1851 Laws relating to Indiana’s Gore

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Abstracts of laws relating to Indiana’s Gore from:
Local Laws of the State of Indiana, Passed at the Thirty-Fifth Session of the General Assembly. Indianapolis : J. P. Chapman, 1851. Google Books


Page 49
Chapter LV
An act to consolidate and publish in one act the several acts incorporating the city of Lawrenceburgh, and to revise and amend the same.
(Approved February 14, 1851.)

  • That so much of Dearborn county as is contained within the following boundaries to-wit: Beginning on the Ohio River at low water mark, at a point where a straight line would terminate, drawn from the eastern side of the tumble of the White Water Valley Canal thence following the eastern bank of the waste-way of said canal to its junction with the main canal, thence along the eastern bank of said canal to the centre of the Trough Pond, (as it is called) thence in a straight line to the west bank of Tanner’s creek, where the northern line of the old grave yard would terminate, thence following the meanderings of said creek to a point on the line between the lands formerly owned by A. P. Hubbs and David Nevitt, thence on a direct line to the Ohio River at low water mark to the eastern line of Norval Sparks’ lands, thence following the meanderings of the Ohio River at low water mark to the place of beginning, shall be and hereby is declared to be a city, and the inhabitants thereof arc created a body corporate and politic with perpetual succession by the name and style of “the City of Lawrcnceburgh.”


Page 303
Chapter CLXVI
An act to incorporate the Rising Sun Hotel Company.
(Approved February 13, 1851.)

  • That Shadrach Hathawav, Washington H. Hall, Hazlet E. Dodd, Maxfield Huston, Abel C. fepper, James M. Reister, Joshua Haines, Archibald Moore, Thos. W. Pate, Bradley B. Loring, Almond Scranton, Henry Brown, Samuel Seward, Pinkney James, John H. Jones, Thomas Summons, Robert G. Youge, Alexander Jamison, and Hugh T. Williams, and their associates and successors be, and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate, under the name and style of the Rising Sun Hotel Company.


Page 305
Chapter CLXVII
An act for the relief of the heirs of Elizabeth Blatner, late of Dearborn county, Indiana, but now deceased.
(Approved February 11, 1851.)

  • Whereas, one Elizabeth Blatner, of the county of Dearborn, State of Indiana, departed this life on or about the 7th day of August, 1850, intestate, the owner of real estate situate in said county, and…was not a naturalized citizen of the United States at the time of her death,
  • That all deeds or conveyances of land within the State of Indiana made to the said Elizabeth Blatner before her death, shall be deemed and taken to be as good and effectual in law and equity to vest in her the title of the land thus attempted to be conveyed, as if said Elizabeth Blatner had at the time of the said deed or deeds, conveyance or conveyances were made been a naturalized citizen of the United States.


Page 400
Chapter CCXII
An act to incorporate the Patriot and Allensville Turnpike Company.
(Approved February 13, 1851.)

  • That Eliphalet Case, Jacob R. Harris, A. R. Wells, and Stephen Humphrey, of the county of Switzerland, and their associates and successors, be, and they are hereby constituted, a body corporate and politic, under the name of “the Patriot and Allensville Turnpike Company.”


Page 418
An act to incorporate the Aurora Hotel Company.
(Approved February 13, 1851.)

  • That Thomas Graff, Peter B. Vail, Oliver P. Cobb and Samuel I. Hoald, be appointed commissioners under this act.


Page 464
An act for the relief of Andrew Morgan, of Dearborn county.
(Approved February 12, 1851.)

  • Whereas, Andrew Morgan, of Dearborn county, obtained a judgment against the State of Indiana, on the 6th day of May, A. D. 1841, for the sum of one hundred and twenty-five dollars; therefore,
  • That the auditor of state be instructed to audit, and the treasurer of state to pay out of the moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, the said judgment and interest.


Page 478
An act to authorize the building of a Bridge across Laughery creek by Andrew Morgan.
(Approved February 13, 1851.)

  • That Andrew Morgan, his agent, heirs or assigns, be and they are hereby authorized to erect and build, at his or their own expense, a toll bridge across Laughery creek at or near the place where the Lawrenceburgh and Rising Sun State road crosses said creek.
  • That unless the said Andrew Morgan shall, within three months from the 1st day of March, 1851, begin the construction of said bridge, and proceed with the same with all reasonable dispatch, so as to have the said bridge completed in a good, safe, durable, convenient and substantial manner, by the 1st day [of] March, 1852, then and in that case all rights conferred upon the said Andrew Morgan by this act, shall cease and be forfeited ; in that case William S. Speakman, Thomas W. Pate, Levi E. Harris, George W. Law, John S. French, Jona. Chambers, and Benjamin Sylvester and their successors in office, are hereby declared to be a body politic and corporate, by the name of the “Laughery Bridge Company,”