1846 Laws relating to Indiana’s Gore

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Abstracts of laws relating to Indiana’s Gore from:
Local Laws of the State of Indiana, Passed at the Thirtieth Session of the General Assembly. Indianapolis : J. P. Chapman, 1846. Google Books

Page 12
Chapter VII
An Act declaring a certain Road in the county of Dearborn a State Road.
(Approved January 12, 1846.)

  • That so much of the route formerly surveyed and marked by the Napoleon and Aurora Turnpike company, as lays in the county of Dearborn, be and the same is hereby declared to be a State road.
  • It shall be the duty of Nathaniel Squibb, the surveyor for said company, on or before the first Monday of March next, to file in the auditor’s office of Dearborn county, a plot of so much of said road as lays (lies) in the county of Dearborn.


Page 38
Chapter XLI
An act to locate a State road in Dearborn and Ripley counties.
(Approved December 31, 1845.)

  • That D. A. Brooks of the county of Dearborn and John M. Stockwell and James Earley of the county of Ripley, be and they are hereby appointed commissioners to view, mark and locate a State road, commencing at the town of Moore’s Hill in Dearborn county, and running thence on the nearest and best ground until it intersects the State Road leading from Milan to Napoleon in Ripley county, at or near where said road passes the Redlin school house in said Ripley county.


Page 52
Chapter LXVII
An Act to correct a misprint in an act entitled “An Act for the relief of the Administrators of John Coce, late of Dearborn county, deceased.
(Approved December 31, 1845.)

  • That the name “John Coce,” wherever it occurs in the above named act, be and the same hereby is declared to be a misprint, and to mean and have been intended for John P. Case, to whose administrators all the provisions of said act are hereby extended and applied.


Page 60
An Act to incorporate the Rising Sun Manufacturing Company.
(Approved January 15, 1846.)

  • That James Stirrat, Shadrach Hathaway, Thomas Kempton, Archibald Moore and William P. Lambdin, together with such other persons as may associate for the purpose of manufacturing cotton and wollen goods, to be established at Rising Sun in Ohio county, be, and the same are hereby ordained, constituted and declared to be a body politic and corporate to all intents and purposes, to be known and designated by the name of the “Rising Sun Manufacturing Company.”


Page 108
An Act for the relief of Nancy Pickett, of Switzerland county.
(Approved January 19, 1846.)

  • That Nancy Pickett, of the county of Switzerland, be and she is hereby authorized to file a bill in the Switzerland circuit court for a divorce from her husband, William Pickett; and that said court shall pass upon the same.


Page 109
Chapter CXXIX
An Act granting the citizens of Lawrenceburgh a City Charter, and for revising and repealing all laws and parts of laws heretofore enacted on that subject.
(Approved January 20, 1846.

  • That so much of Dearborn county as is contained within the following boundaries, to-wit, beginning on the Ohio river at low water mark, at a point where a straight line would terminate, drawn from the eastern side of the tumble of the White Water Valley Canal; thence following the eastern bank of the waste-way of said canal, to its junction with the main canal; thence along the eastern bank of said canal to the centre of the Trough Pond; (as it is called;) thence in a straight line to the west bank of Tanner’s creek, where the northern line of the grave yard would terminate; thence following the meanderings of said creek to a point on the line between the lands formerly owned by A. P. Hubbs and David Nevitt; thence on a direct line to the Ohio river at low water mark to the eastern line of Norval Sparks’s lands; thence, following the meanderings of the Ohio river at low water mark, to the place of beginning; shall be, and hereby is declared to be a city; and the inhabitants thereof are created a body politic and corporate, with perpetual succession, by the name and style of “the City of Lawrenceburgh.”


Page 281
An Act to locate a State road in the counties of Ohio and Switzerland.
(Approved January 15, 1846.)

  • That Edward Ricketts of the county of Ohio, and Daniel Kelso and Hiram Robinson of the county of Switzerland, be and they are hereby appointed commissioners to view, mark and lay out a State road from Rising Sun, in Ohio county, to Garrison’s Mills, in Switzerland county.