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Switzerland and Ohio County Fair Awards – 1852

Switzerland and Ohio County, Indiana, Fair awards for 1852 appeared in:
Hoosier Patriot (Rising Sun, Indiana) – 9 Oct 1852 – Page 3, Column 1

Agricultural Fair.
Notwithstanding the unfavorable state of the weather on Wednesday and Thursday last, a very large number of people were in attendance at the Agricultural Fair. As this was the first exhibition of the kind ever gotten up by the farmers of this district, it could not be expected that it would compare with the annual county or State Fairs of Societies which have been organized for a number of years. It was, however, of such a character as gave cheering prospect of the future and ultimate success of the establishment and perpetuation of a Society which will not only benefit the members thereof, but community at large.

Rev. B. F. Morris addressed the members of the Society in a most forcible and eloquent manner, and we are glad to learn that his address will be published in pamphlet form and distributed among the people.

The various articles on exhibition elicited the admiration of all present. We have not time this week to give a detailed account of all the proceedings. The following we take from the Republican:

List of Articles,
On which Premiums were awarded by the Ohio and Switzerland County Agricultural Society, at their Fair on the 6th and 7th of October, 1852.

  • John Hall, for the best arranged and cultivated farm. $3.
  • A. C. Pepper, for the second best farm. $3.
  • J. K. Harris, for the best acre of wheat. $2.
  • John Smith, for the best potatoes. $2.
  • Wm. Stewart, 2d best potatoes. $1.
  • B. B. Loring, for the best variety of apples. Diploma.
  • Mrs. Mallet, for 10 lbs. best butter. Diploma.
  • Mrs. Wm. Stewart, for the best Jeans. $1.
  • Mrs. D. Henry, for the best white flannel. $1.
  • Mrs. Rebecca T. Ruddle, for the best Bed Quilt. $1.
  • Mrs. George Gillespie, for the 2d best bed quilt. $1.
  • Mrs. Jefferson Hiser, for the best Coverlet. $1.
  • Mrs. D. Henry, for the best double coverlet. $2.
  • Mrs. John H. Jones, for the 2d best double coverlet. $1.
  • Wm. Pressor, for the best stallion, $5.
  • Wm. Cochran, for the 2d best stallion. $2.
  • John W. Powell, for the best gelding, $1; for best two year old stallion, $1.
  • W. J. Keeney, for the best brood mare. $3.
  • Elias Keath, for the 2d best brood mare, 1 copy.
  • Peter Lostutter, for the best one year old colt, $1.
  • James C. Rickets, for the 2d best 1 year old colt, $1.
  • Zachariah Scott, for the best sucking colt, $2.
  • James Brown, for the 2d best suckling colt, $1.
  • Moses Green, for the best Bull, $5.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the 2d best bull, $4.
  • Wm. McNutt, for the best two year old Bull, $3.
  • J. R. Harris, for the 2d best two year old bull, $2.
  • D. G. Rabb, for the best one year old bull, $2.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the best sucking calf, $2.
  • Benjamin Dennis, for the 2d best sucking calf, $1.
  • B. F. Ferris, for the best Milch cow, $2; for 2d best milch cow, $1.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the best two year old Heifer, $2.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the 2d best two year old heifer, $1.
  • J. M. Vance, for the best yoke of work oxen, $4.
  • Moses Green, for the 2d best yoke of oxen, $2.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the best male hog, $5.
  • Pomroy Merrill, second best hog, $4.
  • H. Olmstead, for the best sow and pigs, $3.
  • Cleveland Scott, for the second best sow and pigs, $2.
  • D. G. Rabb, for the best fat hog, $2.
  • D. G. Rabb, for the best sheep, on copy.
  • D. G. Rabb, for the best Ewe, one copy.
  • Emanuel Myers, for the best sow pig under six months old, $1.
  • D. G. Rabb, for the best quality fowls, one copy.
  • Wm. Stewart, for the second best fowls, one copy.
  • Wm. Clore, for the best plow, $2.
  • David Fisher, for the best pair Fine Boots, $3.
  • Mrs. S. B. Halley, for the best ladies’ shoes, $1.

The committee appointed to examine articles not mentioned in the list of articles appointed to be examined by other committees, report the following:

  • To U. S. Stowe one bale hay and three seven year old pumpkins. Diploma.
  • Miss Clara Davis, two ottomans, $1.
  • D. K. Harris, one side sole leather, two sides calf skins, two sides upper leather, two sides harness leather. $1.
  • H. S. & R. Espey, two smoothing irons. One copy report State Board of Agriculture.
  • Samuel Berkshire, three churns, one tub, $1. One pork bbl. One copy.
  • Wm. Reed (blind man) two rocking chairs. $1.
  • R. G. & J. Yonge, $1. Six cottage chairs, one copy.
  • J. M. Reister & Co. one parlor stove, one cooking stove, one panel cemetery fence. One copy. Hay press and horse power attached. $4.
  • J. W. Talbott & Co. two bbls. extra super fine flour. $1.
  • U. H. Stowe & J. R. Harris, one parent wire tooth hay rake. $2.
  • Frederick Harris, one threshing machine. $2.
  • U. H. Stowe, for 1st best plowing subsoil plow. $2.
  • Mr. Abbott, 2nd best two horse plow. $1.
  • John Stump, on the best mule colt, $1.
  • Charles Edwards, apple paring machine. Diploma.
  • J. & W. Gaff, for their stallion. Comet or Morgan horse. Diploma.
  • H. Cole, for his stallion, Chief Justice. Diploma.

Switzerland and Ohio County Fair – 1895

Switzerland and Ohio County [Indiana] Fair report appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 19 Sep 1895 – Page 4, Column 1

Was Viewed by Thousands—87 Exhibitors Made a Grand Display of 379 Articles.

Last Saturday was a gala day in Vevay—the weather being delightful and the town filled with happy people. They viewed the water works, saw the firemen throw water very high in the air, enjoyed walking on the finest sidewalks in the State, drove over smooth streets with covered gutters, were sheltered from the sun by the magnificent trees in Court House Square, feasted their eyes on the grand display of the products of the soil and the artistic skill of the people of Switzerland county, met their friends—and all were made wiser and happier.

Here is what was shows:
243 exhibits of apples, 17 of pears, 5 of grapes, 11 of quinces, 3 of plums, 2 of peaches, 17 of potatoes, 1 of onions, 2 of pumpkins, 3 of melons, 15 of corn, 9 of wheat, 1 of clover seed, 1 of timothy seed, 23 of tobacco; 18 of jellies, preserves, &c.; 7 of bread and cakes, 7 of flowers.

The different Townships were represented by the following number of exhibitors:
Jefferson 31, Craig 33, Pleasant 19, Cotton 3, York 1, Posey none.

Posey with her fine farms and rich bottoms should do better. Perhaps next year that Township will make a showing that will carry away most of the premiums.

The following persons received premiums on fruit:

  • Maiden Brush; 1st Jasper N. Brindley, 2d John Houze.
  • Smith Cider; 1st George W. Cole; 2d J. C. Smith.
  • Roman Beauty; 1st Edgar Culbertson, 2d Geo. J. Waltz.
  • Wine Sap; 1st J. O. Houze, 2d Wm. H. Means.
  • Rambo; 1st Robert Shaw, 2d J. N. Brindley.
  • Yellow Bellflower; 1st Joseph Ramseyer, 2d J. O. Houze.
  • Tulpehocken; 1st J. H. Houze, 2d Levi Orem.
  • Rawls Janet; 1st J. N. Brindley, 2d Edgar Culbertson.
  • Baldwin; 1st Joseph Bliss, 2d Geo. J. Waltz.
  • Northern Spy; 1st Geo. W. Cole, 2d Edgar Culbertson.
  • Grimes Golden; 1st Jas. S. Rutherford, 2d Geo. W. Cole.
  • Vandever Pippin; 1st J. O. Houze, 2d Geo. J. Waltz.
  • Clayton; 1st Geo. W. Cole, 2d Harry C. Shaw.
  • Crabs; 1st J. O. Houze, 2d J. F. Brown.
  • Best General Collection, J. O. Houze.

Some fruit out of all exhibits, as well as those awarded premiums, were selected to be taken to the State Fair.

John Houze secures the special prize, 25 choice fruit trees, offered by Frank Milhous, the nursery man.

The awards on corn were as follows:

  • White Corn; 1st Wm. W. Brindley, 2d Wm. H. Means.
  • Yellow Corn; 1st Ira Banta, 2d Jos. Bliss.
  • Best Collection of Corn, Ira Banta.

The premiums on wheat were as follows:

  • Red Wheat; 1st Wm. Glenn, 2d Wm. Glenn.
  • White Wheat; 1st Robert McFadden.
  • Amber Wheat; 1st Wm. Glenn, 2d Edgar Culbertson.
  • Best Collection, Robert McFadden.

Clover and timothy seeds.

  • Clover Seed; 1st Edgar Culbertson
  • Timothy Seed; 1st James Ramseyer.

Switzerland County being the banner of tobacco raising county of the State, it was naturally expected that there would be much friendly rivalry. Out of 23 exhibits, Charles Sauvain, of Craig Township, received first premium of $5, and Silas E. Silvers, of Pleasant, received the second premium of $2.50.

Experienced tobacco men say that they never looked upon a finer display.

Considering the unfavorable season, the public opened their eyes wide with astonishment when they saw the big “taters.” Premiums were awarded as follows:

  • Peerless; 1st Harry C. Shaw, 2d Geo. J. Watz
  • Early Ohio; 1st Jos. Bliss.
  • Beauty of Hebron; 1st Jos. Ramseyer, 2d Jos. Bliss.
  • Canada Victor; 1st Jas. F. Taylor, 2d Robt. McFadden.
  • White Elephant; 1st Geo. J. Waltz.
  • Chicago Star; 1st Mrs. B. N. Northcott.
  • Best collection of six varieties, Robt. McFadden.
  • Collection Sweet Potatoes, 1st S. D. Lockwood.

Onions and Peaches:

  • Collection Onions; 1st Joseph Ramseyer.
  • Collection Peaches; 1st William Berner.

A very fine display of pears was on exhibition, and the awards were as follows:

  • Bartletts; 1st Robt. Shaw; 2d. Geo. W. Cole.
  • Sicket; 1st Robt. Shaw, 2d Geo. J. Waltz.
  • Keiffer; 1st Geo. J. Waltz, 2d Robt. Scott.
  • Best collection, Robt. Shaw.

Grapes and Quinces:

  • Best collection grapes; 1st Barbara Stucy, 2d S. D. Lockwood.
  • Quinces; 1st J. O. Houze, 2d Cornelius Cordon.

The east side of the court house was transferred into a “bower of beauty.” The finest blooming flowers, climbing vines, fancy ferns, waving palms, both cut and growing, greeted the eye.

For best collection of flowers: 1st Mrs. Jane Morerod; 2d Mrs. Susie W. Scoot.

Best collection ferns; Mrs. James Knox.

Other exhibits were perhaps just as fine, but not so numerous.

Table comforts in abundance were to be seen. The lady Judges reached their conclusions as speedily and satisfactorily as the gentlemen.

The following premiums were granted:

  • Best collection of jellies; Mrs. S. D. Lockwood, 2d Mrs. Lucinda Oakley.
  • Best collection of preserves; 1st Mrs. S. D. Lockwood, 2d Mrs. Rillie Mennet.
  • Best collection canned fruit; Lucinda Oakley, 2d Mrs. Rillie Mennet.
  • Best collection pickles; 1st Mrs. S. D. Lockwood, 2d Mrs. Rillie Mennet.
  • Best collection homemade bread; 1st Lucinda Oakley, 2d Clara Rous.
  • Best collection homemade cakes, Lucinda Oakley.

Vevay Reveille – 19 Sep 1895 – Page 8, Column 1

Has come and gone. Just as we predicted, it was a success. We had about ten thousand witnesses to prove our statement.

Yes, and they had water there, and horses, mules, cattle, sheep, hogs, poultry, grain, seeds, vegetables, and fruits; about all kinds of domestic animals and farm products known to this latitude, and the specimens were truly fine.

Yes, and the fast horse was there.

The best time in the free for all pace, 2:20. One half mile in this race was made in 1:11.

That is the fastest time ever made on this track in pacing or trotting. In this race:

  • Ivy G., owned by A. C. Bonham, Cleves, Ohio, took the 1st.
  • McGinty Lady, Geo. S. Richardson, Madison, Indiana, 2d.
  • Adlai, Morgan C. Davis, Rising Sun, 3d.

In the free for all trot, best time 2:30:

  • Mamie Phillips, Jas. Phillips, China, Indiana, 1st.
  • Black King, J. R. Stark, Sulphur Station, Kentucky, 2d.
  • Cheyne, B. T. Buford, Lexington, Kentucky, 3d.

Running race, time 52:

  • Whisper, Ed. Marshall, Warsaw, Kentucky, 1st.
  • Lee Gridley, Chas. Gregory, Warsaw, Kentucky, 2d.
  • Cooney Cobb, L. S. Delf, Elliston Station, Kentucky, 3d.

Green trot, time 2:31: Rand 1st; Geo. Evans 2d; Flossie 3d.

Three minutes pace, time 2:33. Wilkes B 1st; Adlai 2d; Susie 3d.

Three minutes trot, time 2:40. Rand 1st, Feardoom 2d; Margarette 3d.

We can’t name all the exhibitors of horses in draft, general purpose, light harness, saddle and teams, therefore we name none. We only say there were shown 52 rings of horses and mules. Most of them were full and fine, eight or nine in some rings.

The show of cattle was also good. The exhibitors of dairy cattle, Jerseys, &c., were Geo. Bunger, J. H. Beckett, M. V. Turner, Bell Bovard, C. L. Lee, Albert Houze, A. P. Goodner, and J. M. Hall.

Exhibitors of beef cattle, short horns, &c., were Wm. Bunger & Son, M. V. Turner, Wm. Cunningham & Son, James Gullion, and Walter S. Wilson.

The show of hogs were also large. Of large breeds, Poland, &c., &c., T. W. Lewis, Jas. Gullion, and Wm. Cunningham & Con.

Hogs of smaller breeds, Berkshire, &c. Exhibitors, H. L. Nowlin and T. W. Lewis.

The sheep were fine: South Downs, Cunningham & Pate. Oxford Downs, John Bakes, Wm. Cunningham & Son. Shopshire Downs, Stephen J. Searcy, Cunningham & Pate. Sweepstakes, John Bakes, Cunningham & Pate.

Poultry exhibitors: C. L. Lee, Curtis Gullion, Wm. Cunningham & Son, H. L. Nowlin, John Davis, and others.

The display of grain and vegetables, fruits, &c., was very large and fine. Can’t name exhibitors; scores of them.

The ladies department was filled to overflowing with about everything good to eat and wear and please the fancy.

The ladies bicycle race did not materialize. They have probably learned from their association with men that there is possibility of being beat in this world. After the novelty has worn off a little and they have had more experience in cycle riding, they doubtless will enter in the contest and make as fair a record in this, “compared with men,” as they have in other professions and business. We know the women are a success in everything they undertake and we are glad of it.

The Men’s Bicycle Race was hotly contested.

  • Frank May, North Vernon, Indiana, 1st.
  • S. Howard, Ghent, Kentucky, 2d.
  • John Fehr, Vevay, Indiana, 3d.

We only got the time on 1/2 mile, 1:24.

Altogether there were more than 1500 separate entries besides many articles in collections. All of which were on exhibition. The receipts were sufficient to pay all premiums and expenses of Fair and a little surplus, without selling bonds.

Now to those few persons who stand on the corners, like the good Phariscc, “and thank God that they are not like other men,” and would not go to a fair for fear some bad person might be there; we have only to say that thousands of people as god by nature and presumably better by practice than you, were there, and they got away alive. Please don’t throw stones at them. There may have been a few toughs on the fairgrounds but far the greater number of this class stayed outside as you did and miles from the fairground is where most thieving and lawlessness prevailed. Some boys got into an altercation at the far, they were arrested promptly. Another man was caught handling whiskey, he was arrested and put under bond for appearance at Court. Say did you ever hear of such misdemeanors, except on the fairgrounds. The Society maintains her credit for very large and orderly assemblages of the better class of people, for large and fine exhibits of the best products of the country, for the prompt payment of premiums and indebtedness, and she will be heard from again in the year 1896, most assuredly.

W. H. M.

Switzerland and Ohio County Fair – 1894

Switzerland and Ohio County [Indiana] Fair report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 13 Sep 1894 – Page 4, Column 3

Was A Grand Success—A Reveille Reporter Got There Early, Stayed Late, Kept His Eyes and Ears Open, and Tells Much About It.

The Enterprise Fair has come and gone, and considering the drawbacks droughts, dust, and dull times, it was a decided success.

The attendance was about as usual. Friday was a big day—attendance estimated at about six thousand.

The display was good in nearly all Departments, the Entries aggregating 1558, which means that many articles were on exhibition besides the collections. On this number 224 were horses and mules; cattle 33, hogs 30, sheep 63, poultry 89 coops, vegetables 140, grains 73, fruits 129; flowers, paintings, etc., 66; textile fabrics, needlework and embroidery 410, table comforts and culinary 280, other classes 21.

The show in horses and mules was fine. As there were so many exhibitors in these classes we will not attempt to name them.

The show in cattle was fair. Of Dairy Breeds J. H. Beckett, O. A. Woods, M. V. Turner, Lem Stow, and Lewis Burton were among the chief Exhibitors. Of Beef Cattle Wm. Bunger & Sons and M. V. Turner were largest exhibitors.

Of Hogs the largest exhibitors were H. L. Nowlin, of Lawrenceburg, Wm. Cunningham & Sons, of Antioch, and Theo. W. Lewis, of Blue.

Of Sheep, John Bakes, Jr., S. J. Searcy, Cunningham & Pate, C. W. Mendell, W. A. Shaddy, and Cunningham & Sons, were the chief exhibitors. A very fine show in this Department.

Of poultry, C. L. Lee, W. A. Shaddy, H. L. Nowlin, Cunningham & Sons, and Emery Myers, had the largest collections and they were fine.

Of vegetables everything on which a premium was offered was on exhibition, and more too. No less than 24 varieties of Irish potatoes, and just as nice as ever grew. About 40 persons received premiums. We can’t name them.

Of grain there was a fine show, of some kinds as high 12 entries. The corn, wheat, rye, oats and barley exhibits were never better.

Of fruit we thought there was none. Everything in the list except two kinds of peaches and two kinds of plums, were there. A good showing especially of apples, pears and grapes. Jacob Erthel, of Ripley County, Robert Shaw, Jas. O. Houze, and Jas. Voris, were among the larger exhibitors.

Of flowers and fine arts Mrs. Edgar Dibble, Lockwood & Potter, and Anna Morrison had largest exhibits.

The mechanical department was not full, though we had wagons, buggies, carriages, harness, boots and shoes, musical instruments, stoves, etc., etc.

The ladies department was crowded full. We will just say that Mrs. A. G. Jackson, of Bennington, Mrs. P. D. Stagg, of Greensburg, Mrs. Lockwood, of Enterprise, Mrs. Anna Thatcher, and Mrs. Laura Heath were among the chief exhibitors, though there were hosts of others that made a good showing.

Of table comforts; preserves, jellies, cakes, and all things good to eat, Mrs. W. L. Hunter, of Rising Sun, Laura Heath, Mammie Stow and about 20 others, were competitors.

In the speed department the following is the schedule of races:


Green Trot.

  • Yellow Dock; owner J. A. Works, Rising Sun—1st money.
  • Sirock; J. H. Brindley, Long Run, 2d.
  • Hiladi; Tim. McHenry, Rising Sun, 3d.
  • Time, 3:02.

3 Minutes Pace.

  • David Bay; owner Dr. Hicks, North Vernon, 1st.
  • Pawnee Chief; Henry Winters, Lawrence, 2d.
  • McGinty’s Lady; Frank Hill, Madison, 3d.
  • Time, 2:41.

Green Pace.

  • McGinty’s Lady; owner Frank Hill, Madison, 1st.
  • Maud B; W. E. Burrows, Elizabethtown, Ohio, 2d.
  • Lee Mook; H. J. Harris, Patriot, 3d.
  • Time, 2:48.

2.40 Trot.

  • Surprise; owner F. M. Moore, Alberta, 1st.
  • Morgan Wilkes; W. P. Gray, Holton, Indiana, 2nd.
  • Contract; U. H. Minor, Owenton, Kentucky, 3rd.
  • Time, 2:59.

Free For All Pace.

  • Ed C.; owner E. G. Niklaus, Madison, 1st.
  • Nettie; Dr. Adair, New Washington, 2d.
  • Shasta; B. F. Taylor, Owenton, Kentucky, 3d.
  • Time, 2:35.

Running Race.

  • Cooney Cobb; owner, L. S. Delph, Elliston, Kentucky, 1st.
  • Billie W.; Bailey H. Waltz, Lawrenceburg, 2d.
  • Barclay and Topsy; divided 3d money.
  • Time, 1:56.

2.40 Pace.

  • Nettie; owner, Dr. Adair, New Washington, 1st.
  • Sleepy Dan; Samuel McElfresh, Lawrenceburg, 2d.
  • Shasta; B. F. Taylor, Owenton, 3d.
  • Time, 2:36.

Free For All Trot.

  • Sam Harris; owner, James Riley; Buttlerville, Indiana, 1st.
  • Black Wilks; David Johnston, Madison, 2d.
  • Surprise; F. M. Moore, Alberta, 3d.
  • Time, 2:39.

3 Min. Trot.

  • Yellow Dock; owner, J. A. Works, Rising Sun, 1st.
  • Morgan Wilks; W. P. Gray, Holton, 2d.
  • Black Bess; O. D. Cunningham, Florence, 3d.
  • Time, 2:57.

The Track was dusty and not in the best condition to attain the best speed, still the Races compare favorably with former years as regards time. Though the premiums were smaller, yet in some cases the time was better:

  • In the 2.40 race last year, time 2.37. This year, 2.36.
  • In the free for all trot last year, time 2:41. This year, 2.39.
  • The running race, 1.56. Just the same.

In some other races the time was better last year than this.

The Society pays all premiums and other just claims in full. Squares all accounts and if in times like these she makes both ends meet she is content. She has now run 43 years, has never prorated premiums, squealed on any bargain. She is still running and will continue to run regardless of croakers, so long as the people will extend their favors and patronage, for which she returns thanks.

Switzerland and Ohio County Fair – 1891

The Switzerland and Ohio County [Indiana] Fair report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 3 Sep 1891 – Page 4, Column 2


There were 176 entries of horses at the Fair, several registered horses, thoroughbred horses, and as fine specimens of horseflesh as can be found within fifty miles of this place; some of them came farther.

There were five races, two on Wednesday, known as the three-minute trot and pace. In the trot the time was 2:43; Black Wilkes, owned by David Johnson, 1st money; Charles Banning, owned by Wm. Furnish, 2d money. In the pace, Jerry, owned by Frank Buffington, 1st money; Joe Longfellow, owned by Chas. Sheets, 2d money; time 2:59.

In the trot on Thursday, Bennett, entered by J. A. Works, 1st money; Lillie H., owned by L. E. Stuart, 2d money; time, 2:43. The track was heavy and soft from rain just fallen, else the time might have been much better, perhaps 2:30.

The running race was at the same time and track heavy. One horse, Fred Fisher, owned by B. & J. Blue, fell in this race. Toolem, owned by J. Cunningham, won 1st money; Matonia Bird, owned by Geo. Cook, 2d money; time 58 seconds, one half mile dash.

On Friday, Singer, owned by L. E. Stuart, of Clark county, Ind., 1st money (time said to be 2:29); 2d money, Jerry B., owned by W. M. Shuman.

The exhibit of cattle was not so large as might have been. There were 26 entries, only one herd of short horns, owned by Wm. Bunger & Sons.

Of hogs, there were 26 entries of both large and small breeds. Some fine specimens of porkers.

Of sheep, there were 21 entries, Wm. Cunningham & Sons showing the finest flock.

Of poultry, the display was good. C. L. Lee and Thos. Lazenby were the largest exhibitors. There were 50 coops.

There was $1250 paid on the livestock above enumerated.

In the vegetable and grain departments, the show was not large, only 75 entries. The presumption is that it was thought that the country being so full of superior articles in these classes, competition would be so strong that it would not pay to compete, and the early season of the Fair no doubt cut short this exhibit.

The show in flowers and fine arts was good.

The exhibit in farm implements and machinery was not up to the standard.

In the ladies’ departments, the show in fine needlework, etc., the entries were 265, and in the pastry department, including all delicacies, the entries were 200.

The total entries of the Fair were 1050, against 1200 last year.

The attendance of the people was good Thursday, estimated at 4000.

Friday eve, think there were 7000 people on the grounds, and, as far as we could judge, a very orderly and well behaved assemblage.

Nothing very startling occurred that came to our knowledge. One horse, running, flew the track, somersaulted over the fence with his rider; both got a hard fall, but were able to get up and try it again. The rider’s name was Frank Cook; not seriously hurt.

On man had his elbow dislocated by the kick of a colt when showing in the ring.

The society, financially, we understand, comes out all right—paying all premiums and expenses in full and also an indebtedness of $300, and will have a few hundred to begin business with another year.

The Secretary tells us that when all accounts have been settled and books audited an exact statement of receipts and expenditures for the year will be published.

Switzerland and Ohio County Fair – 1890

Switzerland and Ohio County (Indiana) Fair report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille– 18 Sep 1890 – Page 4, Column 2

Races, Balloon Ascension—Slightly Damp, but All Premiums Paid—A Good Fair, Etc.

In the three-minute trot there were eight starters in the race, namely: Brown Jug, Pilot Wood, Blue Dick, Andy J, Honest Duke, Bob Lee, White Face, and Charling Banning. White Face was awarded premium—first in all three heats; Honest Duke, second; Blue Dick, third. Best time, 2:56.

In the three-minute pace there were six in the race: Gov. Foraker, May Wilkes, John F, Jerry, Golden Ball, and Diamond. John F. received first premium—winning all three heats; Jerry, second; May Wilkes, third. Best time, 2:55.

In the free for all trot there were six in the race: Contract, Lost Boy, Billy Terrell, Rowdy Boy, White Face, and Warren S. Four heats. Lost Boy received first premium; Billy Terrell, second. Best time, 2:41.

In the free-for-all pace four horses started in the race: Gov. Foraker, Hallie C, Frank H, and Emma H. Frank H was the winning horse in all three heats; Emma H second in all three heats. Time, 2:36.

Owing to the rain the track was soft on inside, and the horses were driven well out from the ring, making the distance traveled something more than a mile, and probably five or six seconds difference in time.

[See newspaper for fair details.]

Switzerland and Ohio County Fair Awards – 1887

Switzerland and Ohio County [Indiana] Fair awards for 1887 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 22 Sep 1887 – Page 4, Column 3

At East Enterprise—Large Attendance and Good Display


It had been oft repeated that owing to the severity of drought, the scarcity of water, the dust, and depressed feeling of the people on account of shortage of crops, “the Enterprise Fair would be a failure this year.” We are pleased to record that the prediction and not the Fair has failed. As proof we refer to the 6,000 people in attendance on Friday of the Fair; we point to the 1,100 articles entered for premiums, the exhibition of horses (never better), the cattle, hogs, sheep, poultry, machinery, farm and musical instruments, and the ladies’ department, needle work and table delicacies, so very full and fine. The potatoes and vegetables were twice as large as we had anticipated, and the fruits and grains a good display. The receipts will enable the society to meet its obligations, and all accounts be squared, as promised. Thanks to the people, exhibitors and visitors, for their liberal support and patronage. The premium winners were:

John W. Gaines, Wm. P. Oak, Geo. Cook, T. J. Griffin, C. L. Dennis, Alvin Works, Wm. Phillips, and Abr. Shipman.

V. K. Officer, Volga, Ind., Clydesdale; J. L. Mulford, Cold Spring, Ind., Peroheron; Henderson Peters, E. W. Marsh, J. A. Works, O. D. Cunningham, J. D. Glenn, J. B. Rochat, J. H. McDanell, Jos. Ramseyer, R. A. Knox, John Montayne.

Riddle & Norris, Jas. A. Works Jr., Geo. S. Dean, John Montanye, W. H. Gridley, A. S. Bond, Wm. B. Martin, Rufus Dibble, J. H. McDanell, Geo. Bunger, E. E. Cheever, J. J. Crouch, Heman Bradley, Lewis Gex, M. H. Richards, Julius Hastings, Wm. H. Dritt, J. Elliston, C. L. Lee, Joseph Ramseyer, Edgar Dibble, W. A. Bailey, C. E. Carpenter.

Sweepstakes—J. J. Crouch, W. H. Gridley.


  • Mule team—J. W. Gaines, Geo. W. Dorrell.
  • Walking team—Jonas Hall, Loring S. Stow.
  • Draught team—V. K. Officer.
  • Light harness—James A. Works, R. A. Knox.
  • General purpose—H. W. Scranton, R. A. Knox.
  • Matched team—R. A. Knox.

Mrs. Anna Myers, Blanch Palmer.

C. D. Walton, C. A. Downey—time 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

James A. Works, Geo. S. Dean, Peter Craig, H. W. Scranton, Wm. A. Bailey, J. H. McDanell, J. T. McCoy, R. A. Knox, Charles Marshal, W. D. Cunningham, J. J. Crouch, J. T. Webster, Henry Taylor, C. E. Carpenter.

Sweepstakes—H. W. Scranton.

A. S. Bond, Heman Bradley, Chas. Carver, John O. Hamilton, M. L. Bond, Wm. H. Britt, Wm. Shadday, Lee Kemper, J. H. McDannell, Chas. Marshall, Newton Wheeler, John R. Daily.

Sweepstakes—Riddle & Norris.

Eddie Cox, Jesse Bradford.

Mary Jack, Bertha Lostutter.

John Garbracht.

J. D. Glenn, 1st; R. A. Knox, 2d; Geo. Cook, 3d—time 3:02.

S. L. Adair, 1st; J. T. McCoy, 2d—time 2:33.

John Hudson, 1st; Jas. Cole, 2d—time 2:12.

Joseph Rea, 1st; Solomon Fuller, 2d—time 2:41.

Shelomith Stow, J. J. Goodner, L. B. Bradford, Geo. G. Waltz.

Sam’l McCreary, Thomas Ogle, Cunnningham & Espey.

Jas. S. Gilbert, Martin V. Turner, Thos. J. Stewart, Taylor Marsh.

Sweepstakes—Sam’l McCreary.

Jas. S. Gilbert.

Alhanan Cole, Martin Turner, Thos. W. Lewis, J. S. Jewett.

C. L. Lee, Albert Houze, Jonas Hall.

Sweepstakes—Albert Houze, J. S. Jewett.


  • Fine wool—Alva Miller, Alvin Works.
  • Middle wool—Albert Houze, Jonas Hall, Dan Mitchell.
  • Long wool—E. S. Griffith, C. L. Lee.


  • Middle wool—C. L. Lee, Jonas Hall, Geo. Walden, Dan Mitchell, Alvin Works.
  • Long wool—Albert Houze, C. L. Lee, E. S. Griffith.
  • Sweepstakes—Albert Houze.

C. L. Lee, Everett Shadday, Geo. L. Gatch, Baron D. Stewart, R. B. Littlefield, Ben F. Anderson.

Geo. W. Turner, Jas. Ford, Amie Nelson, J. R. S. Smith, Edgar Culbertson, J. W. Rutherford, S. Stow, L. P. Bradford, E. C. Ford, Baron D. Stewart, Russel Moore, C. L. Lee, Mrs. Anna Myers, Albert Hyde, Lucinda Nelson, Henry Elfers, Strilla Chittenden, John M. Sedam, C. L. Lee.

J. D. Davis, Frank McHenry, F. M. Miller, E. C. Ford, Geo. W. Turner, John Bruner, J. W. Saddler, Edgar Culbertson, B. C. Mead, C. L. Lee, Albert Houze, George Walden, G. F. Simpson, S. Baron, D. Stewart, John C. Scott, A. J. Schenck.


  • Acre of wheat, yield 33 bushels, Edgar Culbertson.
  • Broom corn, Wm. Melick, Frank Truesdale.
  • Leaf tobacco, Jas. Gurley, E. C. Ford.

G. F. Simpson, Edgar Culbertson.


  • Collection all kinds—Geo. W. Turner, Geo. Walden.
  • Specimens—Geo. Walden, G. W. Turner, T. C. Jack, Edgar Culbertson, S. D. Dockwood, E. P. Goddard, Elwood Hunt.

C. L. VanOsdol, Strilla Chittenden, Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Lucinda Nelson, Mrs. F. Loring, Mrs. John Stewart, Jennie Montgomery, H. S. Espey & Son, Ben F. Anderson, Amie Nelson, Mrs. M. J. Peters, Mrs. Ed R. Hunt.

Clara Richmond, Mrs. S. D. Lockwood, Mrs. John Stewart, Miss S. J. Smith, Strilla Chittenden, Alice Mix, O. W. Lewis, Anna Morrison, Carrie Melick.

R. B. Littlefield, Chas. C. Shaw, L. H. Hotchkiss, North & Dibble, David Stout, Wm. J. Keeney.

C. C. Shaw, E. C. North, Wm. Meier, D. G. Manning, A. H. Niles, Jas. Tower, Mikel & Niclaus, P. D. Carr, C. W. Bruner, R. B. Littlefield, Peter Richmond, John Dickason, G. F. Simpson, Stephen Dibble, Wm. Duncan, H. S. Espey, John Woolcott, Wm. J. Keeney, Alhanan Cole, L. Benham, C. W. Mendell, J. D. Davis.

Crutcher & Bryanton, Geo. L. Gatch, George W. Sadler, C. C. Shaw, Thos. J. Stewart, Lewis Chapman, R. A. Knox.

John W. Roberts.

Margaret Mendell, Mrs. Cornelius Sedam, Mrs. Anna Myers, Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Mary Chittenden, Mary Buttles, Jane Brown, Jennie Montgomery, Lucinda Nelson, Eliza Loggins, Belle Bovard, C. A. Truitt, Laura B. Houze, Mrs. Amie Nelson.

Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Strilla Chittenden, Amelia Clore, Rachel Pate, Nannie Madison, Jennie Montgomery, Mrs. M. C. Gex, T. C. Jack, Mary Jane Manser, Mrs. Anna Myers, Margaret Mendell, Kate Armstrong, Mrs. S. J. Hunt, Emma Mendell, Stella Houze.

Strilla Chittenden, Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Mrs. George Wood, Mrs. Ed R. Hunt, Clara A. Rous, Jane Madison, Eleanor Melick, Rachel Pate, Esther Douglass, Mrs. John Stewart, Mrs. Frank Loring, Mary A. Bradford, Mrs. W. B. Harris, Kate Armstrong, Eliza Loggins, C. W. Bruner, C. L. Lee, H. S. Espey & Son, Margaret Mendell, Lucinda Nelson.

D. B. Sink, Mrs. Emma Hathaway, David Stout, Laura B. Houze, H. H. Brown, J. R. S. Smith, G. F. Simpson, L. H. Hotchkiss, Strilla Chittenden, Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Baron D. Stewart, Jas. S. Gilbert, Mrs. Buttles.

Wm. H. Madison.

Switzerland and Ohio County Fair Awards – 1886

Switzerland and Ohio County [Indiana] Fair awards for 1886 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 23 Sep 1886 – Page 4, Column 3


The Enterprise Fair, Sept. 14th to 17th, went off in good style and was a grand success, notwithstanding the inclement weather. The attendance on Thursday was fair, and on Friday it was very large, probably 6,000 people were in attendance. The exhibition was full and complete in all departments, the entries aggregating 1,334. The people were quiet and orderly and the gamblers and bummers were about the only persons that did not appear happy. The races were closely contested and exciting. The Ladies’ Departments, as well as Live Stock, had much attraction for the many sightseers. The following synopsis shows who received premiums:


Wm. P. Oak, G. W. Livingston, A. W. Gaines, Hosier Harris, R. A. Knox, Jos. Rutherford, John Higham, Fred Scheimer, C. C. Leatherberry, C. L. Dennis and A. Shipman.

Imported Draught Clydesdale—Officer & Cooperider; Imported Draught Percheron—I. L. Mulford.

Native Draught—W. N. Seymour, M. F. Wainscott, J. A. Works, Wm. Francis, Peter Craig, Jas. Gullion, Harry Culbertson, Tom Blue, J. G. Parks, J. D. Glenn, Dan Brindley, Geo. Gullion, Alf Aldrich, Wm. Bunger, Wesley Bunger and J. F. McCreary.



J. J. Crouch, R. A. Knox, John Harris, J. A. Works, Geo. S. Dean, J. C. Hamilton, Parks & Johnson, R. R. James, Jake Webber, Abram Gilliland, Ed Marshall, M. F. Richards, R. S. O’Neal, R. Ferguson, C. L. Lee, Tom Blue, J. Elliston, Lem Thompson, O. P. Monroe, and W. H. Bunger.

Mule Team—C W. Mendell, D. A. Hanna

Draught Team—Officer & Cooperider, Geo. Gullion

General Purpose Team—Jas. A. Works, J. C. Hamilton

Light Harness Team—Jas. A. Works, J. C. Hamilton

Matched Team—J. C. Hamilton



R. A. Knox, Riddell & Norris, J. L. Rand, J. C. Hamilton, R. F. Payne, J. J. Crouch, M. H. Richards, E. B. Griffith, G. S. Dean, J. T. Marsh, J. W. Bunger, Ed Marshall, A. Gilliland.



Riddel & Norris, Dean & Orr, W. S. Bond, J. R. McDanell, J. C. Hamilton, E. B. Griffith, Newton Wheeler, J. C. Wheeler, W. H. Brett.



District Trot, Green—Diamond J. D. Glenn, 1st; Long Tom, J. M. Horton, 2d; Mollie B, Tim McHenry, 3d.

Free to all Trot—Doc McLaughlin, J. R. Cole, 1st; Fannie B, J. A. Works, 2d.

Running Race—Black Steer, Levi Block, 1st; Daisy C, W. D. Colvin, 2d.

Free to all Pace—Hallie C, J. F. Harrison, 1st; Bob Orr, T. S. Johnson, 2d.

Ladies’ Driving—Annie Myers

Ladies’ Riding—Bertha Lostutter, Lou B. Protsman

Boys’ Riding—Willie Bledsoe

Vevay Reveille – 30 Sep 1886 – Page 4, Column 3



Class 7, Jersey Cattle—John Higham, S. Stow, A. R. Downey.

Short Horn or Durham Cattle—Sam McCreary, Wm. H. Bunger, John Higham and Alva B. Houze.

Cattle not Thoroughbred—Jas. Gullion, Martin Turner, Thos. W. Lewis, W. H. Wiley, J. H. Weaver, John Higham, W. O. Marble, Wm. H. Bunger, S. Stow.

Sweepstakes on Cattle and Herd—Sam McCreary.



Large Breeds—Alhanan Cole, J. S. Jewett, Geo. Bunger, Jas. Oak, Thos. W. Lewis, Albert Houze.

Small Breeds—C. L. Lee, J. M. Hall, Albert Houze.

Sweepstakes on Hogs—C. L. Lee, Albert Houze.



Merino—Alvin Works.

South Down—Albert Houze, J. M. Hall, Wm. Cole.

Oxfordshire—C. L. Lee.

Shropshire—Geo. Gullion, Albert Houze.

Leicester—Wm. Shadday, J. M. Hall.

Sheep not Thoroughbred—Geo. Gullion, W. O. Marble, J. M. Hall, Albert Houze, C. L. Lee.

Sweepstakes on Sheep—Geo. Gullion.



C. L. Lee, Wm. Shadday, Everett Shadday, Albert Pate, John Smelly, Baron D. Stewart.



John Althof, Geo. W. Turner, T. J. Heath, E. Jayne, Strillia Chittenden, Taylor Wainscott, Thos. W. Lewis, Geo. W. Pate, Edgar Culbertson, John Stewart, U. H. Stow, J. T. Lakenan, L. A. Sedam, Jackson Goodner, G. W. Potter, Elhanan Lientz, Lucinda Nelson, Mrs. C. E. McGee, Mary Elfers.



J. D. Davis, Geo. W. Turner, L. A. Sedam, Edgar Culbertson, C. L. Lee, Taylor Wainscott, Joseph Rutherford, G. W. Potter, Howard Stow.



Best acre Timothy hay—Sam McCreary, C. L. Lee, E. P. Goddard, Langford Pendry, T. J. Lakenan, Taylor Wainscott.



Sam McCreary, G. F. Simpson, Taylor Wainscott.



Sam S. Turner, Geo. Walden, D. A. Hanna, Edgar Culbertson, J. L. Rand, T. C. Jack, S. D. Lockwood, Lem Thomson.



Abbie Simmons, Strillia Chittenden, Mrs. Geo. Wood, T. C. Jack, Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Minerva Stow, C. L. Vanosdol, Lucinda Nelson, Taylor Marsh, Mrs. John Stewart, Mrs. G. W. Mendell, Taylor Wainscott.



Miss S. J. Smith, Clara Richmond, L. Duprez, Mrs. Edgar Dibble, Strillia Chitenden, Mart Turner, Harry Steele, Abbie Simmons, Jennie Montgomery, Miss Jane Brown.



Wm. Clore’s Sons, C. C. Shaw, W. C. Walker & Co., E. C. North, B. F. Keeney, Wm. Keeney.



Wm. J. Keeney, T. J. Heath, T. H. Downey & Son, Alhanan Cole, J. T. Bodkin, Geo. F. Simpson, S. Stow, Wm. Clore’s Sons, Jas Rand, C. W. Mendell, J. D. Glenn, R. W. Galbreath, D. G. Manning.



B. F. Keeney, Wm. J. Keeney, J. D. Davis, Lewis Chapman, Ernest Smith, J. R. Liggett.



Display of Harness—John W. Roberts

Boots and Shoes—B. F. Smith



Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Carrie Wooley, Estella Houze, Strillia Chittenden, Mrs. J. W. Wright, Jane Brown, Jennie Montgomery, Clara Richmond, Mrs. C. E. McGee, T. C. Jack, Mattie E. McClellan, Mrs. Geo. Wood, Grace Pate, Belle Bovard, Kate Armstrong, Jennie Demann, Mart Turner, Ada L. Cross, Lucinda Nelson, Mary Elfers, Lizzie Jack, Almira Roter, Mrs. S. J. Hunt.



Mary J. Sedam, Mary Elfers, Mrs. Jackson, Sabra Nelson, Strillia Chittenden, Fannie Scott, Mrs. Geo. Wood, C. A. Truitt, Jane Branham, Kate Armstrong, Jennie Montgomery, Lucinda Nelson, Matilda Lee, Mrs. C. W. Mendell, Mary Buttles.



Minerva Stow, Strillia Chittenden, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. E. R. Hunt, Mrs. S. J. Hunt, Mrs. T. J. Heath, Mrs. Geo. Wood, Mrs. John Stewart, Mrs. John Douglass, Jane Madison, J. R. S. Smith, Mary A. Powell, Mrs. C. R. Drake, Lucinda Nelson, S. D. Lockwood, Grace Wallick, Rachel Gibson, H. S. Espey & Sons, C. W. Mendell, S. J. Bradford, Mrs. Edgar Dibble.



D. B. Sink, Jane Brown, Strillia Chittenden, Mrs. Jackson, Wm. Clore’s Sons, J. H. Keeney, Mary Buttles, Adolph Lorce, J. W. Roberts.

Switzerland & Ohio County Fair Awards – 1884

The Switzerland and Ohio County [Indiana] Fair awards for 1884 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 25 Sep 1884 – Page 4, Column 4



Premium awards at East Enterprise Fair, Sept. 9th to 12th, 1884:

Class 1, Jacks and Mules—Wm. P. Oak, Lem Stow, A. W. Hyde, C. W. Mendell, Samuel McCreary, B. F. Miller, John Higham.

Class 2, Heavy Draught Horses—E. B. L. Ford, Geo. Gullion, Jacob Giffin, J. W. Rutherford, J. P. Livingston, M. F. Wainscott, J. M. Pearce, W. S. Twineham, Jas. Gullion, Jas. F. Leatherberry, David Boyle, J. L. Mulford, A. Jackson, Benj. Blue, Archer and Glenn, F. M. Ferguson, A. J. Dolph.

Class 3, General Purpose Horses—Chas. Tyler, Taylor Marsh, J. C. Hamilton, Benj. Blue, J. H. Harris, R. L. Griffith, W. N. Seymour, J. R. Cole & Sons, C. M. Dean, J. M. Horton, Wm. A. Shaddy, Wm. Twineham, F. M. Ferguson, C. W. Cox, Jos. Rutherford, L. E. Turner, J. A. Works.

Class 4, Teams.

  • Mule Team—C. W. Mendell, A. W. Hyde
  • Draught Team—Geo. Gullion, Jas. Gullion
  • Light harness team—J. A. Works, M. C. Dean
  • General purpose team—J. M. Horton, J. A. Works
  • Match team—S. T. Johnson

Class 5, Light Harness Horses—J. A. Works, J. C. Turner, R. W. Cochran, John Johnson, Samuel Conoway, Samuel T. Johnson, J. C. Hamilton, J. R. Cole & Son, George S. Dean, R. F. Payne, C. W. Cox, E. Cheever.

Class 6, Saddle Horses—J. C. Hamilton, J. R. Cole & Sons, N. Orr, Moses Donley, O. P. Daily, Robt. L. Griffith, O. B. Gardner.

Class 7, Cattle

  • Short Horn—Jas. Cunningham, Samuel McCreary, Jas. Cole
  • Jersey Cattle—Thos. W. Lewis, Shelometh Stow
  • Graded Cattle—Samuel McCreary, J. C. Wainscott, Jas. Cole, C. C. Leatherberry
  • Milch Cow—Samuel McCreary, Jas. Cole
  • Herd of Cattle—Samuel McCreary, Jas. Cole
  • Sweepstakes on Cattle—Jas. Cole, Samuel McCreary

Class 9, Hogs, large breed—J. F. Houze, A. W. Hyde, J. S. Jewett, S. E. Rogers, Taylor Curran.

Class 10, Hogs, small breed—J. M. Hall, A. J. Houze, Charles L. Lee, Aldrett Dunning.

Class 11, Sweepstakes on Hogs—J. S. Jewett, J. M. Hall.

Class 12, Sheep, Fine Wool—Alvin Works, A. W. Hyde.

Class 13, Middle Wool—George Gullion, J. M. Hall, Alvin Works.

Class 14, Long Wool—Malen Lientz, Wm. A. Shaddy, J. M. Hall, Alphus Paughburn.

Class 15, Sweepstakes on Sheep—George Gullion.

Class 16, Poultry—C. L. Lee, Wm. A. Shaddy, Wm. Cole, John Smelley, John Stewart.

Class 17, Vegetables—Strillia Chittenden, C. L. Lee, Amie Nelson, Lucinda Nelson, Chas. Altholf, Isaac M. Smith, Harry Bascom, Jos. Rutherford, Chas. Turner, Taylor Wainscott, Geo. Melick, M. S. Wainscott, Louny Wainscott, Berlin Smelley, Wm. Cole, Mrs. Pallas Wilson, J. D. Davis, T. J. Heath, Alhanan Cole.

Class 18, Grain and Seed—Wendell Hodapp, C. L. Lee, J. D. Davis, B. C. Mead, Taylor Wainscott, J. M. Smith, Jas. Cole, Jas. Aldred, Frank VanOsdol, Wm. Cole, Malen Lientz, E. P. Goddard, E. Abbott, S. Stow, Alhanan Cole.

Class 19, Field Crops—T. J. Lakenan, Mary J. Cross, C. L. Lee.

Class 21, Fruits—W. P. Hall, John Stewart, S. Stow.

Class 22, Wine, Cider, Vinegar and Soap—Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Strillia Chittenden, Mrs. Lucelle Peters, Lucinda Nelson, Minerva Stow, Taylor Wainscott, E. P. Goddard, Pallas Wilson, S. Stow.

Class 23, Flowers and Fine Arts—Mrs. A. G. Jackson, C. O. Potter, Mrs. S. B. Locke, Mrs. C. Scott, M. C. Walden, S. M. Dumont, F. P. Dupraz, John Elder, Laura Morrison, Willie Manning, Miss S. J. Smith.

Class 24, Plows, Harrows, Farm Implements—A. Abbott, Wm. Clore, G. B. Gibson.

Class 25, Mills, Machines, Woodenware—R. H. Johnson, G. B. Gibson, Lem Stow, M. H. Belden, Luther Buck, W. R. Cofield, J. B. Glenn, C. W. Mendell, Harvey Jack, Bonnell and Moredock, L. A. Sedam, Wm. J. Keeney, Harvey Morrison, S. Stow, Alhanan Cole.

Class 26, Wagons—G. B. Gibson, Amie Rous.

Class 27, Leather Manufacture—Strillia Chittenden, J. G. Thiebaud, Ed Pfeiffer, J. W. Roberts.

Class 28, Needlework and Embroidery—Miss Laura Melots, Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Luia Owens, Mrs. Ella Smith, Mrs. Wm. A. Greer, Lucy Detaz, Mrs. Wm. Owens, Mrs. Walters, Mollie LeClerc, Mrs. R. A. Bates, Strillia Chittenden, Mrs. L. H. Sherman, Mary Wooley, Mrs. J. G. Thiebaud, Mrs. Lucelle Peters, Lucinda Nelson, Lilla Lotton, Mrs. E. G. Weals, Allie Dibble, Ana L. Cross, Mrs. John C. Scott, Julia Jenkins, Alma Horton, Belle Sheets, Fannie Hagerman, Lizzie Mix, T. C. Jack, Matilda Lee, Laura Morrison, Annie Chapman, Jennie Montgomery, Mrs. Wood, Aurora.

Class 29, Domestic Manufacture—Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Strillia Chittenden, Minerva Stow, Lucinda Nelson, Mary Wooley, Matilda Lee, Margaret Mendell, Alma Horton, Belle Sheets, Belle English, Annie Chapman, Miss S. J. Smith, Jennie Montgomery.

Class 30, Preserves, Jellies, Table Comforts—Strillia Chittenden, Mrs. Jackson, Minerva Stow, Lucinda Nelson, S. D. Lockwood, M. E. Lockwood, G. W. Potter, Jane Madison, Vina Wainscott, Mrs. Taylor Wainscott, Espey & Son, Esther Douglass, Mrs. R. C. Heath, Mrs. John Stewart, Jennie Roberts, Carrie M. Smith, J. R. S. Smith.

Class 32, Miscellaneous—A. Abbott, Yina Fox, Strillia Chittenden, Wm. Clore, Mrs. Jennette Knight, Mrs. G. J. Thiebaud, G. B. Gibson, S. D. Lockwood, Alma Horton, Miller and Sink, Garlinghouse and Wosser, Harvey Jack, Mrs. Jackson, D. G. Manning, C. O. Potter, Jennie Montgomery, Allie Dibble, John A. Elder.

Speed Ring, Equestrian, Horsemanship

Trot—Doc McGlaughlin, J. R. Cole & Son, Nellie B. W. W. Brison

Pace—Robt. R, T. S. Johnson, G. S. Dean and F. M. Ferguson

Ladies Hitching and Driving—Ada Palmer, Jenner Gilbert

Ladies Riding—Mary Jack, Fannie North

Boys Riding—J. D. Rand, S. Bond.

Switzerland & Ohio County Fair Awards – 1883

The Switzerland and Ohio County [Indiana] Fair awards for 1883 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 27 Sep 1883 – Page 5, Column 1

A Grand Success.

Awards of Premiums.

The Fair at East Enterprise Sept. 11th to 14th, inclusive, was a success. The entries numbered 1195. Competition strong, and a good show in nearly all departments, especially so in live stock, vegetables, grains, agricultural machinery, needle work, fine arts, table comforts, and miscellaneous articles.—Articles exhibited were gathered from far and near; the extremes, perhaps, were Brooklyn, N. Y., and Louisville, Ky., but chiefly from Switzerland, Ohio, Dearborn, Ripley and Jefferson counties, Indiana, Boone, Gallatin, Carroll and Owen counties, Ky., from Cincinnati and Louisville.

The attendance at the fair was good, considering the drought and dust, and the difficulties of transportation and travel. The receipts were sufficient to pay all premiums, and not one cent went into the treasury for license for any gambling or swindling device, or for liquor privilege. If any such business was carried on it was done clandestinely, and without the sanction or consent of the Board. Large sums were refused for such privileges.—The Society rely upon the moral sentiment of the community to sustain it in this decision, and is truly grateful for the hearty support given it by exhibitors and the people at large.

To give Premium Awards in detail naming each article separately, would require so much space that we condense report, giving the class and number of premiums in that class taken by the person named:

Class 1, Jacks and Mules—Wm. P. Oak, D. P. Oak Sr., S. H. Riley, E. Holton, Samuel McCreary, Alvin Works, Loring Stow, H. Vandorin, John Wiley.

Class 2, Heavy Draught Horses—George Gullion, H. D. Lowell, J. L. Mulford, Isaac J. Hart, Wm. Leatherberry, John Archer, J. R. Stewart, James Culbertson, Ullysses Johnson, Wm. & J. Giffin, J. M. Oak, H. Wainscott, Wm. Shaddy, Frank Cunningham, Matt Bodie, Harry Culbertson.

Class 3, General Purpose Horses—J. M. Horton, Matt Bodle, Riddle & Norres, J. A. Works, J. Searcy, Heman Bradley, Lem Bledsoe, G. W. Dickason, S. T. Johnson, E. B. Cunningham, Peter Houze, P. Rosell, Frank Leatherberry, J. D. Davis, J. C. Hamilton, Charles Tyler, William Payne.

Class 4, Match Teams

  • Mule Teams—C. W. Mendell, Fred Sherman
  • Carriage Horses—James A. Works Jr., J. M. Horton
  • Light Harness—M. J. Castleman, Harvey Jas[illegible]
  • Draught Team—George Gullion
  • Sweepstakes—J. A. Works, Jr.

Class 5—Light Harness Horses—Riddle & Norris, Wm. Payne, Jas A. Works, S. T. Johnson, M. L. Bond, O. D. Cunningham, J. M. Horton, Charles Tyler, Robert Clore, M. J. Castleman, Lem Bledsoe, N. H. Powell, F. M. Stratford, J. W. McHenry.

Class 6, Saddle Horses—Clay Turley, Robert L. Griffith, Riddle & Norris, R. N. Parker, W. N. Seymour, M. F. Hillis, John Wheeler, J. M. Horton, J. M. Gardner, James A. Works, Jr.

Speed Ring

  • Trot—M. L. Bond, J. A. Works, Jr.
  • Pace—S. T. Johnson, J. A. Works, Jr.


  • Lady Rider—Miss Mary J. Jack
  • Boy Rider—Willie Bledsoe, J. C. Horton

Ladies Driving—Ada Palmer, Mollie Ferguson.

Class 7, Cattle

  • Short Horn or Durham—Geo. Gullion, James Cole, James Cunningham, J. C. Bersot, Samuel McCreary
  • Alderney or Jersey—Lem Bledsoe, Thomas Lewis
  • Graded Cattle—Jas. Cole, S. G. Powell, Samuel McCreary, Wm. Northcott
  • Milch Cow—Wm. Northcott

Class 8, Sweepstakes on Cattle—Jas. Cunningham, George Gullion

Class 9, Hogs, Large Breeds—John S. Jewett, John F. Houze, James Cole, J. C. Scott

Class 10, Hogs, Small Breeds—J. M. Hall, Aldred Dunning, C. L. Lee

Class 11, Sweepstakes on Hogs—John S. Jewett, Harry Goddard

Class 12, Fine Wool Sheep—A. W. Hyde, Alvin J. Works, S. J. Searcy

Class 13, Middle Wool Sheep—William Cole, Alvin Works, S. J. Searcy

Class 14—Long Wool Sheep—Charles Tyler

Class 15, Sweepstakes on Sheep—William Cole, Alvin Works

Class 16—Poultry—Charles L. Lee, Wm. Cole, F. M. Cole, Everett Shaddy, Berlin Smelley

Class 17—Vegetables—Strillia Chittenden, C. L. Lee, Wm. Cole, John Althof, T. J. Heath, Samuel McCreary, C. W. Mendell, Wendell Hedapp, Henry Elfers, William Oak, U. P. McHenry, John Smelley, Alhanan Cole, Wm. Melick, Lucinda Nelson, H. T. Owens, Wm. Leatherberry, Eugene Goddard, John Nelson.

Class 18—Grains and Seeds—J. D. Davis, Eugene Goddard, C. L. Lee, Wm. Cooper, Wm. Cole, Frank McHenry, B. W. Buffington, Wm. J. Keeney, Mendell Hodapp, J. C. Bersot, Alhanan Cole, Robert W. Chapman, Alfred Driver, Samuel McCreary

Class 19, Field Crops, &c.—Acreage yet to be decided.—Mary Jane Cross, J. C. Bersot, Eugene Goddard, Daniel Mitchell.

Class 20, Flour and Meal, &c.—Samuel McCreary, Wm. Cole

Class 21, Fruits—B. W. Buffington, Wendell Hodapp, Argus Dean, Eddie Sanders, Geo. W. Sanders, W. P. Hall, S. D. Lockwood, T. J. Heath, Thos. Lazenby, Stow

Class 22, Vinegar, Soap, &c.—Lucinda Nelson, Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Jennie Montgomery, S. Stow, Minerva Stow, Strillia Chittenden

Class 23, Flowers and Fine Arts—Willie Manning, S. M. Dumong, F. P. Dupraz, Strillia Chittenden, Miss Belle Sheets, J. A. Hearick, J. C. Scott, O. W. Stewart, Anna Eners, Mollie Webb

Class 24, Plows, Harrows, &c.—Wm. Clore, Josiah Lee, W. E. Hampton, Thomas Melkie, Wm. J. Keeney, Wm. J. Cooper

Class 25, Mills, Machines, &c.—H. S. Espey, T. J. Heath, Wm. Cooper, Haner Pump, J. F. Bodkiin, Lem Stow, Wm. Buchanan, W. W. Long, W. R. Cofield, W. E. Hampton, Harvey Morrison, L. E. Turner, Wm. J. Keeney, Alhanan Cole, Minerva Stow, C. W. Mendell, Josiah Dunning, Wesley Harris

Class 26, Wagons and Carriages—J. A. Hearick, Snyder Buggy Co., W. E. Hampton, Edward Gary

Class 27, Boots, Shoes, Harness, &c.—G. J. Thiebaud, John W. Roberts

Class 28, Needlework, Embroidery, &c.—Strillia Chittenden, Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Miss Hannah Brown, Ella Gillespie, Carrie Wooley, Belle Sheets, Lizzie Davens, Ms. C. Scott, Belle English, Emma Weiss, Mary Keeney, Mrs. Viole Rous, Lucinda Nelson, [illegible] Orem, Mrs. T. C. Jack, Mrs. S. Walters, Jane Brown, Mrs. Jenniei Clement, Minnie S. Peters, Sallie Peters, Mrs. Sandford Givens, Mrs. A. J. Sedam, Anna Keffer, Mamie Waldo, Anna Chapman, Minerva Stow, Anna Eners, Mollie [?]leanson, Mrs. F. B. Harrison, Jennie Roberts, Anna Gibbons, Fanny Cunningham

Class 29, Domestic Manufactures—Strillia Chittenden, Mrs. A. G. [illegible], Malinda Lee, Lucinda Nelson, Anna Chapman, Minerva Stow, Jennie Montgomery, Margaret Mendel, Mrs. LeClerc, Mrs. Wainscott, Ella [illegible], Belle English, Anna Kesler, Nancy Bocock, Euradice Downey, Carie Wooley, Mrs. Marcie Ethrington, Mrs. Mary Poster

Class 30, Jellies, Preserves and Table Comforts—Mrs. A. G. Jackson, Strillia Chittenden, H. S. Espey, Minerva Stow, Mrs. Amie Rous, Mrs. John Stewart, Mrs. J. D. Davis, Mrs. Jane Madison, Mrs. I. W. Stewart, Mrs. J. C. Scott, Mary Harris, Ann Harris, S. Stow, Jennie Roberts, Fanny Cunningham, Wm. Leatherberry

Class 31, Miscellaneous—Mrs. A. G. Jackson, W. E. Hampton Machinery &c., Mrs. Robinson, J. Bodkin, Wm. Clore, Mrs. J. C. Scott, Strillia Chittenden, Ann Harris, Mollie Peters, Anna Keller, H. S. Espey & Son, Mrs. Adam McDee, D. G. Manning, Josiah Lee, Jennie Montgomery, Chas. Tyler, Wm. E. [illegible], Huston & Jackson, R. McMakin, John M. Pate, C. C. Shaw, Mrs. Mary Keeney, Thos. [illegible] & Co.

Educational—Premium awarded to School No. 9, Jefferson Township, Switzerland County, Ind.

Switzerland & Ohio County Fair Awards – 1882

The Switzerland and Ohio County [Indiana] Fair awards for 1882 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 28 Sep 1882 – Page 1, Column 1

Premium Awards, Enterprise Fair.

Class 1, Jacks and Mules.

  • Jack, any age, Wm. P. Oak, J. M. Horton
  • Mules, 3 years, B. W. Scranton, Samuel McCreary
  • Mules, 2 years, Charles Riley, Henry Niehizer
  • Mules, one year, Thomas Higham 1st and 2nd premiums
  • Mule colt, D. P. Oak, Sr., Chas. Ryan

Class 2, Draught Horses.

  • Stallion, 4 years, James Gullion, J. M. Horton
  • Stallion, 3 years, Wilson Brook, R. B. King
  • Stallion, 2 years, Henry Osborn, C. L. Lee
  • Stallion, 1 year, F. M. Ferguson, John Mulford, Lewis Cole
  • Horse colt, J. M. Horton, Wm. Beaty
  • Geldings and mares, 4 years, George Gullion, J. R. McConnell
  • Geldings and mares, 3 years, F. M. Ferguson, J. R. McConnell
  • Geldings and mares, 2 years, J. D. Davis, F. M. Ferguson, John Mulford
  • Geldings and mares, 1 year, George Gullion, J. D. Glenn, Wm. Cole
  • Mare colt, Margaret Mitchell, G. M. Dodd
  • Draught team, James Gullion, George Gullion
  • Draught brood mare, Margaret Mitchell

Class 3, General Purpose Horses.

  • Stallion, 4 years, Alonzo Gale, G. W. Dickason
  • Stallion, 3 years, O. P. Monroe, R. S. Abbott
  • Stallion, 2 years, Riddle & Norris, C. L. Lens
  • Stallion, 1 year, Thomas McCreary, J. M. Horton
  • Horse colt, Dillard Drake, J. W. Conoway
  • Mare, 4 years, F. M. Ferguson, H. W. Scranton
  • Mare, 3 years, J. H. McDannell, Shadrack Wilbur
  • Mare, 2 years, F. M. Ferguson, J. W. Conoway
  • Mare, 1 year, J. M. Clark, Wm. Cole
  • Mare colt, Willie Dickason, Peabody
  • Gelding, 4 years, Riddle & Norris, H. J. Harris
  • Gelding, 2 years, Dillard Drake, J. M. Pearce
  • Match team, Charles Vanrshall
  • General purpose stallion, G. W. Dickason
  • Gelding, Riddle & Norris
  • Brood mare, J. W. Conway
  • Brood stallion, J. M. Horton

Class 4, Harness Horses.

  • Stallion, 4 years, Riddle & Norris, Samuel Johnson
  • Stallion, 3 years, P. S. Abbett, Ben Mead
  • Stallion, 2 years, C. L. Lee
  • Gelding, 4 years, Lem Bledsoe, Dr. Bond
  • Gelding, 3 years, J. M. Horton
  • Gelding, 2 years, Nathen Matthews, A. J. Hanlon
  • Mare, 4 years, F. M. Ferguson, R. O. Bond
  • Mare, 3 years, Shadrack Wilber, John Boyle
  • Mare, 2 years, C. Thomas
  • Harness animal, Riddle & Norris

Class 5, Saddle Horses.

  • Stallion, 4 years, Nathan Matthews, G. W. Dickason
  • Stallion, 3 years, Ben Mead
  • Mare, 4 years, Clay Turley, Riddle & Norris
  • Mare, 3 years, O. P. Gardner
  • Gelding, 4 years, Jas. A. Works, Jr., W. W. Dean
  • Gelding, 3 years, Mose Donley
  • Saddle animal, Riddle & Norris

Speed Ring.

  • Thursday trot, Doc McLaughlin, first; Black Clound, second.
  • Friday pace, Yellow Queen, first; Bob R, second
  • Friday trot, Doc McLaughlin, first; Black Cloud, second.

Class 6, Cattle, Short Horn.

  • Bull, 3 years, J. H. McDannell
  • Bull, 2 years, Geo. Gullion
  • Bull, 1 year, Jas. Cole, Samuel McCreary
  • Bull, calf, J. H. McDanell
  • Cow, 3 years, J. H. McDannell
  • Cow, 2 years, J. H. McDannell
  • Heifer, 1 year, J. H. McDannell

Jersey Cattle:

  • Bull, 2 years, Lem Bledsoe
  • Bull, calf, Lem Bledsoe
  • Cow, 3 years, Lem Bledsoe
  • Heifer, 1 year, Lem Bledsoe
  • Heifer calf, Lem Bledsoe, Sylvester Powell

Grade Cattle:

  • Bull, 1 year, Jas. Cole
  • Calf, Wm. Northcott
  • Cow, 3 years, Geo. Gullion, Jas. Cole
  • Heifer, 1 year, Jas. Cole
  • Calf, T. J. Turpin
  • Milch cow, Wm. Northcott, C. L. Lee
  • Herds of cattle, J. H. McDanell, Jas. Cole

Class 7, Sweepstakes.

  • Best bull and best cow, J. H. McDanell

Class 8, Hogs, Large Breed.

  • Wm. Livingston takes 6 premiums, including herd
  • A. J. Houze, 2 premiums
  • Tom Turpin, 1 premium

Class 9, Hogs, Small Breeds.

  • J. M. Hall, 5 premiums, including herd
  • A. J. Houze, 1 premium

Class 10, Sweepstakes on Hogs.

  • Wm. Livingston, J. M. Hall

Class 11, Sheep, Fine Wool.

  • J. M. Hall, Alvin Works

Class 12, Sheep, Middle Wool.

  • Geo. Gullion, 3 premiums
  • Alpheus Pangburn, 2 premiums
  • Alvin Works, 1 premium
  • J. S. Cole, 1 premium

Class 13, Sheep, Long Wool.

  • George Gullion takes all premiums—5 in number.

Class 14, Sweepstakes.

  • George Gullion takes both premiums
  • Mr. Sol Wright, of Ghent, Ky., had on exhibition a fine lot of Oxford Down Sheep. Objections were made to his entering them for premiums, because late in their arrival upon the grounds. At Mr. Wright’s request the judges on sheep were instructed to pass judgment on his sheep with the rest, and tie the ribbons on them that would have been theirs had they been rightly entered. The result showed first premium in every case where he did not compete against himself. Also, both premiums in sweepstakes.

Class 15, Poultry.

  • C. L. Lee takes 20 premiums
  • Wm. Cole, 16 premiums
  • Wesley Downey, 1 premium

Class 16, Vegetables.

  • T. J. Heath,  11 premiums including collection
  • John Althoff, 8
  • Strilla Chittenden
  • Wesley Harris
  • Wm. Cole
  • Jas. Cole
  • Wm. Hurlbert
  • Chas. McBride
  • Clifford Jaynes
  • Wm. Melick
  • Alfred Keeney
  • Wm. J. Keeney
  • Peter Richmond
  • Alhanan Cole
  • Alex Scudder
  • E. P. Goddard
  • Horatio Chase
  • J. P. Livingston
  • U. H. Stow
  • John Cole

Class 17, Grain and Seed.

  • C. L. Lee, 5 premiums
  • John Davis, 5
  • Wm. Cole, 3
  • T. J. Heath, 2
  • Harry Stow
  • John Stewart
  • Shelometh Stow
  • Alpheous Bocock
  • Abram Tinker

Class 18, Field Crops.

  • Henry Waldon
  • Samuel McCreary
  • John Phillips
  • E. P. Goddard
  • Growing crops yet to be decided.

Class 19, Flour & Meal.

  • Samuel McCreary
  • W. R. Williams & Son

Class 20, Fruits.

  • B. W. Buffington, 6 premiums, including collection
  • R. W. Galbreath
  • Chas. W. Higbee
  • U. H. Stow
  • John Stewart
  • S. Stow
  • John C. Wainscott
  • John Nelson
  • C. W. Jenkins
  • J. D. Davis
  • Emma McCulloch

Class 21, Wine, Cider, Vinegar, Soap.

  • Mrs. A. G. Jackson, 6 premiums
  • Mary Rous
  • S. Stow
  • Lucinda Nelson
  • T. C. Jack
  • Minerva Stow
  • Mary Buttles
  • Samuel McCreary
  • T. J. Turpin

Class 22, Flowers, Painting, Penmanship, &c.

  • O. W. Lewis, 7 premiums
  • Willie J. Manning
  • S. M. Dumont
  • F. P. Duprz
  • Miss Jane Brown
  • Mrs. M. E. Boyle
  • Mrs. S. G. Laird
  • Emma McCulloch
  • M. C. Walden
  • Lida Lotton

Class 23, Plows, Harrows, Farm Implements.

  • Wm. Clore, 9 premiums
  • E. S. Downey
  • R. W. Galbreath
  • Wm. Cooper
  • C. G. Adams
  • E. Abbett
  • Josiah Lee

Class 24, Mills, Machines, &c.

  • S. E. Laird, 5 premiums
  • H. S. Espey
  • Peter Richmond
  • Wm. Keeney
  • J. T. Bodkin
  • J. D. Glenn
  • Sam’l T. Caldwell
  • Jas. Ferguson
  • David Jones
  • Alhanan Cole
  • Harry M. Stow
  • Wm. Cooper
  • Lewis M. Morrison
  • S. Stow
  • T. J. Heath

Class 25, Wagons & Carriages.

  • J. A. Herrick, 4 premiums
  • Walden & Richmond
  • Wm. Fike
  • A. J. Houze

Class 26, Leather Manufacturer.

  • Thiebaud, Robinson & Co., 6 premiums, boots and shoes, &c.
  • J. W. Roberts, 10 premiums, harness, saddles, &c.

Class 27, Needlework, &c.

  • Belle Sheets
  • Strilla Chittenden
  • Sallie Allen
  • Mrs. A. G. Jackson
  • Mrs. S. E. Laird
  • T. C. Jack
  • Mary Wooley
  • Lida Lotten
  • Hannah Brown
  • Annie Chapman
  • Minerva Stow
  • Dora Kessler
  • Jennie Montgomery
  • Mrs. Wm. Cole
  • Mrs. G. J. Thiebaud
  • Miss Lou Peters
  • Lizzie Mix
  • Lucinda Nelson
  • Jane Brown
  • Mary Rous
  • Charlotte Goodner
  • Lida Hall
  • Mrs. George Keeney
  • Catharine Stow

Class 28, Domestic Manufacture.

  • Mrs. M. Stow
  • Annie Chapman
  • Matilda Lee
  • Jennie Montgomery
  • Mrs. Jackson
  • Jane Shull
  • Ella Gillespie
  • Charlotte Goodner
  • Lucinda Nelson
  • Emma Hathaway
  • Belle J. Seward
  • Mary Rous
  • Nancy Bocock
  • Mrs. C. O. Potter
  • Mrs. Wm. Cooper
  • Melissa Gray
  • Strilla Chittenden
  • Wesley Harris

Class 29, Table Comforts.

  • Mrs. M. Stow
  • Mrs. A. G. Jackson
  • Mary Rous
  • Mary Powell
  • Lucinda Nelson
  • M. G. Keeney
  • R. W. Galbreath
  • T. J. Heath
  • H. S. Espey
  • Jennie Bascom
  • T. M. Cole
  • Belle Stewart
  • Eleanor Melick
  • Mary Harris
  • Mrs. S. Davis
  • Mrs. J. W. Stewart
  • T. J. Turpin

Class 31, Miscellaneous.

  • W. F. Hampton
  • Strilla Chittenden
  • J. T. Bodkin
  • Wm. Clore
  • Miss Worden
  • Jas. Ferguson
  • Jane Brown
  • Thiebaud & Robinson
  • Emma McCulloch
  • Snyder Buggy Co.
  • E. S. Downey
  • J. N. Benham
  • Cullie Rous
  • Lina Oester
  • Clara Cole
  • John Thatcher
  • Mrs. A. G. Jackson
  • Ralph Platt
  • Emma Hathaway

Honorable mention in Miscellaneous Class:

  • Miss Belle Sheets
  • T. J. Heath
  • O. W. Lewis
  • H. S. Espey
  • Wm. Cole
  • G. J. Thiebaud
  • M. C. Walden
  • Jane Brown
  • Lewis Sedam
  • W. D. Cunningham
  • J. S. Cole