Washington Township Schools Report – 1874

Report of the Washington Township, Dearborn County, Indiana Schools appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 19 Feb 1874 – Page 3, Column 4

Washington Township.

We visited the schools of this township last week according to promise, and we had quite a lively time and was glad to see so much interest manifested in some of the scholars.

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The first school we visited was District No. 2, taught by Mr. Haynes. This school has an average of about fifteen scholars.

The next day we visited school District No. 4, taught by William Gullett. In the afternoon we heard some very good declamation by the scholars. We promised to give their names and we think by doing so we have got ourselves into a bad box. We will only give their surnames were there are only one in a family.

Girls: Younker, Baker, Mollie Herron, Emma Herron, Cole, Mary and Sarah Ballerd, Maggie Herron.

Boys: Heggorman, Cole, Younker, Herron, and Baker.

We attended the spelling school in the evening, was quite interesting, the school spelled 750 words. Out of the 750 Carrie Cole spelled 155; Mollie Merron and M. Baker 125.

The next day we visited school District No. 1. In the afternoon we listened to essays declamations, and select readings by the scholars. We give the names of those who took a part in the above named exercises:


  • Girls: Wright, Pelps, Younker, Flora Tufts, Angie Tufts, Lane.
  • Boys: Gatch, Wright, Osborn, Charles Randell, William Randell Jr.


  • Girls: Flora Tufts, Yonnker, Wright, Hudson, Boach, Angie Tufts, Julia Lane, Alma Lane.
  • Boys: Wright, Clarance Tufts, Elsa Randell, William Randell Sr., William Randell Jr., Charles Randell.

Select Reading:

  • Girls: Hudson, Phelps, Wright, Julia Lane.
  • Boys: Gatch, Osborn, Clarence Tutfs, Enoch Wright, Pardy Wright, Charles Randell.

We learn from Mr. A. Tufts the teacher of this school that he has an average of 35 scholars.