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Switzerland County Lawyers

The following is a list of lawyers who applied to and/or were admitted to the Switzerland County, Indiana bar. The index includes entries from the Circuit Court and Probate order books from 1814 to 1851.

Digital copies are available through the Record Requests page.

Given NameSurnameYearBookPage
Stephen CStephens1815CCOB1-22
Joseph FFarley1815CCOB1-236
Stephen CStephens1816CCOB1-276
Hezekiah BHull1817CCOB21
Mile CEgleston1817CCOB21
Stevens CStevens1817CCOB22
Alexander AMeek1817CCOB22
Joseph FFarley1817CCOB211
Hezekiel BHall1817CCOB245
Henry LThornton1817CCOB245
Reuben WNelson1817CCOB279
Daniel GCasewell1818CCOB2157
Miles CEgleston1818CCOB2158
Isaac SBrower1818CCOB2285
Isaac MJohnson1819CCOB339
James BRay1819CCOB342
William WWick1819CCOB359
Hugh SRoss1819CCOB359
George HDunn1820CCOB3185
Stephen Jr.Whicher1821CCOB4114
James F DLanier1821CCOB4137
Merrit SCraig1821CCOB4158
James FBrown1822CCOB4300
John TMcKinny1822CCOB4402
Daniel BWeek1822CCOB4443
Jacob REverston1823CCOB54
Patrick GGoode1823CCOB59
Thomas ABerryman1823CCOB543
D LDaswell1824CCOB5127
John HScott1825CCOB5262
Charles HTest1826CCOB6162
Joseph GMarshall1828CCOB6330
ArthurSt. Clair1828CCOB6330
James F DLanier1828CCOB6406
Michael WMurphy1829CCOB6485
Thomas SLangdon1829CCOB6517
Benjamin SedgewickNoble1830CCOBA29
Jesse LHolman1831CCOBA86
Stephen SHardin1831CCOBA98
Joseph CEggleston1832CCOBA168
Daniel SMajor1833CCOBA196
Elisha WChester1833CCOBA224
James HCravens1834CCOBA256
Charles FLowry1834CCOBA256
Michael GBright1834CCOBA262
P SSpooner1835CCOBA337
James DCobb1835CCOBA337
Jesse DBright1835CCOBA337
Hugh BEggleston1836CCOBA401
P MKent1836CCOBA439
P MKent1836CCOBA441
James MKyle1837CCOBA463
Wm BCampbell1836CCOBA406
Isaiah WRobinson1838CCOBJ131
Alfred CCole1839CCOBJ230
William T SCornet1839CCOBJ414
William MMcCartey1840CCOBJ534
John AMatson1840CCOBJ534
James TBrown1841CCOBK268
John ABeal1841CCOBK302
James CRickets1841CCOBK395
Isaiah WRobinson1838CCOBJ72
Jonathan MFroman1839CCOBJ403
John ABakis1839CCOBJ414
Seth FPackingham1840CCOBJ535
Samuel HHorn1840CCOBK19
James ScottCarter1842CCOBK396
James SJelly1843CCOBL100
William SHolman1843CCOBL100
Benjamin BFressenden1843CCOBL116
Charles TJones1843CCOBL165
J RTroxell1844CCOBL212
Joseph RTroxell1844CCOBL235
William Jr.Hendricks1844CCOBL241
Henry JAbbett1844CCOBL363
Edmund WHawkins1844CCOBL363
William CHillis1845CCOBL373
Miles CEggleston1845CCOBL379
James WRobinson1845CCOBL395
N THauser1845CCOBL442
James SJelly1845CCOBL487
George SSheets1845CCOBL487
William MDunn1845CCOBL487
Seth FPackenham1846CCOBL500
James Jr.Dyer1842CCOBL11
Thomas BDow1842CCOBL126
Robert NLamb1846CCOBL515
John AMarkey1846CCOBM2
Herbert PGaines1846CCOBM2
James Jr.Dyer1846CCOBM17
John LScott1847CCOBM59
Robert WLamb1847CCOBM79
James YAllison1848CCOBM158
George WShaw1848CCOBM158
John GMcCallum1848CCOBM172
Joseph WChapman1849CCOBM312
John JHayden1849CCOBM377
John WSpencer1849CCOBM377
James WRobinson1849CCOBM380
James AWorks1850CCOBM416
Strange SDunn1850CCOBM437
Benjamin FMyers1850CCOBM494
Williams WAlbrecht1850CCOBM494
J FThompson1850CCOBM502
John AHendricks1850CCOBM502
Jacob SBuchanan1850CCOBM540
Henry ADowney1851CCOBM588
Lovell HRousseau1851CCOBM608
George ABicknell1846CCOBM32
James HPepper1847CCOBM86
John GMcCallum1847CCOBM131
Jacob SBuchanan1850CCOBM464

Switzerland County Normal Institute – 1866

The details about the Switzerland County Normal Institute appeared in two articles below.

Vevay Reveille – 13 September 1866 – Page 3, Column 1

Switzerland Co. Normal Institute

The Institute went into session on Monday, August 27th, with the following Officers, Instructors, &c.

  • President—H. S. McRae
  • Secretary—J. V. Gilbert
  • En. Clerk—Emma Montgomery


  • J. M. Olcott—Theory and Practice
  • John Hancock—School Organization, Oral Grammar
  • Daniel Hough—Primary Instruction
  • J. B. Hurty—Physiology
  • Gertrude Thurman—Illustrative Object Lessons
  • Standing Committee—O. D. Thompson, A. M. Works, L. J. Fish, Mary D. Whippo, Josie Detraz
  • Editorial Committee—Mary Rous, Maggie Shaw, Anna Tait, J. V. Gilbert

Number enrolled, 59. Visitors, 100.

At intervals, the Superintendent, gave instruction on Arithmetic, History and Geography.

During the Term, Lectures were delivered at the Court House, which for their thoroughness, eloquence, and beauty, were highly appreciated by the intelligent audience who heard them:

J. M. Olcott—Subject, “True Basis of School Reform.”

John Hancock—Subject, “Reciprocal Duties of Parents and Teachers.”

The meetings of the Institute were enlivened from day to day with contributions of most delicious music by Misses Mosier and Fisher.

Before final adjournment, resolutions were adopted, expressive of hearty thanks to the Instructors for their valuable services, and to the citizens for the interest and kindness manifested by them during the session.

After the close of the Institute, a Teachers Association was formed, and the following officers elected:

  • President—H. S. McRae
  • Secretary—J. V. Gilbert
  • Enrolling Clerk—A. M. Works
  • Chairman Executive Committee—J. F. Fish

The association will convene on the third Saturday in October at Vevay.

H. S. McRae, President.
J. V. Gilbert, Secretary.

Vevay Reveille – 20 Sep 1866 – Page 3, Column 4

Switzerland Co. Normal Institute.

H. S. McRae, Superintendent.
J. V. Gilbert, Secretary.
Emma Montgomery, En. Clerk.


  • J. M. Olcott, Theory and Practice.
  • John Hancock, School Organization, Oral Grammar.
  • J. B. Hurty, Physiology.
  • Daniel Hough, Primary Instruction.
  • H. S. McRae, History, Geography, and Grammar.
  • Gertrude Thurman, Illustrative Object Lessons.


  • Anderson, Mary F., Craig
  • Adkinson, Nannie, Enterprise
  • Brown, Julia B., Vevay
  • Bell, Bettie, Vevay
  • Bellamy, Sarah E., Craig
  • Banta, Alice, Vevay
  • Bristow, Sarah, Vevay
  • Cotton, Eliza, Vevay
  • Calhoun, Mary, Vevay
  • Crutcher, Josie, Vevay
  • Detraz, Josie, Vevay
  • Dickason, Anna, Vevay
  • Drummond, Lizzie, Vevay
  • Dufour, Eliza, Vevay
  • Elder, Mary E., Vevay
  • Fisher, Fannie, Vevay
  • Hatch, Zella, Vevay
  • Jagers, Lucilla, Vevay
  • Kessler, Col., Vevay
  • Mosher, Ollie E., Vevay
  • Miller, Anna, Vevay
  • Norrisez, Mary, Vevay
  • Malcomson, Sallie, Craig
  • McKay, Mattie, Craig
  • Protsman, Fanny, Craig
  • Price, Jennie, Craig
  • Rous, Mary A., Craig
  • Roberts, Sarah, Craig
  • Shaw, Alice, Craig
  • Shaw, Lizzie, Craig
  • Smith, Sallie, Craig
  • Thurman, Gertrude, Craig
  • Thompson, Anna, Craig
  • Tait, Anna, Patriot
  • Tait, Liua, Patriot
  • Worden, Bettie, Vevay
  • Wyant, Mattie, Vevay
  • Fish, James F., Craig
  • Griffith, Marion, Moorefield
  • Ogle, Albert, Center Square
  • Works, A. M., Allensville
  • Bellamy, J. F., Craig
  • Cotton, Joseph W., Craig
  • McHenry, Indiron, Enterprise
  • Thompson, O. D., Vevay
  • Shaw, Lucien, Vevay

Vevay Teachers – Sep 1866

The following list of teachers in Vevay Schools, Switzerland County, Indiana, appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 6 Sep 1866 – Page 2, Column 2

Proceedings of the School Board.
Saturday, Sept. 1, 1866.

On the nomination of the Superintendent, the following persons were elected to positions in the Vevay Schools:

  • Room No. 7—Mary Shaw, Principal High School.
  • Room No. 6—Martha Wyant, Principal Grammar Department.
  • Room No. 5—Fannie Fisher, Assistant, Grammar Department.
  • Room No. 4—Emma Montgomery, Principal, Intermediate Department.
  • Room No. 3—Maggie Shaw, Assistant, Intermediate Department.
  • Room No. 2—Mary Whippo, Principal, Primary Department, (Secondary).
  • Room No. 1—Gertrude Thurman, Assistant, Primary Department.

Vevay 4th of July Business Closings – 1866

The following article about business in Switzerland County, Indiana, appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 28 Jun 1866 – Page 2, Column 2

We are pleased to see that the greater portion of the business men of this place will close their places of business on July 4th. The following is a copy of a paper which has been in circulation among the business men of our city.

“Believing that the 4th day of July should be observed as a national holiday, we whose names are hereunto annexed, agree to close our respective places of business on the evening of the 3d day of July, and keep them closed until the morning of the 5th day of July:

  • U. P. Schenck & Sons
  • James K. Pleasants & Co.
  • Hathaway & Co.
  • F. J. Waldo
  • J. F. Doan
  • C. Goldenburg & Son
  • John Charlton
  • Thiebaud & Courvoisier
  • R. F. Grisard & Bro.
  • Harwood & Son
  • Shaw & Rous
  • M. Medary
  • Hall & Lewis
  • W. H. Ruggles
  • W. G. Shaw
  • Daniel Cole
  • Tardy & Detraz
  • J. W. Gray
  • F. A. Boerner & Bro.
  • James Rodgers
  • Joseph Kaufman
  • Clarkson & Dufour
  • L & E Well
  • J. L. Thiebaud
  • J. W. Keith
  • J. W. Kincaid & Bro.
  • P. Carr
  • J. E. Kincaid
  • C. Thiebaud & Sons
  • Wm. Hall, Cash’r of Vevay Bank
  • O. S. Waldo
  • J. L. Thiebaud & Co.
  • Isaac Stevens
  • Dumont & Dupraz
  • John Hollar
  • J. W. Thompson
  • Wm. Price
  • J. F. Webb
  • Joseph Rutherford
  • Wm. Faulkner
  • Tinker & Fechner
  • Vevay Furniture Company

W. J. Baird

1865 Switzerland County Teacher’s Institute

The details about the 1865 Switzerland County, Teacher’s Institute appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 Nov 1865 – Page 3, Column 1

Switzerland County Teacher’s Institute

According to previous announcement, an Institute was organized and successfully carried on during five days of last week. There were in attendance over fifty Teachers, or persons preparing to become such.

Considering that this is the first attempt of the kind ever made in the county, we regard it as a decided success. As will be seen by the minutes, the Teachers have organized a permanent association, to meet semi annually, which we expect to have a beneficial tendency. It is to be hoped that the school officers throughout the county will encourage by every means in their power the spirit that is manifested by Teacher’s in endeavoring to elevate the standard of their profession.

The following list is the roll of persons in attendance at the Institute.

  • Anshuts, Ross R., Moorefield, Ind.
  • Anderson, Mary F, Craig P. O.
  • Adams, Maggie, Pleasant
  • Bellamy, Angie, Craig
  • Bellamy, Sarah E., Craig
  • Bell, Mary, Vevay
  • Bristow, Sarah, Vevay
  • Bristow, I. W., Vevay
  • Baxter, F. W., Vevay
  • Cotton, Eliza, Vevay
  • Crawford, Maggie, Moorefield
  • Crutcher, Josie, Vevay
  • Culbertson, Jennie, Moorefield
  • Charlton, Alice, Vevay
  • Detraz, Josie, Vevay
  • Dickson, Annie, Vevay
  • Dufour, Eliza, Vevay
  • Elder, M. E., Vevay
  • Fisher, Fannie, Vevay
  • Gray, Josephine, Vevay
  • Hedrick, Lou, Jacksonville
  • Harman, Rebecca, Bennington
  • Jagers, Lucilla, Vevay
  • Kellcher, Mary E., Vevay
  • Malcomson, Sarah, Craig
  • McKay, Mary A., Craig
  • McKay, Mattie, Carrollton, Ky.
  • Miller, Mary, Vevay
  • Montgomery, Emma, Vevay
  • Moxley, Ella, Vevay
  • Murphy, Catharine, Leavenworth, Ind.
  • Ogle, Annie, Jacksonville
  • Pettit, Maggie L, Sugar Branch
  • Price, Jennie, Vevay
  • Protsman, Fannie, Vevay
  • Rous, M. A., Vevay
  • Rous, John P., Vevay
  • Roberts, Sarah, Vevay
  • Shaw, Maggie, Vevay
  • Shaw, Lizzie, Vevay
  • Shaw, Alice, Vevay
  • Smith, Allen W, Moorefield
  • Smith, Alice, Vevay
  • Smith, Ben R., Vevay
  • Smith, Sarah, Vevay
  • Thompson, Anna, Vevay
  • Warden, Bettie, Bennington
  • Witherspoon, M. R., Moorefield
  • Whippo, Mary D., Vevay
  • Works, John D, Vevay
  • Works, Addison M, East Enterprise
  • Works, Andrew J, East Enterprise
  • Wyant, Mattie, Vevay

Proceedings of the Teacher’s Institute held in Vevay during the week beginning Nov. 6th 1865.

First Day.

The teachers of Switzerland County, and those intending to become such, met at the Public School Building, in Vevay, Monday morning Nov. 6th, in accordance with a notice given by the county Examiner, and organized a Teacher’s Institute by electing Mr. J. P. Rous Superintendent, W. H. H. Gleason Secretary, Miss Mattie Wyant Critic, Dr. E. R. Mullet Teach of Mental Arithmetic; Dr. Thompson, Physiology; J. P. Rous, Eng. Gram. And U. S. History; J. W. Picket, Reading; Miss M. A. Rous, Geography; Rev. Mr. Higley, Practical Arithmetic.

A committee on resolutions was appointed, consisting of J. W. Picket, Misses Maggie Shaw, and E. Montgomery.

The following persons were appointed by the Superintendent to write essays on subjects connected with teaching, and read before the Institute; viz: Misses F. Fisher, E. Montgomery, M. A. Rous, M. Wyant and M. Shaw, Mr. J. W. Picket and W. H. H. Gleason.

The following resolution was offered by J. P. Rous and referred to the committee on resolutions.

Whereas, The present Public School System of Indiana is such, that schools are taught in the greater number of our school districts, but three months during the year—thereby rendering inefficient in a great degree the labors of Teachers—however well they may be qualified to teach—therefore

Resolved, That immediate provision should be made by the Legislature to keep open Public Schools, at least six months in each year. The Institute then adjourned to meet at 1 ½ P.M.

Afternoon Session.

Institute called to order by the Superintendent. Classes were formed and lessons assigned in the different branches. The committee on resolutions, presented their report on length of school term.—After a short discussion the resolution was unanimously adopted.

The criticisms for the day were read by the special critic. After the reading of the Secretary’s report the Institute adjourned to meet Tuesday morning at 9 o’clock.

Prepared by Maggie Shaw.

Vevay Thanksgiving April 1863 Closings

The following article about business in Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana, appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 30 April 1863 – Page 3, Column 3

It will be seen from the following agreement that our business houses will be closed to-day, which is eminently proper and just:

VEVAY, April 29, 1863,
The undersigned, merchants and traders of Vevay, Ind., will close our places of business to-morrow, April 30th, from the hours of ten a.m. to 2 p.m., in order to observe a day, in accordance with President Lincoln’s proclamation of a day of Thanksgiving and Prayer.

  • U.P. Schenck & Son
  • Ira N. Malin
  • Goldenberg & Son
  • George Paull
  • A. Thiebaud
  • F. Grisard & Bro
  • Shaw, Harwood & Co
  • Tardy & Detraz
  • Littlefield
  • E. & J. K. Pleasants
  • Lewis & Dow
  • L. Woody
  • Thiebaud & Son
  • Isaac Stevens
  • Clarkson & Waldo
  • Hathaway & Co
  • F. Webb
  • John F. Doan
  • E. Kincaid
  • Kessler & Son
  • Madary
  • John McMillen
  • A. Boerner
  • L. Thiebaud
  • Julius Blach
  • Gaudin & Bro
  • John W. Gray
  • Jockell
  • H. Ruggles

The Post Office will be closed at 10 ½ o’clock and be opened at 1 o’clock.

1880 Justices of the Peace

Justices of the Peace for Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland counties, Indiana from:
Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1880-81. Indianapolis : R. L. Polk & Co, 1880.

SurnameGiven NameTownCounty
CampbellW RFarmers' RetreatDearborn
CanfieldJ VMoore's HillDearborn
CarbaughIsaac HAuroraDearborn
ClarkPaulMt SterlingSwitzerland
DowneyWm WRising SunOhio
DunawayIsaac RLawrenceburghDearborn
EversonBenjamin CLawrenceburghDearborn
GivenW L HHolmanDearborn
JohnsonJohn WSpartaDearborn
JohnstonSamuel RAaronSwitzerland
JonesRichard MRising SunOhio
LambertsonJ WMoore's HillDearborn
LaseurEugene AAberdeenSwitzerland
LathamJohnRising SunOhio
LeeDavidSugar BranchSwitzerland
LittlefieldHEast EnterpriseSwitzerland
LutherGeorge JWeisburgDearborn
McHenryJ BAaronSwitzerland
MisnerDavid CDillsboroughDearborn
NealJohn C LBenningtonSwitzerland
RubleJohnWright's CornerDearborn
RuggChaffin WLoganDearborn
SageP SVevaySwitzerland
SpoonerMarshall ALawrenceburghDearborn
TrueRussellWright's CornerDearborn
TurnerJames WRising SunOhio
WadeSamuel WPatriotSwitzerland
WeaverJacobRising SunOhio
WheelerWm GAuroraDearborn
WilsonWm GAuroraDearborn