Aurora List of Letters – Jun 1865

Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana list of letters for June 1865 appeared in:
Aurora Commercial – 22 Jun 1865 – Page 2, Column 4

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Aurora, Ind., for the week ending Tuesday, June 20, 1865. If not called for within one month from the above date, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.

  • G W Armstrong
  • Giles Becraw
  • Henry Bochrongee
  • Miss Mollie Duncan
  • Losier F Car
  • Joseph Christie
  • Mrs. Rebecca Chance
  • Joseph A Hidler
  • Andrew J Hill
  • Tiller Helphinstine
  • Patrick Morgan
  • Barbara Roberstein
  • Willsen Shaw
  • Thomas Querney
  • Frank Thompson
  • Mrs. White

Persons calling for any of the above mentioned letters, will please state that they have been advertised, and remember the extra charge of one cent.