Wilmington School Report – 1874

Reports of the Wilmington Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1874 appeared in:

Aurora Farmer and Mechanic – 7 Jan 1874 – Page 5, Column 3

The following are the grades of the pupils in Room No. 2, for the term ending Friday, Dec. 26th:

GRAMMAR—Oscar Buffington, W. Haynes, Geo. Truitt, Johnny Jackson, W. Wakins, W. Buffington, Aggie Banium, Menirva Chisman, Eliza Bridwell, Emma Younker, Arminda Roof, Maggie Linsday, Lizzie Linsday, Flora Rodgers, Lillie Conger, Rhoda Wilson, Liddie Chisman.

ALGEBRA—W. Haynes, O. Buffington, G. Truitt.

ARITHMETIC—Oscar Buffington, W. Haynes, J. Jackson, G. Truitt, Aggie Banium, Eliza Bridwell, Minerva Chisman, Maggie Truitt.

HISTORY—Oscar Buffington, W. Haynes, Flora Rodgers, Eliza Bridwell.

GEOGRAPHY—Oscar Buffington, W. Haynes, W. Wakins, W. Buffington, Robert Chisman, Aggie Banium, Minerva Chisman, Flora Roach, Maggie Linsday, Lillie Conger, Lizzie Ward, Emma Ward, Clara Spicknell, Arminda Roof, Flora Rodgers.

H. B. HILL, Teacher, Room No. 2.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 31 Dec 1875 – Page 3, Column 5


We have obtained from Mr. H. B. Hill the grades of pupils in his room for the term ending Dec. 24th we will not give the grades in detail, only the general average of each pupil, obtained by taking into consideration average, grade in studies and deportment.


  • Aggie Bainum
  • Minerva Chisman
  • Liddie Chisman
  • Maggie Linsday
  • Lizzie Linsday
  • Emma Younker
  • Emma Truitt
  • Emma Smith
  • Arminda Roof
  • Mary L. Conger
  • Alice Roach
  • Katie Haynes
  • Rhoda Wilson


  • W Haynes
  • O. D. Buffington
  • George Truitt
  • Frank Truitt
  • George Elder
  • W. Buffington
  • Jno. Bridwell
  • O. Richardson
  • W. Winters
  • Henry Busse
  • Loss Fiddler