 186714
Thomas JeffersonPinkstaffMarriageAurora Commercial16 Nov 186713
LizzieBowmanMarriageAurora Commercial16 Nov 186713
WmStalderMarriageAurora Commercial16 Nov 186714
Medoria JBoardmanMarriageAurora Commercial16 Nov 186714
JohnFichenscherDeathAurora Commercial23 Nov 186711
Davis WCheekDeathAurora Commercial23 Nov 186712
ClaraSandfordDeathAurora Commercial23 Nov 186712
Richard WFoxMarriageAurora Commercial23 Nov 186712
Eleanor VBonhamMarriageAurora Commercial23 Nov 186712
RalphMericleMarriageAurora Commercial23 Nov 186712
MarthaReeseMarriageAurora Commercial23 Nov 186712
HenryClawsMarriageAurora Commercial23 Nov 186713
MollieBruceMarriageAurora Commercial23 Nov 186713
PatrickDobleMarriageAurora Commercial30 Nov 186711
MaryMaloneyMarriageAurora Commercial30 Nov 186711
GeorgeMillerMarriageAurora Commercial30 Nov 186711
LizzieOsbornMarriageAurora Commercial30 Nov 186711
JohnFickenscherDeathAurora Commercial30 Nov 186711
JohnFickenscherDeathAurora Commercial30 Nov 186712
John GBurgesMarriageAurora Commercial30 Nov 186714
MalindaPateMarriageAurora Commercial30 Nov 186714
Dandridge EKelseyMarriageAurora Commercial30 Nov 186714
Rebecca JBurgesMarriageAurora Commercial30 Nov 186714
MargaretSmallDeathAurora Commercial30 Nov 186714
EmmaStullDeathAurora Commercial30 Nov 186714
Samuel DLangtreeMarriageAurora Commercial7 Dec 186711
Louisa RConwellMarriageAurora Commercial7 Dec 186711
EliasLaZierDeathAurora Commercial7 Dec 186713
JohnCourtneyDeathAurora Commercial7 Dec 186713
AngelineGivanDeathAurora Commercial7 Dec 186714
HenryCalkinsDivorceAurora Commercial7 Dec 186742
SarahCalkinsDivorceAurora Commercial7 Dec 186742
Carrie WThompsonDivorceAurora Commercial7 Dec 186742
Sanford WThompsonDivorceAurora Commercial7 Dec 186742
Mary EGastonDivorceAurora Commercial7 Dec 186742
Thomas JGastonDivorceAurora Commercial7 Dec 186742
JohnSheheeDivorceAurora Commercial7 Dec 186742
CatharineSheheeDivorceAurora Commercial7 Dec 186742
Wm HLangdonDivorceAurora Commercial7 Dec 186742
Nancy MLangdonDivorceAurora Commercial7 Dec 186742
John WBriggsMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
Olive AnnBartonMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
William JDurhamMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
GraceChismanMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
CharlesRoycroftMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
MaggieLytleMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
Charles MKennetMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
Kalesta AnnHolmesMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
ChrisAndereggMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
CarrieMaffeyMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
JosephNeversMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
CharlotteYoungMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
JohnClementsMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
LizzieWatkinsMarriageAurora Commercial14 Dec 186744
Harvey HCheekMarriageAurora Commercial21 Dec 186711
Libbie MBlasdellMarriageAurora Commercial21 Dec 186711
JohnDashiellDeathAurora Commercial21 Dec 186713
William JDurhamMarriageAurora Commercial21 Dec 186713
GraceChismanMarriageAurora Commercial21 Dec 186713
GeorgeLenoverMarriageAurora Commercial21 Dec 186713
Buina ViolaRobertsMarriageAurora Commercial21 Dec 186713
WalterHayesDeathAurora Commercial28 Dec 186712
LeroyRobertsMarriageAurora Commercial28 Dec 186713
HelenProctorMarriageAurora Commercial28 Dec 186713
HenryChanceMarriageAurora Commercial28 Dec 186713
DelcineaCravenMarriageAurora Commercial28 Dec 186713
Dorsey CPierceMarriageAurora Commercial28 Dec 186713
Mary JMartinMarriageAurora Commercial28 Dec 186713
George WNelsonMarriageAurora Commercial4 Jan 186811
Isadore ASquibbMarriageAurora Commercial4 Jan 186811
CharlesPritchardMarriageAurora Commercial4 Jan 186811
Emma TBaileyMarriageAurora Commercial4 Jan 186811
GeorgeDayMarriageAurora Commercial4 Jan 186811
JennyCanfieldMarriageAurora Commercial4 Jan 186811
M MRigginMarriageAurora Commercial4 Jan 186813
Mary JMooreMarriageAurora Commercial4 Jan 186813
ANewtonMarriageAurora Commercial4 Jan 186813
IndiaMillerMarriageAurora Commercial4 Jan 186813
GeoBennettDeathAurora Commercial4 Jan 186813
JohnLangleyDeathAurora Commercial11 Jan 186811
Z MSawdonDeathAurora Commercial11 Jan 186811
LeviManloveMarriageAurora Commercial11 Jan 186813
LaurettaGanyMarriageAurora Commercial11 Jan 186813
JohnLangleyDeathAurora Commercial18 Jan 186812
HenryBakerMarriageAurora Commercial18 Jan 186814
AngelineHeathMarriageAurora Commercial18 Jan 186814
NathanielAbbottMarriageAurora Commercial18 Jan 186814
MollieParkerMarriageAurora Commercial18 Jan 186814
MartinClauseMarriageAurora Commercial18 Jan 186814
Mary EMillerMarriageAurora Commercial18 Jan 186814
SylvesterHullMarriageAurora Commercial18 Jan 186814
CarolineGrubbsMarriageAurora Commercial18 Jan 186814
FrankAndersonMarriageAurora Commercial18 Jan 186814
MagaretMcCulloughMarriageAurora Commercial18 Jan 186814
JohnLangleyDeathAurora Commercial25 Jan 186811
John MDolsonMarriageAurora Commercial25 Jan 186811
LauraTaneyMarriageAurora Commercial25 Jan 186811
ClarkStevensonMarriageAurora Commercial1 Feb 186813
Mary EHortonMarriageAurora Commercial1 Feb 186813
ElijahPyleDeathAurora Commercial15 Feb 186811
JohnCallahanMarriageAurora Commercial15 Feb 186811
FannieSortwellMarriageAurora Commercial15 Feb 186811
John RLazenbyMarriageAurora Commercial22 Feb 186811
Catharine EJacksonMarriageAurora Commercial22 Feb 186811
BarnhartDeathAurora Commercial22 Feb 186813
John FSwangoMarriageAurora Commercial29 Feb 186813
Harriet EWalkerMarriageAurora Commercial29 Feb 186813
RobertWalkerMarriageAurora Commercial29 Feb 186813
Harriet MEnglishMarriageAurora Commercial29 Feb 186813
B CGaisfordMarriageAurora Commercial29 Feb 186813
AdeliaCourtneyMarriageAurora Commercial29 Feb 186813
GillettDarraghDeathAurora Commercial29 Feb 186813
Charles AWardDeathAurora Commercial7 Mar 186811
Louisa CFarrarDeathAurora Commercial7 Mar 186811
HenrySchmidtMarriageAurora Commercial7 Mar 186811
MaryUnglaubMarriageAurora Commercial7 Mar 186811
MaxwellDeathAurora Commercial7 Mar 186813
MaryJohnsonDeathAurora Commercial7 Mar 186813
ChristopherEmmertDeathAurora Commercial14 Mar 186811
SusanJohnsonDeathAurora Commercial14 Mar 186811
TheodoreGibbsMarriageAurora Commercial14 Mar 186811
Nannie EShanksMarriageAurora Commercial14 Mar 186811
RobertCornforthMarriageAurora Commercial14 Mar 186811
Maria LSmithMarriageAurora Commercial14 Mar 186811
McDonaldDeathAurora Commercial14 Mar 186812
WilliamGipsonDeathAurora Commercial21 Mar 186811
FirmanMarshallMarriageAurora Commercial21 Mar 186813
AliceEvansMarriageAurora Commercial21 Mar 186813
DavidBrownMarriageAurora Commercial28 Mar 186811
Sarah COrrilMarriageAurora Commercial28 Mar 186811
CharlesBodellDeathAurora Commercial28 Mar 186812
FannyHillDeathAurora Commercial28 Mar 186813
ChristineSickingDeathAurora Commercial28 Mar 186813
BarbaraRoeseDeathAurora Commercial28 Mar 186813
A LVailDeathAurora Commercial4 Apr 186811
Joel RLynnDeathAurora Commercial4 Apr 186812
LytleVailDeathAurora Commercial4 Apr 186813
WilliamChristyDeathAurora Commercial4 Apr 186813
OmerTouseyDeathAurora Commercial4 Apr 186813
Henry LYorkMarriageAurora Commercial4 Apr 186813
Huldah APilesMarriageAurora Commercial4 Apr 186813
TowerTaylorMarriageAurora Commercial4 Apr 186814
ElviraCadyMarriageAurora Commercial4 Apr 186814
EllenWalkerDeathAurora Commercial11 Apr 186813
ObediahVoshelDeathAurora Commercial11 Apr 186814
HenryDilsDeathAurora Commercial11 Apr 186814
LouisaFrignDeathAurora Commercial11 Apr 186814
AlbertJohnsonDeathAurora Commercial11 Apr 186814
DavidSuitsDeathAurora Commercial11 Apr 186814
LewisDunnMarriageAurora Commercial25 Apr 186813
CarolineSuterMarriageAurora Commercial25 Apr 186813
B. F.MulfordMarriageAurora Commercial25 Apr 186813
Lizzie MVandolahMarriageAurora Commercial25 Apr 186813
E B Jr.DobellMarriageAurora Commercial25 Apr 186813
Laura EGibsonMarriageAurora Commercial25 Apr 186813
A CAbbottDeathAurora Commercial25 Apr 186813
AlicePurdyDeathAurora Commercial2 May 186813
Robert WEwbankMarriageAurora Commercial2 May 186814
Mary ASharpMarriageAurora Commercial2 May 186814
M BSchofieldMarriageAurora Commercial2 May 186814
Jennie CDanielsMarriageAurora Commercial2 May 186814
Benj FDraperMarriageAurora Commercial2 May 186842
Mary EAngevineMarriageAurora Commercial2 May 186842
James AKelseyDeathAurora Commercial9 May 186811
Edward FMurphyDeathAurora Commercial9 May 186811
Geo LZehMarriageAurora Commercial9 May 186811
Margery DSmithMarriageAurora Commercial9 May 186811
B MDamonMarriageAurora Commercial9 May 186813
MattieGouldMarriageAurora Commercial9 May 186813
BonaparteEwanMarriageAurora Commercial9 May 186814
Mary MBillMarriageAurora Commercial9 May 186814
JoelLynnDeathAurora Commercial9 May 186814
Thomas HerbertErwinDeathAurora Commercial9 May 186814
SimonBradleyDeathAurora Commercial23 May 186811
George ESlaterMarriageAurora Commercial23 May 186811
Angie VAngevineMarriageAurora Commercial23 May 186811
EliMattoxMarriageAurora Commercial23 May 186811
Mary AnnLiddleMarriageAurora Commercial23 May 186811
Mr.ReeseDeathAurora Commercial23 May 186812
NicholasGilligMarriageAurora Commercial30 May 186811
CatharineWindMarriageAurora Commercial30 May 186811
HarryLeonardMarriageAurora Commercial30 May 186811
LauraSmithMarriageAurora Commercial30 May 186811
Bertha PorterWoodworthDeathAurora Commercial30 May 186811
FrederickKolkmeyerDeathAurora Commercial30 May 186811
HillBirthAurora Commercial30 May 186813
TalleyBirthAurora Commercial30 May 186813
Stella MayDaleDeathAurora Commercial6 Jun 186813
MooreBirthAurora Commercial6 Jun 186814
LeviBoydDeathAurora Commercial6 Jun 186814
HannahWatsonDeathAurora Commercial6 Jun 186841
MaryWhippleDeathAurora Commercial13 Jun 186811
FranklinGardnerDeathAurora Commercial13 Jun 186812
FrancisBirthAurora Commercial20 Jun 186811
JohnDeuschleMarriageAurora Commercial20 Jun 186811
DoraKastnerMarriageAurora Commercial20 Jun 186811
WilliamDavisDeathAurora Commercial20 Jun 186811
JohnEverhartDeathAurora Commercial20 Jun 186811
JesseDanielsMarriageAurora Commercial20 Jun 186813
Nancy JHortonMarriageAurora Commercial20 Jun 186813
E A "Arty"ThompsonDeathAurora Peoples Advocate3 Sep 186817
WoodBerkshireDeathAurora Peoples Advocate3 Sep 186817
Sarah JGoodrichDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate10 Sep 186833
ElvareGoodrichDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate10 Sep 186833
James TBrownDeathAurora Peoples Advocate16 Sep 186831
JacobReesDeathAurora Peoples Advocate16 Sep 186831
AnthonyChaseDeathAurora Peoples Advocate16 Sep 186831
L GHurlbertMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate16 Sep 186832
F. C.KennedyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate16 Sep 186832
MargaretChambersDeathAurora Peoples Advocate23 Sep 186842
MariaGoodrichDeathAurora Peoples Advocate23 Sep 186842
Alexander CSlaterDeathAurora Peoples Advocate23 Sep 186842
MagdalenaMarquetDeathAurora Peoples Advocate23 Sep 186843
Arch WBruceMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate23 Sep 186843
Maggie JSaundersMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate23 Sep 186843
LizzieSpeakmanDeathAurora Peoples Advocate1 Oct 186834
AlbertMusgraveDeathAurora Peoples Advocate1 Oct 186834
Charles WPritchardDeathAurora Peoples Advocate1 Oct 186834
William CBementMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate1 Oct 186834
LauraHardestyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate1 Oct 186834
JamesJonesDeathAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186831
BarbaraKressDeathAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186832
JamesShawMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
BelleNevitMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
H HMillerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
MaggieJacksonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
AntonyHalverstadtMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
Leah AMillerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
JohnGrubbsMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
MatildaGrahamMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
RichardMendellMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
NancyClementsMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
George WMoriartyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
Martha JNowlinMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
Charles HPritchardDeathAurora Peoples Advocate8 Oct 186833
John AConwellMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate15 Oct 186831
FloraBondMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate15 Oct 186831
John HClauseDeathAurora Peoples Advocate15 Oct 186831
HenryHeckhiserDeathAurora Peoples Advocate15 Oct 186831
LauraMerrillDeathAurora Peoples Advocate29 Oct 186833
WarrenTebbsDeathAurora Peoples Advocate29 Oct 186833
AntonSchwartzDeathAurora Peoples Advocate19 Nov 186831
A NMarlattMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate19 Nov 186831
Annie MCollinsMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate19 Nov 186831
WilliamLoceyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate19 Nov 186831
SusanLewisMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate19 Nov 186831
George RVargusonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate19 Nov 186831
MaggieSchroderMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate19 Nov 186831
JohnHigginsMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186831
SarahAllenMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186831
Mary JaneKreitleinDeathAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186831
WilliamKreisDeathAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186831
Mary EleanoraLochnerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186831
WilliamTibbettsDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186833
AnnTibbettsDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186833
T FBaileyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186833
M JBuckleyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186833
MariaGainesDeathAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186833
WilliamLivingstonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186834
PhebePalmerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186834
Thomas DLingenfelterMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186834
Sarah AMcElfreshMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186834
B CBookoutMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186834
Cora EThompsonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate26 Nov 186834
WilliamTibbettsMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
JaneWilcoxMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
James ARayMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
Lizzie JStoutMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
JamesWalkerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
ClaraPierceMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
William SSimmonsMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
SarahWrightMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
M LStricklandMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
HenriettaSmithMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
Silas BFiskMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
JeanetteGraceMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
Robert EMonroeMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
EstherHunterMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
JaneMorganDeathAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
SamuelColeDeathAurora Peoples Advocate3 Dec 186831
W C DStevensonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Dec 186831
MattieLemonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Dec 186831
DanielMackeyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Dec 186831
Louisa GMcHenryMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Dec 186831
WilliamClauseMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Dec 186831
BelleBruceMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Dec 186831
EdwardGoldenMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Dec 186831
Margaret LBroganMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Dec 186831
William FrederickTrautDeathAurora Peoples Advocate10 Dec 186832
Oliver TCanfieldMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186831
Alice LCordryMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186831
WilliamLeathamMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186831
SarahClauseMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186831
George CGiegoldtMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186831
Christina MHaganMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186831
Via BHoweDeathAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186831
Via BGaffDeathAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186831
Sarah CatharineMcAlisterDeathAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186831
WillieMcMullenDeathAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186831
Mr.CarbaughDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186833
LydiaCarbaughDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186833
LydiaHenryDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186833
ElizaWallaceDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186833
A SWallaceDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186833
MaryMollDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186833
FrankMollDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186833
DavidMcAllisterDeathAurora Peoples Advocate17 Dec 186833
PhilanderMcCardleDeathAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186822
John WMillerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
MarthaKetchumMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
Joseph HMahanMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
ElizaBuchananMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
Latham BBrownMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
Anna LChismanMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
FredReikertMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
AnnieFiermanMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
CarolineHolderbachDeathAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
WillieLoftusDeathAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
James FranklinGibsonDeathAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186831
Via BHoweDeathAurora Peoples Advocate24 Dec 186832
John WBaileyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate7 Jan 186933
Mary JTaylorMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate7 Jan 186933
John AdamKressMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate7 Jan 186933
Elizabeth BarbaraHelmMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate7 Jan 186933
J WBaileyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate7 Jan 186933
John PDunnDeathAurora Peoples Advocate7 Jan 186934
H HMusgraveMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate14 Jan 186932
NancyBrierMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate14 Jan 186932
George WRickettsMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate14 Jan 186932
CordieJohnsonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate14 Jan 186932
Wm ASteeleMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate14 Jan 186932
BelleMitchellMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate14 Jan 186932
M AMitchellMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate14 Jan 186932
NancyToddMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate14 Jan 186932
MattieHartDeathAurora Peoples Advocate21 Jan 186932
A JFrazierMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate28 Jan 186942
BelleMcCrearyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate28 Jan 186942
AsenathBoonDeathAurora Peoples Advocate28 Jan 186942
Nathan NGreerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate4 Feb 186932
J CWilesMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate4 Feb 186932
JennieAdlerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate4 Feb 186932
Mrs.HuntingtonDeathAurora Peoples Advocate4 Feb 186932
Thomas BWinkleyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate18 Feb 186931
Sarah MRobertsMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate18 Feb 186931
C FEmeryMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate4 Mar 186933
Laura MHowardMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate4 Mar 186933
JohnWenzelDeathAurora Peoples Advocate4 Mar 186933
Charles PGouldDeathAurora Peoples Advocate11 Mar 186931
R CWilberMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate11 Mar 186933
Alice VCheekMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate11 Mar 186933
William HLangdonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate11 Mar 186933
Sarah EDotsonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate11 Mar 186933
FrancesWeaverDeathAurora Peoples Advocate25 Mar 186931
HiramLamkinDeathAurora Peoples Advocate25 Mar 186931
JohnPowellDeathAurora Peoples Advocate25 Mar 186933
LutherWilliamsDeathAurora Peoples Advocate25 Mar 186933
GeorgeHaubaldDeathAurora Peoples Advocate25 Mar 186933
Sarah JaneWrightDeathAurora Peoples Advocate8 Apr 186933
DavidGardnerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate15 Apr 186935
NicholasGarnetDeathAurora Peoples Advocate22 Apr 186933
GeorgeRandallDeathAurora Peoples Advocate29 Apr 186933
WilliamSchmidtMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate29 Apr 186934
LouiseKastnerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate29 Apr 186934
WilliamLoveDeathAurora Peoples Advocate6 May 186934
LouisBakerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate6 May 186934
E FGayMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate20 May 186932
M LShermanMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate20 May 186932
John JSkinnerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate20 May 186933
SamuelPlummerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate27 May 186931
George WLambMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate27 May 186933
Ella MLangleyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate27 May 186933
Florence JRabbDeathAurora Peoples Advocate27 May 186933
Albert CMcQuithyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Jun 186933
Sarah EBushMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Jun 186933
PerryBuchananMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Jun 186933
Anna CThompsonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Jun 186933
J TPlummerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Jun 186932
MattieManningMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate3 Jun 186932
MargaretGlennDeathAurora Peoples Advocate3 Jun 186933
ThomasLindsayDeathAurora Peoples Advocate3 Jun 186933
CharlotteMcDoleDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate3 Jun 186935
JamesMcDoleDivorceAurora Peoples Advocate3 Jun 186935
David VCulleyDeathAurora Peoples Advocate10 Jun 186931
HiramBarricklowMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Jun 186931
Lizzie SPateMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Jun 186931
WilliamLowdonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Jun 186931
SavannahBaileyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Jun 186931
ErleDeathAurora Peoples Advocate10 Jun 186933
OlivePritchardDeathAurora Peoples Advocate10 Jun 186933
CharlesAndersonDeathAurora Peoples Advocate10 Jun 186933
George SFarrarMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Jun 186933
LizzieGoshornMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate10 Jun 186933
John REmrieDeathAurora Peoples Advocate17 Jun 186933
JohnBlaneDeathAurora Peoples Advocate17 Jun 186933
AlexanderGuardDeathAurora Peoples Advocate17 Jun 186933
Bradley BLoringMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate17 Jun 186933
IsabellaRichardsonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate17 Jun 186933
RebeccaHigbeeDeathAurora Peoples Advocate24 Jun 186922
W STaylorMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Jun 186922
Susannah EBlasdellMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Jun 186922
StephenLudlowMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Jun 186923
JuliaBohanMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate24 Jun 186923
John FCheekDeathAurora Peoples Advocate24 Jun 186933
John FCheekDeathAurora Peoples Advocate1 Jul 186921
ElizaOsgoodDeathAurora Peoples Advocate1 Jul 186923
HarryOwenMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate1 Jul 186932
MaryWhiteMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate1 Jul 186932
Charles SSpeakmanDeathAurora Peoples Advocate1 Jul 186933
JamesMcCartneyDeathAurora Peoples Advocate1 Jul 186933
WilliamReedDeathAurora Peoples Advocate1 Jul 186933
JeremiahSmithDeathAurora Peoples Advocate8 Jul 186931
James WMeffordMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Jul 186933
Hattie JTannerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate8 Jul 186933
RobertThrennartDeathAurora Peoples Advocate15 Jul 186932
BarbaraWeissDeathAurora Peoples Advocate15 Jul 186932
Marshall NBaileyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate15 Jul 186932
Lizzie MStevensMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate15 Jul 186932
DariusWilbertDeathAurora Peoples Advocate22 Jul 186933
DavidWalserDeathAurora Peoples Advocate29 Jul 186931
John HLewisDeathAurora Peoples Advocate29 Jul 186931
Charles OSpeakmanDeathAurora Peoples Advocate29 Jul 186933
PhebeUlreyDeathAurora Peoples Advocate12 Aug 186921
LouisGrossholtzMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate12 Aug 186931
DorotheaGrossMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate12 Aug 186931
LucindaBuchananDeathAurora Peoples Advocate12 Aug 186932
DavidWalserDeathAurora Peoples Advocate12 Aug 186933
Harry JOrchardMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate19 Aug 186931
Sallie ARadspinnerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate19 Aug 186931
NoahDavisMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate19 Aug 186931
LizzieFrazierMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate19 Aug 186931
JacobSpeckertDeathAurora Peoples Advocate19 Aug 186934
JesseJonesDeathAurora Peoples Advocate19 Aug 186934
RachaelEcklesDeathAurora Peoples Advocate26 Aug 186933
JohnMcKnightDeathAurora Peoples Advocate26 Aug 186934
LucyPlummerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate2 Sep 186931
JohnBeckettMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate2 Sep 186933
MarthaOwenMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate2 Sep 186933
J CCordryMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate2 Sep 186933
DelauahHayesMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate2 Sep 186933
Nancy AnnStevensDeathAurora Peoples Advocate2 Sep 186933
John QuinbyStarkDeathAurora Peoples Advocate30 Sep 186931
RobertKilloughMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Sep 186931
Margaret ASkinnerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Sep 186931
JohnChristeenaMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Sep 186931
GeorgannMuirMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Sep 186931
G HWymondMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate7 Oct 186931
SueChapinMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate7 Oct 186931
Edward ACongerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate7 Oct 186933
Tilman TTurnerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate7 Oct 186933
George BGibsonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate7 Oct 186934
Cynthia AHunterMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate7 Oct 186934
Col.CheekDeathAurora Peoples Advocate14 Oct 186932
E ACongerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate14 Oct 186934
George CWoodDeathAurora Peoples Advocate14 Oct 186934
JamesFrazierDeathAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186923
B NRobinsonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186923
Maria CCorseyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186923
LafayetteBookwalterMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186923
Phebe AnnNixonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186923
GeorgeSmithMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186923
Fanny AKennedyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186923
CatharineMountzDeathAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186923
OliveKempDeathAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186923
EdwardPowellDeathAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186923
Col.CheekDeathAurora Peoples Advocate21 Oct 186932
ConwayBainumMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate28 Oct 186931
HarrietSwingMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate28 Oct 186931
JosephSmallMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate28 Oct 186931
LizzieCordryMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate28 Oct 186931
John EHeustisMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate28 Oct 186932
Sarah EWalserMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate28 Oct 186932
JamesDavisDeathAurora Peoples Advocate4 Nov 186932
PurdyPlattMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate4 Nov 186933
MaryAlexanderMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate4 Nov 186933
Sidney EHaighMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate4 Nov 186934
EmmaSchofieldMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate4 Nov 186934
SquireMcCrightMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate11 Nov 186933
Mary JLakeMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate11 Nov 186933
WilliamJohnsonDeathAurora Peoples Advocate11 Nov 186933
PeterStopherMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate11 Nov 186933
AnnieNeunMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate11 Nov 186933
AlbertSheldonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate18 Nov 186933
KateDollMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate18 Nov 186933
Harry CDennyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate18 Nov 186933
Cecelia KErhartMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate18 Nov 186933
GeorgeTresterMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate18 Nov 186934
BelleMcFeeMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate18 Nov 186934
G WParsonsMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate18 Nov 186934
MaryMorrowMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate18 Nov 186934
Frank DPepperDeathAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186924
Mary SFisherMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186924
George WBuchananMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186924
MaryDouglassMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186924
GeorgeConwellMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186932
MaryShankMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186932
FrankCotterMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186932
AmandaGiffinMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186932
DanielMulfordMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186933
Puella MChurchillMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186933
MargaretJohnsonDeathAurora Peoples Advocate25 Nov 186933
EdwardCarpenterMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate2 Dec 186922
Amanda EFacemireMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate2 Dec 186922
HardingDeathAurora Peoples Advocate2 Dec 186931
Jesse L HFoulkDeathAurora Peoples Advocate2 Dec 186933
RebeccaWashburnDeathAurora Peoples Advocate2 Dec 186933
RebeccaDykeDeathAurora Peoples Advocate2 Dec 186933
MichaelKunkelDeathAurora Peoples Advocate9 Dec 186933
RobertSimsDeathAurora Peoples Advocate9 Dec 186933
Gerard HMohlenbrockMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate16 Dec 186934
Margaret MaryVornherdenMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate16 Dec 186934
CharlesAmtMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate16 Dec 186934
FredricaHildebrandMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate16 Dec 186934
HoraceShawMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate16 Dec 186934
LizzieWhitlockMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate16 Dec 186934
JohnJunkerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate16 Dec 186934
BarbaraBalserDeathAurora Peoples Advocate16 Dec 186934
BarbaraJunkerDeathAurora Peoples Advocate16 Dec 186934
Fred HErleMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate23 Dec 186931
LaviniaAbbottMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate23 Dec 186931
IsaacSaundersDeathAurora Peoples Advocate23 Dec 186933
W PMooreMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186931
Eliza BelleJohnsonMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186931
George WBeckmanMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
CarrieLudlowMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
John FHornbergerMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
Beuna VMcCrightMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
T WilliamHansellMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
AliceRawlingMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
Thomas JCooperMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
Sarah JHasselbyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
David LWadeMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
Lena BFiskMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
William HFisherMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
NancyBeatyMarriageAurora Peoples Advocate30 Dec 186934
John DemasSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Aug 186831
MattieSprongMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Aug 186831
KnappHolmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Aug 186832
ThomasHallDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Aug 186832
BenjaminHoldenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Aug 186831
Minnie ILamkinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Sep 186832
Charles HPritchardDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Oct 186832
JamesShawMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Oct 186832
BelleNevittMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Oct 186832
AlbertMusgraveDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Oct 186832
LizzieSpeakmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Oct 186832
CharlesPritchardDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Oct 186832
William OBementMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Oct 186832
LauraHardestyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Oct 186832
Sarah ElizabethHaynesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Oct 186832
AnnieWiningsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Oct 186832
John AConwellMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Oct 186832
Flora EBondMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Oct 186832
D AGoodinMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Oct 186832
DoraWoodMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Oct 186832
ElizabethMerrillDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186831
PalmerChismanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
Sarah LHaynesMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
PeterPfalsgrafMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
MargaretGuteMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
John FCookMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
ElizabethVogelMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
MarthaTebowDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
LouisaSnyderDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
AlbertDorrDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
JohnSniderDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
Louisa Elizabeth ChristinaSniderDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
BBinderDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
Mary HelenMcCleasterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
BaziliBinderDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Oct 186832
HouseDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 186841
FranklinDennisonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 186842
Hester ASnodgrassMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent5 Nov 186842
John HParkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 186841
John MGlassMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 186842
Annie BHastonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 186842
Philip Jr.HeldMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 186842
FannySpicknellMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 186842
BroodDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 186843
Mary PCheekDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 Nov 186843
JamesGaumerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186832
RossiniDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186832
Mr.ColfaxMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186832
MissWadeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186832
SarahHacklemanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186832
AnthonySchwartzDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186833
Olive AugustaBackertDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186833
James WMcCrightDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186833
FrederickKoeberDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186833
EdwardMcCrightDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186833
Laura SThompsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Nov 186833
JamesWalkerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Nov 186831
ClaraPierceMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 Nov 186831
WillKreissDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Nov 186832
Mary JaneKreitleinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Nov 186832
Mary ELochnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Nov 186832
BryanBroganDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Nov 186832
MariaGaineDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Nov 186833
DanielMackerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
LouMcHenryMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
Bettie SLambMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
W AThompsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
Oliver TCanfieldMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
Alice LCordryMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
WilliamLeethamMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
SarahClauseMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
PeterPerleeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
C AJohnsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
Wm C DStevensonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
M LLemonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
JohnVandolahDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
SamuelColeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Dec 186833
SarahSuttonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 186832
SarahFolbreDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 186832
NancyBuffingtonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 186832
WilliamBruceDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 186833
BelleBruceDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Dec 186833
JohnWenzelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Mar 186922
ScottMisnerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 Mar 186932
Mary RSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent4 Mar 186932
Florence JelleyRabbDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 May 186933
E FGayMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 May 186933
Mary LShermanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent20 May 186933
LarinaBuffingtonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 May 186933
Mrs.GlennDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Jun 186931
J TPlummerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Jun 186932
MattieManningMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Jun 186932
CharlesWeishDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Jun 186933
EarleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Jun 186932
JasMcCartneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jul 186932
CharlesSpeakmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jul 186932
Henry JOwenMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jul 186932
MaryWhiteMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jul 186932
George WGouldingMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jul 186932
Nettie LManningMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Jul 186932
James WMeffordMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jul 186932
Hattie JTannerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jul 186932
JerrySmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Jul 186933
CharlesSpeakmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jul 186932
Marshal NBaileyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jul 186933
Lizzie MStephensMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jul 186933
BarbaraWeissDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Jul 186933
CatherineNiewedleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent22 Jul 186924
MatthewCollinsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jul 186923
Mrs. J HLewisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Jul 186932
JacobSpeckertDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Aug 186931
David CBeachDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Aug 186933
Clara ETaylorDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Aug 186933
H JOrchardMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Aug 186932
SallieRadspinnerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 Aug 186932
William NCrawDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 Aug 186933
E ACongerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Oct 186924
George CWoodDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Oct 186924
E ACongerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Oct 186933
EliasChismanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Oct 186933
RansalierHelphenstineDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Oct 186933
Frank TBradfordDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Oct 186933
JasHillmanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Oct 186934
LizzieSaweMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Oct 186934
George WTresterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent18 Nov 186934
BelleMcFeeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent18 Nov 186934
George WParsonsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent18 Nov 186934
Mary CMorrowMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent18 Nov 186934
HolmanFoulkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Dec 186922
RobertSimmsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Dec 186924
JosephChanceMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Dec 186933
ElizabethStageMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent2 Dec 186933
Jesse L HFoulkDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Dec 186933
Frederick HErleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Dec 186923
Lavina EAbbottMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Dec 186923
JohnBoswellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Dec 186924
WilliamMooreMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Dec 186935
ElizaJohnsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Dec 186935

Dearborn County Newspaper Index – 1850s

The Dearborn County, Indiana Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, and deaths found in Dearborn County newspapers from 1850 to 1859. Visit the Dearborn County Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameEventNewspaperIssue DatePgCol
John SAlexanderMarriageStandard and Press16 Apr 185631
ElizabethTaylorMarriageStandard and Press16 Apr 185631
Charles OscarLatimoreDeathStandard and Press16 Apr 185631
MariaFarringtonDivorceStandard and Press23 Apr 185672
WilliamFarringtonDivorceStandard and Press23 Apr 185672
Wm SBridwellMarriageStandard and Press14 May 185633
JohnRogersMarriageStandard and Press14 May 185633
WilliamChismanMarriageStandard and Press14 May 185633
HarrietViceMarriageStandard and Press14 May 185633
Rachel EleanorMoranDeathStandard and Press14 May 185633
RachelIsgriggDeathStandard and Press14 May 185633
AugustWellersMarriageStandard and Press14 May 185634
RhodaWrightMarriageStandard and Press14 May 185634
Sarah MeriahNobleDeathStandard and Press14 May 185634
SarahOstlerDeathStandard and Press21 May 185634
CyrusArmstrongDeathStandard and Press28 May 185631
Martin CBruceMarriageStandard and Press28 May 185632
Ann ElizaMoranMarriageStandard and Press28 May 185632
ZebulonGageDeathStandard and Press11 Jun 185631
LauraCraigDeathStandard and Press11 Jun 185631
BurkDeathStandard and Press11 Jun 185633
WolliverDeathStandard and Press11 Jun 185633
Lewis DMorganDeathStandard and Press18 Jun 185631
PaulinaMasonDeathStandard and Press18 Jun 185631
SarahWilsonDeathStandard and Press18 Jun 185632
SarahJessupDeathStandard and Press18 Jun 185632
JamesReedMarriageStandard and Press2 Jul 185631
MaryWarnerMarriageStandard and Press2 Jul 185631
SamuelEcklesMarriageStandard and Press2 Jul 185633
Sarah EJohnsonMarriageStandard and Press2 Jul 185633
E WBurrisDeathStandard and Press2 Jul 185633
EddieGroffDeathStandard and Press9 Jul 185631
William TRossMarriageStandard and Press16 Jul 185631
M ElizaRogersMarriageStandard and Press16 Jul 185631
Samuel DPattersonMarriageStandard and Press23 Jul 185644
ArtemesaWilsonMarriageStandard and Press23 Jul 185644
CampbellDeathStandard and Press23 Jul 185643
Oliver EugeneMoranDeathStandard and Press30 Jul 185632
ThomasKirkwoodMarriageStandard and Press6 Aug 185631
HannahAllenMarriageStandard and Press6 Aug 185631
Augustus FGageMarriageStandard and Press6 Aug 185631
Annie AmeliaMcMathMarriageStandard and Press6 Aug 185631
Mary EmilyIsherwoodDeathStandard and Press6 Aug 185631
Charles EdwardAndereggDeathStandard and Press6 Aug 185631
AnnaTateDeathStandard and Press13 Aug 185631
JohnBestMarriageStandard and Press27 Aug 185632
Mary AnnWilliamsonMarriageStandard and Press27 Aug 185632
Mrs.TaylorDeathStandard and Press10 Sep 185631
JLambersonDeathStandard and Press17 Sep 185632
RichardTerrillMarriageStandard and Press1 Oct 185631
Mary AnnCurtisMarriageStandard and Press1 Oct 185631
JamesLewisDivorceStandard and Press15 Oct 185625
MaryLewisDivorceStandard and Press15 Oct 185625
Daniel HMcClayDeathStandard and Press15 Oct 185642
WmCopelandMarriageStandard and Press15 Oct 185642
MarthaLowryMarriageStandard and Press15 Oct 185642
John CJenisonMarriageStandard and Press15 Oct 185643
Mary EmilyDavisMarriageStandard and Press15 Oct 185643
John WJohnsonMarriageStandard and Press15 Oct 185643
MissDavisMarriageStandard and Press15 Oct 185643
John CCraigMarriageStandard and Press19 Nov 185631
Rebecca AnnSmithMarriageStandard and Press19 Nov 185631
Martin PKnappMarriageStandard and Press19 Nov 185631
Eliza JaneBrunsonMarriageStandard and Press19 Nov 185631
LewisHosleyMarriageStandard and Press19 Nov 185631
LouisaUnspawMarriageStandard and Press19 Nov 185631
Actions CRubelDeathStandard and Press26 Nov 185631
Jason CLudlowDeathStandard and Press10 Dec 185631
JesseyMooreMarriageStandard and Press17 Dec 185631
FannieGrayMarriageStandard and Press17 Dec 185631
AaronTaylorMarriageStandard and Press24 Dec 185632
CharlotteHindsMarriageStandard and Press24 Dec 185632
George WKetchumMarriageStandard and Press24 Dec 185632
Mary ElizabethMendelMarriageStandard and Press24 Dec 185632
Henry JStognerMarriageStandard and Press24 Dec 185632
Mary ElizabethConnellyMarriageStandard and Press24 Dec 185632
ThomasCollierMarriageStandard and Press24 Dec 185632
CarolineCumminsMarriageStandard and Press24 Dec 185632
AaronTaylorMarriageStandard and Press7 Jan 185732
IsabelHindsMarriageStandard and Press7 Jan 185732
JonathanNobleDeathStandard and Press14 Jan 185731
RauserDeathStandard and Press21 Jan 185732
FrederickWirthDivorceStandard and Press28 Jan 185724
ElizabethWirthDivorceStandard and Press28 Jan 185724
JeddeClarkDeathStandard and Press28 Jan 185723
JacobRolandDeathStandard and Press4 Mar 185764
FrankBurkamDeathStandard and Press4 Mar 185764
JohnMaleyDeathStandard and Press11 Mar 185733
AnnRiderDeathStandard and Press11 Mar 185741
Charles ThomasFolbreDeathStandard and Press11 Mar 185741
MichaelFlanniganDeathStandard and Press11 Mar 185741
Henry BGaultMarriageStandard and Press11 Mar 185743
Rebecca BStevensMarriageStandard and Press11 Mar 185743
Jacob JDennisDeathStandard and Press11 Mar 185742
JaneChatfieldDeathStandard and Press25 Mar 1857112
ElizabethFentonDeathStandard and Press8 Apr 1857112
DavidPlattMarriageStandard and Press8 Apr 1857113
MaryShaneMarriageStandard and Press8 Apr 1857113
EzraFerrisDeathStandard and Press25 Apr 185774
ZeredaDykeDeathStandard and Press17 Jun 185771
John HNobleMarriageStandard and Press17 Jun 185771
LouisianaJusticeMarriageStandard and Press17 Jun 185771
A PMarshallMarriageWestern Commercial16 Mar 185032
HarrietNorrisMarriageWestern Commercial16 Mar 185032
AdamJohnsonMarriageWestern Commercial22 Aug 185031
ElizaKastnerMarriageWestern Commercial22 Aug 185041
ThomasSmithDeathWestern Commercial22 Aug 185041
ElizabethJohnsonDivorceWestern Commercial22 Aug 185042
WilliamJohnsonDivorceWestern Commercial22 Aug 185042
CatharineTaylorDivorceWestern Commercial22 Aug 185042
HiramTaylorDivorceWestern Commercial22 Aug 185042
BonaparteBradleyMarriageWestern Commercial3 Oct 185025
LouisaHaburnMarriageWestern Commercial3 Oct 185025
ReubenSmithDeathWestern Commercial3 Oct 185025
LawrenceRitterMarriageAurora Standard22 Jan 185242
Christina WilhelminaGabhardtMarriageAurora Standard22 Jan 185242
HarrietLoweDeathAurora Standard22 Jan 185242
WilliamDeanMarriageAurora Standard29 Jan 185242
Mary EShockleyMarriageAurora Standard29 Jan 185242
AndrewKridleinMarriageAurora Standard29 Jan 185242
BarbaraFrenchMarriageAurora Standard29 Jan 185242
WilliamFitzsimmonsMarriageAurora Standard29 Jan 185242
SarahSergeantMarriageAurora Standard29 Jan 185242
EllenSmithDivorceAurora Standard4 Mar 185234
JeremiahSmithDivorceAurora Standard4 Mar 185234
GeoPateMarriageAurora Standard9 Apr 185641
Maria BarbaryWertsMarriageAurora Standard9 Apr 185641
LouisaSummerfieldMarriageAurora Standard16 Jun 185326
MarianaEpsteinMarriageAurora Standard16 Jun 185326
GeorgeTackittMarriageAurora Standard23 Jun 185332
LucettaHeatonMarriageAurora Standard23 Jun 185332
MahlonHumeDeathAurora Standard20 Oct 185327
WyattAllenMarriageAurora Standard27 Oct 185327
JaneParkerMarriageAurora Standard27 Oct 185327
BenjaminSwallowMarriageAurora Standard27 Oct 185327
CarolineMilburnMarriageAurora Standard27 Oct 185327
E NHopingMarriageAurora Standard5 Jan 185426
HarrietAndrewsMarriageAurora Standard5 Jan 185426
JamesBrownDeathAurora Standard5 Jan 185426
Edward SGrotirantDeathAurora Standard26 Jan 185426
DanielConwayDeathAurora Standard26 Jan 185426
Nelson DFolbreDeathAurora Standard9 Mar 185413
ArabellaLangtreeDeathAurora Standard16 Mar 185426
Margaret AmeliaDawsonDeathAurora Standard27 Apr 185426
CarolineRichDeathAurora Standard27 Apr 185426
MartinGoldsmithMarriageAurora Standard18 May 185426
TetteMeyerMarriageAurora Standard18 May 185426
John AGramlingMarriageAurora Standard18 May 185426
WilhelminaEnglekingMarriageAurora Standard18 May 185426
Eliza WHurlbertDeathAurora Standard24 Aug 185432
Martha JaneHargittDeathAurora Standard31 Aug 185432
Eliza LTorbetDeathAurora Standard2 Nov 185425
Eliza LLewisDeathAurora Standard2 Nov 185425
WilliamMorrisonDeathAurora Standard2 Nov 185433
SimeonOgdenDeathAurora Standard23 Nov 185432
JohnCheekMarriageAurora Standard30 Nov 185432
Jane AArbaughMarriageAurora Standard30 Nov 185432
J. N.MilburnMarriageAurora Standard30 Nov 185432
Mary EHopeMarriageAurora Standard30 Nov 185432
ThomasCloudDeathAurora Standard8 Feb 185532
Thomas E.LangtreeDeathAurora Standard8 Feb 185532
HelenaBitnerDeathAurora Standard8 Feb 185532
AbramBrowerDeathAurora Standard8 Feb 185531
MaryLaneDeathAurora Standard15 Feb 185524
NathanielBarclayMarriageAurora Standard15 Feb 185532
MaryLairdMarriageAurora Standard15 Feb 185532
RobertLairdMarriageAurora Standard15 Feb 185532
AgnesLairdMarriageAurora Standard15 Feb 185532
J DHustonMarriageAurora Standard15 Feb 185532
A EMorganMarriageAurora Standard15 Feb 185532
Omer JrToucyMarriageAurora Standard15 Feb 185532
Caroline PCraftMarriageAurora Standard15 Feb 185532
DavidRiddleDeathAurora Standard15 Feb 185532
John PFreelandMarriageAurora Standard29 Mar 185532
HelenNoyesMarriageAurora Standard29 Mar 185532
Thomas CBerryMarriageAurora Standard29 Mar 185532
Sarah JMcComasMarriageAurora Standard29 Mar 185532
David CWrightMarriageAurora Standard29 Mar 185532
Mary JaneLindsayMarriageAurora Standard29 Mar 185532
John TDowdenDeathAurora Standard29 Mar 185532
Isaac WFerrisDeathAurora Standard29 Mar 185532
WilliamPurcellDeathAurora Standard29 Mar 185532
Mrs.HeustonDeathAurora Standard19 Apr 185532
DanielGodfreyMarriageAurora Standard19 Apr 185532
Cynthia AnnHorseleyMarriageAurora Standard19 Apr 185532
BenjConnerDeathAurora Standard10 May 185532
PowellDeathAurora Standard10 May 185532
John WHaughtMarriageAurora Standard10 May 185532
Mary HNicholsonMarriageAurora Standard10 May 185532
LemuelBigneyMarriageAurora Standard10 May 185532
SarahVan DorenMarriageAurora Standard10 May 185532
Mary JaneWorleyDeathAurora Standard10 May 185532
Jane ESparksDeathAurora Standard17 May 185532
EleanorMattocksDeathAurora Standard17 May 185532
Woodson KWrightDeathAurora Standard17 May 185532
JohnGilmoreMarriageAurora Standard31 May 185531
Jane GCunninghamMarriageAurora Standard31 May 185531
ThomasHuffmanMarriageAurora Standard31 May 185531
ElizabethShultzMarriageAurora Standard31 May 185531
LewisSlonagerDeathAurora Standard31 May 185531
JohnZimmermanDeathAurora Standard31 May 185531
Mrs.CrawfordDeathAurora Standard31 May 185531
Wm Sr.TateMarriageAurora Standard14 Jun 185532
Rebecca LGrayMarriageAurora Standard14 Jun 185532
OscarJacksonMarriageAurora Standard14 Jun 185532
LucyJumperMarriageAurora Standard14 Jun 185532
JohnWilsonDeathAurora Standard14 Jun 185532
DavidMcKittrickDeathAurora Standard14 Jun 185532
JosephLittleDeathAurora Standard21 Jun 185533
WilliamBarnesDeathAurora Standard26 Jul 185526
John PBeagerMarriageAurora Standard26 Jul 185531
AnnaMaicaMarriageAurora Standard26 Jul 185531
NancyHayesDeathAurora Standard26 Jul 185531
ElizaTrueMarriageAurora Standard2 Aug 185533
Margaret FLudlowMarriageAurora Standard2 Aug 185533
Amasa CKnowlesMarriageAurora Standard9 Aug 185523
CatharineAllenMarriageAurora Standard9 Aug 185523
ThomasJohnsonMarriageAurora Standard9 Aug 185523
Elvira FBronsonMarriageAurora Standard9 Aug 185523
PatrickFisherMarriageAurora Standard9 Aug 185523
MargaretDerraghMarriageAurora Standard9 Aug 185523
Daniel GCarlossMarriageAurora Standard9 Aug 185523
Caroline EHoytMarriageAurora Standard9 Aug 185523
Oliver PCobbDeathAurora Standard23 Aug 185524
Cora JWatkinsDeathAurora Standard13 Sep 185531
Cora JBushDeathAurora Standard13 Sep 185531
William EGibsonMarriageAurora Standard13 Sep 185531
Jane AnnWymondMarriageAurora Standard13 Sep 185531
BenjaminBrianMarriageAurora Standard4 Oct 185532
SarahFlakeMarriageAurora Standard4 Oct 185532
Robert BWheelerMarriageAurora Standard4 Oct 185532
Nancy JaneLoweMarriageAurora Standard4 Oct 185532
DennisMossMarriageAurora Standard25 Oct 185531
ElizaPateMarriageAurora Standard25 Oct 185531
O NAllowayMarriageAurora Standard25 Oct 185531
CClarkMarriageAurora Standard25 Oct 185531
DennisMossDeathAurora Standard25 Oct 185531
Wilson WBellMarriageAurora Standard1 Nov 185541
Mary EllenBruceMarriageAurora Standard1 Nov 185541
Asa AGoodellMarriageAurora Standard1 Nov 185541
HannahVinsonMarriageAurora Standard1 Nov 185541
JohnClarkMarriageAurora Standard1 Nov 185541
Lydia BRaymondMarriageAurora Standard1 Nov 185541
WilliamBigneyMarriageAurora Standard1 Nov 185541
Emily JosephineWilsonMarriageAurora Standard1 Nov 185541
Joseph JMerrillMarriageAurora Standard8 Nov 185532
LizzieSteeleMarriageAurora Standard8 Nov 185532
JamesCrawfordMarriageAurora Standard8 Nov 185532
CarolineWoodallMarriageAurora Standard8 Nov 185532
AlsonHatorMarriageAurora Standard8 Nov 185532
Christy AnnEnglishMarriageAurora Standard8 Nov 185532
Henry MRosenbaumDeathAurora Standard8 Nov 185532
Lucy JHunterDeathAurora Standard8 Nov 185532
FrankSewabMarriageAurora Standard29 Nov 185532
MargaretOrdhMarriageAurora Standard29 Nov 185532
Alexander DSeigmondMarriageAurora Standard29 Nov 185532
ElizabethYemsoMarriageAurora Standard29 Nov 185532
Mrs.ClarkDeathAurora Standard29 Nov 185532
DavidReesDeathAurora Standard29 Nov 185532
WmProbascoMarriageAurora Standard13 Dec 185531
Rachel EMorganMarriageAurora Standard13 Dec 185531
W WConwayDeathAurora Standard20 Dec 185531
William WConwayDeathAurora Standard27 Dec 185531
DavidBartlettMarriageAurora Standard27 Dec 185532
Susan WPeckMarriageAurora Standard27 Dec 185532
Thomas ABaileyDeathAurora Standard10 Jan 185631
JohnStewartMarriageAurora Standard12 Mar 185632
JosephineLewisMarriageAurora Standard12 Mar 185632
Richard BConnMarriageAurora Standard12 Mar 185632
AgnesAndrewsMarriageAurora Standard12 Mar 185632
WmChambersMarriageAurora Standard2 Apr 185632
MargaretO'ConnelMarriageAurora Standard2 Apr 185632
Davis GWeaverDeathAurora Standard2 Apr 185632
John HSitchelMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 185932
AnnaCampbellMarriageAurora Commercial28 Apr 185932
JesseJonesMarriageAurora Commercial16 Jun 185925
Aurilla JMitchillMarriageAurora Commercial16 Jun 185925
LaceyParkerDeathAurora Commercial8 Sep 185925
Samuel BSanksMarriageAurora Commercial29 Sep 185932
Mary LGradenMarriageAurora Commercial29 Sep 185932
Annie ELynnMarriageAurora Commercial29 Sep 185932
J TLaneMarriageAurora Commercial29 Sep 185932
B FVailMarriageAurora Commercial29 Sep 185932
Carrie A SLindsayMarriageAurora Commercial29 Sep 185932
John SEmrieMarriageAurora Commercial29 Sep 185932
Mary EScrantonMarriageAurora Commercial29 Sep 185932
Henry WMattingerMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 185924
Anna MStorckMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 185924
LeopoldKupperschmidMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 185924
CarolineBuckMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 185924
TheodoreOhlgartMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 185924
Anna MariaSchaergerMarriageAurora Commercial13 Oct 185924
ElizabethGreerDeathAurora Commercial13 Oct 185924
JohnTerrillDeathAurora Commercial13 Oct 185924
William OPierceMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 185926
ZereldaFallMarriageAurora Commercial10 Nov 185926
JohnWilsonMarriageAurora Commercial17 Nov 185926
Elizabeth AWindsorMarriageAurora Commercial17 Nov 185926
George WFaradayMarriageAurora Commercial17 Nov 185926
AnnBeechMarriageAurora Commercial17 Nov 185926

Aurora List of Letters – Jul 1851

Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana List of Letters for July 1851 appeared in:
Aurora Standard – 3 Jul 1851 – Page 3, Column 4

Remaining in the Post Office at Aurora, July 1, 1851:

  • John Anderson
  • Miss Jane A Arbaugh
  • Elias Brewer
  • Samuel S Barnes
  • Reuben Brown
  • James V Bud
  • Martin Brace
  • Mr. L. W. B.
  • Ellen or Patrick Bourk
  • Miss Mary Bilner
  • Thos J Bailey
  • David & Drake Bartlett
  • John B Bartron
  • Nelson Baker and Emanuel H Richardson
  • Henry Bohmer
  • John Bridewell
  • George W Burton
  • William Bainum
  • Samuel Bushel
  • Samuel Y Burnes
  • Richard M Creath
  • Dr. R Clayton
  • Miss Matilda Chamfer
  • Joseph Coupland
  • Thomas L Cannon
  • Jackson Chance
  • A R Clark
  • Caroline Churchhill
  • W V Cheek
  • Ralph Copelans
  • Thomas Crinniffe
  • T S Cochran
  • Patrick O Donnel
  • Miss Catherine Dorsie
  • Miss Elizabeth Edwards
  • Mr. Hannah Evans
  • Phillip Erle
  • Myron Eggleston
  • John Greathouse
  • Mr. Gilles
  • David Groves
  • Louis Grear
  • Carter Gayley
  • Friedrick Hoff
  • Holmes & Sons
  • Atkinson Horn
  • John Held
  • David Harowles
  • William House
  • Mary E Hope
  • Catharine Huddart
  • Mr. W House
  • Ann B Henry
  • Phillip Held
  • Patrick Hynes
  • Elnathan Horr
  • Martha Jenneman
  • George Jones
  • Mr. A James
  • Adam Johnson
  • Martha Kanney
  • Philip Klippel
  • Patrick Kelly
  • Caroline J Lamb
  • Mr. Benjamin Lindsay
  • Jno W Langtill
  • T Luckitt
  • Katherina Lockner
  • Elijah Linsey
  • B. Heurich Lansing
  • Miss Mary Lindsay
  • Michael McGuire
  • John Marquet
  • Anthony Malowney
  • Wm McDaniel
  • Fanny J McDaniel
  • John McDaniels
  • Walter McBroom
  • L Manley
  • David Noles
  • John Wilson Nixon
  • William Perks
  • Reason Peters
  • Collumbey Pinney
  • Hiram Peters
  • Peter Platter
  • H P Puenneman
  • William Simpson Pate
  • Robert Quinn
  • Doctor Reifschneider
  • Strader Rirum
  • Polly Richardson
  • Samuel S Roggers
  • James Ragsdal
  • W. M. Rickits
  • H J Small
  • Nancy Snyder
  • Harriet Smith
  • Herd A Smith
  • Almarion Smith
  • Joseph Steele
  • Mrs. Spigmin
  • Cleveland Scott
  • Mary H Smith
  • Conrad Sonentag
  • Peter Schmidt
  • Elizabeth Sortwell
  • Johile Savage
  • Wm R Stanly
  • Bessey Tunney
  • Sam’l S Turner
  • Catharine Taylor
  • Miss Mary Thornton
  • John Thuckberger
  • Benjamin Vail
  • A L Vail
  • Ann E Wilson
  • William Wilson
  • Gustave Worling
  • A T Warren
  • Josna Wilcocks
  • Dr. J W Wheeler
  • Miss Emanine Waltard
  • Nathaniel T Willey
  • Col. Johnson Watts
  • Anthony Walsh
  • Christopher Weithe
  • Mr. Wilson Wheeler

Persons in calling for letters on the above list will please say – advertised.
H. L. DEAN, P.M.

Aurora List of Letters – Mar 1851

Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana List of Letters for March 1851 appeared in:
Aurora Western Commercial – 10 Apr 1851 – Page 3, Column 2

Remaining in the Post Office in the city of Aurora, Indiana, on the 31st of March, 1851. Persons calling for these letters, will please say they are advertised.

  • Samuel Abot
  • Lindsey Akens
  • P Allyn
  • Martha J Anderson
  • Wm or Thomas Brown
  • Dorsey Brooks
  • Henry Bahmer
  • John I Brewer
  • Benj Boardman
  • David Bowsar
  • Wm Belton
  • Warren H Bishop
  • William Bainum
  • Elias Brewer
  • Abia L Bull
  • Francis A Bodine
  • Debey Burghas
  • Wm Branner
  • B Biley
  • John Bergdoll
  • Thomas Cunniff
  • John Cosby
  • Henry Harper
  • Newton M Canfield
  • Miss Evelina Cannon
  • John Crosier
  • Abram Johnson Cocker
  • David Carr
  • Thos Campbell
  • Nathan Chidic
  • Wm H Dolby
  • P M Degear
  • Miss Elizabeth Dickey
  • David Durham
  • Harmon Dean
  • Adam Eselman
  • Cumberland Fleming
  • Amor Flake
  • Sam S Fleming
  • Wesley Fair
  • Asa Gilbert
  • A B Gilbert
  • Elnathan Hall
  • Geo W Hoppins
  • John hall
  • Elijah Huffman
  • J S Hull
  • Danl Hancock
  • Miss A Hadicke
  • Andreas S Hanselman
  • John Hollenbeck
  • Philip Horn
  • G Halfer
  • Miss Mary M Higbee
  • J C Harrison
  • Miss Cynthina Henderson
  • Miss Mahala Isgrigg
  • H P Jueneman
  • Milton Johnson
  • Wm Jarvis & Co.
  • Miss Jane Jones
  • Miss Thadesa Johnson
  • Miss Melissa Jackson
  • George Joens
  • David Knowls
  • Jas W King
  • George Kinison
  • Nathaniel Lewis
  • Wm Lemon
  • Miss Clarisa Leonard
  • Miss E Levi
  • Simon Leber
  • Thomas Lowden
  • Secretary of Friendship Lodge
  • James McGill
  • John Mullouney
  • Wm McCartney
  • J T Merrick
  • Perry Miller
  • Robert Miller
  • James McClelland
  • Wm James McClelland
  • Andrew Miller
  • John Marsh
  • Wm G McElrea
  • E Nibance
  • Miss Joanna Newell
  • Miss S A Plummer
  • Miss Mary G Paster
  • John Pegman
  • Dan’l Pane
  • Geo Powell
  • Plumb & Hull
  • Freeman Plummer
  • Barbery Peters
  • Erasmus Powell
  • Thomas M Rogers
  • Wm Rickets
  • Thady & Martin Rogers
  • John N Snyder
  • Henry Swift
  • Washington Stark
  • Siras Smith
  • Jehail Savage
  • Uriah Stephens
  • Wm Seth
  • John Schritryer
  • Hamilton Southwark
  • George Saucey
  • Benson Steel
  • S S Simmons
  • Henry Singleton
  • Ferdinand Schuls
  • John Shumard
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • John Upp
  • Richard E Ward
  • Silas Wheaton
  • Wm Williamson
  • John & Rachel Whithford
  • J C West
  • Peter W Williams
  • Dan’l L Welch
  • Joshua H Wilbraham
  • John Williamson

H. L. DEAN, P.M.
April 3, 1851.

Dearborn County Commissioners – Dec 1851 Session

The following is an abstract of the Dearborn County, Indiana, Commissioners’ Records for the December 1851 Session. For digital copies of the records, visit the Record Requests Page.

Dearborn County Commissioners’ Records – Book 5

December Session 1851

Page 210


  • Zera Vinson
  • Jonathan Hallowell

Report by John Smith and John Kyle, visitors to County Asylum.

Allowed to John Ross for making coffin for pauper

Allowed to Tharp & Baker for shelters for jail

Allowed to William Sheets for books for offices

Allowed to C. Armstrong for coffins for paupers and [?] for use of jail

Allowed to A. F. Gray & D. A. Rewlan for services arresting horse thief


Page 211

Allowed to Wymon & Ferris for coal for Court and offices

Allowed to Delzell & Taylor for books and stationery for offices

Allowed to William Nothun for graveling street

John Mason of Kelso Township exempted from road work.

Henry Wanke – license to keep a store in Jackson Township

Allowed to Alex Brown for taking John Durham, Jr., to Asylum


Page 212

Allowed to Michael Rudisell for digging grave for pauper

Allowed to Andrew Moss for digging graves for paupers

Stults H. Bolsa – license to retail liquors in Kelso Township

W. H. Conaway & Co. – license to keep as tore in Centre Township

Joseph Bartholomew – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Benjamin Vail – license to keep a store in Laughery Township


Page 213

Abram Showalter – license to keep a store in Jackson Township

Warren Steel & Co. – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

George Tousey – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township


Page 214

Anthony Opp – license to keep a store

James Mortaugh – license to keep as tore in Kelso Township

Owensby & Helmuth – license to keep store in Lawrenceburg Township

Thomas T. Edes & Co. – license to keep as tore in Lawrenceburg Township

Allowed to Cornelius O’Brien for articles for Clerk’s office

Allowed to Josiah Rewlan for setting grate and brick furnished jail


Page 215

Allowed to Noble Hamilton for office rent, coal and tax receipts

Allowed to Hugh F. Smith for use of buggy to Asylum

Allowed to Hermon Niemeyer for repairing stoves at Clerk’s office and Court House

Allowed to James Cummings for making two coffins for paupers

Allowed to James Sawdon for services as keeper of County Asylum

Allowed to Joseph Johnson for articles for use of paupers at Asylum

Allowed to James C. Cordry for articles for County Asylum


Page 216

Allowed to George Sheldon for balance on grate for jail

William L. S. Jones – license to keep a store in Sparta Township

Herman Benson – license to keep a store in York Township

Benjamin Morgan – license to keep a store in Harrison Township


Page 217

Allowed to Zera Vinson for hauling jail doors from Wilmington and taking same out of jail at Wilmington

Allowed to Sandford Moody for shaving criminals while in jail

Allowed to John F. Richards for boarding criminals in jail

Cornelius O’Brien authorized to erect an addition to Clerk’s office.


Page 218

Cornelius O’Brien and Theodore Gazlay authorized to repair Court House.

Theodore Gazlay authorized to procure a safe for Treasurer’s and Auditor’s office.

Allowed to Zera Percivall for cloak furnished prisoner

Allowed to R. Rogers for services as Auditor

Court adjourned.

Dearborn County Commissioners – Sep 1851 Called Session

The following is an abstract of the Dearborn County, Indiana, Commissioners’ Records for the September 1851 Called Session. For digital copies of the records, visit the Record Requests Page.

Dearborn County Commissioners’ Records – Book 5

September Called Session 1851

Page 208


  • William S. Ward
  • Zera Vinson
  • Jonathan Hallowell

Reuben Rogers authorized to rent toll house at bridge at New Lawrenceburg.

Allowed to Moses Collin for burying drowned man

Allowed to N. D. Folbre for publishing notices to borrowers of school fund

Allowed to Samuel Moore for conveying drowned man to grave

Allowed to Squier Watts for his [?] for Board of Equalization

Allowed to Jethro Morris for repairs made to Court House


Page 209

Francis W. Jackson appointed one of students to attend Bloomington College

Court adjourned.

Dearborn County Commissioners – Sep 1851 Session

The following is an abstract of the Dearborn County, Indiana, Commissioners’ Records for the September 1851 Session. For digital copies of the records, visit the Record Requests Page.

Dearborn County Commissioners’ Records – Book 5

September Session 1851

Page 196


  • Jonathan Hallowell
  • William S. Ward
  • Zira Vinson

William S. Ward elected president of board.

Michael Sumendall – license to retail liquors in Centre Township

James D. Lozier – license to keep a store in Centre Township

Allowed to Jonathan Ross for markers and coffins for paupers

Report by John Smith and John Kyle, visitors to County Asylum.


Page 197

Petition of George Cornelius and others for road. Land of Samuel B. Wood, George Cornelius, James Carabaugh, Benjamin Brewington, Jacob Welhoff. John Columbia, William Armstrong and John Feney, viewers.


Page 198

Epstine & Co. – license to keep a store in Centre Township

S. Haddenback & Myers – license to keep a store in Centre Township

William Krass – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Board of equalization’s report.


Page 199

Elijah Thatcher – license to keep a store in Clay Township

Leon Adler – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Allowed to Michael Shum for burying drowned man

Allowed to Daniel Jayne for making coffin for drowned man

Allowed to Arthur Bush for services conveying drowned man to shore

Allowed to Isaac N. Cochran for conveying body of drowned man to grave


Page 200

Allowed to Joseph Johnson for articles for paupers at Asylum

Allowed to John Sawdon as keeper of County Asylum

Allowed to James C. Cordry for articles for paupers at Asylum

Allowed to Josephus Clark for completing assessment


Page 201

Andrew Kretline – license to retail liquors in Centre Township

Michael Kimmell – license to retail liquors in Centre Township

William Lemmon – license to retail liquors in Clay Township

William Bickett – license to keep a tavern in Clay Township


Page 202

Allowed to John Scott for services and labor on County Asylum

Tax adjustment on land of heirs of Thomas Miller.

George Moor of Lawrenceburg Township appointed County Surveyor

John Godley and William B. McCullough, administrators of estate of Jefferson Rittenhause made tax overpayment.


Page 203 [Continued.]


Page 204

Allowed to Harding and Tate for professional services rendered prisoners in jail

Allowed to Lane & Hibbard for publishing county expose

Allowed to Addison W. Smith for repairs made to jail

Allowed to B. B. Root for publishing county expose and coroner’s inquests

Allowed to H. S. & J. Applegate for stationery for offices

Allowed to Noble Hamilton for office rent for treasurer

Allowed to Reuben Rogers for services as Auditor


Page 205

Allowed to John F. Richards as keeper of jail

Allowed to W. W. Hibban for publishing county expose and notices of elections, &c.

Tax rates for 1851.


Page 206

Robert Wieber allowed credit on road tax for services erecting bridge on public highway in Laughery Township.

Mayhew & Wright – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg

Simon Hammersmith – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

James Burk – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Wymond and Ferris – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Jacob Opp – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Krap & Sturns – license to keep as tore in Lawrenceburg Township


Page 207

James M. Torrence – license to keep a store in Logan Township

Philip J. Kuhn – license to keep a store in Jackson Township

David A. Brooks – license to keep a store in Sparta Township

John C. Moor – license to keep a store in Sparta Township

Dearborn County Commissioners – Jun 1851 Session

The following is an abstract of the Dearborn County, Indiana, Commissioners’ Records for the June 1851 Session. For digital copies of the records, visit the Record Requests Page.

Dearborn County Commissioners’ Records – Book 5

June Session 1851

Page 169


  • Jonathan Hallowell
  • Zera Vinson
  • William S. Ward

Allowed to Josiah Rewland for catching drowned man, making coffin and expenses burying said man

Allowed to Jonathan Ross for making barn frame for County Asylum Farm and making coffin for Hannah White, a pauper

Joseph Feger – license to keep a grocery in Kelso Township

Leonard Gearhart – license to keep a grocery in Kelso Township

Allowed to William Horner for assessing Logan Township

Allowed to John Kyle, Jr., and John Smith for visiting County Asylum


Page 170

Report of John Kyle, Jr., and John Smith, visitors to County Asylum.

Paupers of Asylum:

  • Philip Snyder
  • John Flannagan
  • Sophia Hervey
  • Elizabeth Love
  • Edmund Nowland
  • Winney Flannagan
  • Ann Gay
  • Albert Hunter
  • John Nehemiah, wife and 2 children
  • Heziah Dail and 2 children
  • Abigail Sullivan and 1 child
  • 2 idiots


  • Levi Garrison and wife left April 2
  • Matilda Russell left April 30
  • Geo Webb left May 20


  • Hannah White died March 23


Allowed to Hamilton Conaway for assessing Clay Township

Allowed to William Lemmon for assessing Caesars Creek Township

Allowed to John Fenimore for assessing Laughery Township


Page 171

Allowed to William L. Hansell for assessing Miller Township

Allowed to William H. Bannister for assessing Jackson Township

Allowed to Samuel J. Johnson for assessing Centre Township

Allowed to Joseph Weitzel for assessing York Township

Allowed to Andrew Lonergan for assessing Kelso Township

Joseph Weizel – license to keep a grocery in York Township

Richard D. Slater, citizen of York Township, presented remonstrance of John Weinberger and others for additional precinct.


Page 172

Allowed to William Winkley for making two bones for drowned man in Centre Township

Allowed to Wilson L. Wheeler for assessing Sparta Township

Stephen Livingston – license to keep a store in Wilmington, Laughery Township

Allowed to C. R. Campbell as assistant assessor

Allowed to Enoch W. Jackson as assistant assessor

Allowed to John Mahoney as assistant assessor

Allowed to Isaac T. Cole as assistant assessmor


Page 173

Allowed to Brown & Goble for printing blanks and Coroner’s Inquest

Allowed to Michael Shum for digging graves and burying two men found drowned in Ohio River

Allowed to Moses Tebbs for assessing in Harrison Township

Allowed to John W. Dawson for use of Ragan Philbrook and others for services rendered burying drowned man and making coffin &c.

Lapish & Sellers – license to keep a store in Harrison Township

John Netters – license to keep a grocery in Kelso Township


Page 174

Levin B. Lewis – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Chambers & Co. – license to keep a store in Centre Township

George Cornelius presents petition for road in Laughery and Sparta Townships. Land of Samuel B. Wood, George Cornelius, James Carbaugh, Benjamin Brewington, Jacob Welhoff, John Spidall, Elizabeth Carbaugh, Seth Buffington, Thomas Hubbard, Mrs. Goulding. Petition signed by: George Cornelius, John Christy, Johue Buffington, Jacob Welhoff, Seth Buffington, Peter Hennegan, James Carbaugh, Daniel H. Wood, Samuel R. Wood, R. H. Givan, E. Chaffin, Benj. Brewington, WM. G. Marshall. John Columbia, William Armstrong and John Teney appointed viewers.


Page 175

Michael Steinmetz – license to keep a tavern in York Township

Mary Kisler – license to keep a tavern in Kelso Township


Page 176

Elias Heustis – license to keep a store in Manchester Township

Maurice Keump – license to keep a store in Kelso Township

G. Cloud – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Allowed to James Aiken for potatoes for County Asylum

Allowed to John Akins for oats for County Asylum


Page 177

Joshua Brewington – license to keep a store in Laughery Township

James D. Bowen – license to keep a store in Sparta Township

Hugh Scott – license to keep a store in York Township

Allowed to John Sawdon as keeper of County Asylum

William Green – license to keep a store in Manchester Township

Allowed to James C. Cordry for articles for paupers at County Asylum

Allowed to Daniel Roberts for articles for paupers at County Asylum

Allowed to Platt & Eldridge for articles for County Asylum


Page 178

Allowed to John B. Clark for articles for County Asylum

Allowed to Joseph Johnson for articles for County Asylum

Allowed to Edward Clements for articles for County Asylum

Allowed to Edwin Canfield for assessing

Allowed to George W. Lane for publishing notices of Coroner’s Inquest

Allowed to A. J. Gray for collecting money from D. Rice for exhibiting a circus in Aurora

John W. Dawson – license to keep a store in York Township

Norval Sparkes – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Joseph Antrim – license to keep a store in Miller Township


Page 179

Ferris McCullough & Co. – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

J. H. Watkins – license to keep a store in Laughery Township

William O’Brien – license to keep a store in Jackson Township

R. P. Squibb – license to keep a store in Centre Township

Elrodd & Sewell – license to keep a store

Joseph West – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Allowed to Thomas Wright for arresting horse thief


Page 180

William Swift – license to keep a store in Kelso Township

George Bittman – license to keep a grocery in Kelso Township

Jacob Gebhartt – license to keep a tavern in Kelso Township

George Bittman – license to keep a store in Kelso Township


Page 181

Jacob Morrison’s account.

Allowed to Theodore Gazlay for making five maps of Township for assessors

Allowed to A. W. Smith for repairs made to jail


Page 182

Allowed to Jonathan Tibbets for assessing Manchester Township

William Turner – license to keep a store in Sparta Township

Allowed to Samuel Osgood for extra services as Sheriff

Allowed to Delzell & Co. for books for Clerk’s office

Allowed to Michael Lang for repairs made to Clerk’s office

Allowed to Applegate & Co. for stationery for Clerk’s and Auditor’s office

Allowed to William Sheets for books for Recorder’s and Auditor’s office

Allowed to James Partlow for conveying drowned man to graveyard

Allowed to Thomas Lampkin for conveying drowned man to graveyard

Allowed to Tidings & White for bringing body of a man found in Ohio River to shore


Page 183

Allowed to George Porter for bringing body of drowned man found in Ohio River to shore

Allowed to John Shoemake for coffin and burying Henry Davis, a pauper of Manchester Township

Assessment adjustments.


Page 184

Allowed to John Scott for services on County Asylum farm

Allowed to George B. Fitch as assessor

Allowed to Henry Boese for making tables and desks for Clerk’s office

Allowed to Daniel Conaway for assessing


Page 185

Grand Jury for August Term 1851:

  1. Thomas Lord, Manchester Township
  2. George Greer, Laughery Township
  3. Reuben Moor, Lawrenceburg Township
  4. Philip Wise, Jackson Township
  5. John Brumley, Jr., Sparta Township
  6. Abram Roland, Lawrenceburg Township
  7. William Firth, York Township
  8. Joseph Trester, Centre Township
  9. George Crozier, Miller Township
  10. John Fagan, York Township
  11. Joseph Grove, Centre Township
  12. Robert Hargate, Miller Township
  13. Conrad Row, York Township
  14. Libbeas A. Bell, Sparta Township
  15. James Goote, Miller Township
  16. John Doyle, Jackson Township
  17. John Teny, Sparta Township
  18. John L. Bailey, Centre Township

Traverse Jury for 1st week, August Term 1851:

  1. John Henderson, Jr., Harrison Township
  2. Henry Likely, York Township
  3. Thomas F. Rhodes, Laughery Township
  4. Isaac Kaughman, Lawrenceburg Township
  5. Silas Balser, Kelso Township
  6. Thomas Gayon, Clay Township
  7. David A. Hall, Lawrenceburg Township
  8. Jacob Clements, Jackson Township
  9. Robert D. Brown, Laughery Township
  10. William Tate, Sr., Lawrenceburg Township
  11. Anthony Morgan, Jackson Township
  12. Elial Chaffin, Sparta Township

Traverse Jury for 2nd week, August Term 1851:

  1. George Cook, Miller Township
  2. J. M. Bottinburgh, Jackson Township
  3. James Carbaugh, Sparta Township
  4. John Gibson, Miller Township
  5. John Palmer, York Township
  6. William Bruce, Laughery Township
  7. Samuel Craig, Logan Township
  8. Solomon O’Brien, Jackson Township
  9. Martin Trester, Laughery Township
  10. William Glasdon, Logan Township
  11. Stokely Dills, Manchester Township
  12. Charles Owen, Sparta Township


Page 186

Traverse Jury for 3rd week, August Term 1851:

  1. David Ellis, Miller Township
  2. Samuel McMullor, Manchester Township
  3. John Crofur, Sparta Township
  4. Thos. M. Brackenridge, Harrison Township
  5. James A. Angevin, York Township
  6. Jacob W. Egleston, Clay Township
  7. Oliver Gates, Miller Township
  8. William Donlan, Kelso Township
  9. Vandolah Swallow, Clay Township
  10. Thomas Cottingham, Harrison Township
  11. Lawrence McGaire, Kelso Township
  12. James Johnson, Clay Township

Traverse Jury for 4th week, August Term 1851:

  1. Anderson F. Gage, Lawrenceburg Township
  2. Francis Rhinehart, Kelso Township
  3. George P. Low, Laughery Township
  4. William S. Miller, Lawrenceburg Township
  5. James A. Eastly, York Township
  6. James Clements, Laughery Township
  7. Timothy Guard, Lawrenceburg Township
  8. Jacob Knote, Kelso Township
  9. B. F. Burlingame, Laughery Township
  10. John Liddle, Miller Township
  11. George Lewis, Manchester Township
  12. John Langley, Centre Township

Grand Jury for February Term 1852:

  1. Amos Reese, Lawrenceburg Township
  2. Jacob Goodapple, York Township
  3. Henry Walker, Cente Township
  4. Sherwood Blasdell, Miller Township
  5. George Morris, Manchester Township
  6. Hugh Alexander, Sparta Township
  7. George Barber, Logan Township
  8. James McKay, Kelso Township
  9. Edwin Canfield, Laughery Township
  10. Robert M. Fowler, Lawrenceburg Township
  11. Addison Chandler, Manchester Township
  12. Wilson Dorman, Sparta Township
  13. John Godley, Harrison Township
  14. Mathias Rush, Kelso Township
  15. Stephen Levingston, Laughery Township
  16. Charles Jolly, Logan Township
  17. Peter C. Wilcox, Manchester Township
  18. Smith L. Moore, Sparta Township

Traverse Jury for 1st week, February Term 1852:

  1. R. Hargate, Miller Township
  2. A. J. Alden, Jackson Township
  3. Thomas Wilson, Clay Township
  4. John Ewbank, Miller Township
  5. James Foster, Kelso Township
  6. G. W. Taylor, Laughery Township
  7. Joseph M. Harper, Lawrenceburg Township
  8. Michael O’Conner, York Township
  9. John Cobb, Centre Township
  10. Isaac Vandansdoll, Miller Township
  11. Frebourn Lewis, Kelso Township
  12. Isaac T. Cole, Clay Township

Traverse Jury for 2nd week, February Term 1852:

  1. George Bonham, Logan Township
  2. Charles Tibbets, Manchester Township
  3. Conaway Bainum, Centre Township
  4. Aaron R. Bonham, Miller Township
  5. James K. Shoats, York Township
  6. John Maston, Sparta Township
  7. Elisha Miller, Harrison Township
  8. James Howell, Manchester Township
  9. Charles Bruce, Laughery Township
  10. William Lard, Logan Township
  11. Richard S. Anderson, Manchester Township
  12. William Eversol, Sparta Township


Page 187

Traverse Jury for 3rd week, February Term 1852:

  1. James Frazer, Miller Township
  2. Samuel J. Alden, Jackson Township
  3. Thomas Fenton, Centre Township
  4. Leroy Flemming, Lawrenceburg Township
  5. Jonathan Hall, York Township
  6. Abram Pierson, Clay Township
  7. Moses Crist, Lawrenceburg Township
  8. Linus Hamlin, Manchester Township
  9. William Walser, Laughery Township
  10. Wilson H. Swales, Logan Township
  11. Phillip Shott, Kelso Township
  12. Elijah Huffman, Laughery Township

Traverse Jury for 4th week, February Term 1852:

  1. Charles Burk, Logan Township
  2. Valentine Noe, Kelso Township
  3. Samuel Wymond, Clay Township
  4. Edward B. Hunt, Lawrenceburg Township
  5. Hugh Scott, York Township
  6. James Rand, Caesars Creek Township
  7. William Darling, Miller Township
  8. Alfred J. N. Platt, York Township
  9. John Willhof, Laughery Township
  10. Thomas Annis, Miller Townshipo
  11. George Givan, Manchester Township
  12. Newton Canfield, Laughery Township


Page 188

Allowed to John Fagan as assessor

Allowed to Isaac T. Cole as assessor

Allowed to J. H. Brower & Co. for professional services rendered James Brown

Allowed to Platt & Eldridge for lumber for County Asylum

Allowed to Seth Plat as viewer of roads in York and Manchester Townships

Allowed to R. & O. Parry for articles for Clerk’s office

Allowed to Cornelius Vanhorn as viewer of road

Report on road in Miller and York Townships.

Wrights Corner in Manchester Township selected as additional precinct for holding elections. G. S. Jaquith appointed inspector. Stokely Dills, George M. Lozier and Hiram Crowwell appointed Judges of elections.

Lawrenceville in Jackson Township selected as additional election precinct. William Stone appointed inspector. John M. Bottenburg, Dudley K. Rafferty and George S. Williams appointed Judges of elections.

House of Jacob Wilhelm in Kelso Township selected as additional election precinct. Jacob Knote appointed inspector. Charles Wilhelm, Anthony Hahn and Daniel Mason appointed Judges of elections.

Allowed to William S. Ward for procuring lumber for erection of barn on County Asylum farm


Page 190

Allowed to George B. Sheldon for articles for Clerk’s office

Allowed to Enoch E. Adams for [?] for offices

Allowed to Cornelius O’Brien for articles for Clerk’s office

George Younker – license to keep a grocery in Kelso Township

Allowed to Benjamin Sylvester for articles furnished R. Bell, a pauper in Centre Township

Allowed to Cheek & Raymond for printing blank Grand Jury subpoenas

Allowed to John F. Richards for boarding prisoners in jail


Page 191

Ordered refunded to Gaff & Co. half of tax charged Gaff Bush & Co. for interest in Steamboat Diana which was incorrectly paid.

William Becket – license to keep a tavern in Clay Township

Michael Leightner – license to keep a tavern in York Township

Allowed to Zere T. Percivall for cleaning Court House

Allowed to George Tousey for window blinds for Auditor’s office


Page 192

Auditor’s report on funds in Treasury.


Page 193

Treasurer’s report.


Page 194

Allowed to Sandford Moody for shaving prisoners in jail

Noble Hamilton, Treasurer, makes report.

Allowed to Noble Hamilton for fuel and office rent

Allowed to Gerrard Wempe for arresting horse thief


Page 195

William Beckett exempted from road work.

Ordered that land owned by John Smith and located in Kelso Township be attached to York Township.

Allowed to J. Crosby for painting offices

Allowed to Josephus Clark for assessing

Allowed to Reuben Rogers for services as Auditor

Court adjourned.

Dearborn County Commissioners – May 1851 Called Session

The following is an abstract of the Dearborn County, Indiana, Commissioners’ Records for the May 1851 Called Session. For digital copies of the records, visit the Record Requests Page.

Dearborn County Commissioners’ Records – Book 5

May Called Session 1851

Page 168


  • Zera Vinson
  • William S. Ward

Isaac T. Cole, Edwin Canfield and John Fagan appointed assistant appraisers.

Court adjourned.

Dearborn County Commissioners – Mar 1851 Session

The following is an abstract of the Dearborn County, Indiana, Commissioners’ Records for the March 1851 Session. For digital copies of the records, visit the Record Requests Page.

Dearborn County Commissioners’ Records – Book 5

March Session 1851

Page 135


  • Jonathan Hallowell
  • William S. Ward
  • Zera Vinson

Lewis Grengard – license to keep a tavern in Lawrenceburg

Allowed to Josephus Clark for professional services prosecuting suit of forcible entry and detainer against William A. Kerr to recover the possession of a public building in Wilmington heretofore used as a public jail

George Fry – license to keep a tavern in York Township


Page 136

Reuben Rogers, Auditor, filed his bond with Stephen East, William Headley and Hamilton Conaway, his securities.


Page 137

Reuben Rogers, Auditor, filed bond with Josiah Chambers, Townsend J. Taylor, Thomas J. Taylor, Wm. F. Stevens, George Greer, L. E. Stevens, and Wm. S. Speakman, his securities.


Page 138

Allowed to H. Dill for articles furnished County Asylum

Allowed to David Leroy for professional services rendered paupers at Asylum

Allowed to Hezekiah Dill as keeper of County Asylum

Allowed to Jonathan Ross for making coffin for pauper who died in County Asylum

Allowed to Andrew Moss for digging grave for three paupers

Allowed to J. W. Gordon for professional services to pauper

Allowed to James Partlow for conveying body of drowned man to grave

Allowed to James M. Hayes for making coffin for Knowles child


Page 139

Allowed to John R. Clark for sundries furnished County Asylum

Allowed to Daniel Roberts for sundries furnished County Asylum

Allowed to Seth Platt for articles furnished County Asylum

Allowed to Hugh F. Smith for conveying Mary Yarnall to Asylum

Allowed to William S. Miller for coal for use of jail

Allowed to Brown & Goble for printing blanks and advertising

Allowed to Oliver Heustis for expenses &c. in apprehending and conviction of Governor N. Keikman, a [?] thief

Allowed to Israel Ketcham for conveying Hannah White, a pauper, to County Asylum


Page 140

Report of Henry White, George Robertson and John Mahoney, viewers on road in Kelso and Jackson Townships. Lands of Christian Mabes.

Petition of John W. Dawson and others to appoint viewers for road. Cornelius Vanhorn, Seth Platt and Stokely Dills appointed viewers.


Page 141

Report of visitors to County Asylum.


Page 142

E. Dumont authorized to collect jury fees.

Allowed to Addison W. Smith for carpenter’s work at jail

Allowed to H. H. J. Applegate for stationery for offices

Allowed to William Sheets & Co. for books for offices

Joseph Blatner – license to keep a tavern in Kelso Township

Jacob Gaster – license to keep a tavern


Page 143

Valentine Stumph – license to keep a tavern in Kelso Township

John F. Cheek, attorney for Wm. H. Bowen, presents account for attendance as witness in case of Indiana vs. Govnor A. Kerkman, a horse thief and cash paid Deputy Marshall for bringing Jeadiah White (a criminal) from Cincinnati. Refused and appealed.

Allowed to George Hume for removing Wm. A. Kerr from jail in Wilmington

Allowed to Chambers & Co. for articles for paupers in County Asylum


Page 144

Allowed to James Cummings for making coffin for Darby Coyl, drowned man

Allowed to Levi E. McQuithey for plastering jail

Allowed to George Conner for coffin and other expenses for burying G. Cable

Joseph Shinep– license to keep a grocery

Benjamin Sylvester – license to keep a store in Centre Township

Charles Yeager – license to keep a grocery in Kelso Township

George Voglesang – license to keep a tavern in Kelso Township

H. F. Smith – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township


Page 145

Henry Schue – license to keep a tavern in Kelso Township

Allowed to Nathaniel Leonard for coffin for two paupers of Harrison Township


Page 146

Allowed to Michael Shum for digging grave and burying three paupers within Centre Township

Isaac Davis – license to keep a store in Sparta Township

Allowed to Abram Brower for paper for Clerk’s office

Petition of Trustees of Congressional Township 7, Range 1 west.


Page 147

Allowed to H. S. & J. Applegate for stationery for Clerk’s office

Gerrart Wemp – license to keep a tavern in Kelso Township


Page 148

Michael Boly – license to keep a grocery in Kelso Township

Henry Rosenbaum – license to keep a grocery in Centre Township

James C. Corany – license to keep a store in Laughery Township

Joseph Steinmetz – license to keep a store in Manchester Township


Page 149

Peter B. Vail – license to keep a store in Centre Township

David Moor – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

George Chandler – license to keep as tore in Lawrenceburg Township

Benjamin Stockman – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

Oliver P. Gray – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township

H. L. Dean – license to keep a store in Centre Township

Alexander Swartz – license to keep a store in Lawrenceburg Township


Page 150

Appointed Trustees of County Seminary: Robert B. Brown, Benjamin Barlingham, David Kerr, Benjamin Vail, and Daniel Conaway of Laughery Township; William S. Holman, William T. Harris and Jacob Morrison of Centre Township; John B. Vail of Lawrenceburg Township; Charles Jolly of Logan Township; John Brumley of Sparta Township and Seth Platt of Manchester Township.

Allowed to E. E. Adams for stationery for offices

Allowed to Abram Lozier for articles furnished paupers at County Asylum

Guilford, York Township selected as additional place for elections. Charles R. Campbell appointed inspector and John Frazan, James McGinnis and Joseph Hansall appointed Judges of elections.


Page 151

Allowed to George Y. Chandler for articles for paupers

Allowed to Zera Vinson for removing Wm. A. Kerr out of jail at Wilmington

Josephus Clark of Center Township appointed County Appraiser. Daniel Conaway of Laughery Township; Enoch W. Jackson of Miller Township; Charles R. Campbell of York Township; and John Mahoney of Kelso Township appointed assistant appraisers.


Page 152

Allowed to Noble Hamilton for fuel, printing, &c. for offices


Page 153

Heinrich Wedelstaedt for two locks and one shovel for Clerk’s office

Gustof Wierling – license to keep a grocery in Centre Township

John Long – license to keep a grocery in Centre Township

Frederick Notmire – license to keep a grocery in Centre Township

Allowed to C. Armstrong for table for Recorder’s office and repairing gate

Allowed to C. O’Brien for articles for Clerk’s office


Page 154

Allowed to William V. Cheek for costs in the following cases: Indiana vs. J. Pnney, G. Dunn and Nathan Powell; William Perry vs. Joseph Dart, Alexr H. Dill and J. Phinney; State on relation of Wright vs. Wm. A. Clark; Saml. Roberts vs. John Tufts Sr. and others; and case of insanity of Mills Robinson.

Allowed to J. H. Brower for professional services rendered James Brown. Rescinded.


Page 155

John P. Kimmell – license to keep a tavern in Centre Township

Allowed to George W. Roberts for articles for Asylum

Charles Fahlon – license to keep a grocery in Centre Township

Holland & Dair – license to keep a store in Harrison Township

Allowed to John Mahoney, George Robertson and Henry White for viewing road


Page 156

Anderson Londergan – license to keep a tavern in Kelso Townsh

Kelso, Logan, Clay, Centre and York Townships voted for liquor licenses.

Allowed to Brown & Goble for blanks for assessors

Allowed to N. D. Folbre for publishing notices for proposals for keeping County Asylum


Page 157

John Sawdon’s proposal to keep County Asylum accepted.

David L. Roy appointed physician for County Asylum.


Page 158

Henry Zimner – license to keep a grocery in Centre Township

Ann McGrath – license to keep a tavern in Kelso Township

John Kyle of Manchester Township and John Smith of Laughery Township appointed visitors to County Asylum.

Allowed to John F. Richards for services as jailor and repairs to building

Allowed to Sandford Moody for shaving prisoners in jail


Page 159

Robert H. N. Scott – license to keep a tavern in Centre Township

Allowed to E. P. Bond for professional services rendered pauper removed from National Hotel to house for those afflicted with small pox

Examinations of bonds and mortgages.

Allowed to Reuben Rogers for services as Auditor


Page 160

Purchase of bridge at New Lawrenceburg from Lawrenceburg and Tanners Creek Bridge Company. Stephen Ludlow, president of company; Isaac Dunn and David Woodward, Trustees. Jonathan Hallowell and William S. Ward, commissioners. Green Sparkes, George Ross, Reuben Moore, Lawrenceburg Township Trustees.


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Page 163

Auditor’s report on Congressional Townships.


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Page 167

Report on County Funds.

Court adjourned.