Wilmington Public Schools Roll of Honor – 1882

Rolls of honor of the Wilmington Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 23 Feb 1882 – Page 3, Column 4

Of the Wilmington schools for the month ending February 10, 1882:

Room No. 1—Annie Cottingham, Harvey Clements, Mittie Baker, Minnie Cottingham, Hattie Sellers, Maud Sargent, Cora Newby, Ida Truitt, Chas. Clements, Ada Baker, Mary Buffington, Louie Chisman, Dell Sellers, Curtis Stalder, Maggie Taylor, Jennie Clements, Nettie Baker, Thad Truitt, Annie Marks, Jesse Fidler, Ben Elder, Harry Fidler, Ben Barnhart, Frank Chisman, Harvey Smith.

Room No. 2—May Small, Harold Taylor, Mamie Stalder, Randall Wilson, Frank Clements, Gatch Baker, Louis Baker, Tillie Wilson, Rose Goodrich, Marion Buffington, Freddie Truitt, John Peters, Eva Baker, Lizzie Kerr, Laura Taylor, John Bradford, Carrie Roach.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 23 Mar 1882 – Page 2, Column 5

Of Wilmington schools for the month ending March 10, 1882. Only those having a grade of ninety percent and over are given:

Room No. 1—Louie Chisman, Maude Sargent, Katie Gatch, Harvey Clements, Hattie Sellers, Jennie Clements, Thad Truitt, Mary Buffington, Mittie Baker, Ada Baker, Stella Bradford, Ben Elder, Frank Chisman, Curtis Stalder, Chas. Clements, Jesse Fidler, Harvey Smith.

Room No. 2—Randall Wilson, Rose Goodrich, Harold Taylor, Marion Buffington, Mabel Truitt, Gatch Baker, May Small, Frank Clements, Addie Peters, Freddie Bridwell, Harry Small, Eva Baker, Ernest James.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 20 Apr 1882 – Page 3, Column 4

Roll of Honor
Of the Wilmington schools for the month ending April 7, 1882:

Room No. 1—Mary Buffington, Annie Cottingham, Lou Chisman, Hattie Sellers, Ben Elder, Mittie Baker, Ada Baker, Dell Sellers, Jennie Clements, Frank Roach, Frank Chisman.

Room No. 2—Frank Clements, Harold Taylor, John Bradford, Marion Buffington, Harry Christy, Mabel Truitt, Mary Smith, Emma Bridwell, Rose Goodrich, Luddie House, Eva Baker, Laura Taylor.