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Aurora High School Commencement – 1894

Commencement for 1894 of the Aurora High School in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 17 May 1894 – Page 3, Column 4

Aurora High School Commencement exercises will take place at the Grand Opera House Friday evening, next week. The graduating class is composed of Marian Squibb, Karl Cadwell, Edith Bebinger, Elmer Tufts, Carrie Bloom, Inez S. Cobb, Jennie Kyle, Rena Caldwell.

The class is a particularly brilliant one, and especially renowned for their proficiency in Latin and rhetoric, standing far above the average.

Aurora High School Commencement – 1891

Commencement for 1891 of the Aurora High School in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 28 May 1891 – Page 3, Column 3

Commencement Exercises—Aurora High School.

[See newspaper for full article.]

An immense audience assembled in the Opera House on Friday last to witness the Twenty-fifth Annual Commencement of the Aurora High School. The class was represented by seven young ladies and four young gentlemen, and the very pleasing manner in which each acquitted himself will cause the memory of the class program of ’91 ever to be a pleasant one. And if all their future steps be as brilliant as the ones put forth by them on this evening, a grand victory will be theirs when they “Gain the Heights.”

Salutatorian, Stella B. Bobbitt—“The End Crowns the Work”

Abbie B. Dale—“A Rift in the Clouds”

Edward C. Hopping—“Superstition”

Mamie L. Emrie—“Bones”

Mellie McCune—“Life is a Landscape”

John H. Walton—“Looking Back”

Grace McGuire—“Possibilities Within Reach of American Girls”

Henry Wilhelm—“Influence of Character”

Bessie Bleasdale—“Oratorical Experience”

Roswell R. Walton—“The Grandeur of Self Sacrifice”

Valedictorian, Nellie Smith—“Time has Crowned Thinking King”

Aurora Public Schools Honor Rolls – 1891

Honor rolls for 1891 for Aurora Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 1 Jan 1891 – Page 3, Column 3

School Report.

The following names compose the honor roll for the month:


High School—Stella Bobbitt, Nellie Smith, Abbie Barricklow, Oliver Bailey, Dawn Gray.

Miss Cottingham’s Room—Daisey Frazer, Leona Curtis, Birdie Bailey, Roy Black, Earl Cheek, Ned McMullen, Mabel Robbins, Bessie Webber, Fred Hurst, William Corbin.


Miss Wilber’s Room—Louise Dennerline, Maggie Gooderson, Leona Helmuth, Grace Maltby, Cliffie Connell, Laura Vail, Irena Renner, Bessie Teaney, Louis Brooks, Lewis Elliott, Frank Green, Louis Kaiser, Gussie Leive, Gussie Brossart, Lawrence Wurster, Harald Hill.

Miss Schipper’s Room—Willie Clark, Jennie Brison, Lily Giegoldt, Bessie Levy, Edna Martin, Ida Renner, Bessie Siemental, Ellen White, Alice Bailey, Richard Miller, Ruth Chase, Gail Hill, Laura McKenzie, Nora Paul, Lily Sokamp, Lily Teaney, Ethil Cobb.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 8 Jan 1891 – Page 3, Column 2

School Report.

The following names were omitted from the honor roll published last week:

High School—Lizzie Weitner, Elmer Tufts, Carrie Bloom.

Miss Taylor’s Room—Harry Junker.

Miss Downton’s Room—Alma Robbins, Hamie Mattox, Flora Williams, Ethil Stier, Harris Webber.

Miss Cheek’s Room—May Anderson, Aluette Cheek, Mabel Holdern, Alice Holman, Eliza Johnson, Edith Minish, Pearl Roberts, Crystal Schuler, Nra Maines, Harry Bealman, Russel Cole, Carl Curtis, Harry Glass, Everett Holdern, Nellie Holdern, Hiram Hess, Willie Harwood, Ernest Junker, George Miller, Frank Perkins, Henry Riggs, George Swango, Fleet Vansickles, Mark Young, Samuel Young, Robbie Riggs.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 12 Feb 1891 – Page 3, Column 3

School Report.

The following names compose the honor roll for the month:


High School—Stella Bobbitt, Nellie Smith, Oliver Bailey, Dawn Gray, Abbie Barricklow, Alma Bloom, Marian Squibb, Carrie Bloom, Elmer Tufts, Lizzie Weitner.

Miss Duchemin’s Room—Permelia Buffington, Ordell Cottingham, Maud Shutts.

Miss Cottingham’s Room—Annie Tague, Matt Lukens, Bessie Webber, Birdie Bailey, Leona Curtis, Roy Black, Mabel Robbins, Earl Cheek, William Corbin, Ned McMullen.

Miss Downton’s Room—John Williams, James Steele, John Young, Anna Glass, Jennie Stafford, Flora Williams, Alma Robbins, Mamie Blitz.

Miss Cheek’s Room—Harry Bealman, Ernest Bebinger, Carl Curtis, Jesse Dennis, Hiram Hess, George Miller, Fleet Vansickles, Bennie Watt, Mark Young, Lester Webber, May Anderson, Lillie Anderson.


Miss Stark’s Room—Nellie Elliott, Susie Wood, Beatrice Daniels, Lulu Rabe, Harry Brossart.

Miss Vail’s Room—Ben Harves, Olga Horr, Flossie Watts.

Miss Folbrie’s Room—Content Wade, Nettie Giegoldt, Carrie Kreutzer, Maggie Schmidt.

Miss Caldwell’s Room—Nillie Uhly, Luly Renner, Louisa Renner.

Miss Wilber’s Room—Louise Dennerline, Maggie Gooderson, Christian Heidenreich, Leona Helmuth, Hattie Uhly, Louis Brooks, Gussie Brossart, Harold Hill, Gussie Leive, Lawrence Wooster, Sprigg Curtis.

Miss Schipper’s Room—Edna Martin, Laura McKenzie, Nora Paul, Ida Renner, Bessie Siemental, Edith Stodghill, Mollie Goodpaster, Davie Kaster, Frank Stahl.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 12 Mar 1891 – Page 3, Column 3

School Report.

The following names compose the honor roll for the month:


High School—Stella Bobbitt, Abbie Barricklow, Dawn Gray, Alma Bloom, May Wright, Marian Squibb, Lizzie Weitner, Carrie Bloom, Elmer Tufts.

Miss Cottingham’s Room—Ned McMullen, Leona Curtis, Bessie Webber, Daisey Frazier, Mabel Robbins.

Miss Taylor’s Room—Harry Junker.

Miss Downton’s Room—Walter Shuman, Albert Mulbarger, James Steele, Anna Glass, Carrie Johnson, Jennie Stafford, Garnet Moore, Mamie Mattox, Alma Robbins.

Miss Cheek’s Room—Alnette Cheek, Alice Holman, Eliza Johnson, Pearl Roberts, Samuel  Young, Harry Glass, Russel Cole, Ernie Junker, Henry Riggs, Willie Trester, Fleet Vansickles.


Miss Stark’s Room—Dora Stamm, Lulu Rabe, Susie Wood.

Miss Vail’s Room—James Maybin, Albert Peters, Olga Horr, Flossie Watts.

Miss Folbre’s Room—Content Wade, Samuel Thompson, Maggie Smith, John Grosholtz, Jessie Kaster.

Miss Cadwell’s Room—Leona Helmuth, May Hisey, Grace Maltby, Hattie Uhly, Laura Vail, Sprigg Curtis, Louis Brooks, Gussie Brossart, Frank Green, Gussie Leive, Lawrence Wurster, Leslie Wingate.

Miss Schipper’s Room—Andrew Smith, Frank Stahl, George Henry, Tony Leggett, Charley Marsh, Lillie Giegoldt, Gail Hill, Laura McKenzie, Edna Martin, Nora Paul, Bessie Siemental, Edith Stodghill, Pauline Hayes.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 9 Apr 1891 – Page 3, Column 4

School Report.

The following names compose the honor roll for the month:


High School—Abbie Dale, Edward Hopping, Roswell Walton, John Walton, Abbie Barricklow, Marian Squibb, Bena Canfield, Alma Bloom, May Wright, Elmer Tufts.

Miss Cottingham’s Room—Leona Curtis, Fred Hurst, Matt Lukens, Charley Young.

Miss Cheek’s Room—Eliza Johnson, Harry Glass, Henry Riggs.


Miss Stark’s Room—Susie Wood, Harry Brossart.

Miss Wilber’s Room—Grace Maltby, Hattie Uhly, Cliffie Connell, Gussie Brossart, Lawrence Wurster.

Miss Schipper’s Room—Bessie Levy, Edna Martin, Nora Paul, Bessie Siemental, Ellen White, Roy Goodpasture, Charley Marsh, Lula Flohr.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 7 May 1891 – Page 3, Column 4

School Report.

The following names copose the honor roll for the month:


High School—Bessie Bleasdale, Stella Bobbitt, Abbie Dale, Mellie McCune, Grace McGuire, Roswell Walton, John Walton, Alma Bloom, Marian Squibb, Bena Canfield, Elmer Tufts.

Miss Cottingham’s Room—Leona Curtis, Daisy Frazier, Fred Hurst, Mable Robbins, Anna Tague, Charley Young, Lloyd Norris, Mat Lukens.

Miss Cheek’s Room—Eliza Johnson, Crystal Schuler, Rose Crawford, Allie Holdern, May Anderson, Harry Glass, Sammie Young, Fleet Vansickles, George Swango, Robbie Riggs, Henry Riggs, Ernest Junker, Hiram Hess, Everett Holdern, Nellie Holdern, Russel Cole, Harry Bealman.


Miss Stark’s Room—Harry Brossart, Lulu Rabe.

Miss Folbre’s Room—Maggie Smith, Myrtle Kemp, James French, John Grosholtz, Otto Hartman, Albert Miller, Herbert Wyatt.

Miss Caldwell’s Room—Louisa Reuner, Emma Bailey.

Miss Wilber’s Room—Christine Heidenreich, Grace Maltby, Irena Renner, Stella Stamm, Stella Teaney, Hattie Uhly, Cliffie Connell, Harold Hill, Gussie Leive, Sprigg Curtis, Clarence Fairfield.

Miss Schipper’s Room—Willie Kemp, Herman Baer, Roy Longer, Albert Pohl, Lony Baker, Nora Paul, Ida Renner, Bessie Siemental, Stella Scribner, Edith Stodghill, Ellen White, Edna Martin, Laura McKenzie, Bessie Levy, Gail Hill, Lily Giegoldt, Jennie Brison, Mollie Goodpaster.

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 10 Dec 1891 – Page 3, Column 3

School Report.

The following are the names of those who have been neither tardy nor absent during the past month:


HIGH SCHOOL—Oliver Glass, Stella Wood, Albert Kassebaum, Erne Kassebaum, Lee Walters, Bena Canfield, Oliver Bailey, Laura Tanner, George Seiferman, Mollie Cox, Will Sawdon, Rena Caldwell, Lula Herdegen, Jennie Kyle, Willie Weindel, Elmer Tufts, Lizzie Weitner, Helen Baker, Mabel Beach, Sadie Cadwell, Addie Cox, Bessie DuChemin, Grace Hathaway, Harry Schmutte, Will Tufts, Maggie Hubbartt, Lizzie Maloney, Mary Maxwell, Sadie Sassaman, Dollie Smiley, Joe Frazier, Jesse Kassebaum, Paul Siemantel.

Miss Platter’s Room—Permelia Buffington, Bertha Cobb, Ordell Cottingham, Maud Shutts, Jesse Holman, John Ruese, Maggie Beach, Irene Bloom, Eva Fisk, Grace Hubbartt, Frank Funck, John Houz, Frank Hubbartt, Ross Macker, Robert Mattox, Wallace Mattox, Clifford Somerfield, Albert Thomas, Frank Platt.

Miss DuChemin’s Room—John Teaney, Abram Hill, Herbert Caldwell, Earl Cheek, Willie Stoll, Fred Hurst, Lloyd Norris, Byrd Downton, Ned McMullen, Matt Lukens, Mabel Robbins, Daisy Frazier, Leona Curtis, Birdie Bailey, Bessie Webber, Maggie Junker, Bessie Grant, Willie Niebaum.

Miss Cottingham’s Room—Anna Buffington, Willie Cobb, May Curtis, Fannie Dennerline, Felix Denmure, Harland Holman, Harry Harrel, Paul Lindsay, Nina McGuire, Willie McHenry, Eddie Mattox, Mary Peters, Bessie Stafford, James Stafford, Charley Schuler, Charley Sanks, Ora Sargent, Clifford Terrell, Bessie Robbins.

Miss Stapp’s Room—Amelia Thomas, Blanche Wymond, Edith James, Edith Macker, Gertrude Hill, May Moss, May Steele, Nettie Murdock, Pearl Corbin, Pearl Powers, Pearl Schular, Mamie Baker, Mabel Robbins, Charles Groves, Charley Baker, Everett Walston, Fred Kassebaum, Harry Junker, Harry Mulbarger, Jesse Campbell, Marion Stevens, Mae Cobb, Bertie Wyatt.

Miss Taylor’s Room—Jesse Baker, Horace Block, Albert Booth, Willie Cadwell, Charley Harrell, Irwin Johnson, Clarence Murdock, Bird Rider, Walter Shuman, Edith Smith, James Steele, Harris Webber, Charley Williamson, Percy Bedunnah, Effie Danbenheyer, Bessie Fowler, Anna Glass, Carrie Johnson, Mamie Mattox, Anna Thompson.

Miss Downton’s Room—Albert Mulbarger, Enoch Graf, Harry Bealman, Roy Curtis, John Young, Edmund Fenton, Tommie Stivers, Charley Buffington, Elsworth Stage, Albert Pohl, Fleet Vansickles, Hubert Murdock, Carl Curtis, Albert Funck, Robbie Riggs, Harry Glass, Neal Holden, Everett Holden, Willie Trester, Rose Crawford, Nellie Abdon, Alnette Cheek, Edna Conger, Laura Walston, Millie Wyatt.

Miss Cheek’s Room—Howard Baker, Ernest Bebinger, Eddie Bedunah, Willie Block, Duke Bush, Roy Curtis, Everett Durbin, John Funck, Charley Farr, Nelson Gridley, Ernie Junker, Charley James, Jessie Littrel, Harry Leap, George Miller, Frank Perkins, Henry Riggs, James Runyan, Bertie Pickelheimer, Harley Sanks, James Vansickles, Charley Kettell, Ernest Dennis, Julia Cheek, Bertha Cheek, Ethel Campbell, Florence Denmure, Alma Dennis, Nellie Goodrich, Myrtle Gray, Ollie Moss, Edith Minnish, Rose Mattox, May Martin, Gertrude Steele, Nannie Smith, Maggie Sedam, Minnie Howard


Miss Blackmore’s Room—Paul Trester, Willie Giffin, Cora Hibbertt, Edith Giffin, Gertrude Whittlesoy, Edna Giffin, Lula Oswald, Dudley Lamar, Louis Miller, Harry Brossart, Harry Heffelmeyer, Howard Stevens, George Wyatt, Ethel Hayes, Lillie Kappel, Catharine Wade, Dora Stamm, Ethel Held, Nellie Elliott, Susie Wood.

Miss Stark’s Room—Vanden Canfield, Ida Godert, Olga Horr, Frank Kappel, Ella Kyle, Sadie Kyle, Carl Lozier, George Morris, Albert Peters, Holman Rees, Adam Schipper, James Maybin, Louise Conwell, Ben Harvis.

Miss Vail’s Room—Charley Ellsberry, George Green, Howard Maltby, Gussie Mahr, Louis Rieman, Donald Randall, Alex Sigmundt, James Teaney, Eddie Wurster, Fred Harvis, Dora Giegoldt, Florence Greer, Florence Hopping, Katie Kaster, Bertha Leive, Eliza Peters, Maggie Sohns, Helen Shepherd, Anna Thomas, Edith Vail, Sarah Wade, Nellie Trester, May Westmeier.

Miss Folbre’s Room—Nettie Giegoldt, Lulie Giffen, Emma Nobel, Louisa Renner, Carrie Siegmundt, Juliette Turpain, Content Wade, Laura Vail, Hannah Marsh, John Bartlett, James French, Lee Giffin, Vance John, James Kemp, Robert Laughlin, Willie Lischke, Albert Miller, Harvey Rice, Charley Sohns, Everette Swango, Fred Trester, Samuel Thompson.

Miss Cadwell’s Room—Blanche Cox, Lewis Elliott, Harold Hill, Leona Helmuth, Jessie Kaster, Willie Kreitzer, Gussie Leive, Grace Maltby, Harry Schipper, Emma Scharf, Stella Stamm, Stella Teaney, Charles Thoms, Hattie Uhly.

Miss Kassebaum’s Room—Bertha Petcher, Lola Murphy, Nannie Brooks, Grace Ray, Mabel Ray, Eddie Lewis, Lawrence Wurster, Gussie Herzog, Harry Giffin, Harry Sokamp, Frank Bruner.

Miss Holman’s Room—Herman Baer, Robert Baker, Roy Goodpaster, David Kaster, Bessie Siemantel, Stratton Rees, George Renner, Andy Smith, Jennie Brison, Gail Hill, Pearl Merger, Nora Paul, Ida Renner, Stella Scribner, Bessie Siemantel, Ellen White, Pauline Hayes, Cliffie Connell.

Miss Mendell’s Room—Paul Martin, John Peters, Willie Stahl, Harry Harrison, Eddie Trester, John Thompson, Carl Elliott, Frank Stahl, George Henry, Tony Leggett, Roy Longer, Charley Marsh, Lily Sokamp.

Miss Schipper’s Room—Charley Heffelmeier, Charley Jobst, Adolph Mahr, Willie Thompson, Robert Wurster, John Herdegen, Chester Buffington, Rosa Eckels, Lula Freen, Lena Herzog, Sadie Jacobs, Anna Kreitzer, Yetta Kleaver, Lizzie Trester, Amanda Trester.

Cochran Schools Honor Roll – 1890

Honor roll for 1890 of the Cochran Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 11 Dec 1890 – Page 3, Column 3

School Report.

Report of the Cochran Schools for the fall term, ending December 5, 1890:


The honor roll is based upon perfect attendance and satisfactory deportment.

Grammar Department—Sadie Bradley, Rosa Allen, Gracie Grant, Lillie Smith.

Intermediate Department—Ella Smith, Ella Siefferman, Mary Mathias, Tom Watts, Jesse Henry.

Primary Department—James Roof, Addison Clause, Eddie Trester, Arnie Caldwell, Ada Smith, Harry Watts, Arthur Scheid, Edgar Beck, Katie Boston, George Sandbrink.


Aurora Public Schools Commencement – 1890

The program of the 1890 commencement of Aurora Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 5 Jun 1890 – Page 3, Column 3


[See article for full details.]

Despite the uncertainty which prevailed as to the place of holding commencement, and the counter attraction of a popular comedy at the Odd Fellow’s Temple, a vast audience filled the Grand Opera House, at 8 o’clock Friday evening.

Stella Jennings – Salutatory.

Lida Ruese – American Nobliity.

Ida McCune – “A Golden Key”

Josie Smith – “Value of Difficulties”

Louise M. Kerr – Story of Empress Josephine.

Libbie Greer – Abraham Lincoln

W. C. Vail – History of Aurora Graduates; Valedictory

F. S. Maltby – “Topic of the Times”

Nellie Baker – “A Good Cause”

Agnes Downton – “Will America Decline?”

Stella Jennings – “The Invisible World”

Clara Buchanan – “A Picture on the Easel of Time

Aurora Public Schools Commencement – 1889

Commencement exercises of the Aurora Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1889 appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 13 Jun 1889 – Page 3, Column 3

The Twenty-Second Annual Commencement of the Aurora Public Schools.

Commencement exercises were held at the Opera House, Friday evening, June 7, 1889. Motto—“Not the crown, but the power to win it.”

[See newspaper for full account.]

Ella Ruese—Salutatory

Sarah Webber—“Why Be Graduated?”

Mamie Treon—Eulogy upon the Green Isle and its heroes of old

Mame Kassebaum—“An Autumn Leaf”

Miss Ruese—“Every Cloud has a Silver Lining”

Julia A. Spaeth—“Courting the Muse”

Miss Kassebaum–Valedictory

Lawrenceburg High School Commencement – 1889

Commencement exercises of the Lawrenceburg High School in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1889 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 13 Jun 1889 – Page 2, Column 3

Commencement Exercises.

The fifteenth annual commencement exercises of the Lawrenceburgh High School took place at the Court House on last Thursday evening. There was a very large attendance. The essays of the members of the graduating class are as follows:

[See newspaper for full essays.]

The War of Muscle and Money by Thomas J. McKim

Political Rascality by Oliver D. Wharton

Dearborn County Schools Graduates – 1889

Graduates of the Dearborn County, Indiana Common Schools for 1889 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 23 May 1889 – Page 2, Column 4

The following is a list of those pupils who passed successfully the examination and graduated from the Common Schools of Dearborn County for 1888-89; also the teacher under whom they passed, and the Corporation from which they graduated:

Names Corporations Teachers
Annie B. Conroy Sparta M. C. Mulford
Frank I. Glass Sparta M. C. Mulford
Sallie A. I. Vinson Sparta M. C. Mulford
Henry J. Bossong Sparta Laura B. Ferren
Ben G. Elder Hogan George Elder
Robert Denny Hogan George Elder
Frank Ward Hogan George Elder
John Whitaker York Susie Smith
Frank W. Hiett York Susie Smith
David Johnston Manchester Wm. Duncan
Charles McKinstry Manchester Wm. Duncan
Geo. W. McKinstry Manchester Wm. Duncan
Wm. B. Ross Manchester Emery P. Ross
Harry Clark Manchester Belle Laws
Edgar F. Johnston Manchester Luetta Brumblay
Harry Heustis Manchester Belle Laws
Fannie Mendell Manchester Belle Laws
Joseph E. Roll Logan Herman Roser
Harvey Lods Logan W. H. Nead
Annie Lods Logan W. H. Nead
Clinton Jackson Miller N. C. Bainum
Eliza Barkley Cesar Creek A. D. Pate
Fidella Krom Lawrenceburgh Wilber Smith
Gussie Ginter Dillsborough John A. Wise
Irvin Chance Dillsborough John A. Wise
Charles Tholke Dillsborough John A. Wise
Edith Perlee Dillsborough John A. Wise
Jesse W. Eggleston Dillsborough John A. Wise
Geo. Roberts Dillsborough John A. Wise
Pearl Brumblay Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Maggie Burlhage Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Mary B. Corya Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Charles E. Austin Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Clyde Jennings Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Bertha Robinson Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Louis Ross Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman


  1. J. HUSTON, County Superintendent


Cochran Public Schools Roll of Honor – 1888

Rolls of honor of the Cochran Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:

Aurora Dearborn Independent – 18 Oct 1888 – Page 3, Column 4

Cochran Public School.

Report for the month ending October 5, 1888:

A, Primary Department—Edith Hubbert, teacher; enrolled, 68; Average daily attendance, 62.

B, Primary Department—Kate T. Doud, teacher; enrolled, 46; average daily attendance, 43.

Intermediate Department—J. W. Hopper, teacher; enrolled, 40; average daily attendance, 37.

Grammar School Department—Enrolled, 16; average daily attendance, 14.

Higher Department—Enrolled, 14; average daily attendance, 13.


A, Primary Department—Sophia Rose, Tillie Bloner, Annie Licking, Ella Siefferman, Mary Mathias, Hattie Newell, Lena Rose, Stella Teaney, Susie Henry, Fannie Stonebraker, Katie McDermott, Gracie Lindsay, Eddie White, Otto Schumacher, Willie Ittner, John Barlett, Albert Cain, Willie Buening, and Poe Emery.

B, Primary Department—None.

Intermediate Department—John Brumblay, Carrie Clause, Otto Dresser, Nora Stonebacker, and Clara Trester.

Grammar School Department—Mable Dale, Pearl Trester, Sadie Bradley, Mary Lindsay, Willie Emery, George Siefferman, Henry Mathias, Charles Siefferman, Chas. X. Bobbitt, and Rosalia Allen.

Higher Department—Stella Bobbitt, Annie Greer, Florence Greer, Blanche Shutts, Annie Upton, and Amelia Leive.

JON. H. BOBBITT, Superintendent.

Lawrenceburg Register – 8 Nov 1888 – Page 3, Column 4

Cochran Schools Roll of Honor for Month of October.

A, Primary Department—Sophia Rose, Maggie Dunigan, Tillie Blonner, Annie Licking, Lottie Cosby, John Barblett, Susie Henry, Stella Teaney, Alma Robbins, Harry Buening, John Mahoney.

B, Primary Department—Grace White, Laura Henry, Nellie White, Nora Walte, Portia Binkerd, Jennie Dixon, Pearl Treon, Tillie Leive.

Grammar Department—Mary Lindsay, Willie Emery, Chas. Bobbitt, Mabel Dale, Pearl Treon, Sadie Bradley, Geo. Siefferman, Henry Mathias, Chas. Siefferman, Rosie Allen.

Higher Department—Florence Greer, Annie Upton, Annie Greer, Nettie Wheeler, Estelle Bobbitt, Amelia Leive.

Lawrenceburg High School Honor Roll – 1888

Honor rolls for 1888 of the Lawrenceburg High School in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 18 Oct 1888 – Page 3, Column 3


The following pupils of the High School have not fallen below ninety percent in scholarship, deportment and attendance, for the month ending October 5th:

B Grade—Mamie Johnston, Mary West, Marie Dumont, Zeph Dunn, Cleophas Wharton.

C Grade—Frank Brooks, Edward Winkley, Benjamin Smith, Grace Prichard, Ethel Bradley, Dollie Smashea, Laura Larimer.

Lawrenceburg Register – 15 Nov 1888 – Page 3, Column 4


The following students of the High School have not fallen below 90 per cent in scholarship, deportment and attendance for the month ending November 2:

C Grade—Ethel Bradley and Frank Brooks.

B Grade—Mary West, Zeph Dunn and Anna Lang.