Craig Township, Switzerland County Democratic Meeting – March 1840

Details of the Craig Township, Switzerland County, Indiana Democratic meeting appeared in:
Vevay Times and Switzerland County Democrat – 4 April 1840 – Page 2, Column 4.

Democratic Meeting.

Agreeably to a call of the Democratic citizens of Craig township, a Democratic meeting was held at David Trowbridge’s School House in Belmont, on Monday the 30th day of March, 1840.

On motion, ALLEN McKAY, was called to the Chair, and JOSEPH D. CURRY, appointed Secretary.

The object of the meeting have been stated, Mr. KYLE arose and addressed the meeting in a lengthy and very forcible speech, in which he exposed the corrupt policy pursued by our State Government under the management of the federal party in power; and refuted by documentary proof, a host of federal slanders upon Mr. Van Buren and charges against the Administration of the General Government, which had been circulated by the opposition.

The late hour at which the meeting was organized the appointment of a committee to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of the meeting, which was accordingly dispensed with.

On motion it was

Resolved, That thirty delegates be appointed by the Chair, to represent Craig township in the County Convention to be held at Vevay on the 25th day of April next, for the purpose of selecting candidates to be supported by the Democratic party in August next, for State Senator and Representative in the lower branch of the Legislature.

Whereupon the Chair announced the following persons as said delegates:

  • David Trowbridge,
  • Jordan McKay,
  • James Craig,
  • Moses McKay,
  • Merrill McKay,
  • John Anderson, Sen.
  • Henry Peters,
  • H. Hsrkell,
  • George Porter,
  • John Orr,
  • Nathan Lee,
  • John H. Cotton,
  • John Lanbam,
  • Shadrach H. Lanham,
  • Masback Lanham,
  • Fleming Jones,
  • Mallory Lancaster,
  • Evan Ash,
  • Zachariah Cotton,
  • John Lancaster,
  • William Morgan,
  • Thomas Miller,
  • Andrew Porter,
  • Philip Ramseyre,
  • Henry Martin,
  • Josiah Orem,
  • William Roberts, Sen.
  • Allen McKay,
  • Ephraim McKay,
  • Thomas Jones, Sen.
  • Alfred Wright,

Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be published in the Vevay Times and Switzerland County Democrat.

ALLEN McKAY, Chairman.
J. D. CURRY, Secretary.