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Union County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Patrons

Union County, Indiana Patrons from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to StatePost OfficeTownship
Bushman, DavidBrownsvilleFarmerIndiana1842BrownsvilleBrownsville
Snyder, D. T.BrownsvilleTeacherIndiana1835BrownsvilleBrownsville
Sigler, C. A.BrownsvillePhysicianOhio1859BrownsvilleBrownsville
Snyder, W. W.Section 23FurnitureIndiana1831LibertyBrownsville
Armstrong, E. M.Section 21FarmerOhio1863LotusCentre
Beard, G. W.Section 20FarmerIndiana1832LotusCentre
Beard, JohnSection 9FarmerSouth Carolina1816LibertyCentre
Beard, ThomasSection 13FarmerIndiana1819LibertyCentre
Brandenburg, J. M.Goodwin's CornersBlacksmithIndiana1842Goodwin's CornersCentre
Blanchard, E. M.LibertyTeacherPennsylvania1873LibertyCentre
Ballinger, T. C.LibertyGrocerIndiana1850LibertyCentre
Beaver, L. M.LibertyDruggistOhio1847LibertyCentre
Beaver, D.LibertyDruggistPennsylvania1845LibertyCentre
Ballinger, S. H.LibertyDry GoodsIndiana1845LibertyCentre
Clark, W. M.Section 24Banker & FarmerOhio1864LibertyCentre
Campbell, Wm.LibertyC. E.Indiana1852LibertyCentre
Connaway, J. W.LibertyAttorneyIndiana1836LibertyCentre
Crist, EzraLibertyHardwareIndiana1834LibertyCentre
Clark, JohnLibertyBlacksmithIndiana1825LibertyCentre
Cully, L. P.LibertyDry GoodsIndiana1832LibertyCentre
D'Arco, Rev. J. M.LibertyCatholic PriestItaly1872LibertyCentre
Freeman, H. C.LibertyLiveryIndiana1844LibertyCentre
Fosdick, B. S.LibertyDry GoodsIndiana1830LibertyCentre
Gardner, A. G.Section 21FarmerIndiana1819LotusCentre
Gardner, S.Section 21FarmerIndiana1828Cottage GroveCentre
Gardner, GideonSection 17FarmerNorth Carolina1817LotusCentre
Goodwin, E. M.[blank]PhysicianIndiana1837Goodwin's CornersCentre
Goodwin, B. L.Section 33Grain & MdseVermont1830Goodwin's CornersCentre
Groynne, L. M.[blank]AttorneyOhio1874LibertyCentre
Gould, E. B.LibertySheriffIndiana1833LibertyCentre
Greer, J. W.LibertyLiveryOhio1851LibertyCentre
Hamilton, AndrewSection 13FarmerSouth Carolina1815Goodwin's CornersCentre
Haworth, R. M.Section 11FarmerIndiana1821LibertyCentre
Hawkins, J. F.LibertyBoot MakerVirginia1856LibertyCentre
Hollingsworth, J.LibertyFarmerIndiana1843LibertyCentre
Jones, M.LibertyPianos & OrgansIndiana1842LibertyCentre
Johnson, J. H.LibertyJ. P.Ohio1856LibertyCentre
Kell, S. D.LibertyPhysicianPennsylvania1866LibertyCentre
Leonard, S. J.Section 8FarmerNew Jersey1846LibertyCentre
Landis, JoeLibertyJewelryIndiana1844LibertyCentre
McManus, JamesLibertyCounty RecorderPennsylvania1854LibertyCentre
Peters, H. C.LibertyStoves & TinwareOhio1857LibertyCentre
Pyle, JohnLibertyBoot MakerPennsylvania1837LibertyCentre
Rude, D. J.Section 1FarmerOhio1841LibertyCentre
Swain, NathanielSection 22FarmerNorth Carolina1820Cottage GroveCentre
Swain, LindleySection 22FarmerIndiana1844Cottage GroveCentre
Stanton, FrankSection 17FarmerIndiana1830LibertyCentre
Short, J. W.LibertyPublisherOhio1875LibertyCentre
Seving, SamuelLibertyProp. HotelIndiana1830LibertyCentre
Sumpter, W. H.LibertyAttorneyIndiana1847LibertyCentre
Sheckney, TheoLibertyTeacherIndiana1852LibertyCentre
Shriner, W. C.LibertyS. M. & OrgansIndiana1842LibertyCentre
Seeds, E. W.LibertyMillerOhio1873LibertyCentre
Wilson, Wm.[blank]FarmerOhio1869Goodwin's CornersCentre
Wilson, J. A.[blank]FarmerOhio1874Goodwin's CornersCentre
Witter, MartinSection 14FarmerIndiana1821College Corner, O.Centre
Zuttermeister, C.LibertyBakerIndiana1853LibertyCentre
Bradway, JohnSection 32FarmerIndiana1841LibertyHarrison
Hart, JamesSection 26FarmerIndiana1819Beechy MireHarrison
Moss, JohnSection 27FarmerIndiana1830Beechy MireHarrison
Shrader, A.Section 23FarmerPennsylvania1830Beechy MireHarrison
Brown, JosephSection 25FarmerVirginia1820LibertyLiberty
Barcus, Henry[blank]FarmerPennsylvania1868QuakersvilleLiberty
Bryson, Wm.Section 1FarmerSouth Carolina1816DunlapsvilleLiberty
Crawford, A.DunlapvilleBlacksmithVirginia1837DunlapsvilleLiberty
Crawford, C. A.Section 6FarmerPennsylvania1841DunlapsvilleLiberty
Dungan, J. A.Section 12FarmerIndiana1821QuakersvilleLiberty
Freeman, J. M.DunlapvilleBlacksmithIndiana1852DunlapsvilleLiberty
Ferguson, HughSection 21FarmerOhio1816DunlapsvilleLiberty
Huddleston, T. F.Section 29County TreasurerIndiana1830LibertyLiberty
Haworth, W. C.Section 25FarmerIndiana1835LibertyLiberty
Harris, I.Section 31FarmerNew Jersey1838DunlapsvilleLiberty
Kennedy, Wm.Section 7FarmerOhio1839DunlapsvilleLiberty
Leviston, W. W.Section 23FarmerIndiana1831LibertyLiberty
Maloney, Miss E. E.DunlapvilleGrocer & P. M.Indiana1839DunlapsvilleLiberty
Maloney, J. D.Section 28FarmerIndiana1842DunlapsvilleLiberty
McMahan, E. B.Section 30FarmerIndiana1842BrownsvilleLiberty
Nickels, J. C.Section 1FarmerIndiana1825DunlapsvilleLiberty
Nickels, W. S.Section 21FarmerIndiana1821DunlapsvilleLiberty
Patterson, R. P.Section 15FarmerOhio1850LibertyLiberty
Roth, JohnSection 31FarmerIndiana1842BrownsvilleLiberty
Sutton, C. D.DunlapvilleCarpenter & FarmerIndiana1848DunlapsvilleLiberty
Abnathey, WilliamSection 10FarmerSouth Carolina1806FairfieldHarmony
Brown, WilliamSection 9FarmerIndiana1813FairfieldHarmony
Brookbank, B. F.Section 33FarmerVirginia1823QuakertownHarmony
Bond, L. L.Section 33FarmerIndiana1833QuakertownHarmony
Boume, J.[blank]FarmerIndiana1841DunlapsvilleHarmony
Brown, W.Section 35FarmerSouth Carolina1807LibertyHarmony
Colson, JohnSection 14FarmerNew Jersey1814FairfieldHarmony
Dawson, C. N.Section 13FarmerIndiana1834QuakertownHarmony
Davis, S.Section 34FarmerOhio1830DunlapsvilleHarmony
Davis, W. W.Section 10FarmerDelaware1830FairfieldHarmony
Dubois, IsaiahSection 11FarmerIndiana1816BillingsvilleHarmony
Hughes, A. G.[blank]FarmerIndiana1841QuakertownHarmony
Hughes, ThomasSection 10FarmerVirginia1823FairfieldHarmony
Harbine, JohnSection 13FarmerPennsylvania1852FairfieldHarmony
Henne, J. H. E.Section 33FarmerIndiana1843DunlapsvilleHarmony
Mullin, D. H.Section 2FarmerOhio1829LibertyHarmony
Nott, John[blank]FarmerIndiana1844BillingsvilleHarmony
Newland, G. W.Section 13FarmerIndiana1822QuakertownHarmony
Osborn, B. D.Section 33FarmerIndiana1846QuakertownHarmony
Rose, EzekielSection 15FarmerNew Jersey1816FairfieldHarmony
Ray, J. H.Section 11FarmerIndiana1823BillingsvilleHarmony
Stanton, J. M.QuakertownGrocer & Dry GoodsIndiana1826QuakertownHarmony
Stanton, EliSection 33Farmer & MillerOhio1817QuakertownHarmony
Scott, W. S.[blank]FarmerIndiana1851FairfieldHarmony
Smalley, James[blank]FarmerIndiana1841BillingsvilleHarmony
Templeton, J. M.Section 9FarmerIndiana1830QuakertownHarmony
Templeton, J. F.Section 4Farmer & Stock DealerIndiana1822BillingsvilleHarmony
Wooters, SmithSection 13Farmer & Saw-millIndiana1817QuakertownHarmony
Woods, T. S.[blank]Farmer & Saw-millIndiana1817QuakertownHarmony
Wooters, Benj.Section 10FarmerIndiana1812FairfieldHarmony
Brown, B. F.Section 27FarmerIndiana1830College Corner, O.Union
Gilmore, J. C.College CornerHotelOhio1863College Corner, O.Union
Hawley, A. D.College CornerPhysicianOhio1857College Corner, O.Union
Morris, R. H.Section 4FarmerOhio1832BillingsvilleUnion
Morris, M. T.Section 9FarmerIndiana1836BillingsvilleUnion
McGee, L. S.BillingsvilleFarmerOhio1873BillingsvilleUnion
Montgomery, J.College CornerGrocery & Dry GoodsIndiana1838College Corner, O.Union
Ridenour, T. M.Section 2FarmerIndiana1833College Corner, O.Union
Rose, AbrahamBillingsvilleDry Goods & GrocerIndiana1833BillingsvilleUnion
Sanford, F. M.Section 28FarmerIndiana1838LibertyUnion
White, ThomasSection 4FarmerIndiana1841BillingsvilleUnion

Union County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Business Directory

Union County, Indiana Business Directory from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.



  • W. H. SUMPTER, Attorney at Law.
  • J. W. CONNAWAY, Attorney at Law.
  • J. F. HAWKINS, Boot Maker, Manufacturer of the finest Boots for Gentlemen, and Wholesale and Retail Dealer.
  • JOHN PYLE, Boots and Shoes, Custom-made for Ladies and Gentlemen. All work warranted to fit or no sale. Prices lower than any.
  • CHAS. ZUTTERMEISTER, Bakery, etc.
  • JOHN CLARK, Blacksmith and Raiser of Imported Bees.
  • WM. CAMPBELL, Civil Engineer.
  • B. S. FOSDICK, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, etc.
  • L. M. BEAVER, Druggist and Dealer in Oils, Paints, Dyestuffs, etc.
  • D. BEAVER, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Perfumeries, Window Glass, Stationery, Garden Seeds, etc., etc.
  • S. H. BALLINGER, Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Caps and Notions.
  • J. W. SHORT, Editor and Proprietor Liberty Herald, and independent newspaper, devoted to Literature, Politics, Local and General News.
  • T. C. BALLINGER, Grocer, Wholesale and Retail, s. e. cor. Main and Union sts.
  • JAMES McMANUS, Harness Maker.
  • EZRA CRIST, Hardware, Queensware, Glassware, Farm Implements, Mechanics’ Tools, etc.
  • E. B. GOULD, Harnesss, Saddles, etc., also Sheriff of Union County.
  • SAM’L SEVING, Hotel, Proprietor “Indiana House.”
  • J. H. JOHNSON, Justice of the Peace.
  • H. C. FREEMAN, Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable.
  • J. W. GREER, Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable.
  • E. W. SEEDS, Miller, Proprietor “Cornucopia Mills.”
  • L. P. CULLY, Merchant.
  • W. C. SHRINER, Pianos and Organs.
  • S. D. KELL, Physician.
  • M. JONES, Sewing Machines, Organs and Pianos.
  • H. C. PETERS, Stoves, Tinware, House Furnishing Goods, etc.
  • W. W. SNYDER, Stoves, Furniture, etc., Undertaker. The finest hearse in the county.
  • JOE LANDIS, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, etc.


  • G. A. SIGLER, Physician and Surgeon.


  • J. M. STANTON, Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, etc.


  • ANDREW CRAWFORD, Blacksmith.
  • J. M. FREEMAN, Blacksmith.
  • C. D. SUTTON, Carpenter and Joiner.
  • MISS E. E. MALONEY, Groceries, etc., Postmistress.


  • J. M. BRANDENBURG, Blacksmith.
  • E. M. GOODWIN, Physician and Druggist.


  • J. MONTGOMERY, Groceries and Dry Goods.
  • J. C. GILMORE, Hotel, Proprietor of “Gilmore House,” Ticket and Express Agent.
  • A. D. HAWLEY, Physician and Surgeon.


  • ABRAHAM ROSE, Dry Goods, Groceries, etc.


  • L. M. GROYNNE, Attorney at Law, Center tp.
  • W. M. CLARK, Farmer and Banker, Center tp.
  • JOHN COLSON, Farmer and Blooded Stock Raiser, Harmony tp.
  • SMITH WOOTERS, Farmer and Blooded Stock Raiser, Harmony tp.
  • ISAIAH DUBOIS, Farmer and Blooded Stock Raiser, Harmony tp.
  • ELI STANTON, Farmer and Miller, Harmony tp.
  • A. G. GARDNER, Farmer, Physician and Dealer in Molasses, Center tp.
  • JOHN MOSS, Farmer and Raiser of Fine Blooded Bulls and Grade Stock, Harrison tp.
  • ISAAC HARRIS, Farmer, Stock Raiser and Miller, Liberty tp.
  • T. S. WOODE, Farmer and Saw-mill, Harmony township.
  • B. L. GOODWIN, Groceries and Dry Goods, Center tp.
  • S. J. LEONARD, Saw-mill, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Center tp.