Aurora High School Commencement – 1877

The 1877 commencement program of the Aurora High School in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 24 May 1877 – Page 3, Column 3

The usual annual exercises of the graduating class of the Aurora High School will take place at the Methodist Church tomorrow night. The graduating class numbers thirteen, the largest class ever graduated, comprising nine young ladies and four young gentlemen. The following is the programme:

  • Prayer.
  • Salutatory.
  • Earth’s Mines are Open, Nellie F. Milburn.
  • History and Its Uses, Harry Hopping.
  • Earth’s Battle Fields, Ella Cole.
  • Song, Mrs. G. W. Squibb.
  • Nothing Lost, Lizzie B. Bond.
  • Pearls Beneath the Ocean, Nettie E. Trester.
  • Progress in Manufactures, George W. Shafer.
  • Change, Mattie C. Bush.
  • Quartette, “Moonlight on the Lake,” (White.)
  • Wisdom is Wealth, Emma Cole.
  • Sources of Education besides Books, Frank Holman.
  • Joan of Arc, Dora Wymond.
  • Flute, Violin and Piano, Caprice, (Rosini).
  • Preparing for Commencement, Aggie L. Radspinner.
  • Importance of Youthful Culture, Marc L. Bond.
  • Even the Sun is Not Without Spots, Sadie R. Stedman.
  • Valedictory.
  • Conferring Diplomas.
  • Alpine Chorus (Emerson).
  • Benediction.

The exercises will commence promptly at 7:30 P.M.

Lawrenceburg Register – 24 May 1877 – Page 2, Column 3


The commencement exercises of the High School in this city on Friday evening at 7 ½ o’clock. The following is a list of the graduates: Misses Dora Wymond, Nellie Milburn, Aggie Radspinner, Saddie Steadman, Emma Cole, Lizzie Bond, Mattie Bush, Ella Cole, Nettie Trester, and Harry Hopping, Frank Holman, Mark Bond and George Schafer.