1847 Laws relating to Indiana’s Gore

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Abstracts of laws relating to Indiana’s Gore from:
Local Laws of the State of Indiana, Passed at the Thirty-First Session of the General Assembly. Indianapolis: J. P. Chapman, 1847. Google Books

Page 54
Chapter XVII
An Act to secure to Ohio county a share of the common school and surplus revenue funds, and for other purposes.
(Approved January 6, 1847.)

  • That George W. Lane, of Dearborn county, be and he is hereby appointed to make a fair and equitable distribution of the common school fund and the surplus revenue fund, heretofore managed and controlled by the county of Dearborn, between the said county of Dearborn and Ohio.


Page 92
An act for the relief of persons therein named.
(Approved January 26, 1847.)

  • That the agent for loaning the surplus revenue in the county of Switzerland be and he is hereby authorized to take and receive of and from Stephen G. Peabody, and the administrator of the estate of James Dalmazzo, late of the said county, deceased, or from the heirs of said James Dalmazzo (the said Stephen G. Peabody and Dalmazzo being the securities of Causby M. Lewis) the sum of four hundred dollars in full satisfaction of a certain judgment rendered against them in favor of the State of Indiana at the April term, 1839, of the Switzerland circuit court (costs exempted).


Page 280
Chapter CC.
An Act to establish a State road in the county of Dearborn.
(Approved January 18, 1847.)

  • That John Maston, George Cornelius, and Samuel P. Johnson, of the county of Dearborn be, and they are hereby, appointed commissioner to view, mark, and locate a State road, commencing at the town of Aurora, in said county, and running on or near the route formerly surveyed by the Aurora and Napoleon Turnpike Company, until it strikes the line dividing Dearborn and Ripley counties.


Page 362
Chapter CCXCVI
An Act to incorporate a Public Seminary in the town of Aurora, in the county of Dearborn
(Approved January 23, 1847.)

  • That George W. Lane, Lewis C. Hurlbert, Thomas Gaff, William T. Harris, and William S. Holman, and their successors be, and they are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, as the successors of the trustees aforesaid, by the name of “The Trustees of the Aurora Seminary.”


Page 390
An Act to provide for the opening of a State Road in the counties of Dearborn and Ripley.(Approved January 26, 1847.)

  • That David A. Brooks of Dearborn county, and Joshua Brown of Ripley county, be and they are hereby appointed commissioners to open the State road laid out in pursuance of the provisions of an act entitled “An act to locate a State road in Dearborn and Ripley counties,” approved December 31st, 1846.