1865 Switzerland County Teacher’s Institute

The details about the 1865 Switzerland County, Teacher’s Institute appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 Nov 1865 – Page 3, Column 1

Switzerland County Teacher’s Institute

According to previous announcement, an Institute was organized and successfully carried on during five days of last week. There were in attendance over fifty Teachers, or persons preparing to become such.

Considering that this is the first attempt of the kind ever made in the county, we regard it as a decided success. As will be seen by the minutes, the Teachers have organized a permanent association, to meet semi annually, which we expect to have a beneficial tendency. It is to be hoped that the school officers throughout the county will encourage by every means in their power the spirit that is manifested by Teacher’s in endeavoring to elevate the standard of their profession.

The following list is the roll of persons in attendance at the Institute.

  • Anshuts, Ross R., Moorefield, Ind.
  • Anderson, Mary F, Craig P. O.
  • Adams, Maggie, Pleasant
  • Bellamy, Angie, Craig
  • Bellamy, Sarah E., Craig
  • Bell, Mary, Vevay
  • Bristow, Sarah, Vevay
  • Bristow, I. W., Vevay
  • Baxter, F. W., Vevay
  • Cotton, Eliza, Vevay
  • Crawford, Maggie, Moorefield
  • Crutcher, Josie, Vevay
  • Culbertson, Jennie, Moorefield
  • Charlton, Alice, Vevay
  • Detraz, Josie, Vevay
  • Dickson, Annie, Vevay
  • Dufour, Eliza, Vevay
  • Elder, M. E., Vevay
  • Fisher, Fannie, Vevay
  • Gray, Josephine, Vevay
  • Hedrick, Lou, Jacksonville
  • Harman, Rebecca, Bennington
  • Jagers, Lucilla, Vevay
  • Kellcher, Mary E., Vevay
  • Malcomson, Sarah, Craig
  • McKay, Mary A., Craig
  • McKay, Mattie, Carrollton, Ky.
  • Miller, Mary, Vevay
  • Montgomery, Emma, Vevay
  • Moxley, Ella, Vevay
  • Murphy, Catharine, Leavenworth, Ind.
  • Ogle, Annie, Jacksonville
  • Pettit, Maggie L, Sugar Branch
  • Price, Jennie, Vevay
  • Protsman, Fannie, Vevay
  • Rous, M. A., Vevay
  • Rous, John P., Vevay
  • Roberts, Sarah, Vevay
  • Shaw, Maggie, Vevay
  • Shaw, Lizzie, Vevay
  • Shaw, Alice, Vevay
  • Smith, Allen W, Moorefield
  • Smith, Alice, Vevay
  • Smith, Ben R., Vevay
  • Smith, Sarah, Vevay
  • Thompson, Anna, Vevay
  • Warden, Bettie, Bennington
  • Witherspoon, M. R., Moorefield
  • Whippo, Mary D., Vevay
  • Works, John D, Vevay
  • Works, Addison M, East Enterprise
  • Works, Andrew J, East Enterprise
  • Wyant, Mattie, Vevay

Proceedings of the Teacher’s Institute held in Vevay during the week beginning Nov. 6th 1865.

First Day.

The teachers of Switzerland County, and those intending to become such, met at the Public School Building, in Vevay, Monday morning Nov. 6th, in accordance with a notice given by the county Examiner, and organized a Teacher’s Institute by electing Mr. J. P. Rous Superintendent, W. H. H. Gleason Secretary, Miss Mattie Wyant Critic, Dr. E. R. Mullet Teach of Mental Arithmetic; Dr. Thompson, Physiology; J. P. Rous, Eng. Gram. And U. S. History; J. W. Picket, Reading; Miss M. A. Rous, Geography; Rev. Mr. Higley, Practical Arithmetic.

A committee on resolutions was appointed, consisting of J. W. Picket, Misses Maggie Shaw, and E. Montgomery.

The following persons were appointed by the Superintendent to write essays on subjects connected with teaching, and read before the Institute; viz: Misses F. Fisher, E. Montgomery, M. A. Rous, M. Wyant and M. Shaw, Mr. J. W. Picket and W. H. H. Gleason.

The following resolution was offered by J. P. Rous and referred to the committee on resolutions.

Whereas, The present Public School System of Indiana is such, that schools are taught in the greater number of our school districts, but three months during the year—thereby rendering inefficient in a great degree the labors of Teachers—however well they may be qualified to teach—therefore

Resolved, That immediate provision should be made by the Legislature to keep open Public Schools, at least six months in each year. The Institute then adjourned to meet at 1 ½ P.M.

Afternoon Session.

Institute called to order by the Superintendent. Classes were formed and lessons assigned in the different branches. The committee on resolutions, presented their report on length of school term.—After a short discussion the resolution was unanimously adopted.

The criticisms for the day were read by the special critic. After the reading of the Secretary’s report the Institute adjourned to meet Tuesday morning at 9 o’clock.

Prepared by Maggie Shaw.