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Switzerland County Military Pensions

The following are military pensions were mentioned in the Switzerland County, Indiana court and probate books. The index currently covers 1814 to 1851.

Before applying for a military pension from the federal government, a person may have appeared before their local court to file a schedule of property or additional information.

Abbreviations used in the index are:

  • CCO = Circuit Court Order Book
  • PO = Probate Order Book
  • PC = Probate Complete Record Book
  • RW = Revolutionary War

Digital copies can be ordered on the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameWarYearBookPage
Phillip DSmythRW1825CCO622
Norman BMagruderRW1832POA78
William Sr.FancherRW1832POA101
Wm Sr.CoyRW1833POA144
Normond BMagruder1836POA396
Norman BMagruderRW1836POA447
N BMagruder1838POB132
Norman BMagruderRW1832PCA271
William Sr.FancherRW1832PCA330

14th Regiment, Indiana Militia – 1836

The following article about the 14th Regiment, Indiana Militia in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Weekly Messenger – 9 Apr 1836 – Page 3, Column 3

Regimental Order.
Fourteenth Regt. Ia. M.
April 6, 1836.

The following gentlemen will compose the staff attached to this regiment, they are to be obeyed and respected accordingly.

  • Surgeon—William Armington
  • Quartermaster—Silas Overturf
  • Paymaster—Daniel McCulloch
  • Surgeon’s mate—Wm. C Mitchell
  • Adjutant—James B. Lewis
  • Judge advocate—George G. Knox
  • Q master Sergeant—John F. Doan
  • Sergeant major—Philip Ramsyere
  • Provost Martial—William Kieth
  • Forage Martial—Sameol Gilliland
  • Drum major—Delanson Slawson
  • Fife major—James Mitchell


10th Brigade, Indiana Militia – 1833

The following article about the 10th Brigade, Indiana Militia in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Weekly Messenger – 3 Aug 1833 – Page 3, Column 5 – 17 Aug 1833 – Page 1, Column 1

Printer’s Retreat, July 29, 1833.

The following officers will compose a Brigade Court Martial, and the members thereon, are ordered to convene at the house of Jeremiah Thomas, in Jacksonville, on Monday, the 26th of August, 1833, at ten o’clock, A.M. for the purpose of investigating the charges exhibited against JOHN ALFREY, major of the 14th reg. as exhibited by first sergeant Joseph Mitchel, on the 28th inst.

The court will record all the testimony at full length and lay the same before the general, together with their opinion of the guilt or innocence of said major, on said charge, and what punishment, if any, should be inflicted.


  • Col. John F. Siebenthal, of the 14th regiment, president
  • Col. William Scudder
  • Lieut. col. Pruett Harvey
  • Lieut Col. Colin McNutt
  • Captain Philip Bettens
  • Captain David Scudder
  • Captain James B. Lewis
  • Captain John P. Lillard
  • Captain Isaac McHenry
  • Captain James Scott
  • Captain Eden Edwards
  • Captain Charles S. Smith
  • Captain Samuel S. Hicks
  • Lieutenant Frederick L. Grissard, superintendent
  • Lieutenant Benjamin Detraz, superintendent

Ensign Edwin Storey, of the 14th will act as judge advocate. Schuyler Burns will act as provost marshal.

By order of brigadier general William C. Keen.


Switzerland County Minute Men – 1833

The following article about the Switzerland County, Indiana minute men appeared in:
Weekly Messenger – 9 Mar 1833 – Page 3, Column 2; 16 Mar 1833 – Page 1, Column 5; 23 Mar 1833 – Page 1, Column 2

At a meeting of the above named society, at the house of Emanuel Pernet, in Mount Sterling, on Saturday, the 23d of February last, according to notice.

Stephen G. Peabody, was called to the chair—after reading the constitution and bye-laws, the following named gentlemen were duly elected to the following offices: (to serve for one year from date) Thomas Gilliland, John Stepleton and Nathaniel Cotton, trustees; and George E. Pleasants, secretary—the former elections, held at Vevay on the 2d inst. were confirmed.

  • Thomas Armstrong, col.
  • S. G. Peabody, captain
  • John F. Cotton, 1st lieut.
  • Eden Edwards, 2d lieut.
  • Philip Bettens, 3d lieut.
  • William Miller, 4th lieut.
  • Abijah H. Grimes, 5th lieut.
  • Mal Lancaster, 6th lieut.
  • William Keith, 1st serg.
  • Whitfield Kirtly, 2d serg.
  • Jesse McMillen, 3d serg.
  • Moses McKay, 4th serg.
  • Schuyler Burns, 5th serg.
  • Jeremiah Manford, 5th serg.
  • Daniel L. Livings and Philip Bettens, treasurers

Whereupon, after passing sundry resolution, the meeting was adjourned to meet at Armstrong’s, in Vevay, on Saturday the 16th of March next.

Switzerland County Revolutionary War Pensioners – 1832

The following list of Revolutionary War pensioners in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Weekly Messenger – 4 Sep 1832 – Page 3, Column 2

The following Revolutionary soldiers, residing in Switzerland county, have applied for pensions, under the act of congress of June 7, 1832.

Names Age Residence
Arthur Andrews 68 Pennsylvania
Thomas Ayres 77 New Jersey
William Coy 76 Maryland
Griffith Dickinson 72 Virginia
Robert Gullion 63 Maryland
Daniel Heath 72 New York
Ebenezer Humphreys 69 Massachusetts
William Kelly 77 Pennsylvania
John Leap 74 Pennsylvania
Thomas Lewis 68 Virginia
Isaac Levi 82 Kentucky
Norman B Magruder 68 Maryland
Roderick Moore 71 Connecticut
Thomas Mounts 68 Maryland
Solomon Nighswanger 76 Virginia
Thomas Porter 71 Connecticut
David Reamer 78 New Jersey
Winthrop Robinson 71 New Hampshire
John Roberts 77 New Jersey
John Shaddy 78 North Carolina
John Shupe 68 Pennsylvania

Switzerland County Pensions – 1900

Military pensions granted in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 17 May 1900 – Page 5, Column 3

Dr. VanPelt reports the following pensions granted through his agency:

John Scott, Florence, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $11.

Peter Voris, heirs, Aaron, Indiana, new law, rate $14.

Daniel Sprague, Florence, Indiana, original, old law, rate $4 from Feb. 24, 1887, $6 from March 2, 1895, $8 1898.

W. H. Langsdale (widow), Sparta, Kentucky, old law, rate $12.

Charles J. McKay, Lamb, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $10.

John T. Huston, Patriot, Indiana, old law, reissue, rate $12.

Zerelda Plew, widow of Jerry Plew, Vevay, Indiana, old law, rate $12.

Wm. T. Raborn, Canaan, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $14.

Robert D. Jackson, McGregor, Indiana, old law, increase, reissue, rate $14.

Theo. F. Sullivan, Vevay, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $10.

John A. Kite, Bigbone, Kentucky, new law, original, rate $8.

Sarah J. Dyer, Vevay, Indiana, new law, renewal, rate $8.

John B. Sebree, deceased, Ghent, Kentucky, Spanish War, extra pay &c., $32.18.

James A. Lanham, Vevay, Indiana, increase, old law, rate $14.

Thomas Slater, Brooksburg, Indiana, renewal and increase, old law, rate $14.

Phoeba Jane Funk, widow of Martin Funk, Markland, Indiana, old law, rate $12.

Jacob Imel, Pleasant, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $10.

Geo. Inman, Carrollton, Kentucky, old law, original, rate $2 from May 17, 1887, and $6 from March 2, 1895.

Vevay Reveille – 20 Dec 1900 – Page 4, Column 2

Dr. Van Pelt, Vevay, Indiana, reports the following pensions granted through his agency:

Mary A., widow of Isaac Simonton, Patesville, Kentucky, old law, rate $12.

John W. Herring, Pleasant, Indiana, reissue and increase, old law, rates: $10 from Dec. 4, 1891, $14 from Sept. 2, 1899, and $17 from May 24, 1899. Back pay, $573.00.

James D. Furnish, Gratz, Kentucky, new law, additional rates: $10 from April 4, 1892, $12 from April 4, 1899.

Joseph A. Hart, Vineyard, Indiana, old law, reissue and increase, rate $30.

Andrew J. Courtney, Owensboro, Kentucky, increase, old law, rate $17.

Elijah Mathis, Manville, Indiana, reissue and increase, old law, rate $17.

Sarah, widow of John I. O’Neal, Markland, Indiana, new law, rate $8.00.

Peter Voris’ heirs, Aaron, Indiana, old law, rate $18.

James Higgins, Vineyard, Indiana, old law, rate $12.

Charles Banks, Brooksburg, Indiana, old law, rate $14.

Abijah Brindley, Craig, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $17.

Ruth H., widow of Simeon P. Bell, Vevay, Mexican War, rate $8.

Hiram Vandorin, North, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $8.

John Shertz, Beecamp, Indiana, new law, additional rate $10.

Mrs. Margaret Bond, New Liberty, Kentucky, old law, original, rate $24.

Wm. Burns, Sanders, Kentucky, new law, original, rate $8.

David M. Haskell, Vevay, old law, rate $10.

Switzerland County Pensions – 1899

Military pensions granted in Switzerland County in 1899 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 25 May 1899 – Page 5, Column 3

Dr. VanPelt reports the following pensions granted through his agency:

Martin Funk, Markland, Indiana. Old law, increase; rate $14.

Nancy Ann, widow of Jacob Carver, Warsaw, Kentucky. Old law; rate $12.

Isabella, widow of John G. Long, Vevay. Old law; rate $16.

Michael Konkle, Jay, Indiana, reissue. Old law; rate $6.

Clinton Miller, Madison, Indiana, reissue. Old law; rate 16.

Joseph W. Cotton, Grayson, Kentucky, original. New law; rate $6.

Matthew Worstelle, deceased, Moorefield, Indiana, restoration and increase. Rate $14.

Mary Worstelle, Moorefield, Indiana, original. New law; rate $8.

Joseph M. Fulton, East Enterprise, Indiana, new disability. Old law; rate $12 from Jan. 18, 1889, and $14 from Jan. 3, 1894. Back pay $592.

Jacob Harper, Ghent, Kentucky, original. New law; rate $12.

Albert B. Banta, Carrollton, Kentucky, reissue. Old law; rate $10.

John Boyd, Eagle Station, Kentucky, increase. New law; rate $10.

John Brown, Ghent, Kentucky, increase. Old law; rate $14.

Laura A., widow of Robert C. Burnham, Louisville, Kentucky. New law; rate $8.

Patrick O’Brien, Vevay, original. Old law; rate $12.

Charles M. Newkirk, Bennington, Indiana, increase. Old law; rate $72.

Edward F. Bellamy, Moorefield, Indiana, increase. Old law; rate $17.

Vevay Reveille – 23 Nov 1899 – Page 5, Column 1

Dr. VanPelt reports the following pensions through his agency:

Isaac M. Smith, Aaron, Indiana, Supplemental, old law, rate $2.00.

John O. Martin, Aaron, Indiana, old law, increase, reissue, rate $24.

John Neal, Bennington, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $30.

Lafayette Turner, Brooksburg, Indiana, old law, reissue, rates: $8 from March 19, 1888; $10 from Oct. 4, 1893; $14 from Oct. 9, 1895. Back pay, $510.

John C. Kellar, China, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $12.

James M. Long, Quercus Grove, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $17.

Asa A. Stone, Jonesville, Owen County, Kentucky, old law, original, rate $6.

Levisa Hamilton, widow of John Hamilton, Warsaw, Kentucky, new law, rate $8.

Cautious Choat, Bennington, Indiana, old law, reissue, rate $12.

Thomas Edmonson, Centre Square, Indiana, old law, reissue, rates: $4 from Feb. 25, 1864; $8.00 from June 1, 1872; $12.00 from Apr. 26, 1882; $16.00 from Nov. 9, 1887; $24.00 from Nov. 28, 1888; and $30.00 from Sept. 14, 1898.

Killes Lee, Canaan, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $24.00.

Jacob Kern, Moorefield, Indiana, old law, increase, rate $17.00.

Martha J. Ricketts, widow of George Ricketts, Markland, Indiana, new law, rate $10.00.

Montgomery P. Baird, Lamb, Indiana, old law, rate $17.00.

Heir of Brownie Green, Ghent, Kentucky, old law, rate $14.00.

Switzerland County Pensions – 1898

Military pensions granted in Switzerland County, Indiana for 1898 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 14 Apr 1898 – Page 4, Column 2

Dr. VanPelt reports the following pensions granted through his agency:

Dr. Samuel B. Lewis, Canaan, Indiana, old law, increase. Rated at $30.

Wm. R. Hal, Hicks P. O., Jefferson County, Indiana, new law, additional. Rate $6.

James P. Krutz, Florence, Indiana, old law, reissue. Rate $12.

Sarah A. Sisson, widow of Lieut. George Sisson, Sugar, Kentucky, original, old law, Rated at $15.

Almedia Foree, Carrollton, Kentucky, original, old law. Rated at $18.

Steven Grimes, Brooksburg, Indiana, old law, increase. Rate $17.

James A. Lanham, Vevay, Indiana, old law, restoration and reissue. Rates $2 from July 10, 1890, $8 from June 11, 1892 and $10 from Jan. 23, 1896.

Henry Johnson, Warsaw, Kentucky, original old law. Rates $2 from July 21, 1887 and $8 from March 11, 1891.

John R. McKay, Craig, Indiana, old law, reissue and increase. Rate $24.

Fred L. Thiebaud, Vevay, Indiana, old law, Rated at $14.

Jane Scudder, Warsaw, Kentucky, new law. Rated at $14.

Alexander Wallace, deceased, new law. Rated at $8.

Jane Cur[?]ing, Ghent, Kentucky, old law. Rate $12.

Theodore Sullivan, Vevay, Indiana, old law, increase. Rate $8.

George W. A. Cole, Vevay, Indiana, old law, reissue and increase. Rate $14.

Albert F. Hyde, Center Square, Indiana, old law, increase. Rate $17.

Vevay Reveille – 4 Aug 1898 – Page 5, Column 4

Dr. VanPelt reports the following pensions granted through his agency:

Joseph D. Raysor, Bethlehem, Kentucky. Reissue, old law, rate $8.00.

William Foulk, Sugar Branch, Indiana. Reissue, old law, rates, $4 from Sept. 1, 1865, $6 from April 4, 1888, $8 from Sept. 4, 1889, and $14 from Oct. 16, 1895.

Joseph E. McKay, Connersville, Indiana. Old law, increase, rate $12.

Jacob Thomas, Brooksburg, Indiana. Old law, reissue, rates, $12 from Oct. 26, 1894 and $16 from April 6, 1898.

John D. Pavy, Vevay, Indiana. Reissue, old law, rates, $4 from Dec. 28, 1887, $8 from Sept. 23, 1891 and $10 from Feb. 16, 1898.

Jacob Imel, Pleasant, Indiana. New law, additional, rate $8.

George Sturns, deceased, Vevay, Indiana. Old law, restoration and reissue, rates, $14 from Oct. 22, 1890, and $72 from Oct. 4, 1893.

Elizabeth Sturns, Vevay, Indiana. Old law, reissue, rate $12.

Samantha E. Tinker, Allensville, Indiana. New law, original, rate $8, and $8 for four children.

Daniel Fagg, Home, Jefferson County, Indiana. Old law, increase, rate $10.

James Higgins, Long Run, Indiana. Old law, rates $8 from Sept. 8, 1890, and $10 from Feb. 19, 1896.

John M. Raysor, Lockport, Kentucky. New law, original, rated at $10.

Wm. Stoops, Markland, Indiana. Old law, increase, rate $17.

Charles P. Noble, Vevay, Indiana. Old law, reissue to correct rank, back pay, $603.00.

Switzerland County Pensions – 1897

Military pensions granted in Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 22 Apr 1897 – Page 4, Column 4

Dr. VanPelt reports the following pensions granted through his agency.

Montgomery P. Baird, Lamb, Indiana, reissue, rerating and increase, old law; rates $4 from April 3, 1873; $3 from June 18, 1884; $8 from August 18, 1886; $10 from April 16, 1890; $12 from December 24, 1890; $14 from March 27, 1895. Back pay about $787.20.

James A. Brindley, New Marion, Indiana, old law, restoration and reissue; rate $12.

George Findley, Vevay, Indiana, old law, reissue and increase; rates $10 from January 20, 1890; $12 from September 3, 1890.

William Fulton, Quercus Grove, reissue, old law; rate $17.

John W. Evett, Florence, Indiana, old law, reissue and increase; rate $10.

Lulie B. Weldon, Sanders, Kentucky, old law; rate $8.

Wm. C. Hall, Sanders, Kentucky, old law; rates $8 and $14.

Heirs of Elijah Hall, Sparta, Kentucky, old law; rates $10 from July 3, 1895 and $14 from March 19, 1886.

Uzillal, widow of Cornelius Onderdock, formerly of Brooksburg, Indiana, now of Calera, Alabama, new law; rate $8.

Asahel Carpenter, Center Square, Indiana, new law; rate $12.

Ann F. Carpenter, Patriot, Indiana, new law, rate $8.

Brownie Green, Ghent, Kentucky, old law, increase; rate $10.

Montgomery Patton, Vevay, Indiana, reissue and increase, old law; rates, $10 from December 16, 1891, and $21 from November 18, 1896.

William Bennett, Markland, Indiana, old law, reissue and increase; rate $17.

Vevay Reveille – 22 Jul 1897 – Page 5, Column 4

Dr. VanPelt reports the following pensions granted through his agency viz:

Francis V. W. Cole, Bennington, Indiana, old law, increase; rate $14.00.
Van S. Brandon, Moorefield, Indiana, reissue and increase; old law, rates $10 from June 29, 1897; $14 from May 23, 1894.

John Tolliver, Warsaw, Kentucy, old law, increase; rate $10.

William Bennett, Markland, Indiana, old law, reissue; rate $17.

Hugh H. Lamb, Mt. Sterling, Indiana, old law, original; rated at $8 from Nov. 1, 1890; $12 from Dec. 20, 1893.

Garret Furnish, Vevay, Indiana, old law, increase; rate $24.

Louisa J., widow of Volney Peelman, Vevay, Indiana, old law; rate $12.

Eli Croxton, East Enterprise, Indiana, old law, increase; rate $17.

Manuel J. Bryam, Quercus Grove, Indiana, old law, increase; rate $8.

Joseph Patterson, Florence, Indiana, old law, reissue and increase; rate $12.

John Moxely, Vevay, Indiana, old law, reissue and increase; rate $14.

Peter Hall, Sugar Branch, Indiana, new law, additional; rate $12.

Aaron Haukins, Bennington, Indiana, old law, reissue and increase; rates $8 from Aug. 15, 1890; $10 from Feb. 5, 1892; $17 from May 1, 1895.

Colledge M. Sipple, Elliston, Kentucky, old law, original; rates $2 from April 10, 1886; $4 from July 29, 1887; $6 from Mar. 2, 1895; back pay $512.

Thomas W. Holmes, Sugar Branch, Indiana, new law; original; rate $8.

Vevay Soldiers Reunion – 1897

Soldiers’ reunion in Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana, report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 26 Aug 1897 – Page 4, Column 4

Registers at District Reunion in Vevay, August 13, and 14, 1897.


J. J. Pate, Co C, 7 Ind; Rising Sun

Henry Piper, Co A, 7 Ind; Rising Sun

Samuel Roberts, Co F, 37 Ind; Osgood

Luther Rudwick, Co I, 13 Ind, Osgood

Geo. L. Siemantel, Co D and A, 3 Ind, Aurora

John M. Kelly, Co C, 7 Ind, N[?]

C. R. Poston, Co. A, 8 Ind, Patriot

Clark Canfield, Co I, 83 Ind, Aurora

David Glain, Co H, 83 Ind, Aurora

F. Wm. Doerr, Co F, 30 Ky, Aurora

Ervin Peas, Co B, 22 Ind, Petersburg, Kentucky

Wm. Cowan, Co M, 3 Ind, Patriot

Daniel Sprage, Co A, 3 Ind, Florence

Christopher Hoffman, Co I, 85 Ind, Dupont

James Higgens, Co C, 3 Ind, Long Run

John Rochat, Co C, 3 Reg Mexico, Vevay

Peter Long, Co C, 83 Ind, Napoleon

R. B. Bascom, 15 Ind, [?]

A. C. Meacham, Co K, 1 U S; Delaware

J. M. Long, 2 Ind battery, Quercus Grove

W. J. Randall, Co B, 83 Ind, Vernon

Neal McQutuley, Co B, 83 Ind, Laughery

Joseph Nepper, Co F, 9 Ohio, Etheridge, Ohio

E. H. Niebaum, Co E, 7 Ind, Aurora

Charles Liebecke, Co A, 45 NY, Aurora

Enoch Colon, Co D, 7 Ind, Allensville

Hiram Humphrey, Co I, 110 Ind, Bonham

James Alford, 2 Ind Bat, Rising Sun

John Christ, Co E, 18 Ky, Aurora

Samuel Scott, 2 Ind Bat, Rising Sun

George Swezey, Co H, 116, Ind, Rising Sun

John Green, Co B, 7 Ky, Antioch

John A. Keith, Co. D, 10 Ind, Florence

Isaac Vannatter, Co. E, [?] Ind, Patriot

F. M. Gullion, Co. F, 22 Ind, Sugar, Kentucky

G. W. Buchanan, Co. A, 37 Ind, Bryantsburg

M. F. Tardy, Co. E, 116 Ind, Vevay

Joseph M. Clark, 4 Ind, Rising Sun

R. D. Hutchinson, Co. C, 82 Ind, Patriot

Jeff Schaffer, Co. D, 52 Ind, Aurora

George H. Graves, 15 Battery, East Enterprise

E. S. Grey, Co. F. 83 Ind, Osgood

Bruce Downey, Co I, 117 Ind, Bascom

W. P. Richard, Co A, 116 Ind, Bear Branch

Scott Knox, Co C, 7 Ind, Delaware

H. B. Harriman, Gunboat Burnside, Lawrenceburg

James Chapman, Co A, 86 Ill, Aurora

M C Cook, Co A, 152 Ind, Cochran

John Wiley, Co C, 92 Ind, Markland

Hanibal Farrell, Co A, 3 Ind, Bennington

Joseph Swezey, Co B, 83 Ind, Elrod

Perry James, U S Gunboat Sherman, Vevay

Charles King, H, 26 Ind, Butlerville

J. M. Roszell, H, 5 Ind, Butlerville

H. D. Tinker, C, 51 Ind, East Enterprise

H. J. Huffman, I, 83, Ind, Wilmington

John F. Bruce, F, 3 Ind, Crozier

John Facemire, C, 83 Ind, Rising Sun

W. H. North, E. 83 Ind, North

John Conrod, C 7 Ind, Florence

George Schite, H, 83 Ind, Guilford

Paul E. Hiatt, H, 83 Ind, Guilford

A. Munger, C, 56 Ind, Delaware

John M. Clahan, C. 83 Ind, Rising Sun

John Leasure, B, 83 Ind, Dillsboro

W. O. Tilley, B, 7 Ky, Glencoe

Will Langsdale, B, 7 Ky, Glencoe

Vir Webber, B, 55 Ky, Glencoe

John E. Calvert, A, 23 and 55 Ky, Rabbit Hash

John Shaw, F, 46 Ill, Vevay

Charles H. Clemens, B, 83 Ind, Dillsboro

Isaac Robbins, K, 26 Ind, Aurora

Thomas Tanner, F, 35 Ind, Aurora

John Monroe, C, 83 Ind, Rising Sun

Chas. Wood, B, 110 Ind, Carroll County, Kentucky

Petter R. Shaffer, E, 110 Ind, Patriot

J. M. Murphy, M, 3 Ind, Big Creek

Thos. J. Lilly, I, 140 Ind, Sunman

W. Haskell, F, 6 Ind, Brookburg

James North, C, 83 Ind, North

Henry Shafer, I, 83 Ind, Aurora

Charles P. Means, B, 140 Ind, Vevay

J. W. Forsyth, I, 93 Ind, Butlerville

G. W. Cayton, D, 7 Ky, Laughery

John M. Roberts, F, 83 Ind, Osgood

Albert Rix, A, 83 Ind, Milan

Mart Staley, G, 2 Ky, Grant

Lawrence Faulker, G, 2 Ky, Aurora

Thom J. O’Neal, E, 143 Ky, Rising Sun

Wm. Ake, D, 42 Ky, Wood

George W. Miller, E, 16, Aurora

John C. Young, B, 4 Ky, Aurora

Harman Brunce, G, 83 Ind, Sunman

Fred Ruscher, G, 113 Ind, Aurora

Wm. Day, B, 55 Ky, Carrollton, Kentucky

Joe Protsman, B, 110 Ind, Mt. Sterling

James E. Clark, F. 22 Ind, Milan

Fred Upp, H, 83 Ind, Dillsboro

W. H. Platt, K, 23 Ind, Aurora

James R. Hoover, E, 50 and 52 Ind, Osgood

Henry Hultegel, C. 32 Ind, Dillsboro

Ben [?]ay, B, 1 Ohio, Milan

G D Hyne, A, 15 Ohio, Covington, Kentucky

James S. Fallis, H. 69 Ohio, Springdale

H. C. Black, E, 137 Ind, Benham

Jake Peters, G, 83 Ind, Aurora

George Cole, E 50, D, 52 Ind, Vevay

James Albro, C, 3 Ind, Vevay

Charles H. Day, B, 54 Ky, Carrollton, Kentucky

G. R. Hewett, H, 6 Ind, Craig

Isaac M. Smith, B, 140 Ind, Aaron

C. H. Jones, B, 103 Ohio, Pearceville

John W. Griffin, E, 11 Ky, Rising Sun

Wm. Reeser, C, 37 Ind, Vevay

D. M. Huskell, A, 3 Ind, Vevay

J. R. Miller, I, 131 Ind, Aurora

Eli Croxton, D, 10 Ind, East Enterprise

John Pearceson, F, 37 Ind, Dillsboro

H. B. Sparks, C, 3 Ind, Rising Sun

Alex Campbell, M, 1 H Art, Blue

Joe F. Bright, D, 52 Ind, Pearceville

Perry Cochran, C, 83 Ind, Rising Sun

S. D. Lockwood, I, 110 Ind, East Enterprise

Jacob Green, G, 123 Ind, Correct

C. W. Johnson, C, 3 Ind, Mooreshill

Wm. Harding, K, 132 NY, Correct

Wm. Foulk, E, 146 Ind, Sugar Branch

Julius Spivey, D, 7 Ind, Vevay

Wm. Rowin, E, 140 Ind, Patriot

Arthur Douglas, C, 83 Ind, Patriot

Wm. Day, B, 108, Ind, Ghent, Kentucky

J. D. Pavey, A, 120 Ind, Vevay

Jim Trombo, G, 13 H Artillery, Ghent, Kentucky

George Wells, K, 55 Ky, Rising Sun

John W. Kincaid, C, 3 Ind, Vevay

Theodore Livings, Adj 93 Ind Inf, Washington, D.C.

Wm. R. Beall, 22 Ind, Haven

Henry Tyner, E, 110 Ind, Long Run

Van S. Brandon, B, 140 Ind, Moorefield

Wm. N. Elliott, D, 52 Ind, Lawrenceburg

Abram Boggs, D, 10 Ind, Vevay

C. C. Rubble, K, 26 Ind, Milan

R. Robinson, B, 159 Ind, Sunman

Ed Worrell, B. 110 Ind, Moorefield

J. W. Herring, K, 22 Ind, Pleasant

H. C. Wheeler, A, 7 Ind, Dillsboro

Wm. Whitton, B, 140 Ind, Pleasant

J. C. Kern, A, 3 Ind, Moorefield

M. W. Cole, L, 3 Ind, Elzeville

Wm. Roland, F, 37 Ind, Dillsboro

Sam Nolan, B, 168 Ky, Ghent, Kentucky

A. B. Hubbartt, A, 7 Ind, Aurora

Browney Green, B, 19 U S, Ghent, Kentucky

John M. Riley, D, 11 Ind, Moorefield

Wesley Canfield, I, 83 Ind, Aurora

Lule Bradford, C, 93 Ind, Sugar Branch

George W. Haskell, G, 139 Ind, Vevay

J. W. Gardner, D, 116 Ind, Aaron

B. N. Davis, E. 50 Ind, Vevay

Wm. Peak, D. 115 Ind, Jay

W. Buchanan, D, 83 Ind, Mooreshill

Peter Voris, D, 93 Ind, Aurora

Jim S. Lambertson, D, 10 Ind, Sugar Branch

Isaac Froman, D, 10 Ind, Mt. Sterling

James F. Simpson, H, 6 Ind, Lamb

Abijah Myers, C, 3 Ind, Prestonville, Kentucky

Henry Seavers, E, 18 Ky, Vevay

Henry Hewitt, C, 83 Ind, Rising Sun

C. M. Newkirk, A, 8 Ind, Bennington

Lemuel Seavers, E, 110 Ind, Vevay

Smith Redd, 117 Ind and 13 Ohio, Rising Sun

Garret Furnish, D, 55 Ky, Vevay

Elhana Lientz, K, 110 Ind, Sugar Branch

J. J. Goodner, D, 3 Ind, and D, 13 Ind, Aaron

Chas. D. Jaynes, D, 93 Ind, Vevay
Wm. Hall, D, 93 Ind, Vevay

Frank Cole, D, 3 Ind, Bennington

S. R. Johnson, D, 93 Ind, Carson, Kentucky

J. N. McNutt, E, [?] Ind, Patriot

Josh D. Griffith, E, 6 Ind, Vevay

Aaron Hawkins, B, 156 Ind, Bennington

Jas. R. Reemer, E, 18 Ky, Markland

Fred Kassebaum, A, 3 Ind, Aurora

John J. Carter, H, 22 Ind, Quercus Grove

Henry Banta, H, 3 Ind, and E, 146 Ind, Lamb

A. M. Golay, G, 130 Ind, Vevay

D. B. Jaynes, D, 93 Ind, and F, 22 Ind, Covington, Kentucky

Mike Cooper, A, 33 Ind, Cross Plains

Thos. J. Heath, U. S. Gunboat Victor, Sugar Branch

J. W. Evett, E, 50 Ind, Florence

Robt. W. LeClerc, G, 139 Ind, Vevay

Elijah Land, C, 93 Ind, Florence

Jerry Holdcraft, C, 7 Ind, East Enterprise

George Miller, C, 93 Ind, Patriot

Sanford Furnish, E, 13 Ky, Long Run

Richard Swift, C, U S Navy, Sparta, Kentucky

Jas. W. Groves, L, 117 Ind, Hanes Corner

J. [?] Locke, G, 159 Ind, Bennington

P. M. Pavey, L, 119 Ind, Sugar Branch

Wm. Ruble, G. 110 Ind, Aurora

Joe Davis, C, 93 Ind, Quercus Grove

F. L. Thiebaud, E, 116 Ind, Vevay

Frank Robinson, E, 7 Ind, Sunman

Ira Stout, E, 70 Ind, Aaron

Thos. C. Fuller, A, 83 Ind, Sunman

J. D. Covas, C, 81 Ind, Bogota, Illinois

S. P. Bell, A, 1 Ky, Mexican War, Vevay

F. M. Miller, B, 21 Ind, Langbery

Eli H. Powell, D, 3 Ind, Dillsboro

Levi E. Cornwell, Capt., E, 17 Ohio, Aurora

M. L. Teeters, M. I. W. Virg, Rising Sun

John Romans, H, 3 Ind, Vevay

Abraham Metcaff, C, 53 Ky, Burlington, Kentucky

Joseph Rail, Wagoner in Ky regt, Warsaw, Kentucky

Ben Welch, C, 7 Ind, Rising Sun

Jacob Cooper, B, 5 Ohio, Carson, Kentucky

Wm. J. Platt, C. [?] Ind, B, 52 Ind, Quercus Grove

Gus Frazier, E, [?] Gunboat Sherman, Vevay

Wm. Russell, C, 93, Ind, Vevay

Joseph W. Redd, [?], 13 Ind, Vevay

Samuel Lu[?], D, 37 Ind, Deleware

Philip Kerch, D, 3 Ind, Aurora

Philip [?], C, [?] Ind, Aurora

Thos. W. Williamson, E, 131 Ind, Markland

Jerry Plew, D, 10 Ind, Markland

G. W. Burlington, C, 37 Ind, Rising Sun

Ruel W. Fugat, F, 22 Ind, Rising Sun

Alonzo Murphy, I, 117 Ind, Greensburg

J. M. Baker, I, 93 Ind, Aurora

P. Derol, col B, [?] Ky, Ghent, Kentucky

Ranson Toliver, col B, 198 Ky, Sparta, Kentucky

Philip Leelinger, G, 83 Ind, New Marion

R. E. Hall, Capt, C, 7 Ind, Center Square

W. H. Lamson, F, 22 Ind, Vevay

George Obit, Capt, G, 83 Ind, Dean, Ohio

Barney Klenberg, C, 18 Ohio, Vevay

W. G. Bailey, C, 82 Ind, Pate

Jas. A. Lanham, H, 10 Ind, Vevay

Montgomery Patton, D, 10 Ind, Vevay

William Sauvine, C, 3 Ind, Mt. Sterling

James Moore, (col), F, 117, Ky, Sparta, Kentucky

Thos. J. Lakeman, D, 18 Ind, East Enterprise

A. J. Leap, B. 156 Ind, Vevay

M. P. Baird, D, 93 Ind, Lamb

Alan W. Philips, A, 82 Ind, Butlerville

W. D. Ward, Lt, Co 37 Ind, Vevay

H. J. Brindley, A, 3 Ind, Vevay

D. C. Kern, A, 3 Ind, Moorefield

Alfred Crouch, Gunboat Tyler, Quercus Grove

John H. Means, E, 115 Ind, Long Run

Wm. Tait, E, 3 Ind, Vevay

John Scott, D, 7 NY, Sugar Creek, Kentucky

Wm. Cousins, D, 93 Ind, Haven

Geo. B. Anderson, D, 130 Ind, Vevay

Geo. Findley, E, 116 Ind, Vevay

Larkin Turner, E, 116 Ind, Long Run

Mat Bodle, F, 22 Ind, Sugar Branch

Aaron B. Henry, E, 11 Ky, Aurora

Jas W. Anderson, A, 3 Ind, Prestonville, Kentucky

John Moxley, C, 3 Ind, Vevay

M. H. Roberts, E, 116 Ind, Craig

H. H. Lamb, E, 11 U S Inf, Mt. Sterling

James Paulley, B, 140 Ind, Jay

Ira Sheppard, H, 128 Ind, Dillsboro

Ben F. Bennett, D, 18 Ind, Markland

Durbin M. Miller, E, 50 Ind, B, 52 Ind, Vevay

Thos. Edmonson, F, 22 Ind, Center Square

Jas. W. Christy, D, 13 Ind, Jay

Frank Livings, A, 3 Ind, Sugar Branch

Thos. Montayne, I, 117 Ind, Long Run

John E. Baker, I, 83 Ind, Aurora

Tunts Carnine, F, 4 Ind, Pleasant

Thos. H. Downey, C, 54 Ind, Vevay

Chas. Parker, G, 146 Ind, Aurora

P. J. Riley, H, 6 Ind, Vevay

C. K. Emery, 4 Ind, Aurora

Eph Stevens, F, 83 Ind, Versailles

L. D. Myers, F, 83 Ind, McGregor

Nimrod Halgarth, H, 6 Ind, Jay

Thos. Bassett, B, 9 Bat Inf 4, Mexican, Versailles

Wm. F. Luker, F, 37 and 4 U S Cav, Dillsboro

R. D. Krutz, I, 6 Ind, Butlersville

John W. Risk, E 137, Ind, Hicks

Joseph Lazenby, Mortor boat 19 M F, Vevay

Elisha Brown, E, 143 Ind, Long Run

Richard Halgarth, A, 13 Ind, Cross Plains

H. A. Greenleaf, 15 Ind L Art, Markland

Robt. B. Hoover, B, 4 Ind, Versailles

James Byard, A, 18 Ind, Versailles

Daniel K. Marsh, A, 83 Ind, Versailles

John P. Porter, H, 153 O V I, Vevay

Hy Schmoismier, B, 83 Ind, Friendship

W. J. Baird, C, 54 Ind, Vevay

Wm. Sanders, (col), H, 15 Tenn, Vevay
C. W. Lee, Capt. 1, 3 Ind, Sugar Branch

Geo. W. VanPelt, I, Hospital Stewart 137 Ind, Vevay

James R. Cole, I, 14 Ind, Vevay

John W. VanOsdol, I, 139 Ind, Allensville

W. C. Robinson, US Navy, Corondelet, Patriot

Andrew Jones, H, 27 Ind, Vevay

W. W. Withrow, G. 139 Ind, Dillsboro

Leroy Roberts, F, 37 Ind, Dillsboro

James Robinson, E, 117 Ind, Carrollton, Kentucky

William W. Pettit, D, 7 Ky, Craig

George Inman, D, 76 Inf, Carrollton, Kentucky

John Jester, B, 110 Ind, Moorefield

Joseph Ramseyer, E, 146 Ind, Mt. Sterling

Charles Allen, E, 116 Ind, Vevay

Robert G. Simpson, B, 6 Ind, Rising Sun

John Crawford, B, 140 Ind, McGregor

John McKim, H, 146 Ind, Carrollton, Kentucky

Cornelius Miller, E, 51 Ind, Markland

Jas P. Cole, F, 22 Ind, Bennington

John VanOsdol, A, 13 Ind, Cross Plains

Jas. A. Standlford, F. 68 Ind, Cleves, Ohio

Wm. Palmer, D, 83 Ohio, Cleves, Ohio

John Wiseman, B, 3 Ind, Lamb

Chas. Fisher, E, 130 Ind, Patriot

Francis M. Keeney, D, 82 Ind, Columbus

H. Milges, C, 32 Ind, Patriot

H. J. Zearing, A, 1 Ind, Bennington

Chas. Sedam, C, 83 Ind, Aurora

D. McCreary, G, 117 Ind, Florence

H. Wycoff, B, 9 Bat, Bennington

David Daniels, A, 18 Ind, Aurora

Wm. Jester, E, 146 Ind, Moorefield

G. R. McKay, G, 130 Ind, Long Run

Geo. Oakley, E, 116 Ind, Vevay

Geo. Lewis, E, 50 Ind, East Enterprise

J. F. Spencer, F, 37 Ind, Mooreshill

R. H. Smith, H, 156 Ind, Jay

John A. Stewart, E, 137 Ind, Cross Plains

John Cruse, K, 23 Ky, Eagle Station, Kentucky

Chas. J. Edington, C, 116 NY, East Enterprise

Geo. H. Redd, F, 22 Ind, Kempton

Robt. Day, E, [?] Ky, Aurora

Crawford Miller, F, 22 Ind, Markland

John Beetem, H, 6 Ky, Carrollton, Kentucky

Spencer Thompson, I, 7 Ind, Rising Sun

L. E. Furnish, , 18 Ky, Markland

Dora Suplee, K, 13 Ky, Carrollton, Kentucky

Frank Riley, E, 110 Ind, Rising Sun

Newton Day, D, 140 Ind, Aaron

Earnest Thies, C, 83 Ind, Rising Sun

Thos. Harman, K, 22 Ind, Cross Plains

Stephen Jones, D, 37 Ind, Quercus Grove

Harvey Buchanan, G, 21 Ohio, Florence

Jos. R. Cole, B, 140 Ind, Sugar Branch

Taylor Stepleton, L, 3 Ind, Aaron

J. E. Bonnell, E, 116 Ind, Florence

A. J. McCreary, G, 117 Ind, Florence

Wm. Collin, D, 145 Ind, Patriot

Wm. Dickason, D, 10 Ind, Allensville

Travis Alexander, M, 2 Ind, New Point

J. W. Parson, A, 83 Ind, Mooreshill

W. H. Bonnell, C, 83 Ind, Patriot

Isaac M. Gray, E, 50, D, 52 Ind, Madison

Geo. Bailey, E, 50, D, 52 Ind, Madison

Oliver R. Adams, E, 50, D, 52 Ind, Madison

Henry Keer, E 50, D, 52 Ind, Rising Sun

Geo. K. Hotchkiss, B, 10 Bat, Jay

B. W. Buffington, I, 16 Ind, Aurora

John Wethers, C, 83 Ind, East Enterprise

Thos. Slater, D, 10 Ind, Carrollton, Kentucky

Jos. Abbott, G, 12 Ind, Madison

E. Sutton, E, 110 Ind, Berkshire, Kentucky

John Love, E, 11 Ky, Florence

Edward Martin, H, 6 Ind, Vevay

Wm. Caylor, 1 Ohio Battery, Florence

J. M. Steele, 11 Ky, Aurora

B. W. Rodgers, G, 137 Ind, Manville

J. B. Voris, E, 9 Ind, Bennington

Robt, Kenedy, C, 7 Ind, Florence

Ben. F. Griffith, B, 140 Ind, Worthville, Kentucky

W. S. Twineham, I, 140 Ind, Sugar Branch

Jim Bushaw, L, 3 Ind, Marbles Corner

Geo. W. Gordon, D, 10 Ind, Cor S and B, Cincinnati, Ohio

J. W. Adams, F. 31 Ind, Moorefield

J. C. Kincaid, C, 3 Ind, Vevay

Wm. Culbertson, B, 110 Ind, Moorefield

Thos. Miles, C, 7 Ind, Rising Sun

J. C. Kirkpatrick, D, 52 Ind, Vevay

B. F. Rodgers, B, 150 Ind, Bennington

A. Blayden, B, 55 Ky, Ethridge, Kentucky

Thos. J. Pavey, D, 93 Ind, Westwood, Ohio

Jas. Brindley, B, 140 Ind, Bigger

T. W. Ward, U. S. Navy, Bear Branch

C. J. Choat, I, 117, I, 110 Ind, Bennington

Fred Detraz, B, 140 Ind, Craig

Geo. A. Dugle, 2 Ind Bat, Rising Sun

W. H. Dugle, C, 7 Ind, Rising Sun

Hiram Philips, H, 6 Ind, Vevay

John L. Shadday, B, 156 Ind, Bennington

Calvin R. Smith, B, 140 Ind, Moorefield

R. L. Davis, C, 16 Ind, Rising Sun

Jeff S. Hoffman, 1, 6 Ind, Burnsville

Earnest North, C, 83 Ind, North

J. B. Wymond, D, 1 Ind, Aurora

T. H. McKay, C, 67 Ind, Brooksburg

Jesse Quail, D,146 Ind, Brooksburg

Chas. Larmore, D, 146 Ind, Brooksburg

John Waiters, A, 3 Ind, Craig

H. P. Spaeth, C, 8 Ohio, Aurora

Wm. Schievelbien, G, 139 Ind, Vevay

Geo. Ricketts, C, 3 Ind, Markland

N. H. Morrison, M, 3 Ind, Sugar Branch

J. H. Daubenheyer, F, 83 Ind, Allensville

Wm. Given, G, 117 Ind, Florence

Wm. Munger, C. 93 Ind, Vevay

Albert A. Robinson, E, 54 Ind, Florence

Henry Garrett, R, 51 Ky, English, Kentucky

Jno. D. Brindley, A, 3 Ind, Vevay

Arnold E. Lamb, A, 79 Ind, Lamb

Chas. J. McKay, F, 23 Mo, Lamb

John Montayne, K, 7 Ind, Sugar Branch

Geo. W. Land, G, 117 Ind, Aaron

E. F. Bellamy, E, 146 Ind, Moorefield

Jerome Edwards, F, 30 Ky, Prestonville, Kentucky

B. F. Smoot, 2 Ind H Art, Sugar Branch

C. H. Israel, A, 138 Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio

Jackson Shadday, B, 140 Ind, Bennington

Samuel R. Peters, G, 139 Ind, Braytown

Geo. W. Turner, I, 47 Ind, Markland

C. H. Thomas, B, 156 Ind, Jay

James Roberts, D, 3 Ind, Deleware

Walter S. Lock, B, 156 Ind, Vevay

Andrew J. Harlow, Price Capt Mex 1, Sanders

John W. Neal, 76 and 140 Ind, Bennington

Jas. McKay, G, 139 Ind, Lamb

John Wright, G, 139 Ind, Lamb

J. J. Brown, US Navy, Rising Sun

D. C. Valentine, B, 149 Ind, Bennington

M. H. Banta, E, 149 Ind, Mt. Sterling

Jack Morris, C, 3 Ind, Mt. Sterling

W. W. Peak, E, 116 Ind, Florence

J. I. O’Neal, B, 140 Ind, Markland

Thos. J. Cotton, E, 50 Ind, Mt. Sterling

Geo. Florence, (col) E, 110 US, Sandors

W. F. Coyle, E, 111 Ill, Center Square

Dan Brown (col, E, 117 US, Sanders

Wm. Wayne, R, 55 Ky, Ethridge, Kentucky

Jos. White, B, 7 Ky, Warsaw, Kentucky

Jeffery Miles, H, 9 Ky, Sugar Branch

A. N. Jett, K, 13 Ky, Carrollton, Kentucky

Johnson Brown, B, 140 Ind, Vevay

Michael Harmon, D, 3 Ind, Bennington

Jesse H. Beatty, US Navy, Rising Sun

John O. Martin, F, 3 Ind, Aaron

Chas. Banta, A, 3 Ind, Brooksburg

John R. Bear, E, 137 Ind, Vevay

Geo. W. Burroughes, G, 18 Ky, Mt. Sterling

Dr. J. M. W. Langsdale, F, 79 Ind, Florence

C. O. Potter, D, 10 Ind, East Enterprise

J. D. Hall, E, 82 Ohio, Allensville

Pete Joyce, F, 22 Ind, Vevay

Henry Clever, G, 146 Ind, Aurora

Ira H. Banta, G, 139 Ind, Brooksburg

John Peters, D, 52 Ind, Aurora

Jos Cole, H, 6 Ind, Aaron

Nelson Brooks, G, 82 Ind, Brooskburg

Ferdinand Carve, E, 18 Ky, Florence

Isaac Littlefield, D, 10 Ind, East Enterprise

Fred Hess, C, 83 Ind, Mt. Sterling

A. F. Hyde, I, 117 Ind, Center Square

Alex Tilley, E, 116 Ind, Vevay

David Jayne, D, 10 Ind, Vevay

Jos. Fulton, C, 83 Ind, East Enterprise

Decatur Chase, C, 93 Ind, East Enterprise

G. W. Rice, E, 18 Ky, Carson, Kentucky

A. B. Vannatter, Mus 146, Sugar Branch

Wm. Lanham, A, 82 Ind, Vevay

John B. White, I, 117 Ind, Rising Sun

Jacob Zinkhon, C, 188 Ohio, Bennington

Ben Morris, E, 8 Ky, Worthville, Kentucky

John Riley, H, 6 Ind, Mt. Sterling

Joseph M. Horton, B, 156 Ind, Pleasant

John L. Gullion, C, 96 Ind, Markland

James Donnelly, B, 55 Ky, Etheridge, Kentucky

Woodson Long, C, 37 Ind, Sugar Branch

Thos. P. Smith, B, 55 Ky, Sparta, Kentucky

J. W. Callton, B, 51 Ky, Carrollton, Kentucky

Abijah Brindley, B, 110 Ind, Vineyard

Joseph W. Turner, B, 55 Ky, Long Run

John Brown, F, 117 US, Ghent, Kentucky

W. N. Seymour, A, 3 Ind, Vevay

A. J. Works, C, 54 Ind and 1 Liet I, 117 Ind, Allensville

James M. Scott, B, 149 Ind, Vevay

James H. Boyd, D, 19 Ind, Vevay