Aurora List of Letters – Sep 1865

Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana list of letters for September 1865 appeared in:
Aurora Commercial – 7 Sep 1865 – Page 2, Column 3

Letters remaining unclaimed in the Post Office at Aurora, Indiana, September 7th, 1865. If not called for within one month from the above date, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.

  • Mary Adams
  • Peter Barsan
  • Jackson Corrison
  • Miss M Crile
  • Elvira Evans
  • John Filler
  • William Friffith
  • W M Hunt
  • Thomas Hiff
  • Lizzie Johnson
  • Jennie Kilso
  • D W Lawton
  • Amos Larre
  • W W Miller
  • William Mills
  • Ellen Moore
  • M M Martin
  • J L Parish
  • Chas. Power
  • Hattie C Ross
  • James Robertson
  • Miss Eliza Vinson
  • A H Walters
  • Ella H Walker
  • John Wise
  • Henry Wooder

To obtain any of these letters the applicant must call for advertised letters, give the date of this list, and pay two cents for advertising.