Vevay Newspaper Index – 1850-1859

The Vevay, Switzerland County, Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, deaths and estates found in Vevay newspapers from 1850 to 1859. Visit the Vevay Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameEventNewspaperIssue DatePageColumn
LinusMooreMarriageIndiana Palladium12 Jan 185032
CarolineGatesMarriageIndiana Palladium12 Jan 185032
LucindaSchenkDeathIndiana Palladium26 Jan 185032
J WBaxterMarriageIndiana Palladium2 Feb 185032
Martha EMendenhallMarriageIndiana Palladium2 Feb 185032
HenryBrownMarriageIndiana Palladium2 Feb 185032
Eliza MPriceMarriageIndiana Palladium2 Feb 185032
ChristopherPeelmanDeathIndiana Palladium16 Feb 185032
Wm WWilsonMarriageIndiana Palladium23 Feb 185033
Martha JOrchardMarriageIndiana Palladium23 Feb 185033
Martha AnnSkeinDeathIndiana Palladium2 Mar 185033
William HPriceMarriageIndiana Palladium9 Mar 185025
Mary JaneRussellMarriageIndiana Palladium9 Mar 185025
Charles CarrollJonesDeathIndiana Palladium9 Mar 185033
William HJessupDivorceIndiana Palladium9 Mar 185033
AdalineJessupDivorceIndiana Palladium9 Mar 185033
Alice CorneliaSchenckDeathIndiana Palladium30 Mar 185031
ClementineGolayDeathIndiana Palladium6 Apr 185032
Jane BHenryDeathIndiana Palladium6 Apr 185032
GeorgeSingerDeathIndiana Palladium6 Apr 185032
ColumbusMcCulloughDeathIndiana Palladium6 Apr 185032
John GSchenckMarriageIndiana Palladium20 Apr 185031
Nancy LRoseMarriageIndiana Palladium20 Apr 185031
JacobRochatDeathIndiana Palladium20 Apr 185031
JeffersonMcCulloughMarriageIndiana Palladium4 May 185032
LucyGilbertMarriageIndiana Palladium4 May 185032
JohnRayleMarriageIndiana Palladium4 May 185032
SarahPorterMarriageIndiana Palladium4 May 185032
CharlesHumbertMarriageIndiana Palladium18 May 185032
MaryHyattMarriageIndiana Palladium18 May 185032
CharlesNobleMarriageIndiana Palladium18 May 185032
AnnisAlbroMarriageIndiana Palladium18 May 185032
George RToddMarriageIndiana Palladium18 May 185032
Ann MDumontMarriageIndiana Palladium18 May 185032
SarahScottDeathIndiana Palladium1 Jun 185032
John FrancisDufourDeathIndiana Palladium15 Jun 185032
James SLongDeathIndiana Palladium29 Jun 185032
Ellen OrionSullivanDeathIndiana Palladium6 Jul 185032
Thomas VMorrowDeathIndiana Palladium20 Jul 185031
DanielDoanDeathIndiana Palladium27 Jul 185032
Lemuel FEdringtonMarriageIndiana Palladium27 Jul 185032
ArcadialSmithMarriageIndiana Palladium27 Jul 185032
HarrietDumontDeathIndiana Palladium3 Aug 185032
DanielColeMarriageIndiana Palladium10 Aug 185033
Mary JaneArmstrongMarriageIndiana Palladium10 Aug 185033
ElizaHathornDeathIndiana Palladium24 Aug 185032
RobertPhillipsMarriageIndiana Palladium31 Aug 185032
Margaret AnnRolstonMarriageIndiana Palladium31 Aug 185032
Cynthia APeelmanDeathIndiana Palladium31 Aug 185032
SamuelWardDeathIndiana Palladium12 Sep 185031
Jacob HRobertsMarriageIndiana Palladium19 Sep 185031
Mary AnnPattonMarriageIndiana Palladium19 Sep 185031
J BNormanMarriageIndiana Palladium26 Sep 185032
Lucy ANighswongerMarriageIndiana Palladium26 Sep 185032
T MDangladeMarriageIndiana Palladium26 Sep 185032
Sarah APleasantsMarriageIndiana Palladium26 Sep 185032
HiramHuntMarriageIndiana Palladium3 Oct 185032
MaryMcCorkhillMarriageIndiana Palladium3 Oct 185032
LewisPhillipDeathIndiana Palladium17 Oct 185031
AlbertMorseDeathIndiana Palladium24 Oct 185031
TheodoreMorseDeathIndiana Palladium24 Oct 185031
Charles AlbertSmithDeathIndiana Palladium14 Nov 185032
LuellaCannonDeathIndiana Palladium14 Nov 185032
MaryGerrardDeathIndiana Palladium5 Dec 185031
Wm CBartonMarriageIndiana Palladium2 Jan 185132
Susan JDiserensMarriageIndiana Palladium2 Jan 185132
GeorgeAdamsMarriageIndiana Palladium2 Jan 185132
SarahBairdMarriageIndiana Palladium2 Jan 185132
ThomasJagersMarriageIndiana Palladium2 Jan 185132
EleanorDufourMarriageIndiana Palladium2 Jan 185132
R BDriskelMarriageIndiana Palladium9 Jan 185132
JosophineRicheyMarriageIndiana Palladium9 Jan 185132
Maria LouisaHerndonDeathIndiana Palladium30 Jan 185133
DuncanDunnMarriageIndiana Palladium6 Feb 185133
RachaelSedamMarriageIndiana Palladium6 Feb 185133
SamuelHoldcroftMarriageIndiana Palladium13 Feb 185133
MarthaRobinsMarriageIndiana Palladium13 Feb 185133
Jane MariaSiebenthalDeathIndiana Palladium27 Feb 185133
Daniel SrColeDeathIndiana Palladium27 Feb 185133
Jean MariaSiebenthalDeathIndiana Palladium6 Mar 185133
MarianBurenDeathIndiana Palladium6 Mar 185133
Lucinda ALyonDivorceIndiana Palladium20 Mar 185134
William ULyonDivorceIndiana Palladium20 Mar 185134
J CKnolesDeathIndiana Palladium27 Mar 185132
SamuelFallisDeathIndiana Palladium3 Apr 185132
George PKnoxMarriageIndiana Palladium24 Apr 185133
Mary SHarwoodMarriageIndiana Palladium24 Apr 185133
JamesGibsonMarriageIndiana Palladium8 May 185133
Mary JaneMansfieldMarriageIndiana Palladium8 May 185133
CharlesHendersonDeathIndiana Palladium8 May 185133
John KBrooksDeathIndiana Palladium29 May 185133
HenryTurnerMarriageIndiana Palladium5 Jun 185133
MaryAlbroMarriageIndiana Palladium5 Jun 185133
ThomasReidMarriageOhio Valley Gazette19 Jun 185133
ElizabethBrookeMarriageOhio Valley Gazette19 Jun 185133
Robert SCottonMarriageOhio Valley Gazette19 Jun 185133
EbenezerReevesMarriageOhio Valley Gazette24 Jul 185132
Nancy WGrigsbyMarriageOhio Valley Gazette24 Jul 185132
PeterDaileyMarriageOhio Valley Gazette24 Jul 185132
Mary AnnCookMarriageOhio Valley Gazette24 Jul 185132
John FrancisSiebenthalDeathOhio Valley Gazette7 Aug 185132
JohnWeaverMarriageOhio Valley Gazette14 Aug 185132
Mary EWilcoxMarriageOhio Valley Gazette14 Aug 185132
RobertAndrewsMarriageOhio Valley Gazette21 Aug 185132
AnnBorlandMarriageOhio Valley Gazette21 Aug 185132
ElizabethHatfieldDivorceOhio Valley Gazette11 Sep 185131
Clayton WHatfieldDivorceOhio Valley Gazette11 Sep 185131
LucindaReamerDivorceOhio Valley Gazette11 Sep 185131
DavidReamerDivorceOhio Valley Gazette11 Sep 185131
WilliamPetersMarriageOhio Valley Gazette18 Sep 185132
Mary JTorrenceMarriageOhio Valley Gazette18 Sep 185132
Eliza JMcGinnisDeathOhio Valley Gazette18 Sep 185132
Eliza JGrahamDeathOhio Valley Gazette18 Sep 185132
JeremiahShafferMarriageOhio Valley Gazette18 Sep 185145
DelilahShafferMarriageOhio Valley Gazette18 Sep 185145
Henry WBaxterDeathOhio Valley Gazette25 Sep 185131
GideonKepnerMarriageOhio Valley Gazette9 Oct 185131
Mary AnnOwensMarriageOhio Valley Gazette9 Oct 185131
JamesWeedMarriageOhio Valley Gazette6 Nov 185131
IsabelClineMarriageOhio Valley Gazette6 Nov 185131
Tabitha CProtsmanMarriageOhio Valley Gazette6 Nov 185131
Moses WFishMarriageOhio Valley Gazette6 Nov 185131
Frances AHathornDeathOhio Valley Gazette20 Nov 185131
Perry MMansfieldDeathOhio Valley Gazette4 Dec 185126
Aime ELeClercDeathOhio Valley Gazette4 Dec 185126
PinckneyJamesDeathOhio Valley Gazette1 Jan 185231
ClaraDufourDeathOhio Valley Gazette22 Jan 185231
SarahDonnerDeathOhio Valley Gazette29 Jan 185232
Mary JaneHaydenDivorceOhio Valley Gazette19 Feb 185231
BenjaminHaydenDivorceOhio Valley Gazette19 Feb 185231
William JTeatsDeathOhio Valley Gazette26 Feb 185231
IraMalinDeathOhio Valley Gazette4 Mar 185231
Estella EvelineTeatsDeathOhio Valley Gazette18 Mar 185226
James JosephBrysonDeathOhio Valley Gazette18 Mar 185226
LafayetteBrysonDeathOhio Valley Gazette25 Mar 185231
AbnerGatesMarriageOhio Valley Gazette1 Apr 185226
Amanda MPhilipsMarriageOhio Valley Gazette1 Apr 185226
John MGatesMarriageOhio Valley Gazette1 Apr 185226
Nancy EPhilipsMarriageOhio Valley Gazette1 Apr 185226
Gabriel IDalmazzoMarriageOhio Valley Gazette10 Jun 185231
Elizabeth JScottMarriageOhio Valley Gazette10 Jun 185231
HoraceGrayMarriageOhio Valley Gazette1 Jul 185231
RebeccaDailyMarriageOhio Valley Gazette1 Jul 185231
WilliamShullMarriageOhio Valley Gazette1 Jul 185231
VirginiaDaileyMarriageOhio Valley Gazette1 Jul 185231
BenjaminWebbMarriageOhio Valley Gazette12 Aug 185232
Amanda MWhannMarriageOhio Valley Gazette12 Aug 185232
Patrick EPorterMarriageOhio Valley Gazette12 Aug 185232
JaneLancasterMarriageOhio Valley Gazette12 Aug 185232
James EBrysonMarriageOhio Valley Gazette19 Aug 185232
MariahBurnesMarriageOhio Valley Gazette19 Aug 185232
ThomasChapmanMarriageOhio Valley Gazette26 Aug 185232
ArmintaGatesMarriageOhio Valley Gazette26 Aug 185232
Jacob CSmithDivorceOhio Valley Gazette26 Aug 185245
LucindaSmithDivorceOhio Valley Gazette26 Aug 185245
Edward HRogersMarriageOhio Valley Gazette14 Oct 185226
Mary JaneShullMarriageOhio Valley Gazette14 Oct 185226
DanielWebsterDeathOhio Valley Gazette28 Oct 185222
RobertTorranceMarriageOhio Valley Gazette28 Oct 185232
Jane MMcCulloughMarriageOhio Valley Gazette28 Oct 185232
Andrew JMcHenryMarriageOhio Valley Gazette4 Nov 185232
Rachel FPearceMarriageOhio Valley Gazette4 Nov 185232
Nicholas SMitchellMarriageOhio Valley Gazette4 Nov 185232
Electa AnnFranklinMarriageOhio Valley Gazette4 Nov 185232
RezinBarnsMarriageOhio Valley Gazette4 Nov 185232
SusanSchmeadMarriageOhio Valley Gazette4 Nov 185232
E KBascomDeathOhio Valley Gazette11 Nov 185224
DavidArmstrongMarriageOhio Valley Gazette18 Nov 185226
Eliza SDumontMarriageOhio Valley Gazette18 Nov 185226
Joshua NElderMarriageOhio Valley Gazette18 Nov 185226
SophiaPattonMarriageOhio Valley Gazette18 Nov 185226
Aaron LGoodwinDeathOhio Valley Gazette2 Dec 185232
Mary SusanNormanDeathOhio Valley Gazette17 Feb 185332
Caroline HMorseDeathOhio Valley Gazette3 Mar 185331
Jacob CSmithMarriageOhio Valley Gazette17 Mar 185331
Julia LColeMarriageOhio Valley Gazette17 Mar 185331
Shepard WPlymptonMarriageOhio Valley Gazette17 Mar 185331
ThaddeusOlmsteadDeathOhio Valley Gazette17 Mar 185331
John MKeithMarriageOhio Valley Gazette31 Mar 185332
Cecelia HGolayMarriageOhio Valley Gazette21 Apr 185332
JohnShawMarriageOhio Valley Gazette21 Apr 185332
MaryJamesMarriageOhio Valley Gazette31 Mar 185332
Jacob CWebbMarriageOhio Valley Gazette28 Apr 185331
Lydia ASeverMarriageOhio Valley Gazette28 Apr 185331
SamuelCoxMarriageOhio Valley Gazette28 Apr 185331
RachelMillerMarriageOhio Valley Gazette28 Apr 185331
MarionTagueMarriageOhio Valley Gazette12 May 185333
MaryRodgersMarriageOhio Valley Gazette12 May 185333
JohnMcCaseMarriageOhio Valley Gazette12 May 185333
SarahMcFatridgeMarriageOhio Valley Gazette12 May 185333
MargaretLawrenceDeathOhio Valley Gazette26 May 185333
CarterGazleyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
Elizabeth BEmersonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
WilliamPickettMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
ChristenaGropenoniserMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
Frederick HHarrisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
LucretiaCunninghamMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
RobertCulbertsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
MaryFrancisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
George CPattonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
ElizaGerrardMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
JesseMurphyEstateThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185332
BenoitCourvoisierSaleThe Weekly Reveille23 Jun 185333
J HTitusMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Jun 185333
AntoinetteDetrazMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Jun 185333
JohnAlfrayMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Jun 185333
ElizabethPickettMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Jun 185333
JesseMurphyEstateThe Weekly Reveille30 Jun 185343
JohnSmithDeathThe Weekly Reveille07 Jul 185322
JonathanHamDeathThe Weekly Reveille07 Jul 185324
H MCoreyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Jul 185332
RachaelMeadMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Jul 185332
JesseMurphyEstateThe Weekly Reveille07 Jul 185333
ThomasMewhinneyDeathThe Weekly Reveille14 Jul 185325
ClifftonWhartonSaleThe Weekly Reveille14 Jul 185333
NormanDeathThe Weekly Reveille21 Jul 185325
JohnPattonDeathThe Weekly Reveille21 Jul 185333
Henry MSockwellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Jul 185333
IsabellaFallisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Jul 185333
ClifftonWhartonSaleThe Weekly Reveille21 Jul 185343
Dr.GordonDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 Jul 185324
JohnMcCulloughMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Jul 185333
LudicyPickettMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Jul 185333
GabrielJohnsonEstateThe Weekly Reveille28 Jul 185333
MalloryLancasterSaleThe Weekly Reveille28 Jul 185333
ClifftonWhartonSaleThe Weekly Reveille28 Jul 185344
SamuelFallisDeathThe Weekly Reveille04 Aug 185331
GreenDeathThe Weekly Reveille04 Aug 185332
GoldschmidtBirthThe Weekly Reveille04 Aug 185332
John MHoldcraftMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Aug 185332
MarthaWisemanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Aug 185332
SamuelFallisEstateThe Weekly Reveille04 Aug 185333
MalloryLancasterSaleThe Weekly Reveille04 Aug 185334
BenoitCourvoisierSaleThe Weekly Reveille04 Aug 185335
GabrielJohnsonEstateThe Weekly Reveille04 Aug 185343
ClifftonWhartonSaleThe Weekly Reveille04 Aug 185344
CarolineDarrochDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185321
JosephSiribleDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185331
Mrs. Henry ESiribleDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185331
Isaac FBantaMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185333
EvalineWakefieldMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185333
George WSpearsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185333
Rachel AnnSedamMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185333
MosesTappDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185333
MalloryLancasterSaleThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185343
SamuelFallisEstateThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185343
GabrielJohnsonEstateThe Weekly Reveille11 Aug 185344
JohnDrayerDeathThe Weekly Reveille18 Aug 185322
SallieRoebuckDeathThe Weekly Reveille18 Aug 185323
Henry LTalemDeathThe Weekly Reveille18 Aug 185325
WilliamWhittemoreEstateThe Weekly Reveille18 Aug 185333
WilliamVan AntwerpEstateThe Weekly Reveille18 Aug 185333
MalloryLancasterSaleThe Weekly Reveille18 Aug 185343
SamuelFallisEstateThe Weekly Reveille18 Aug 185344
MatthiasMillerDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Aug 185321
WilsonDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Aug 185323
WilliamWhittemoreEstateThe Weekly Reveille25 Aug 185334
WilliamVan AntwerpEstateThe Weekly Reveille25 Aug 185334
JuliusJamesEstateThe Weekly Reveille25 Aug 185335
ButtonDeathThe Weekly Reveille01 Sep 185321
Thomas EWoodMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Sep 185332
ElizabethRichmondMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Sep 185332
WilliamWhittemoreSaleThe Weekly Reveille01 Sep 185332
WilliamVan AntwerpEstateThe Weekly Reveille01 Sep 185334
WilliamWhittemoreEstateThe Weekly Reveille01 Sep 185335
BoydDeathThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185323
Mrs.MorseDeathThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185323
SereneDayDeathThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185323
EthertonDeathThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185323
MorseDeathThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185323
George WHollcraftMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185332
Mary AnnStillMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185332
JamesDyerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185332
LucillaYoungMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185332
Ephraim PMarbleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185332
ElizabethMcHenryMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185332
JamesPetersDeathThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185332
DonaldCowanDeathThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185332
GeorgeSingerSaleThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185332
RobertGullionEstateThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185333
WilliamWhittemoreSaleThe Weekly Reveille08 Sep 185334
TDunhamDeathThe Weekly Reveille15 Sep 185331
George WTeatsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Sep 185332
EvelineSchenckMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Sep 185332
J WLockeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Sep 185332
Cornelia ACraftMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Sep 185332
GeorgeSingerSaleThe Weekly Reveille15 Sep 185333
RobertGullionEstateThe Weekly Reveille15 Sep 185333
WilliamWhittemoreSaleThe Weekly Reveille15 Sep 185335
BuckleyThatcherDeathThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185325
CharlesNoriserMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
Rosalie LongDuplanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
DeKalbCraigMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
Nettie CFantMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
WilsonBardwellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
Mary FWasherMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
Zebulon DScofieldMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
ClarisaWasherMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
Rev. B TQuinnMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
CarellaStappMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
John FDumontDeathThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
Horace ECarterDeathThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185331
WilliamCrawfordDeathThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185332
WilliamWhittemoreSaleThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185333
GeorgeSingerSaleThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185334
RobertGullionEstateThe Weekly Reveille22 Sep 185334
JamesKeunterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Sep 185332
Mrs. EPattersonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Sep 185332
JohnWisemanEstateThe Weekly Reveille29 Sep 185333
WilliamCrawfordDeathThe Weekly Reveille29 Sep 185341
RobertGullionEstateThe Weekly Reveille29 Sep 185341
JamesHunterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Oct 185332
Mrs. EPatersonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Oct 185332
GeorgeSingerSaleThe Weekly Reveille06 Oct 185333
WilliamCrawfordDeathThe Weekly Reveille06 Oct 185343
JohnWisemanEstateThe Weekly Reveille06 Oct 185343
H CGoodrichDeathThe Weekly Reveille13 Oct 185321
George WHathornDeathThe Weekly Reveille13 Oct 185331
Daniel MRickettsEstateThe Weekly Reveille13 Oct 185332
GeorgeSingerSaleThe Weekly Reveille13 Oct 185333
JohnWisemanEstateThe Weekly Reveille13 Oct 185343
C GMartinDeathThe Weekly Reveille20 Oct 185321
HezekiahRobertsSaleThe Weekly Reveille20 Oct 185331
Francis LouisRaymondSaleThe Weekly Reveille20 Oct 185331
Daniel MRickettsEstateThe Weekly Reveille20 Oct 185333
GeorgeSingerSaleThe Weekly Reveille20 Oct 185334
JohnWisemanEstateThe Weekly Reveille20 Oct 185343
James ASnyderMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Oct 185331
AurilliaFolbreMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Oct 185331
RobertGullionSaleThe Weekly Reveille27 Oct 185333
Daniel MRickettsEstateThe Weekly Reveille27 Oct 185342
Rev. JamesGallagherDeathThe Weekly Reveille03 Nov 185325
George WWaltersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Nov 185331
CarolineLeClercMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Nov 185331
RobertGullionSaleThe Weekly Reveille03 Nov 185333
HezekiahRobertsSaleThe Weekly Reveille03 Nov 185335
Francis LouisRaymondSaleThe Weekly Reveille03 Nov 185335
MosesKellyDeathThe Weekly Reveille10 Nov 185313
RobertKellyDeathThe Weekly Reveille10 Nov 185313
Henry AWiseMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Nov 185323
MaryJonesMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Nov 185323
RobertGullionSaleThe Weekly Reveille10 Nov 185343
HezekiahRobertsSaleThe Weekly Reveille10 Nov 185343
Francis LouisRaymondSaleThe Weekly Reveille10 Nov 185343
Aureleus NGaleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Nov 185331
Eliza AnnCainMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Nov 185331
Elizabeth HMendenhallDeathThe Weekly Reveille17 Nov 185331
John WSmithDeathThe Weekly Reveille24 Nov 185332
PalmerDerbyDeathThe Weekly Reveille24 Nov 185332
Jos AParretMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Nov 185332
Sally ASayerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Nov 185332
HuldahEverdonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille24 Nov 185332
ConleyEverdonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille24 Nov 185332
J SColemanDeathThe Weekly Reveille01 Dec 185323
JamesFoulknerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Dec 185331
CatharineConnellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Dec 185331
HenryBennettMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Dec 185331
LucindaChaseMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Dec 185331
J PChewMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Dec 185331
Harriet LouisaBrownMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Dec 185331
HuldahEverdonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille01 Dec 185333
ConleyEverdonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille01 Dec 185333
WilliamHastieMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Dec 185332
Caroline TCollinsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Dec 185332
ThomasRaytMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Dec 185332
Margaret APickettMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Dec 185332
WilliamHustonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Dec 185332
CynthianScottMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Dec 185332
Victor LewisSchenaudMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Dec 185332
HannahFranklinMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Dec 185332
HuldahEverdonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille08 Dec 185334
ConleyEverdonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille08 Dec 185334
JamesMcCorkhillMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Dec 185332
MarySkidmoreMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Dec 185332
JosiahCurrieMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Dec 185332
SusanBrandunMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Dec 185332
HiramStowDeathThe Weekly Reveille15 Dec 185332
DobynsDeathThe Weekly Reveille22 Dec 185322
HiramStowDeathThe Weekly Reveille22 Dec 185333
Isaac FPhillipsDeathThe Weekly Reveille22 Dec 185333
PeterHarperDeathThe Weekly Reveille22 Dec 185333
DemasPesleeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Dec 185332
Rebecca AWheatonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Dec 185332
WashingtonMartinMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Dec 185332
EmilyBarkshireMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Dec 185332
PeterHarperSaleThe Weekly Reveille29 Dec 185332
Andrew JLeapMarriageThe Weekly Reveille05 Jan 185431
Eliza JHolcroftMarriageThe Weekly Reveille05 Jan 185431
SarahBornandDeathThe Weekly Reveille05 Jan 185431
JohnLoveEstateThe Weekly Reveille05 Jan 185431
MaltbySmithSaleThe Weekly Reveille05 Jan 185432
Mary JaneKiddDivorceThe Weekly Reveille05 Jan 185432
William WKiddDivorceThe Weekly Reveille05 Jan 185432
PeterHarperSaleThe Weekly Reveille05 Jan 185433
LemuelSibenthallDeathThe Weekly Reveille12 Jan 185421
JohnDibbleSaleThe Weekly Reveille12 Jan 185433
JohnLoveEstateThe Weekly Reveille12 Jan 185433
MaltbySmithSaleThe Weekly Reveille12 Jan 185434
Mary JaneKiddDivorceThe Weekly Reveille12 Jan 185435
William WKiddDivorceThe Weekly Reveille12 Jan 185435
PeterHarperSaleThe Weekly Reveille12 Jan 185435
Anthoop MHawkinsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Jan 185431
Martha EVanbriggleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Jan 185431
LemanSeibenthailDeathThe Weekly Reveille19 Jan 185431
LewisGolayDeathThe Weekly Reveille19 Jan 185431
JamesMcKaySaleThe Weekly Reveille19 Jan 185432
Barzilla MO'BrienSaleThe Weekly Reveille19 Jan 185432
MaltbySmithSaleThe Weekly Reveille19 Jan 185434
JohnLoveEstateThe Weekly Reveille19 Jan 185434
Mary JaneKiddDivorceThe Weekly Reveille19 Jan 185435
William WKiddDivorceThe Weekly Reveille19 Jan 185435
Mrs. I SLeezenbyDeathThe Weekly Reveille26 Jan 185432
JamesMcKaySaleThe Weekly Reveille26 Jan 185432
JohnDibbleSaleThe Weekly Reveille26 Jan 185432
MaltbySmithSaleThe Weekly Reveille26 Jan 185434
Barzilla MO'BrienSaleThe Weekly Reveille26 Jan 185435
Geo HDunnDeathThe Weekly Reveille26 Jan 185441
James BMorseMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 Feb 185433
Eliza LSauvainMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 Feb 185432
Caleb FDowneyDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 Feb 185432
JamesMcKaySaleThe Weekly Reveille02 Feb 185434
JonathanDibbleDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 Feb 185434
Barzilla MO'BrienSaleThe Weekly Reveille02 Feb 185434
Benjamin CMeadMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Feb 185432
PurcillaUmphreyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Feb 185432
LewisGolayEstateThe Weekly Reveille09 Feb 185433
RobertGibsonEstateThe Weekly Reveille09 Feb 185433
JohnLoveSaleThe Weekly Reveille09 Feb 185433
ZachariahMcKaySaleThe Weekly Reveille09 Feb 185433
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille09 Feb 185434
AmeliaMerrillDivorceThe Weekly Reveille09 Feb 185434
AlbertMerrillDivorceThe Weekly Reveille09 Feb 185434
W HCamronMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
J CentrillaGageMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
James AClaghornMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
Nancy JaneMarshMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
ChasBryanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
Esther EGaytonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
WmColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
Elias HLasonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
Sarah JaneRichardsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
PerdillisMcNuttMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
NancyOrmsbyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185432
ZachariahMcKaySaleThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185433
LewisGolayEstateThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185433
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185434
RobertGibsonEstateThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185434
JohnLoveEstateThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185434
AmeliaMerrillDivorceThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185442
AlbertMerrillDivorceThe Weekly Reveille16 Feb 185442
William BOwensMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185432
Harrietta ALeClercMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185432
HenryBennettMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185432
LucindaChaseMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185432
JosephMelickMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185432
AbagailBlissMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185432
DavidBibbensMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185432
SarahMillerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185432
JosephCainMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185432
SusanBrandenMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185432
LewisGolayEstateThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185433
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185434
RobertGibsonEstateThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185434
JohnLoveSaleThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185434
AmeliaMerrillDivorceThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185443
AlbertMerrillDivorceThe Weekly Reveille23 Feb 185443
RodolphSchafnerDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 Mar 185433
EdwardHoustonDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 Mar 185433
Mary JGibsonDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 Mar 185433
Lorenzo HHinmanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Mar 185432
MalindaColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Mar 185432
DavidCulbertsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Mar 185432
Sarah AFarrellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Mar 185432
DanielDetrazMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Mar 185432
EbenezerPhillipsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Mar 185432
AngelineMontanyeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Mar 185432
ElviraJohnsonSaleThe Weekly Reveille09 Mar 185433
JohnGibbsSaleThe Weekly Reveille09 Mar 185433
ZachariahMcKaySaleThe Weekly Reveille09 Mar 185434
John WBossauMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Mar 185432
LucindaBullerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Mar 185432
PriceLehewMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Mar 185432
Ann MQuinceyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Mar 185432
Louisa FKentDeathThe Weekly Reveille16 Mar 185432
MargaretKelsoDeathThe Weekly Reveille16 Mar 185432
Nelson DFolbreDeathThe Weekly Reveille16 Mar 185432
Samuel MFolbreDeathThe Weekly Reveille16 Mar 185432
ElviraJohnsonSaleThe Weekly Reveille16 Mar 185435
JohnGibbsSaleThe Weekly Reveille16 Mar 185435
JamesPattonDeathThe Weekly Reveille23 Mar 185431
Leurana ERobinsonDeathThe Weekly Reveille23 Mar 185431
ElviraJohnsonSaleThe Weekly Reveille23 Mar 185435
JohnGibbsSaleThe Weekly Reveille23 Mar 185435
Royal MLeeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Mar 185431
Helen MTuttleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Mar 185431
EllenPlesantsDeathThe Weekly Reveille30 Mar 185431
FeliceSandersDeathThe Weekly Reveille30 Mar 185431
ElviraJohnsonSaleThe Weekly Reveille30 Mar 185435
JohnGibbsSaleThe Weekly Reveille30 Mar 185435
John QDickasonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Apr 185431
AntoinetteGrayMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Apr 185431
JohnWaltzMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Apr 185431
Anna LWebbMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Apr 185431
JohnMooreSaleThe Weekly Reveille06 Apr 185432
JohnMooreSaleThe Weekly Reveille13 Apr 185433
JohnDibbleSaleThe Weekly Reveille13 Apr 185433
EphraimM'CallumDeathThe Weekly Reveille20 Apr 185421
MM'CallumDeathThe Weekly Reveille20 Apr 185421
HughButlerDeathThe Weekly Reveille20 Apr 185431
PawsonVaileMarriageThe Weekly Reveille20 Apr 185432
Rebecca GRobinsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille20 Apr 185432
Mary CBeardDeathThe Weekly Reveille20 Apr 185432
JohnMooreSaleThe Weekly Reveille20 Apr 185434
JohnDibbleSaleThe Weekly Reveille20 Apr 185435
Frederick LDebachMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Apr 185432
Louise ZGrisardMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Apr 185432
Isaac HPhillipsEstateThe Weekly Reveille27 Apr 185432
JohnDibbleSaleThe Weekly Reveille27 Apr 185435
Wm JMansfieldMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 May 185432
Mary APeakMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 May 185432
WilliamCottonSaleThe Weekly Reveille04 May 185432
Issac HPhillipsEstateThe Weekly Reveille04 May 185433
JohnDibbleSaleThe Weekly Reveille04 May 185434
T TNetherlandMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185432
Mary JaneTaylorMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185432
C WAndressMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185432
LeachWycoffMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185432
JacobHazenMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185432
Martha JBrownMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185432
F LCourvoisierMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185432
ElizabethMcCallumMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185432
Isaac HPhillipsEstateThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185434
WilliamCottonSaleThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185435
JohnDibbleSaleThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185443
Isaac HPhillipsSaleThe Weekly Reveille11 May 185443
OliverHowardMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 May 185432
BettieKeeneMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 May 185432
EvanMillerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 May 185432
Flavius JCottonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 May 185432
Sarah JaneRobertsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 May 185432
AbrahamPetersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 May 185432
MaryLanhamMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 May 185432
WilliamCottonSaleThe Weekly Reveille18 May 185435
Isaac HPhillipsSaleThe Weekly Reveille18 May 185443
ManningHullDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 May 185424
Selden TPlewDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 May 185432
Joseph CEgglestonSaleThe Weekly Reveille25 May 185433
RichardHallgarthMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Jun 185433
Nancy JaneBantaMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Jun 185433
Charles TStewartMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Jun 185433
CatharineSpearsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Jun 185433
WilliamScudderMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Jun 185433
RachaelMcCorkhillMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Jun 185433
IsumBrownMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Jun 185433
MargaretElsrodMarriageThe Weekly Reveille01 Jun 185433
James OPowellSaleThe Weekly Reveille01 Jun 185433
WilliamCowanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Jun 185433
Nica SMcCorkhillMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Jun 185433
GeorgeEllisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Jun 185433
Margaret JMcCorkhillMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Jun 185433
EbnezerMcCallumDeathThe Weekly Reveille08 Jun 185433
Joseph CEgglestonSaleThe Weekly Reveille08 Jun 185435
James OPowellSaleThe Weekly Reveille08 Jun 185435
John CMoyerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Jun 185432
RebeccaColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Jun 185432
JacobVandusinMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Jun 185432
ElizabethLewisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Jun 185432
James OFowellSaleThe Weekly Reveille15 Jun 185443
A EBonhamMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Jun 185433
Nerissa POlmstedMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Jun 185433
JeremiahDickersonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Jun 185433
ZerildaKelsoMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Jun 185433
William DDunnMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Jun 185433
EmilyLinleyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Jun 185433
WilliamMalcomsonDeathThe Weekly Reveille06 Jul 185421
G MBeswickDeathThe Weekly Reveille06 Jul 185433
VincentDufourSaleThe Weekly Reveille06 Jul 185434
Harriet SDumontSaleThe Weekly Reveille06 Jul 185434
JacobHarperMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Jul 185433
Nancy AnnMillerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Jul 185433
Wm HVincentMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Jul 185433
ElizabethStaggMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Jul 185433
Oliver HHogueMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Jul 185433
Abigail CBatemanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Jul 185433
Thomas MWardDeathThe Weekly Reveille24 Jul 185433
Michael SPackenpaughDeathThe Weekly Reveille24 Jul 185433
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille24 Jul 185433
SamuelLewisDeathThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185426
EdwardJonesMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185433
PrudenceAdamsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185433
EmersonMorrisonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185433
Wm PRileyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185433
LucretiaColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185433
Samuel HColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185433
NancyJaynesMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185433
Wm JMoreMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185433
RebeccaAlfreyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185433
LeviBarkisDeathThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185433
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille03 Aug 185443
AbrahamLewisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Aug 185433
MargaretVorisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Aug 185433
DarwinMarshallMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Aug 185433
ElizabethKrutzMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Aug 185433
EllenDavidDeathThe Weekly Reveille10 Aug 185433
JamesWallaceDeathThe Weekly Reveille10 Aug 185433
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille10 Aug 185443
Rinaldo RRuterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Aug 185432
SophiaDufourMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Aug 185432
WilliamMalcomsonSaleThe Weekly Reveille17 Aug 185432
WilliamMalcomsonEstateThe Weekly Reveille17 Aug 185433
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille17 Aug 185443
Charles GKrutzMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
Mary MSnyderMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
Chas HJohnsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
JanePorterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
James NRochatMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
Marish EMitchelMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
Charles CScottMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
JuliaBalslyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
Joseph AWrightMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
Harriett BBurbridgeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
ElizabethAllenDeathThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185433
WilliamMalcomsonSaleThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185436
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille24 Aug 185436
Perret FSeibenthalMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Aug 185433
Mary JaneBantaMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Aug 185433
JohnMcClellandMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Aug 185433
ManervaScudderMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Aug 185433
GrizelleDowDeathThe Weekly Reveille31 Aug 185433
Alice LindleyKentDeathThe Weekly Reveille31 Aug 185433
WilliamMalcomsonSaleThe Weekly Reveille31 Aug 185436
JohnBeinDeathThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185422
Elhannan WShuffMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185432
Rachel MHenryMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185432
H SMcNuttMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185432
Ann KGreenMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185432
Zeptha TLewisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185432
JaneVanbriggleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185432
P JRobbinsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185432
Lydia AnnRobbinsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185432
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185433
WilliamMalcomsonSaleThe Weekly Reveille07 Sep 185436
JamesLedgerwoodMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185432
Julia AKeeferMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185432
James WCravensMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185432
Hannah SMarshallMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185432
Indianus AHumphreyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185432
HelenKeeneyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185432
Cornelius HHumphreyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185432
Jane AnnHarrisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185432
Assy SWellsDeathThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185432
NeddieFosterDeathThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185432
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille14 Sep 185434
LewisGolaySaleThe Weekly Reveille21 Sep 185433
JohnWoodwardDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 Sep 185431
ElezerColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Sep 185433
Eunice HNorthMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Sep 185433
LudwichDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 Sep 185433
SmithTurnerEstateThe Weekly Reveille28 Sep 185433
LewisGolayDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 Sep 185435
DavidLeapMarriageThe Weekly Reveille05 Oct 185433
MarthaRamseyerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille05 Oct 185433
SmithTurnerEstateThe Weekly Reveille05 Oct 185433
JosephRutherfordMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Oct 185433
MargaretBrownMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Oct 185433
OwenRichmondMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Oct 185433
Mary JaneShaferMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Oct 185433
JohnsonBrownMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Oct 185433
SusanSilversMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Oct 185433
SmithTurnerEstateThe Weekly Reveille12 Oct 185433
John LWallerDeathThe Weekly Reveille19 Oct 185423
James KPleasantsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Oct 185432
CharlotteSingerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Oct 185432
JesseStepletonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Oct 185432
FrankColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Oct 185432
SmithTurnerSaleThe Weekly Reveille19 Oct 185432
JamesGraySaleThe Weekly Reveille19 Oct 185432
GeorgeArnoldMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185433
Sarah AAlfreyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185433
AlexSearcyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185433
MarthaMosebyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185433
George WHagermanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185433
EmalineProtsmanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185433
John ARidenourMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185433
Rebecca JMinorMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185433
George WMitchellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185433
NelessaJoyceMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185433
SmithTurnerSaleThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185434
JamesGraySaleThe Weekly Reveille26 Oct 185434
R ACampbellDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 Nov 185431
IsaacStevensDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 Nov 185433
SmithTurnerSaleThe Weekly Reveille02 Nov 185434
JamesGraySaleThe Weekly Reveille02 Nov 185434
JohnPorterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185433
AnnFurgusonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185433
William HJohnsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185433
PallaceChambersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185433
NicholasWainscottMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185433
AlmiraMitchellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185433
Daniel SBoydMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185433
Laura AnnIrbyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185433
EnosCunninghamDeathThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185433
JamesGrayEstateThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185443
SmithTurnerSaleThe Weekly Reveille09 Nov 185443
John JBallMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Nov 185433
AllyElstonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Nov 185433
AnnNealEstateThe Weekly Reveille16 Nov 185433
JosephIngoldMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185433
FannyJonesMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185433
FrancisPeabodyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185433
Sarah JaneRodleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185433
John WSailorsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185433
EllenCopherMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185433
GriffithDickasonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185433
Frances EDannerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185433
Thomas MWardEstateThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185433
EnosCunninghamEstateThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185433
AnnNealEstateThe Weekly Reveille23 Nov 185434
WilliamGinterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185433
Hannah AGillisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185433
FrederickTaylorMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185433
MaryHumbertMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185433
SylvesterNobleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185433
HelvetiaDetrazMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185433
A JPorterDeathThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185433
HughParkDeathThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185433
EnosCunninghamSaleThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185433
Thomas MWardEstateThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185433
AnnNealEstateThe Weekly Reveille30 Nov 185434
GullionSaleThe Weekly Reveille07 Dec 185431
EnosCunninghamEstateThe Weekly Reveille07 Dec 185435
OliverNobleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
AmeyAlbroMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
DeriusStevensMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
GeorgianBoydMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
NicholasColemanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
Nancy AnnCoxMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
JohnFlinchpaughMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
NancyBurrellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
WmCouchMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
CatharineBeckwithMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
James ASageMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
LouisaPaveyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185432
MaryScottDivorceThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185433
WilliamScottDivorceThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185433
EnosCunninghamSaleThe Weekly Reveille14 Dec 185435
MarionGrahamMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Dec 185432
ElizabethHarrelMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Dec 185432
C PMeansMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Dec 185432
MaryStevensonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Dec 185432
Joseph FGrayMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Dec 185432
Sarah MProctorMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Dec 185432
WmNorisezDeathThe Weekly Reveille21 Dec 185433
MargaretCottonDeathThe Weekly Reveille21 Dec 185433
MaryScottDivorceThe Weekly Reveille21 Dec 185435
WilliamScottDivorceThe Weekly Reveille21 Dec 185435
JacobColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
Martha AnnColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
James HWadeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
Catharine CKoonsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
W HColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
Nancy JaneBandMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
Benjamin MHessonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
Jane AnnSmithMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
CharlesMooreMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
ElizabethStewartMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
LafayetteFranklinMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
Mary AnnStaffMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
Daniel HOsbornMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
RebeccaStadMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
Mary AnnBeattyDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
JosephAlbroDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
James HarwoodPlewDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185432
MaryScottDivorceThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185435
WilliamScottDivorceThe Weekly Reveille28 Dec 185435
Gov.MoreheadDeathThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185522
ClementStevensMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
Sarah JaneBowenMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
George OHoweMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
America LButlerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
ThomasTaylorMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
Mary AnnHigginsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
JohnKeithMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
ElizabethFultonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
John FWhalerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
Mary AnnNateMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
WmKennedyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
SusannahLacockMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185533
MaryScottDivorceThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185535
WilliamScottDivorceThe Weekly Reveille04 Jan 185535
MarionGladomMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jan 185533
ElizabethHeenelMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jan 185533
IssacPhillipsSaleThe Weekly Reveille11 Jan 185533
RaylDeathThe Weekly Reveille18 Jan 185522
ElizabethCurrenMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Jan 185534
EllisMcGuileMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Jan 185534
DanielDufourDeathThe Weekly Reveille18 Jan 185534
FrancisChenaudEstateThe Weekly Reveille18 Jan 185534
WmNorisezEstateThe Weekly Reveille18 Jan 185534
F JHeathMarriageThe Weekly Reveille25 Jan 185533
RosannahMooreMarriageThe Weekly Reveille25 Jan 185533
Luc ANormadDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Jan 185533
FrancisChenaudEstateThe Weekly Reveille25 Jan 185533
WmNorisezEstateThe Weekly Reveille25 Jan 185533
BlandDeathThe Weekly Reveille31 Jan 185531
HenryWellmannMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Jan 185533
MaryKisherMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Jan 185533
Thomas JHathMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Jan 185533
RosannahMooreMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Jan 185533
JohnHustonDeathThe Weekly Reveille31 Jan 185533
Mary MarcellaBlandDeathThe Weekly Reveille31 Jan 185533
WmNorisezEstateThe Weekly Reveille31 Jan 185536
FrancisChenaudSaleThe Weekly Reveille31 Jan 185536
IssacPhillipsSaleThe Weekly Reveille31 Jan 185544
DanielHowardDeathThe Weekly Reveille07 Feb 185533
WmNorisezDeathThe Weekly Reveille07 Feb 185534
FrancisChenaudSaleThe Weekly Reveille07 Feb 185534
Samuel SMillerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185533
EllenEvettMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185533
John EDavisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185533
Martha OPowellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185533
WmStewartMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185533
Maria CFishMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185533
James BProtheroMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185533
JemimaLewisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185533
EnosMcKayMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185533
JaneGowMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185533
JohnHustonDeathThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185534
JosephSteeleDeathThe Weekly Reveille14 Feb 185534
Jesse VFranklinMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Feb 185534
SusanKonkleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Feb 185534
HarryMortonDeathThe Weekly Reveille21 Feb 185534
AlvinPlewDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 Feb 185534
WmNorisezSaleThe Weekly Reveille28 Feb 185534
JamesMcKaySaleThe Weekly Reveille28 Feb 185534
R NWickliffeDeathThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185522
GeorgeCrollMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185533
SarahLesterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185533
John FClarkMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185533
Clarissa AnnDickasonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185533
HenryLockMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185533
Sarah JaneTowerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185533
C EYoungMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185533
EuphesineSparkMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185533
WmNorisezSaleThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185535
JamesMcKaySaleThe Weekly Reveille07 Mar 185535
Merit HRobertsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Mar 185534
Mary AnnGilbertMarriageThe Weekly Reveille14 Mar 185534
Frances AliceRameyDeathThe Weekly Reveille14 Mar 185534
WmNorisezSaleThe Weekly Reveille14 Mar 185535
JamesMcKaySaleThe Weekly Reveille14 Mar 185535
ScottDeathThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185522
LentzDeathThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185531
Henry BNewmanDeathThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185532
John FSizsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185534
NancyGibsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185534
WilliamRileyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185534
ElizabethHeathMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185534
ThomasMorrisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185534
HannahUltonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185534
WmNorisezSaleThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185535
JamesMcKaySaleThe Weekly Reveille21 Mar 185544
GriffinKellyDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 Mar 185532
GeorgeDensinhyerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Mar 185533
Mary JRobinsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Mar 185533
DanielDorrellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Apr 185534
HeleecaRandMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Apr 185534
WalterScottMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Apr 185534
JaneFirthMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Apr 185534
JohnPollyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Apr 185534
MaryVorisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Apr 185534
JamesStuartMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Apr 185534
RebeccaCarlowMarriageThe Weekly Reveille04 Apr 185534
FrankWoodsDeathThe Weekly Reveille04 Apr 185534
HendersonDavisEstateThe Weekly Reveille04 Apr 185534
Joseph GMarshallDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185522
JohnKingDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185532
KislonWileyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
ElizabethPilesMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
HiramClarkMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
ElizabethWaldenMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
GadSpragueMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
NancyShaferMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
John BEdingtonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
BarbaraBargoMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
JepthaPicketMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
Julia AnnScofieldMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
John ACunninghamMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
Hannah MDentonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
Benjamin LHaffordDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185534
HendersonDavisEstateThe Weekly Reveille11 Apr 185536
EdwardBarrettMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Apr 185534
Sarah JStoweMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Apr 185534
JohnGrayMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Apr 185534
Mary TLewisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Apr 185534
WilliamProlleyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Apr 185534
SarahRobinsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Apr 185534
DavidHonnellDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Apr 185524
ElizabethFoglesongDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Apr 185526
WmBrownDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Apr 185532
M VSellerDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Apr 185532
Rodolph FGrisardMarriageThe Weekly Reveille25 Apr 185533
Isabella RDumontMarriageThe Weekly Reveille25 Apr 185533
John WDavidMarriageThe Weekly Reveille25 Apr 185533
ElizabethMcFaddenMarriageThe Weekly Reveille25 Apr 185533
HughHarrisDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Apr 185534
George WMurphyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 May 185534
AmandaTinkerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 May 185534
Moses TElliottMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 May 185534
MaryJonesMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 May 185534
AlexKirkpatrickMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 May 185534
ElizabethHagermanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 May 185534
RachelLacoonDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 May 185534
Mary EllaJacksonDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 May 185534
ThosVoylesMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 May 185534
AdalineSandiferMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 May 185534
JamesPhillipsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 May 185534
Martha AScudderMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 May 185534
WilliamWigalMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 May 185534
HannahWigalMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 May 185534
HenrySlakeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 May 185534
CatharineSicklerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 May 185534
QuintonBaileyEstateThe Weekly Reveille16 May 185534
ThomasO'NeillDeathThe Weekly Reveille23 May 185533
AnnNorisezDeathThe Weekly Reveille23 May 185533
HaynesDeathThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185521
James TNelsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185533
LucindaLeeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185533
DempseyGullionMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185533
Matilda EBrownMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185533
HenryDuganMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185533
AnnHustonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185533
AbrahamWicoffMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185533
CatharineColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185533
HenryTurnerDeathThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185533
James HScottSaleThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185534
QuintonBaileyEstateThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185534
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille30 May 185534
GeorgeSpillmanDeathThe Weekly Reveille06 Jun 185533
GeorgePanterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Jun 185533
SarahPetersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Jun 185533
James WGillmoreMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Jun 185533
PollyCampbellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Jun 185533
John WHizerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Jun 185533
Sarah JaneBurnsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Jun 185533
SandfordBirthThe Weekly Reveille06 Jun 185534
James HScottSaleThe Weekly Reveille06 Jun 185534
QuintonBaileyEstateThe Weekly Reveille06 Jun 185535
James BTandyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Jun 185533
Harriet AnnSchenckMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Jun 185533
HenryMcKayMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Jun 185533
NancyLanhamMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Jun 185533
Mary AnnTheibaudDeathThe Weekly Reveille13 Jun 185534
James HScottSaleThe Weekly Reveille13 Jun 185534
IssacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille13 Jun 185536
OliverForwoodMarriageThe Weekly Reveille20 Jun 185534
LorenaFrenchMarriageThe Weekly Reveille20 Jun 185534
James HScottSaleThe Weekly Reveille20 Jun 185535
JohnLarrisonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Jun 185534
FrancesGreenMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Jun 185534
John ACunninghamMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Jun 185534
Hannah MDentonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Jun 185534
Wm GMcNuttMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Jun 185534
AbigailBradfordMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Jun 185534
ElizaPewDeathThe Weekly Reveille27 Jun 185534
Margaret HRabbDeathThe Weekly Reveille27 Jun 185534
DavidClasonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jul 185534
Martha HLemonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jul 185534
CharlesRobinsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jul 185534
ElizaCourtneyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jul 185534
Charles WIrbyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jul 185534
Eliza JaneDewittMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jul 185534
TheophilusPicketDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Jul 185534
EmileCourtoisierDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Jul 185534
WilliamSmeadDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Jul 185534
JohnCornsDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Jul 185534
John RCottonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Jul 185533
Martha ABealMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Jul 185533
HenryBealMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Jul 185533
JaneStoutMarriageThe Weekly Reveille18 Jul 185533
Elizabeth GKnoxDeathThe Weekly Reveille18 Jul 185533
ElizaBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille18 Jul 185534
WilliamBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille18 Jul 185534
JamesMuirDeathThe Weekly Reveille18 Jul 185534
Elizabeth GKnoxDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Jul 185532
JohnSturgeonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille25 Jul 185532
MargaretFisherMarriageThe Weekly Reveille25 Jul 185532
MaryLambDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Jul 185532
MerrittZinnDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Jul 185532
ClaraTurnerDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Jul 185532
Electa AMitchellDivorceThe Weekly Reveille25 Jul 185533
NicholasMitchellDivorceThe Weekly Reveille25 Jul 185533
ElizaBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille25 Jul 185534
WilliamBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille25 Jul 185534
SophiahPlimptonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille01 Aug 185533
Shepherd WPlimptonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille01 Aug 185533
Electa AMitchellDivorceThe Weekly Reveille01 Aug 185534
ElizaBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille01 Aug 185535
WilliamBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille01 Aug 185535
JohnMucherDeathThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185524
Wilson HJohnsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185533
RebeccaIrbyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185533
Cosby HLewisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185533
Eliza MHeadyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185533
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185533
ElizaBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185536
WilliamBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185536
SophiahPlimptonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185543
Shepherd WPlimptonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185543
Electa AMitchellDivorceThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185543
NicholasMitchellDivorceThe Weekly Reveille08 Aug 185543
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille15 Aug 185532
JohnCornsDeathThe Weekly Reveille15 Aug 185533
ElizaBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille15 Aug 185536
WilliamBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille15 Aug 185536
SophiahPlimptonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille15 Aug 185543
Shepherd WPlimptonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille15 Aug 185543
Electa AMitchellDivorceThe Weekly Reveille15 Aug 185543
NicholasMitchellDivorceThe Weekly Reveille15 Aug 185543
JohnCornsDeathThe Weekly Reveille22 Aug 185533
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille22 Aug 185533
ElizaBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille22 Aug 185536
WilliamBabbDivorceThe Weekly Reveille22 Aug 185536
SophiahPlimptonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille22 Aug 185543
Shepherd WPlimptonDivorceThe Weekly Reveille22 Aug 185543
Electa AMitchellDivorceThe Weekly Reveille22 Aug 185543
NicholasMitchellDivorceThe Weekly Reveille22 Aug 185543
ElijahChadduckDeathThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185533
CharlesClementsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
Mariah SarahPowellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
Edward CHeadyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
Clarissa LManfordMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
JohnMerrillMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
MelissaDavisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
James DHootonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
Julia AnnWinscottMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
Charles MSockwellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
CatharineO'ConnellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
AlbertMerrillMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
Rosanna ABillsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
JohnCornsDeathThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185534
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille29 Aug 185536
JacobShowalterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille05 Sep 185531
Mary AnnColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille05 Sep 185531
Mary JCraftDeathThe Weekly Reveille05 Sep 185531
DennisValentinoMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Sep 185526
Lucy AnnRileyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Sep 185526
JesseeHaysMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Sep 185526
ElizabethDonaldsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Sep 185526
Ralph CShortMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Sep 185526
Mary A ESoortMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Sep 185526
William NCorneliusDeathThe Weekly Reveille12 Sep 185526
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille12 Sep 185535
John ALinebackMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
Mary ERileyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
JohnHarmonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
ElizabethLewisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
Martin WHumphreyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
SusanBerrisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
TinsleyEadsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
NancyCurrieMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
Martin WColeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
Lydia JaneFarmerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
HiramGinnningsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
MaryWaltersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185526
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille19 Sep 185535
Susan ENetherlandDeathThe Weekly Reveille26 Sep 185533
Francis RDetrazMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
Mary LCampbellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
John OJohnsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
MariaCochranMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
John DBantaMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
Mary JaneFranklinMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
NealConradMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
Albina JSmithMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
John GSigmanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
Sarah JaneMorrisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
GeorgeSingerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
JaneMcCormickMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
SethWhiteMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
ElizaPetersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
JamesBrindleyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
Eliza JaneKonkleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185514
EbenezerHaffordDeathThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185515
JamesBairdDeathThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185515
JohnAndersonEstateThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185515
OliverOrmsbyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185522
Susanna MLemmonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille10 Oct 185522
CorneliusHizerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Oct 185533
MariaDunningMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Oct 185533
Samuel MTinkerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Oct 185533
Mary AnnLikelyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Oct 185533
William DPetersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Oct 185533
JosephineMyersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Oct 185533
PollyAldrichDeathThe Weekly Reveille17 Oct 185533
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille17 Oct 185533
JohnAndersonEstateThe Weekly Reveille17 Oct 185534
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille24 Oct 185532
JohnAndersonEstateThe Weekly Reveille24 Oct 185533
JohnAndersonSaleThe Weekly Reveille31 Oct 185532
JohnWillisSaleThe Weekly Reveille31 Oct 185534
Silas ESmithMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
Martha JCottonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
Sewall RWebbMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
Mary JMillerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
CharlesWoodsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
MaryJenningsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
John WEadsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
MortitiaGrimesMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
Jeremiah MManfordMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
AmandaGillilandMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
WilliamDodsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
EveHouzeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
CharlesEdmondMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
MariahFippeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
StephenSoudderMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
ElizaElsrodMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
EarnestHizeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
CarolineWolfMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
LydiaJenningsDeathThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
SarahHallDeathThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185526
JohnAndersonSaleThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185533
JohnWillisSaleThe Weekly Reveille07 Nov 185534
JohnWillisSaleThe Weekly Reveille14 Nov 185535
JohnAndersonSaleThe Weekly Reveille14 Nov 185535
WilliamGraySaleThe Weekly Reveille14 Nov 185543
William MPattonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Nov 185526
Mary JDuanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Nov 185526
Henry CPicketMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Nov 185526
SusanGerrordMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Nov 185526
A DLeatherberyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Nov 185526
Ann EHumphryMarriageThe Weekly Reveille28 Nov 185526
JamesGraySaleThe Weekly Reveille05 Dec 185536
PattersonMcNuttMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Dec 185526
LouisaSlavensMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Dec 185526
SamuelHouseMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Dec 185526
MaryChaseMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Dec 185526
Samuel FDufourDeathThe Weekly Reveille12 Dec 185526
JamesGraySaleThe Weekly Reveille12 Dec 185536
JosephCainMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
ElizabethJohnstonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
John WSarrellMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
SultieSebreeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
RobertUtzMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
SusanCoffinMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
John WRoeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
ElizaSmithMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
IsaacRillsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
MargaretCarterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
Wm RMountMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
SophiaAdkinsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
MartinKraveDeathThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185526
JamesGraySaleThe Weekly Reveille19 Dec 185536
JohnsonDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 Jan 185622
John CHendrixsonDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 Jan 185633
JosephManuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille02 Jan 185633
JosephManuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille09 Jan 185636
Joseph OsgoodMusseyDeathThe Weekly Reveille16 Jan 185631
Benjamin FRogersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Jan 185631
EmelineWoolleyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Jan 185631
FarsonGleasonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Jan 185631
Elizabeth HWelchMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Jan 185631
DanielHeathMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Jan 185631
Mary AnnEllisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille16 Jan 185631
AzariahWileyDeathThe Weekly Reveille16 Jan 185631
GeorgeMoyerSaleThe Weekly Reveille16 Jan 185632
JosephManuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille16 Jan 185636
WilliamMcCorkleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jan 185632
JaneRaylMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jan 185632
ThomasRobbinsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jan 185632
SarahGilbertMarriageThe Weekly Reveille23 Jan 185632
ChaffeBirthThe Weekly Reveille23 Jan 185632
LeveringBirthThe Weekly Reveille23 Jan 185632
GeorgeMoyerSaleThe Weekly Reveille23 Jan 185633
SamuelAdkinsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Jan 185634
OrindaHaffordMarriageThe Weekly Reveille30 Jan 185634
JacksonBirthThe Weekly Reveille30 Jan 185634
PattonBirthThe Weekly Reveille30 Jan 185634
CoxBirthThe Weekly Reveille30 Jan 185634
SarahOgleDeathThe Weekly Reveille30 Jan 185634
HawkinsDeathThe Weekly Reveille30 Jan 185634
GeorgeMoyerSaleThe Weekly Reveille30 Jan 185635
James HTitusMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Feb 185626
IsabellaLeclercMarriageThe Weekly Reveille06 Feb 185626
RutherfordBirthThe Weekly Reveille06 Feb 185626
GeorgeMoyerSaleThe Weekly Reveille06 Feb 185635
DavidMunnMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Feb 185634
NancyBrookMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Feb 185634
JacksonScottMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Feb 185634
CarolineWilsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Feb 185634
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille13 Feb 185634
DavidWhitchillDeathThe Weekly Reveille20 Feb 185632
JohnMontgomeryMarriageThe Weekly Reveille20 Feb 185634
SusanAldrroMarriageThe Weekly Reveille20 Feb 185634
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille20 Feb 185635
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille27 Feb 185635
BarbaryWaldenDivorceThe Weekly Reveille05 Mar 185633
James BWaldenDivorceThe Weekly Reveille05 Mar 185633
IsaacJessupSaleThe Weekly Reveille12 Mar 185635
DufourBirthThe Weekly Reveille19 Mar 185633
GribardBirthThe Weekly Reveille19 Mar 185633
JohnBurgherMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Mar 185633
EllenStephensonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille19 Mar 185633
BarbaryWaldenDivorceThe Weekly Reveille19 Mar 185643
James BWaldenDivorceThe Weekly Reveille19 Mar 185643
BarrettBirthThe Weekly Reveille26 Mar 185633
WaldoBirthThe Weekly Reveille26 Mar 185633
MeritBantaMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Mar 185633
Eclecta EPeelmanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille26 Mar 185633
BarbaryWaldenDivorceThe Weekly Reveille26 Mar 185643
James BWaldenDivorceThe Weekly Reveille26 Mar 185643
GriffithDickasonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 Apr 185633
NancyHarrisonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 Apr 185633
MatthewBrownMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 Apr 185633
IsabelleStevensonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 Apr 185633
JohnAndersonEstateThe Weekly Reveille16 Apr 185634
HoldcraftBirthThe Weekly Reveille23 Apr 185632
MarySeymourDeathThe Weekly Reveille23 Apr 185632
JosephMarshEstateThe Weekly Reveille23 Apr 185633
JohnAndersonEstateThe Weekly Reveille23 Apr 185634
JosephMarshEstateThe Weekly Reveille30 Apr 185635
JohnAndersonEstateThe Weekly Reveille30 Apr 185635
Charles HMonsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 May 185633
SarahSandersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille07 May 185633
VandeverBirthThe Weekly Reveille07 May 185633
EmelineTaylorDeathThe Weekly Reveille07 May 185633
JosephMarshEstateThe Weekly Reveille07 May 185635
MosesFishEstateThe Weekly Reveille14 May 185634
JosephEmanuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille14 May 185634
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille14 May 185634
JosephMarshEstateThe Weekly Reveille14 May 185636
S MMitchellDeathThe Weekly Reveille21 May 185631
James MFisherMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 May 185633
Bettie WCraigMarriageThe Weekly Reveille21 May 185633
MosesFishEstateThe Weekly Reveille21 May 185634
JosephEmanuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille21 May 185634
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille21 May 185634
MilesRobertsDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 May 185622
ElizaTilleyDeathThe Weekly Reveille28 May 185634
JosephEmanuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille28 May 185634
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille28 May 185634
MosesFishEstateThe Weekly Reveille28 May 185634
ElizaTilleyDeathWeekly News28 May 185663
James HLaneDivorceThe Weekly Reveille04 Jun 185615
RamsdellDeathThe Weekly Reveille04 Jun 185631
Joseph HMarshEstateThe Weekly Reveille04 Jun 185632
JosephEmanuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille04 Jun 185634
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille04 Jun 185634
MosesFishEstateThe Weekly Reveille04 Jun 185633
JosephMarshEstateThe Weekly Reveille04 Jun 185636
EliasCourtneyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jun 185632
SarahMilesMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jun 185632
Levi WStewartMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jun 185632
HarrietCottonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille11 Jun 185632
AnnDufourDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Jun 185632
Sarah CaradinaJorgensonDeathThe Weekly Reveille11 Jun 185632
Joseph HMarshEstateThe Weekly Reveille11 Jun 185634
JosephEmanuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille11 Jun 185635
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille11 Jun 185635
James GHardyDeathThe Weekly Reveille18 Jun 185623
LindleyBirthThe Weekly Reveille18 Jun 185631
SarahBeattyEstateThe Weekly Reveille18 Jun 185632
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille18 Jun 185633
IsabellaBeattySaleThe Weekly Reveille18 Jun 185633
Joseph HMarshEstateThe Weekly Reveille18 Jun 185634
Joseph WilliamMilinDeathThe Weekly Reveille25 Jun 185633
SarahBeattyEstateThe Weekly Reveille25 Jun 185634
IsabellaBeattySaleThe Weekly Reveille25 Jun 185635
JacobPolandMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 Jul 185633
MarthaWycoffMarriageThe Weekly Reveille02 Jul 185633
Francis BLindleyDeathThe Weekly Reveille02 Jul 185633
IsabellaBeattySaleThe Weekly Reveille02 Jul 185634
SarahBeattyEstateThe Weekly Reveille02 Jul 185635
HiramButtlesEstateThe Weekly Reveille09 Jul 185635
JesseSchenckDeathThe Weekly Reveille16 Jul 185634
James PCoxDeathThe Weekly Reveille23 Jul 185621
RobertLeclercDeathThe Weekly Reveille23 Jul 185634
HiramButtlesEstateThe Weekly Reveille23 Jul 185635
RobertLeClercDeathWeekly News23 Jul 185631
AmbrosM'GuireMarriageWeekly News23 Jul 185631
AmeliyKrutzMarriageWeekly News23 Jul 185631
LeveringDeathThe Weekly Reveille30 Jul 185634
Robert L CMaplesEstateThe Weekly Reveille30 Jul 185634
JohnAndersonSaleThe Weekly Reveille30 Jul 185634
SarahLeclercDeathThe Weekly Reveille06 Aug 185633
Anthony HenryTaketDeathThe Weekly Reveille06 Aug 185633
HiramButtlesSaleThe Weekly Reveille06 Aug 185633
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille06 Aug 185633
JosephEmanuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille06 Aug 185634
Robert L CMaplesEstateThe Weekly Reveille06 Aug 185634
JohnAndersonSaleThe Weekly Reveille06 Aug 185635
SarahLeClercDeathWeekly News6 Aug 185631
Antony HenryTardyDeathWeekly News6 Aug 185631
JohnMyersMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Aug 185634
LucindaSedamMarriageThe Weekly Reveille13 Aug 185634
RobertLeclercEstateThe Weekly Reveille13 Aug 185634
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille13 Aug 185634
JosephEmanuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille13 Aug 185635
JohnAndersonSaleThe Weekly Reveille13 Aug 185635
Robert L CMaplesEstateThe Weekly Reveille13 Aug 185635
F DBlandMarriageThe Weekly Reveille20 Aug 185634
Sarah AClarkMarriageThe Weekly Reveille20 Aug 185634
RobertLeclercEstateThe Weekly Reveille20 Aug 185634
JosephEmanuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille20 Aug 185635
JohnAndersonSaleThe Weekly Reveille20 Aug 185635
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille20 Aug 185635
Robert L CMaplesSaleThe Weekly Reveille20 Aug 185635
HiramButtlesSaleThe Weekly Reveille20 Aug 185636
WilliamGerrardMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Aug 185633
ElizaMcCordMarriageThe Weekly Reveille27 Aug 185633
JosephEmanuelEstateThe Weekly Reveille27 Aug 185635
JohnAndersonEstateThe Weekly Reveille27 Aug 185635
JohnWillisEstateThe Weekly Reveille27 Aug 185635
HiramButtlesSaleThe Weekly Reveille27 Aug 185636
RobertLeclercEstateThe Weekly Reveille27 Aug 185636
Zelia CJagersDeathThe Weekly Reveille03 Sep 185634
Robert PKnoxDeathThe Weekly Reveille03 Sep 185634
HiramButtlesSaleThe Weekly Reveille03 Sep 185636
RobertLeclercEstateThe Weekly Reveille03 Sep 185636
SamuelWisemanMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Sep 185634
Ann ElizaCulterMarriageThe Weekly Reveille17 Sep 185634
IsabellaLoweDivorceThe Weekly Reveille17 Sep 185634
JohnLoweDivorceThe Weekly Reveille17 Sep 185634
George WVestilDivorceThe Weekly Reveille17 Sep 185634
HannahVestilDivorceThe Weekly Reveille17 Sep 185634
Nancy JaneWalpoleDeathThe Weekly Reveille24 Sep 185626
IsabellaLoweDivorceThe Weekly Reveille24 Sep 185634
JohnLoweDivorceThe Weekly Reveille24 Sep 185634
George WVestilDivorceThe Weekly Reveille24 Sep 185634
HannahVestilDivorceThe Weekly Reveille24 Sep 185634
JohnStewartMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Sep 185633
IsabelleCooperMarriageThe Weekly Reveille24 Sep 185633
AugustusHattonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Sep 185633
Mary LavinaHowardMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Sep 185633
RichardHeadyMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Sep 185633
Emeline APlackMarriageThe Weekly Reveille31 Sep 185633
George WVestilDivorceThe Weekly Reveille31 Sep 185635
HannahVestilDivorceThe Weekly Reveille31 Sep 185635
IsabellaLoweDivorceThe Weekly Reveille31 Sep 185635
JohnLoweDivorceThe Weekly Reveille31 Sep 185635
James FSimpsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Oct 185633
Josephine OFishMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Oct 185633
DanielMcIntireMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Oct 185633
HarrietHouseMarriageThe Weekly Reveille08 Oct 185633
J F MLeeMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Oct 185626
Margaret SAndersonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Oct 185626
Farrington BHannahMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Oct 185626
ArbinahHastingsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Oct 185626
John ABakerMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Oct 185626
Mary EMegrueMarriageThe Weekly Reveille15 Oct 185626
WilliamNorrisezEstateThe Weekly Reveille15 Oct 185626
Eli TOgleMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Oct 185633
Maria BCottonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille22 Oct 185633
WilliamNorrisezEstateThe Weekly Reveille22 Oct 185635
Cyrus LDunhamDeathThe Weekly Reveille29 Oct 185631
JohnFrancisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Oct 185633
Mary JMathewsMarriageThe Weekly Reveille29 Oct 185633
HenryBantaDeathThe Weekly Reveille29 Oct 185633
JosephEmanuelSaleThe Weekly Reveille29 Oct 185633
JohnWillisSaleThe Weekly Reveille29 Oct 185633
WilliamNorrisezEstateThe Weekly Reveille29 Oct 185634
John DNorthMarriageThe Weekly Reveille05 Nov 185633
Sarah PStevensMarriageThe Weekly Reveille05 Nov 185633
JosephEmanuelSaleThe Weekly Reveille05 Nov 185633
JohnWillisSaleThe Weekly Reveille05 Nov 185633
WilliamNorrisezEstateThe Weekly Reveille05 Nov 185634
JamesJonesDeathThe Weekly Reveille12 Nov 185631
Julius LThiebaudMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Nov 185632
Kitty ELongMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Nov 185632
AlbionDodsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Nov 185632
UrettaGillisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Nov 185632
DanielMeadMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Nov 185632
LucindaDavisMarriageThe Weekly Reveille12 Nov 185632
JohnWillisSaleThe Weekly Reveille12 Nov 185633
WilliamNorrisezEstateThe Weekly Reveille12 Nov 185634
JosephEmanuelSaleThe Weekly Reveille12 Nov 185636
HenryBantaEstateThe Weekly Reveille17 Nov 185632
Henry DBantaSaleThe Weekly Reveille17 Nov 185632
Joseph HMarshSaleThe Weekly Reveille17 Nov 185633
JohnWillisSaleThe Weekly Reveille17 Nov 185634
JosephEmanuelSaleThe Weekly Reveille17 Nov 185636
HendersonDeathThe Weekly Reveille26 Nov 185631
Hugh SMontgomeryDeathThe Weekly Reveille26 Nov 185631
MarthaBondDeathThe Weekly Reveille26 Nov 185632
JohnWillisSaleThe Weekly Reveille26 Nov 185635
JosephEmanuelSaleThe Weekly Reveille26 Nov 185636
Joseph HMarshSaleThe Weekly Reveille26 Nov 185643
HenryBantaEstateThe Weekly Reveille26 Nov 185643
MeigsWeitMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Dec 185632
CarolineRobinsonMarriageThe Weekly Reveille03 Dec 185632
JosephEmanuelSaleThe Weekly Reveille03 Dec 185642
Henry DBantaSaleThe Weekly Reveille03 Dec 185643
JohnWillisSaleThe Weekly Reveille03 Dec 185643
Joseph HMarshSaleThe Weekly Reveille03 Dec 185643
Ann GCarterDeathWeekly News9 Dec 185625
AnnDicksonDeathWeekly News9 Dec 185625
ThomasGibsonDeathThe Weekly Reveille10 Dec 185631
HenryBantaEstateThe Weekly Reveille10 Dec 185642
JohnWillisSaleThe Weekly Reveille10 Dec 185644
SusanBonsDeathThe Weekly Reveille17 Dec 185626
ElizaPattonDeathThe Weekly Reveille17 Dec 185626
HenryBantaEstateThe Weekly Reveille17 Dec 185643
HenryBantaEstateThe Weekly Reveille24 Dec 185632
MatthewDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185722
Julia LDumontDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185731
Julia LDumontDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185732
Thomas WMillerDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185732
Rodolph LBracheyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185732
Mary LRomerilMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185732
EdwardHartMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185732
MarthaHeadyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185732
Julia LDumontDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 185722
T CGibseyDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 185726
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 185726
Julia WBogelDivorceThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 185726
Augustus JBogelDivorceThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 185726
McCultochBirthThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 185732
Linda AntoinetteShawDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 185732
FrankCragerDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 185726
George WVanosdolMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 185732
Leah AVanniceMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 185732
CyrusBettsEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 185732
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 185734
Julia WBogelDivorceThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 185745
Augustus JBogelDivorceThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 185745
QuintonBailySaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 185726
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 185726
George WToddDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 185732
ElizabethTompkinsDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 185732
HarriettPetersDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 185732
Tofield DBrysonDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 185732
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 185734
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 185735
Julia WBogelDivorceThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 185745
Augustus JBogelDivorceThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 185745
CalebAlexanderMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 185732
AngelineKeeferMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 185732
QuintonBailySaleThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 185732
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 185732
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 185734
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 185735
Julia WBogelDivorceThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 185745
Augustus JBogelDivorceThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 185745
Joseph AColeEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 185745
SamuelOsngladeDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 185731
George POsngladeDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 185731
PhillipUnwellerDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 185731
AntoinetteMorerodDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 185731
QuintonBailySaleThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 185733
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 185733
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 185734
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 185735
Joseph AColeEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 185736
Samuel EDangladeDeathWeekly News11 Feb 185725
George PDangladeDeathWeekly News11 Feb 185725
AntoinetteMorerodDeathWeekly News11 Feb 185725
CharlotteBeardDeathWeekly News11 Feb 185725
WilliamPealmanDeathWeekly News11 Feb 185725
AntoinetteMorerodDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 185732
NathanielStoudDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 185732
CharlotteBeardDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 185732
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 185733
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 185735
QuintonBailySaleThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 185735
MarionReavesMarriageWeekly News18 Feb 185723
MaryTappMarriageWeekly News18 Feb 185723
WmMcQuinnMarriageWeekly News18 Feb 185723
MaryBeattyMarriageWeekly News18 Feb 185723
JoshuaHoldingDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 185731
Henry HHallDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 185732
SallyNorthDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 185732
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 185735
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 185736
E OThiebaudMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Mar 185732
BarbaryPetersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Mar 185732
L LauraWoodyDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Mar 185732
SarahRobertsDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Mar 185732
WilliamScottEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Mar 185733
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille04 Mar 185734
DanielLattimoreDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Mar 185726
SarahKyleDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Mar 185731
George JDowneyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Mar 185732
Maria JaneWardMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Mar 185732
SarahKyleDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Mar 185732
WilliamScottEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Mar 185734
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille11 Mar 185736
TaylorDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185721
H FAlvordDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185722
SamuelEmisonDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185723
Elias RProtsmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185732
AlmiraBakesMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185732
JohnScottMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185732
SarahProtsmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185732
JamesStewartMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185732
MarthaProtsmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185732
John RBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185732
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185735
WilliamScottEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Mar 185734
HollingsworthDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Mar 185715
John RBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Mar 185734
Wm HNashDeathThe Indiana Reveille01 Apr 185724
John RBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille01 Apr 185734
SandfordRitterDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Apr 185723
Garland BRobinsonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille08 Apr 185732
Laura AEvansMarriageThe Indiana Reveille08 Apr 185732
LauraDemintDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Apr 185732
Jane CRaymondDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Apr 185732
Ann SSullivanDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Apr 185732
AlfredBoydDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Apr 185732
AmericaHathornDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Apr 185732
John RBrownSaleThe Indiana Reveille08 Apr 185734
ElishaTillotsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Apr 185721
Samuel NSmithDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Apr 185721
JohnGolayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Apr 185731
MaryMcKayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Apr 185731
LouisStoweDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Apr 185731
Franklin GManfordMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Apr 185726
SusanRogersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Apr 185726
Mary EllenBantaDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Apr 185726
Amanda MOgleDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Apr 185726
WilliamHumphreyDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Apr 185726
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille22 Apr 185726
EzraFerrisDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Apr 185722
Henry MBaxterDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Apr 185725
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille29 Apr 185732
William GSmockMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 May 185726
Hettie AOlmstedMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 May 185726
Nathan LSaundersDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 May 185731
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille06 May 185742
GreshamDeathThe Indiana Reveille13 May 185724
GeorgeHumphreyDeathThe Indiana Reveille13 May 185726
ElizabethParkDeathWeekly News13 May 185731
MiltonLynnMarriageThe Indiana Reveille20 May 185732
MelindaEbboMarriageThe Indiana Reveille20 May 185732
ElcyStewartDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 May 185732
EleyStewartDeathWeekly News20 May 185731
Charles PNobleDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 May 185726
ElizaHathornDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 May 185726
HenrySimpsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille03 Jun 185721
Samuel GBradfordMarriageThe Indiana Reveille03 Jun 185731
Nancy VWoodruffMarriageThe Indiana Reveille03 Jun 185731
Willie McKOrmsbyDeathThe Indiana Reveille03 Jun 185731
LouisaHathornDeathThe Indiana Reveille03 Jun 185731
JamesSabertonDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Jun 185726
George TWilcoxDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Jun 185726
PeterMcMakinMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Jun 185731
HarrietPickettMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Jun 185731
GraceStepletonDeathThe Indiana Reveille17 Jun 185731
JohnEdgarDeathThe Indiana Reveille17 Jun 185731
Mary JaneTerrellDeathThe Indiana Reveille17 Jun 185731
John GDunnDeathThe Indiana Reveille17 Jun 185731
SamuelFollisMarriageWeekly News17 Jun 185734
SusanKeeleyMarriageWeekly News17 Jun 185734
PeterMcMakinMarriageWeekly News17 Jun 185734
HarrietPicketMarriageWeekly News17 Jun 185734
Mary JaneTerrilDeathWeekly News17 Jun 185734
GraceStepletonDeathWeekly News17 Jun 185734
PiattDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Jul 185722
EleanorGriffithDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Jul 185732
William CMitchellEstateThe Indiana Reveille08 Jul 185732
GabrielCornDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Jul 185722
ForesmanDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Jul 185731
Robert L CMaplesEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Jul 185732
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille22 Jul 185732
SolomonDannerDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Jul 185733
RichardSouthgateDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Jul 185722
VictorKesslerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille29 Jul 185732
H AO'NealMarriageThe Indiana Reveille29 Jul 185732
PrudenceGolayDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Jul 185732
Margaret CHanneganDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Jul 185732
Robert L CMaplesEstateThe Indiana Reveille29 Jul 185732
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille29 Jul 185732
James MComptonDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Jul 185725
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille05 Aug 185733
Robert L CMaplesEstateThe Indiana Reveille05 Aug 185733
JamesMartinDeathThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185723
JohnSabertonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185732
NancyTagueMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185732
EzraGilbertMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185732
JaneOwingsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185732
Hiram CShrockMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185732
Mary ESageMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185732
Isaac StevensGravenerDeathThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185732
WilliamBoydDeathThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185732
AliceHaysDeathThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185732
Robert L CMaplesEstateThe Indiana Reveille12 Aug 185735
AliceHaysDeathWeekly News12 Aug 185731
IsaacStevensDeathWeekly News12 Aug 185731
WmBoydDeathWeekly News12 Aug 185731
IsaiahCoffinDeathThe Indiana Reveille19 Aug 185721
WmBossoMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Aug 185732
LouiseFancherMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Aug 185732
G WHessMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Aug 185732
ErzillaDodsonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Aug 185732
Jno PRousMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Aug 185732
S ALockwoodMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Aug 185732
StrainDeathThe Indiana Reveille19 Aug 185732
William CBrownMarriageThe Indiana Reveille26 Aug 185732
HenriettaHarwoodMarriageThe Indiana Reveille26 Aug 185732
OlemKirbyDeathThe Indiana Reveille26 Aug 185732
William CMitchellSaleThe Indiana Reveille02 Sep 185726
JuliaGolayDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Sep 185732
JemimaHumphreyDeathThe Indiana Reveille09 Sep 185732
William CMitchellSaleThe Indiana Reveille09 Sep 185732
JamesLockhartDeathThe Indiana Reveille16 Sep 185721
Jas BFinleyDeathThe Indiana Reveille16 Sep 185724
MarthaDurnallDeathThe Indiana Reveille16 Sep 185732
F GSheetsSaleThe Indiana Reveille16 Sep 185732
Daniel VincentDufourSaleThe Indiana Reveille16 Sep 185732
WalterArmstrongSaleThe Indiana Reveille16 Sep 185732
William CMitchellSaleThe Indiana Reveille16 Sep 185732
AlbertDriverDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Sep 185725
J HHaleDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Sep 185731
George NGreenDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Sep 185731
Lewis PSarllsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Sep 185733
Martha CBuchananMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Sep 185733
PhoebeKelsoDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Sep 185733
F GSheetsSaleThe Indiana Reveille23 Sep 185733
Daniel VincentDufourSaleThe Indiana Reveille23 Sep 185733
ConradRandisenMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Sep 185725
Lacy JaneCraigMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Sep 185725
WilliamFiskMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Sep 185725
Edwin FBarkerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Sep 185725
Emma EstellaDufourMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Sep 185725
MelcherBirthThe Indiana Reveille07 Oct 185725
Ann EDufourDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 Oct 185725
RobertWhiteMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Oct 185731
ElizabethMottMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Oct 185731
Chas WPaveyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Oct 185731
HenriettaSiemanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Oct 185731
WilliamFishMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Oct 185731
Ann ESearsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Oct 185731
Peter HLostutterMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Oct 185731
AurillaRobinsonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Oct 185731
RobertScottMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Oct 185731
MargaretRalstonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Oct 185731
AbsalomPorterMarriageWeekly News21 Oct 185733
CharlotteGropengeiserMarriageWeekly News21 Oct 185733
AbsalomPorterMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Oct 185726
CharlotteGrobanneezerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Oct 185726
Stephen CRogersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Nov 185732
SusanLeeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Nov 185732
Joseph WPlaceSaleThe Indiana Reveille04 Nov 185734
WmStrotherDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Nov 185731
Joseph EBonnellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Nov 185732
LucindaMillerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Nov 185732
Henry CWaldenMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Nov 185726
Amanda AMcHenryMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Nov 185726
George HDunnMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Nov 185726
AlmarindaSmithMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Nov 185726
W FMasonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Nov 185726
Amanda DLynchMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Nov 185726
L B JCaseDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Nov 185726
SavannahHendrixsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Nov 185726
William BFleckDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Nov 185726
RobertBovardEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Nov 185733
Charles GKrutzDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Nov 185726
RobertBovardSaleThe Indiana Reveille25 Nov 185726
JohnCoxDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Nov 185731
RobertBovardEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Nov 185736
Solomon BFromanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Dec 185726
MariettaScofieldMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Dec 185726
Charles ADavidDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Dec 185726
CarellaQuinnDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Dec 185726
DanielKelsoDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Dec 185726
RobertBovardSaleThe Indiana Reveille02 Dec 185735
DanielKelsoDeathThe Indiana Reveille09 Dec 185725
SamuelRidgwayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille09 Dec 185726
ElizaBabbMarriageThe Indiana Reveille09 Dec 185726
RobertBovardSaleThe Indiana Reveille09 Dec 185735
GeorgeDavisDeathThe Indiana Reveille16 Dec 185733
Hatie JTardyDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Dec 185726
Samuel YKeeneDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Dec 185726
JonesDeathThe Indiana Reveille30 Dec 185722
McVoltyDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185821
W MOakleyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185826
Minerva AFeslerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185826
Benjamin FTeaslateMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185826
Mercy ZMeadMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185826
DavidEsmaMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185826
WilhelminaBrocksmidtMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185826
Seraphine ZThiebaudDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185826
P NGuthrieDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Jan 185832
Enoch WProtsmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Jan 185825
Sarah ROgleMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Jan 185825
DavidVorisMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Jan 185825
Hannah MKerrMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Jan 185825
Seraphine ZThiebaudDeathThe Indiana Reveille13 Jan 185825
DavidVorusMarriageWeekly News13 Jan 185831
Hanna MKerrMarriageWeekly News13 Jan 185831
Daniel NWaltersMarriageWeekly News13 Jan 185831
Margaret MDavidsonMarriageWeekly News13 Jan 185831
Enoch WProtsmanMarriageWeekly News13 Jan 185831
Sarah ROgleMarriageWeekly News13 Jan 185831
George WOakleyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille20 Jan 185826
LucindaOakleyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille20 Jan 185826
JaneMillerDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Jan 185826
JaneSharpDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Jan 185826
Alexander CoffinDowneyDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Jan 185826
JaneSharpSaleThe Indiana Reveille20 Jan 185826
Wm OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille20 Jan 185826
Florence MaryCarterDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 Jan 185825
JaneSharpSaleThe Indiana Reveille27 Jan 185826
Wm OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille27 Jan 185826
Julia LDumontDeathThe Indiana Reveille03 Feb 185823
Daniel VincentDufourEstateThe Indiana Reveille03 Feb 185825
Francis GSheetsEstateThe Indiana Reveille03 Feb 185825
JaneSharpSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Feb 185832
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Feb 185832
Daniel VincentDufourSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Feb 185826
Francis GSheetsSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Feb 185826
LucindaWrightDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Feb 185832
JaneSharpSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Feb 185833
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Feb 185833
JosephCulpSaleThe Indiana Reveille17 Feb 185826
JeremiahColeSaleThe Indiana Reveille17 Feb 185826
Ellen DFarrellDeathThe Indiana Reveille17 Feb 185825
Daniel VincentDufourEstateThe Indiana Reveille17 Feb 185832
Francis GSheetsEstateThe Indiana Reveille17 Feb 185832
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille17 Feb 185833
NathanConnDeathThe Indiana Reveille24 Feb 185826
JosephCulpSaleThe Indiana Reveille24 Feb 185832
JeremiahColeSaleThe Indiana Reveille24 Feb 185832
Daniel VincentDufourEstateThe Indiana Reveille24 Feb 185833
Francis GSheetsEstateThe Indiana Reveille24 Feb 185833
James OPowellSaleThe Indiana Reveille24 Feb 185833
J BlairSummonsDeathThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 185824
Sarah AliceStewartDeathThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 185825
SamuelWisemanDivorceThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 185826
Ann EWisemanDivorceThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 185826
JeremiahColeSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 185833
JosephCulpSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 185833
CareyHonstonDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185821
SummonsEstateThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185824
JesseThatcherMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185825
ElizaMountzMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185825
Jas SRutherfordMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185825
MarionMcKenzieMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185825
JohnVanosdolMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185825
LucindaHomanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185825
Richard LJohnsonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185825
RachaelBearMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185825
EbenezerHaffordMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185825
ElizabethMalcolmsonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185825
Henry POrmsbyDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185826
JasFromanDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185826
SarahMcClintockDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185826
SamuelMillerDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185826
LucyPaulosDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185826
Augustus DPaulosDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185826
SamuelWisemanDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185832
Ann EWisemanDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185832
JosephCulpSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185833
JeremiahColeSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 185833
Geo EGraceMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185825
Hattie WEmersonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185825
William SBeauMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185825
Carrie DFilkinsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185825
HenryVannleeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185825
CatharineDemarcMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185825
Isaac NStraunMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185825
SusanKeilleMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185825
William EPorterDeathThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185825
EllenWeaverDeathThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185825
LucyPaulusDivorceThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185832
Augustus DPaulusDivorceThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185832
SamuelWisemanDivorceThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185832
Ann EWisemanDivorceThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185832
JeremiahColeSaleThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185833
JosephCulpSaleThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 185833
LibiusBrophyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 185826
RuthyMussettMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 185826
Charles PNobleDeathThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 185826
LucyPaulusDivorceThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 185832
Augustus DPaulusDivorceThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 185832
PerryRaymondMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
EllenNewkirkMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
HarveyJessupMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
Margaret AnnBodieMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
Constantine BShaferMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
Sibyl RFishMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
ElzaAbbottMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
AlmiraHumphreyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
Susaannah MPhillipsDeathThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
JosephineMcCulloughDeathThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
Sarah CatharineWeaverDeathThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 185832
PerryRaymondMarriageWeekly News31 Mar 185832
EllenNewkirkMarriageWeekly News31 Mar 185832
JosephineMcCulloughDeathWeekly News31 Mar 185832
Susannah MPhilipsDeathWeekly News31 Mar 185832
James FRaylMarriageThe Indiana Reveille07 Apr 185826
Mary JaneReddMarriageThe Indiana Reveille07 Apr 185826
JohnKilgourDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 185832
JnoBuchananMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 185832
JoanaVarisMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 185832
James BHaffordMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 185832
DianaRodgersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 185832
James BHoffmanMarriageWeekly News14 Apr 185832
DianaRogersMarriageWeekly News14 Apr 185832
AmosGilbertEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 185826
ErastusWillardDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 185841
Oscar PRicheyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Apr 185832
MaryEnglishMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Apr 185832
AmosGilbertEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Apr 185832
Morton CPhillipsDeathThe Indiana Reveille30 Apr 185821
WilliamTerrellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Apr 185824
MKitchenMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Apr 185824
WoodyBirthThe Indiana Reveille30 Apr 185825
JohnNorvalDeathThe Indiana Reveille30 Apr 185831
AmosGilbertEstateThe Indiana Reveille30 Apr 185831
John NVandeverMarriageThe Indiana Reveille07 May 185825
RosalineKinnelMarriageThe Indiana Reveille07 May 185825
LucretiaRobertsDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 May 185825
David EPernetDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 May 185825
JohnNorvalDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 May 185832
AmosGilbertEstateThe Indiana Reveille07 May 185832
William LTrowbridgeDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 May 185823
James HPattersonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 May 185826
Nancy ABakerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 May 185826
William AEmersonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 May 185826
ElizabethHolleyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 May 185826
Wm JProtsmanDeathWeekly News19 May 185833
Sebastian CUnserMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 May 185825
ElizabethStaceyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 May 185825
MartinCraigMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 May 185825
CorneliaMcCheesneyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 May 185825
Wm AJohnsonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 May 185825
AliceSandersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 May 185825
JaneDetrazDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 May 185825
Wm JProfsmanDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 May 185825
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille21 May 185826
JasIrwinDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 May 185836
AnnFreemanDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185825
Samuel WGibsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185826
MartinCraigMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185826
CorneliaMcCheesneyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185826
RobertCharltonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185826
Martha EPeabodyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185826
John WAldrichMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185826
CynthianaMarklandMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185826
AnabelleBantaDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185826
SimeonSlawsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185826
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 May 185836
John JLodgeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Jun 185826
Mary MTerrellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Jun 185826
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille04 Jun 185826
IlsleyDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Jun 185823
Jacob WEgelstonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Jun 185825
OrphanyMartinMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Jun 185825
ElizaDalyDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Jun 185825
Emma SteelFurgersonDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Jun 185825
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille11 Jun 185836
RuterDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Jun 185823
George WFrenchMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Jun 185825
EmmaWalkerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Jun 185825
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille18 Jun 185836
ElizaDalyDeathWeekly News23 Jun 185831
JonasMcKayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
Phoebe AnnHaskellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
William WTappMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
LenoraBoydMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
Samuel GCottonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
Sarah AliceWaltersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
TimothyHarperMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
MaryKonkleMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
Benj STowerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
Ann EMitchellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
AugustusLewellenMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
Margaret ALewisMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
Bradley BLoringDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185832
CyrusBettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille25 Jun 185836
WmHallDeathWeekly News30 Jun 185831
AnthonyHawkinsMarriageWeekly News30 Jun 185832
PrudaAdamsMarriageWeekly News30 Jun 185832
RodolphCottonDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185821
SpurrierDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185825
Melchis LDuplawMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185826
VirginiaNorrissezMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185826
Anthony MHewkinsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185826
PrudenceAdamsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185826
Mary DHoweDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185826
ElizaStowDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185826
WilliamHallDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185826
MonroeDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185831
VendersDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185831
WattsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185831
SimeonSlawsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille02 Jul 185833
LucyScandrithDeathWeekly News7 Jul 185831
MaryHoweDeathWeekly News7 Jul 185831
BestDeathThe Indiana Reveille09 Jul 185822
James HHopkinsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille09 Jul 185826
MaryJacksonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille09 Jul 185826
SimeonSlawsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Jul 185833
ElizabethSharerDeathThe Indiana Reveille16 Jul 185823
DavidGaudinMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Jul 185825
MinervaDriverMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Jul 185825
Thomas WPlattMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Jul 185825
RebeccaWhiteMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Jul 185825
AmosGilbertSaleThe Indiana Reveille23 Jul 185825
DorotheaFultonEstateThe Indiana Reveille23 Jul 185826
AmosGilbertSaleThe Indiana Reveille30 Jul 185831
DorotheaFultonEstateThe Indiana Reveille30 Jul 185832
Martha JaneLockDeathWeekly News4 Aug 185833
DeKalb CPattonDeathWeekly News4 Aug 185833
RobertDrummondDeathWeekly News4 Aug 185833
LauraGreenDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185823
JohnSaundersDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185823
W GArmstrongDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185823
Robert MJonesMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185825
Nancy SMartinMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185825
John TLeatherberryMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185825
Mary AnnJohnsonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185825
RobertDrummondDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185825
Dekale CraigPattonDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185825
Martha JaneLockDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185825
Wm JProtsmanEstateThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185825
AmosGilbertSaleThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185831
DorotheaFultonEstateThe Indiana Reveille06 Aug 185832
WmLanhamMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
HannahAdamsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
SimeonTagueMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
TabithaTurnerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
Joshua JPotterMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
FrancesStacyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
MortonShortMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
MinervaShortMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
William JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
SimeonSlawsonSaleThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
MichaelBakerEstateThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185826
AmosGilbertSaleThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185832
William JProtsmanEstateThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185832
DorotheaFultonEstateThe Indiana Reveille13 Aug 185833
WmVan AntwerpSaleThe Indiana Reveille20 Aug 185826
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille20 Aug 185826
LuellaGazleyDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Aug 185832
Caroline MGurleyDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Aug 185832
William JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille20 Aug 185832
SimeonSlawsonSaleThe Indiana Reveille20 Aug 185832
MichaelBakerEstateThe Indiana Reveille20 Aug 185833
AmosGilbertSaleThe Indiana Reveille20 Aug 185833
William JProtsmanEstateThe Indiana Reveille20 Aug 185836
JohnWhittzerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Aug 185826
PhoebeKibbyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Aug 185826
MadoraBakerDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Aug 185831
MichaelBakerEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Aug 185833
AmosGilbertSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Aug 185833
WmVan AntwerpSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Aug 185833
William JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Aug 185836
SimeonSlawsonSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Aug 185836
Wilson BFarrellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille03 Sep 185825
Mary CFitchMarriageThe Indiana Reveille03 Sep 185825
GeorgeJenningsSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Sep 185826
William JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Sep 185826
William WHowardEstateThe Indiana Reveille03 Sep 185832
MichaelBakerEstateThe Indiana Reveille03 Sep 185833
AmosGilbertSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Sep 185833
Elvira VerMyersDeathWeekly News8 Sep 185824
Thomas RWileyDeathWeekly News8 Sep 185824
JosiahWoodruffEstateThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185825
Hannah HHendricksDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185825
PenuelHendricksDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185825
GeorgeJenningsSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185826
ThosFarisDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185832
George WCovertMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185832
PerlinaRickettsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185832
Elvira VMyersDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185832
ElizabethHastieDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185832
John LMuretDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185832
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185832
WmVan AntwerpSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185833
AmosGilbertSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185833
MichaelBakerEstateThe Indiana Reveille10 Sep 185833
WadeDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 185825
JosiahWoodruffEstateThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 185833
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 185833
WmVan AntwerpSaleThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 185833
GeorgeJenningsSaleThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 185836
Hannah HHendricksDivorceThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 185836
PenuelHendricksDivorceThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 185836
James MCrawfordMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 185825
Clara LGolayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 185825
Lucien WMallettDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 185825
John WCottonDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 185825
JosiahWoodruffSaleThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 185826
GeorgeJenningsSaleThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 185836
Hannah HHendricksDivorceThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 185836
PenuelHendricksDivorceThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 185836
JosiahWoodruffEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 185836
John WSpencerDeathWeekly News22 Sep 185826
Lucien WMalletDeathWeekly News22 Sep 185826
MargaretHoytDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 185821
SolomonHubertMarriageThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 185826
LauraLancasterMarriageThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 185826
Ethel BLyonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 185826
Matilda ACarpenterMarriageThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 185826
JohnAllenDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 185822
MaryMonroeDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 185823
J PSiereMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 185826
Julia DCampbellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 185826
MaryMonroeDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 185826
Thomas RWileyEstateThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 185826
JohnSissonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 185826
DeliaSissonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 185826
O SWaldoMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 185826
Hester AGoldenburgMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 185826
MaryMonroeDeathThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 185833
Thomas RWileyEstateThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 185833
JohnSissonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 185833
DeliaSissonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 185833
O SWaldoMarriageWeekly News13 Oct 185825
Hester AnnGoldenbrugMarriageWeekly News13 Oct 185825
JosephusHoldcroftMarriageWeekly News13 Oct 185825
ElizabethLeapMarriageWeekly News13 Oct 185825
Thomas RWileyEstateThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 185825
JohnAllenDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 185825
PhilipUnwellerEstateThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 185833
MaryMonroeDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 185834
JohnSissonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 185834
DeliaSissonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 185834
Mary EBornandDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 Oct 185826
Charles CDeguerreDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 Oct 185826
Thomas RWileyEstateThe Indiana Reveille27 Oct 185832
JohnAllenDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 Oct 185835
EmelineBornandDeathWeekly News27 Oct 185825
MrsWrightDeathWeekly News27 Oct 185825
BradenMarriageThe Indiana Reveille03 Nov 185826
FannieDumontMarriageThe Indiana Reveille03 Nov 185826
Thomas RWileyEstateThe Indiana Reveille03 Nov 185832
JohnAllenDeathThe Indiana Reveille03 Nov 185835
MurrayDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Nov 185821
DorothyFultonSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Nov 185825
WilliamPresserDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Nov 185826
DorothyFultonSaleThe Indiana Reveille17 Nov 185836
WilliamPresserDeathThe Indiana Reveille17 Nov 185842
GBrondsonMarriageWeekly News17 Nov 185826
Mary JWrightMarriageWeekly News17 Nov 185826
GeoYoungMarriageWeekly News17 Nov 185826
Eliza BellWoodfordMarriageWeekly News17 Nov 185826
DorthyFultonSaleThe Indiana Reveille24 Nov 185836
Robert DaleOwenDeathThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 185823
OrierWileyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 185824
juliaMattsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 185824
JohnAllenEstateThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 185825
DorothyFultonSaleThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 185825
Allen EWileyMarriageWeekly News1 Dec 185825
EvelineAdamsMarriageWeekly News1 Dec 185825
OmerWileyMarriageWeekly News1 Dec 185825
JuliaMattsMarriageWeekly News1 Dec 185825
NathanWaldonDeathWeekly News1 Dec 185825
GeorgeRobertsDeathWeekly News1 Dec 185825
HenryHumbertDeathWeekly News1 Dec 185825
JohnAllenEstateThe Indiana Reveille08 Dec 185814
DorothyFultonSaleThe Indiana Reveille08 Dec 185814
RobertOwenDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Dec 185821
WilliamSmithMarriageThe Indiana Reveille08 Dec 185836
CarolineProtsmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille08 Dec 185836
Allen EWileyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille08 Dec 185836
Evlyn AAdamsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille08 Dec 185836
JohnCushardMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Dec 185832
ElizaSheetsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Dec 185832
NoahSharpMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Dec 185832
SusanHinesMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Dec 185832
Isaiah WRobinsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Dec 185832
DorothyFultonSaleThe Indiana Reveille15 Dec 185841
JohnAllenEstateThe Indiana Reveille15 Dec 185842
Rebecca BoonLamondDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Dec 185824
SimeonSlawsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Dec 185833
DorothyFultonSaleThe Indiana Reveille22 Dec 185842
John MStratfordMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 Jan 185924
Mary JaneMcKayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 Jan 185924
Joseph FNicholsonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 Jan 185924
ElizaHarrisMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 Jan 185924
SarahMcLaneDeathThe Indiana Reveille12 Jan 185915
BookerDeathThe Indiana Reveille12 Jan 185923
MiltonGreggDeathThe Indiana Reveille19 Jan 185921
SamuelBrownMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Jan 185925
EllenPriceMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Jan 185925
MichaelBakerEstateThe Indiana Reveille19 Jan 185925
EllaPriceMarriageWeekly News19 Jan 185923
Sam'lBrownMarriageWeekly News19 Jan 185923
DavidRoyDeathThe Indiana Reveille26 Jan 185925
JasperDunningMarriageThe Indiana Reveille26 Jan 185931
Edith SLeeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille26 Jan 185931
MichaelBakerEstateThe Indiana Reveille26 Jan 185931
IsaacProtzmanDeathThe Indiana Reveille26 Jan 185941
JasperDunningMarriageWeekly News26 Jan 185926
Edith SLeeMarriageWeekly News26 Jan 185926
Wm JProtsmanEstateThe Indiana Reveille02 Feb 185925
SallyReeseEstateThe Indiana Reveille02 Feb 185925
MartinReeseEstateThe Indiana Reveille02 Feb 185925
MichaelBakerEstateThe Indiana Reveille02 Feb 185931
LouisaCottonDeathWeekly News2 Feb 185926
MargaretKincaidDeathThe Indiana Reveille09 Feb 185923
John FDufourSaleThe Indiana Reveille09 Feb 185924
HiramPeabodyEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Feb 185926
AnneMeansEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Feb 185932
JosephHutchinsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Feb 185932
MichaelBakerEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Feb 185932
SallyReeseEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Feb 185941
MartinReeseEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Feb 185941
Wm JProtsmanEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Feb 185941
JosiahWoodruffEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Feb 185941
John FDufourSaleThe Indiana Reveille16 Feb 185925
HiramPeabodyEstateThe Indiana Reveille16 Feb 185926
Wm JProtsmanEstateThe Indiana Reveille16 Feb 185926
JosiahWoodruffEstateThe Indiana Reveille16 Feb 185926
SallyReeseEstateThe Indiana Reveille16 Feb 185942
MartinReeseEstateThe Indiana Reveille16 Feb 185942
PeterGushardMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Feb 185924
ClarissaDrakeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Feb 185924
SarahSmithDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Feb 185924
Nathan DAibroDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Feb 185924
HiramPeabodySaleThe Indiana Reveille23 Feb 185926
John FDufourSaleThe Indiana Reveille23 Feb 185926
SallyReeseEstateThe Indiana Reveille23 Feb 185945
MartinReeseEstateThe Indiana Reveille23 Feb 185945
JohnShaddyDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Mar 185921
ElizabethStevensDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Mar 185923
SamuelStusieMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Mar 185924
CharlotteFisherMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Mar 185924
SylvanusHoweMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Mar 185924
MaryPresserMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Mar 185924
John FDufourSaleThe Indiana Reveille02 Mar 185946
SamuelStucieMarriageWeekly News2 Mar 185926
CharlotteFisherMarriageWeekly News2 Mar 185926
Francis MMcKayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille09 Mar 185925
Mary EBrayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille09 Mar 185925
CorneliaCraigDeathThe Indiana Reveille16 Mar 185925
JamesHendersonDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Mar 185921
AmericaRiceDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Mar 185921
John WSpencerDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Mar 185931
O HSmithDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Mar 185931
O HSmithDeathThe Indiana Reveille30 Mar 185922
PeterPetersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Mar 185932
SarahHaskellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Mar 185932
WilliamBlankMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Mar 185932
MaryBrownMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Mar 185932
F GBakesMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Mar 185932
A JMcMakinMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Mar 185932
William ELeechMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Apr 185931
IndianaNealMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Apr 185931
JohnDavidsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Apr 185931
Charles WCoirDeathThe Indiana Reveille03 May 185931
Sibyl A WileyVan AntwerpDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 May 185931
PeterDumontDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 May 185931
ElizabethMalinDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 May 185932
Clara FrancesDumontDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 May 185932
ElizabethMalinDeathWeekly News25 May 185926
RebeccaGrayDeathThe Indiana Reveille01 Jun 185932
William MReeceMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Jun 185925
Harriet ACarrollMarriageThe Indiana Reveille08 Jun 185925
Mary LMurphyDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Jun 185932
Henry SChristianDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Jun 185932
WilliamReeseMarriageWeekly News8 Jun 185925
MaryCarrolMarriageWeekly News8 Jun 185925
JamesReeseMarriageWeekly News8 Jun 185925
Julia JLeClercMarriageWeekly News8 Jun 185925
MelcherSauvinDeathWeekly News8 Jun 185925
FatherRuterDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Jun 185931
CharlesThiebaudMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Jun 185932
ZelieHugueninMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Jun 185932
George HVandeverMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Jun 185932
CarolineWooleyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Jun 185932
Samuel AGouldMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Jun 185932
Elzina EBakerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Jun 185932
JamesReeseMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Jun 185944
Julia JLeClercMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Jun 185944
MelucherSauvaineDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Jun 185944
Calvin WRuterDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Jun 185925
AbijahNorthEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Jun 185927
FrankBenoitMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Jun 185932
JuliaTardyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Jun 185932
ElizabethShuckDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Jun 185932
Peter NJonesMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Jun 185942
Mary FHamptonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Jun 185942
Ralph CShortDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Jun 185942
GoddardDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Jun 185921
AbijahNorthEstateThe Indiana Reveille29 Jun 185927
GoddardDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Jul 185917
J W LSlavensMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Jul 185927
MattieLeNuttMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Jul 185927
Geo LNorthDeathThe Indiana Reveille13 Jul 185927
James BSmithDeathThe Indiana Reveille13 Jul 185927
EdwardRoseDeathThe Indiana Reveille13 Jul 185927
Wm JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille20 Jul 185926
Wm CMitchellSaleThe Indiana Reveille20 Jul 185926
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille20 Jul 185927
RobertBovardEstateThe Indiana Reveille20 Jul 185927
NicholasWykoffMarriageWeekly News20 Jul 185925
IreneGrahamMarriageWeekly News20 Jul 185925
ClarissaRaylDeathWeekly News20 Jul 185925
ClarkDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185923
Wm CMitchellSaleThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185926
Wm JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185927
A SReysMarriageThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185931
Julia LDumontMarriageThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185931
SmithGreenwoodMarriageThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185931
HarrietBookMarriageThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185931
NicholasWycoffMarriageThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185931
JaneGrahamMarriageThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185931
Robert SCottonDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185931
JohnFurnishDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185931
OwenOwensDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185931
RichardCarmineEstateThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185932
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185932
RobertBovardEstateThe Indiana Reveille27 Jul 185944
A SReidMarriageWeekly News27 Jul 185925
Julia LDumontMarriageWeekly News27 Jul 185925
SmithGreenwoodMarriageWeekly News27 Jul 185925
HarrietBookMarriageWeekly News27 Jul 185925
OwenOwensDeathWeekly News27 Jul 185925
JohnFurnishDeathWeekly News27 Jul 185925
RichardCarmineEstateThe Indiana Reveille03 Aug 185915
Wm CMitchellSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Aug 185927
FloraHansonDeathThe Indiana Reveille03 Aug 185931
William WHowardSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Aug 185932
Wm JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Aug 185935
PeterSmithEstateThe Indiana Reveille10 Aug 185926
Calvin WRuterEstateThe Indiana Reveille10 Aug 185926
SarahEblinDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Aug 185926
Wm CMitchellSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Aug 185927
Wm JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Aug 185935
Wm JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille17 Aug 185935
MarshallCourtneyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Aug 185926
RachelWallickMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Aug 185926
AlfredPeelmanDeathThe Indiana Reveille24 Aug 185926
RobertBovardEstateThe Indiana Reveille24 Aug 185931
AndrewStewartMarriageWeekly News24 Aug 185932
Julia WBogelMarriageWeekly News24 Aug 185932
Ryall BWilcoxDeathThe Indiana Reveille31 Aug 185917
John AMcClungDeathThe Indiana Reveille31 Aug 185921
John WDavisDeathThe Indiana Reveille31 Aug 185921
JacobBonhamDeathThe Indiana Reveille31 Aug 185943
William BNobleDeathThe Indiana Reveille31 Aug 185943
HughStoneMarriageThe Indiana Reveille07 Sep 185931
Esther LHessMarriageThe Indiana Reveille07 Sep 185931
HughStoneMarriageWeekly News7 Sep 185924
Esther LHessMarriageWeekly News7 Sep 185924
Mary MMartinDeathWeekly News7 Sep 185924
RobertWickliffeDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Sep 185917
Ira MKeeferMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Sep 185925
Sarah AGriffithMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Sep 185925
Lewis FMorstonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Sep 185925
RebeccaBairdMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Sep 185925
SarahLewisDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Sep 185925
Frances AngelinePlewDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Sep 185925
JohnWindsorDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 Sep 185922
FannieLarrisonDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Sep 185923
JohnHallDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Sep 185924
MarshalMartinDeathThe Indiana Reveille05 Oct 185922
William HDramerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 Oct 185931
Sarah JChordMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 Oct 185931
Richard FHoldenMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 Oct 185931
EllaBussonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 Oct 185931
John WStillMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185924
Harriet JAdamsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185924
Joshua WBarrettMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185924
DrusillaTandyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185924
Wm HTaylorMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185924
Lucy ANorthMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185924
BenjaminCrowMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185924
Nancy JSparksMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185924
Elisha CSpragueDeathThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185924
George LNorthEstateThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185925
C WRetterDeathThe Indiana Reveille12 Oct 185941
JamesHastieDeathThe Indiana Reveille19 Oct 185923
JohnMyersEstateThe Indiana Reveille19 Oct 185924
George LNorthEstateThe Indiana Reveille19 Oct 185925
MichaelHouzeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Oct 185927
Margaret MWainscottMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Oct 185927
CharlesBullettMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Oct 185927
MatildaSalveMarriageThe Indiana Reveille19 Oct 185927
Philip ABettonsMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
ClaraDufourMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
Michael JrHouseMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
MargaretWainscottMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
MatildaSalveMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
CharlesBullittMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
JamesDavisMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
MaryBellMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
ThomasPavyMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
AnnWisemanMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
FlaviusColeMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
MaryPearceMarriageWeekly News19 Oct 185924
JamesHastieDeathWeekly News19 Oct 185934
OscarGreggDeathThe Indiana Reveille26 Oct 185925
Dudley PCraigMarriageThe Indiana Reveille26 Oct 185925
Emily LSchenckMarriageThe Indiana Reveille26 Oct 185925
M NMarshallMarriageThe Indiana Reveille26 Oct 185925
Lutitia FWingateMarriageThe Indiana Reveille26 Oct 185925
Wm JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille26 Oct 185926
George LNorthEstateThe Indiana Reveille26 Oct 185927
JohnMyersSaleThe Indiana Reveille26 Oct 185927
JohnMyersEstateThe Indiana Reveille26 Oct 185936
William CShawMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185926
SarahSmithMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185926
Julia ElizabethGilbertDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185926
Enos TLittlefieldDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185926
PeterSmithEstateThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185926
JohnMyersSaleThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185932
JosephMalinMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185943
Harriet NSeymourMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185943
WilliamWhiteMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185943
SarahMottMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185943
HenryMyersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185943
Hannah JGaryMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185943
WilliamFancherDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Nov 185943
WmWhiteMarriageWeekly News2 Nov 185924
SarahMottMarriageWeekly News2 Nov 185924
Enos TLittlefieldDeathWeekly News2 Nov 185925
James FrancisFullerDeathWeekly News2 Nov 185925
JohnMyersSaleThe Indiana Reveille09 Nov 185926
JohnRossMarriageWeekly News9 Nov 185925
Francis HBachmanMarriageWeekly News9 Nov 185925
JoshuaBarretDeathWeekly News9 Nov 185925
JohnYoungMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Nov 185923
Tabitha CFishMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Nov 185923
Tabitha CProtsmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Nov 185923
JesseBradfordMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Nov 185923
SarahMozbyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Nov 185923
Nathan HNorthMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Nov 185923
America JSearcyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Nov 185923
JohnMyersEstateThe Indiana Reveille16 Nov 185936
Wm JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille16 Nov 185937
Benjamin CHicksMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Nov 185925
Salinda JDunningMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Nov 185925
Lawrence WGordonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Nov 185925
Mary RJeffreyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Nov 185925
Hugh SMontgomerySaleThe Indiana Reveille23 Nov 185926
PeterSmithEstateThe Indiana Reveille23 Nov 185933
Wm JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille23 Nov 185937
JohnDrakeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Nov 185925
Mary AnnGarmoreMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Nov 185925
MartinBayoreMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Nov 185925
SarahGibbonsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Nov 185925
WmCraigMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Nov 185925
RebeccaGudgeonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille30 Nov 185925
JohnMurphyDeathThe Indiana Reveille30 Nov 185925
Hugh SMontgomerySaleThe Indiana Reveille30 Nov 185926
PeterSmithEstateThe Indiana Reveille30 Nov 185933
Wm JProtsmanSaleThe Indiana Reveille30 Nov 185937
JamesHastieSaleThe Indiana Reveille07 Dec 185926
Hugh SMontgomerySaleThe Indiana Reveille07 Dec 185932
JamesHastieSaleThe Indiana Reveille14 Dec 185932
WVannuysMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Dec 185931
Agees SHeatonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Dec 185931
Sarah EmmaNorthcottDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Dec 185931
JosephNobleDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Dec 185931
Joseph FTagueDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Dec 185931
JamesHastieSaleThe Indiana Reveille14 Dec 185932
Hugh SMontgomerySaleThe Indiana Reveille14 Dec 185933
Joseph FTagueDeathWeekly News14 Dec 185925
JosephNobleDeathWeekly News14 Dec 185925
JamesHastieSaleThe Indiana Reveille21 Dec 185943
JamesHastieSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Dec 185915
DangladeBirthThe Indiana Reveille28 Dec 185924
James SKnoxMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Dec 185924
RachelBlunkMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Dec 185924
John FMyersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Dec 185924
Josephine LSchenckMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Dec 185924
James HGibbsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Dec 185924
Ellen GPhillipsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Dec 185924
Antoinette GrayDickasonDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Dec 185924
John FMyersMarriageWeekly News28 Dec 185925
JosephineSchenckMarriageWeekly News28 Dec 185925
James SGnoxMarriageWeekly News28 Dec 185925
RachelBlunkMarriageWeekly News28 Dec 185925
HenryWaltzMarriageWeekly News28 Dec 185925
PartheniaJoyceMarriageWeekly News28 Dec 185925
Thomas FAdamsMarriageWeekly News28 Dec 185925
MelissaDowneyMarriageWeekly News28 Dec 185925
AntoinetteDickisonDeathWeekly News28 Dec 185925