Aurora 1848-1854 Directories

Early Business directories in Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana from:
Shaw, Archibald, editor. History of Dearborn County, Indiana. Indianapolis : B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc, 1915.

Early Business Directory

From the files of the Western Commercial, published in Aurora, in 1848, it is learned that the following persons were among the active business men of the time: Samuel Osgood, county sheriff; S. P. Tumy, stoves and tinware; Johnson Watts and Samuel Cole, administrators of the estate of Ephraim Hopping; Aurora and Laughery Turnpike Company—Johnson Watts, president, George W. Lane, secretary, John D. Haynes, treasurer; Eagle Hotel, M. Cochran, proprietor; P. B. Vail, book store; J. Chambers & Company, dry goods; Reed & Company, drugs; B. Sylvester, dry goods; J. S. Jelley, attorney; James D. Lindsay, administrator estate of Stephen Woods.

From the records of 1851: W. S. Holman and John B. Vail, attorneys; H. L. Dean, dry goods.

Business men of 1852-53: N. & S. A. Leonard, dry goods; L. N. Bush, grocery; Milton Taylor, soap and candle factory; Miller & Stockman, boots and shoes; T. S. Wallace, leather store; John Blangly, daily bus to Moores Hill; Dr. W. H. Terrill, physician; Simon Siementhal & Company, bakery.

City officials of 1854: S. P. Tumy, mayor; William W. Conway, clerk; Henry A. Moran, treasurer; Thomas Wright, marshal; William Webber, Asa Shattuck, James Cummings, Francis Wymond, councilmen.

The Independent Banner, Nelson D. Folbre, editor, on April 12, 1852, had the following among its advertisers: Mansion House, J. O. Emrie, proprietor; Philip Held, clothing; Hurlbert & McHenry, saw-mill; W. C. Webber, grocer; O. P. Cobb & Company, produce.