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Wayne County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Patrons

Wayne County, Indiana Patrons from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to StatePost OfficeTownship
Atkinson, T. F.RichmondEx-Chief PoliceOhio1872RichmondWayne
Benton, G. W.RichmondHardwareIndiana1842RichmondWayne
Butler, OliverRichmondCity Civil EngineerVirginia1833RichmondWayne
Burchenal, C. H.RichmondAttorneyMaryland1840RichmondWayne
Bell, W. E.RichmondReal EstateIreland1851RichmondWayne
Binkley, H. L.RichmondAttorneyOhio1853RichmondWayne
Baer, O. P.RichmondPhysician & SurgeonMaryland1849RichmondWayne
Briggs, N. W.RichmondMerchantMassachusetts1872RichmondWayne
Baxter, WilliamCliffsideFarmerEngland1864RichmondWayne
Bennett, W. H.RichmondFarmer & LiveryIndiana1829RichmondWayne
Berheide, J. H.Section 7Farmer & DairyGermany1838RichmondWayne
Benton, W. P.RichmondStove & Variety Iron WorksIndiana[blank]RichmondWayne
Coe, J. M.RichmondEditorConnecticut1869RichmondWayne
Coffin, C. F.RichmondBankerNorth Carolina1824RichmondWayne
Cadwallader, R. J.RichmondPump ManfrOhio1850RichmondWayne
Carter, R. W.RichmondAttorneyIndiana1837RichmondWayne
Davis, B. W.RichmondP. M. & EditorOhio1834RichmondWayne
Dudley, W. W.RichmondAttorneyVermont1860RichmondWayne
Dennis, Mrs. E. H.RichmondTreas. Y. M. C. A.Missouri1861RichmondWayne
Dickinson, JosephRichmondReal Estate AgentEngland1842RichmondWayne
Davis, T. H.RichmondPhysicianMassachusetts1857RichmondWayne
Dennis, D. W.RichmondProf. of ChemistryIndiana1849RichmondWayne
Draper, Wm.RichmondFarmerIndiana1847RichmondWayne
Dunham, E. B.RichmondLumber DlrMassachusetts1858RichmondWayne
Elder, JamesRichmondMayorPennsylvania1839RichmondWayne
Emmons, J.RichmondPhysicianOhio1868RichmondWayne
Earlham CollegeRichmond[blank][blank][blank]RichmondWayne
Fox, H. C.RichmondAttorneyOhio1861RichmondWayne
Forkner, S. A.RichmondAttorneyIndiana1842RichmondWayne
Forkner, Scott & ElmerRichmondWholesale Grocers[blank][blank]RichmondWayne
Gaar, Scott & Co.RichmondEngines, etc.[blank][blank]RichmondWayne
Gaar, J. M.RichmondF'ndry & Mach. ShopIndiana1823RichmondWayne
Hewitt, W. H.RichmondDentistOhio1840RichmondWayne
Howells, J.RichmondPhysicianOhio1845RichmondWayne
Hibberd, J. F.RichmondPhysician & SurgeonMaryland1856RichmondWayne
Hunt, J. B. & Co.RichmondManufacturing[blank][blank]RichmondWayne
Haughton, R. E.RichmondPhysician & SurgeonIndiana1827RichmondWayne
Henley, J.RichmondLumber DlrIndiana1815RichmondWayne
Harriman, S. B.RichmondPhysicianOhio1845RichmondWayne
Haner, J. F.RichmondCigar ManfrGermany1848RichmondWayne
Hundt, FerdRichmondPastor St. AndrewsGermany1859RichmondWayne
Hasecoster, John ARichmondArchitect & SuptGermany1875RichmondWayne
Jay, J. W.RichmondDentistOhio1835RichmondWayne
Jay, E.West RichmondTeacherOhio1864RichmondWayne
Jackson, W. M.RichmondTeacherPennsylvania1869RichmondWayne
Kibbey, J. F.RichmondJudge 17th CircuitIndiana1826RichmondWayne
Kendrick, T. T.RichmondMinisterOhio1834RichmondWayne
Lynde, W. H.RichmondCo. ClerkIndiana1838RichmondWayne
Lancaster, Thompson & Co.RichmondChurch Furniture[blank][blank]RichmondWayne
Lemon, J. G.RichmondCo. TreasurerIndiana1843RichmondWayne
Maag, F.RichmondEditorGermany1866RichmondWayne
Meredith, S. D.RichmondProp. Avenue HouseNorth Carolina1847RichmondWayne
Miller, J. F.RichmondR. R. Supt.[blank][blank]RichmondWayne
Marmon, D. W.RichmondMachinery ManfrOhio1846RichmondWayne
Nixon & Bro.RichmondPaper-millOhio1870RichmondWayne
Nordyke, A. H.RichmondMachinery ManfrIndiana1838RichmondWayne
Nicholson, T.RichmondBooksellerNorth Carolina1861RichmondWayne
Ogborn, H.RichmondBed ManfrIndiana1833RichmondWayne
Parry, Wm.Richmond[blank][blank][blank]RichmondWayne
Perry, JamesRichmondAttorneyOhio1823RichmondWayne
Payne, H. B.RichmondAttorneyOhio1836RichmondWayne
Peterson, C. P.RichmondStove ManfrNew Jersey1865RichmondWayne
Rutledge, S. L.RichmondTeacherIndiana1850RichmondWayne
Richmond Print'g Co.RichmondPublishing[blank][blank]RichmondWayne
Ritter, PeterRichmondMarble WorksGermany1858RichmondWayne
Surface, D.RichmondEditorOhio1869RichmondWayne
Scott, A. F.RichmondBankerVirginia1833RichmondWayne
Smith, JamesRichmondManufacturingVirginia1850RichmondWayne
Shute, R. C.RichmondCo. SurveyorNew Jersey1818RichmondWayne
Smith, J. L.RichmondCo. SheriffOhio1838RichmondWayne
Stratton, S. S.RichmondCarriage Manfr.Indiana1830RichmondWayne
Sutton, DavidRichmondFarmerNew York1861RichmondWayne
Thomas, Mary F.RichmondPhysicianMaryland1850RichmondWayne
Thistlethwait, Wm.RichmondFarmerIndiana1830RichmondWayne
Townsend, J. M.RichmondMinisterOhio1873RichmondWayne
Wattson, IretonRichmondCooperIreland1848RichmondWayne
Wright, H. C.RichmondManufacturingOhio1867RichmondWayne
Wasson, I. M.RichmondReal Estate AgentIndiana1810RichmondWayne
Weist, J. R.RichmondSurgeonOhio1861RichmondWayne
Yaryan, J.RichmondAttorneyTennessee1816RichmondWayne
Zeller, D. K.RichmondBakerOhio1864RichmondWayne
Alte, Major T.Cambridge CityCarpenter & JoinerKentucky1858Cambridge CityJackson
Allen, J. D.Cambridge CityAgent L. LaughamPennsylvania1867Cambridge CityJackson
Bailey, J. T.Cambridge CityGrocerConnecticut1835Cambridge CityJackson
Brandenburg, C.Cambridge CityBlacksmithMaryland1870Cambridge CityJackson
Conklin, B. F.Cambridge CityRetiredOhio[blank]Cambridge CityJackson
Doney, Wm.Cambridge CityCigar ManfrPennsylvania1871Cambridge CityJackson
Gates, H. C.Cambridge CityMusic AgentMichigan1875Cambridge CityJackson
Grady, C.Cambridge CityPainterOhio1866Cambridge CityJackson
Gerdle, G. G.Cambridge CityHarness Manfr.Ohio1872Cambridge CityJackson
Giddings, A. J.Cambridge CityLiquor Dlr.Ohio1865Cambridge CityJackson
Gibbs, J. B. W.DublinJob PrinterOhio1865DublinJackson
Harding, W. P.Cambridge CityPublisherTennessee1864Cambridge CityJackson
Huddleston, J.DublinFarmerNorth Carolina1815DublinJackson
Hatfield, JamesDublinCarriage MakerVirginia1854DublinJackson
Jones, G. B.Cambridge CityDruggistOhio1855Cambridge CityJackson
Kiggins, Rev. J. T.DublinGeneral Agt. Indiana Anti-Secrecy Ass'nIndiana[blank]DublinJackson
Littler, J. W.Cambridge CityLiquor DealerOhio1851Cambridge CityJackson
Lawrence, L. L.DublinPres. Wayne Ag'l Co.New York1847DublinJackson
Meredith, S.Cambridge CityBreeder Blooded StckNorth Carolina1828Cambridge CityJackson
Meredith, H. C.Cambridge CityBreeder Blooded StckIndiana[blank]Cambridge CityJackson
Medsker, W. F.Cambridge CityAttorney at LawIndiana1846Cambridge CityJackson
McNichols, C. S.DublinPrinterOhio1864DublinJackson
Raresheid, HenryCambridge CitySaloon & BilliardsGermany1853Cambridge CityJackson
Stahr, W. P. A.Cambridge CityHotel KeeperGermany1858Cambridge CityJackson
Smalley, G. F.Cambridge CitySaloonIndiana1849Cambridge CityJackson
Thornburgh, MiltonDublinFarmer & Stk RaiserNorth Carolina1819DublinJackson
Underwood, J. I.Cambridge CityInsuranceIndiana1859Cambridge CityJackson
Whitesell, S. C.Cambridge CityAttorney at LawOhio1850Cambridge CityJackson
Burgess, J. P.Section 20Farmer & J. P.Virginia1818RichmondBoston
Farlow, StevenSection 20Retired FarmerIndiana1817RichmondBoston
Stevenson, G. W.Section 20FarmerIndiana1821RichmondBoston
Sulser, HiramSection 31Farmer & TrusteeIndiana1816RichmondBoston
Turner, L. P.[blank]FarmerIndiana1833RichmondBoston

Wayne County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Business Directory

Wayne County, Indiana Business Directory from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.



  • H. C. FOX, Attorney at Law.
  • CHAS H. BURCHENAL, Attorney at Law.
  • S. A. FORKNER, Attorney at Law.
  • JOHN YARYAN & SON, Attorney at Law.
  • JAMES PERRY, Attorney at Law.
  • ROBT. W. CARTER, Attorney at Law.
  • HOLLAND & BINKLEY, Attorneys at Law.
  • H. B. PAYNE, Attorney at Law and United State Commissioner.
  • JOHN A. HASECOSTER, Architect and Superintendent.
  • J. ELDER, Bookseller, Stationer, etc.
  • C. F. COFFIN, Banker, President Richmond National Bank.
  • RICHMOND SAVINGS BANK. Exclusively a Savings Bank. TRUSTEES: Mark E. Reeves, John H. Moormann, John W. Grubbs, Daniel B. Crawford, Joseph C. Ratliff, Americus L. Pogue, Isaac P. Evans. OFFICERS: President, Mark E. Reeves, Vice Presidents, Daniel B. Crawford, John W. Grubbs; Cashier, Wm. W. Dudley. Dividends computed from first of each month. Dividend days, Jan. and July 1st each year. All assets personally examined by Examining Committee at least twice each year. Reports made to the Auditor of State as required by law. Dividend declared Jan. 1st, 1876, eight per cent per annum. No. 53 N. Fifth st.
  • A. F. SCOTT, Banker, President Second National Bank.
  • ZELLER & CO., Bakery, Wholesale.
  • NICHOLSON & BRO., Booksellers, Stationers and Book Binders, Odd Fellows’ Buildings.
  • H. OGBORN, Bed Manufacturer.
  • IRETON, WATTSON & Co., Barrels, Manufacturers of.
  • OLIVER BUTLER, City Civil Engineer.
  • S. S. STRATTAN, Carriages, Manufacturer of, 158 and 160 Ft. Wayne av.
  • J. F. HANER, Cigar Manufacturer.
  • WM. H. HEWITT, Dentistry.
  • J. W. JAY, Dentist.
  • GAAR, SCOTT & CO., Engines, etc. Manufacturers of Portable Engines, Steam Threshers, Horse-Power Threshers, Saw-mills, Stationary Engines, Mill Machinery, etc., etc.
  • J. M. GAAR, Foundry and Machines.
  • LANCASTER, THOMPSON & CO., Furniture, Manufacturers of Church Furniture. H. C. Wright, President.
  • FORKNER, SCOTT & ELMER, Grocers, Wholesale.
  • N. W. BRIGGS, Grain and Agricultural Merchant.
  • SAMUEL D. MEREDITH, Hotel, “Avenue House.”
  • GEO. W. BENTON, Hardware.
  • E. B. DUNHAM & CO., Lumber Dealers, Wholesale.
  • JOHN HENLEY, Lumber, etc. Dealer in Lath, Shingles, Posts, Flooring, Siding and Dressed Lumber.
  • WM. H. BENNETT, Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable and Farming.
  • JAMES SMITH, Manufacturer. Secretary and Treasurer of the Ezra Smith & Co.’s Manufacturing Association.
  • ADDISON H. NORDYKE, Manufacturer. President of Richmond Mill Furnishing Works, Manufacturers of Mill Stones, Portable Mills and Mill Machinery.
  • DANIEL W. MARMON, Manufacturer. Secretary of Richmond Mill Furnishing Works.
  • RICHMOND PRINTING CO., Publishers Daily and Weekly Free Press.
  • PETER RITTER, Marble Dealer.
  • FRED MAAG, Publisher Daily and Weekly Independent.
  • BENJ. W. DAVIS, Publisher Richmond Palladium.
  • TELEGRAM PRINTING CO., Publishers Richmond Telegram.
  • J. EMMONS, M. D., Physician, Homoeopathist.
  • H. CADWALLADER & CO., Planing-mill and Pump Factory.
  • J. HOWELLS, M. D., Physician, Homoeopathist.
  • MARY F. THOMAS, M. D., Physician.
  • NIXON & BRO., Paper Manufacturers.
  • JAS. F. HIBBERD, Physician.
  • O. P. BAER, M. D., Physician and Surgeon, Homoeopathist.
  • T. HENRY DAVIS, Physician.
  • R. E. HAUGHTON, M. D., Physician and Surgeon, and Professor Phys. And Phys. Anat., College Phys. And Surg., Indianapolis.
  • SIMEON B. HARRIMAN, Physician, 16 N. Pearl st.
  • L. L. LAWRENCE, President Richmond Agricultural Co., also Dealer in fine Horses.
  • WILLIAM E. BELL, Real Estate, Insurance, Loan Agent and Broker.
  • I. M. WATSON, Real Estate Agent, No. 20 Sixth st.
  • JOSEPH DICKINSON & CO., Real Estate and Loan Agency.
  • RICHMOND AGRICULTURAL WORKS, Manufacturers of Reapers, Mowers, Indiana Cultivators, Wheat and Corn Drills, Scales, &c.
  • J. B. HUNT & CO., Solicitors of Patents; also Patented Articles Manufactured for inventors.
  • R. C. SHUTE, Surveyor, County and Civil Engineer.
  • J. R. WEIST, M. D., Surgeon.
  • PETERSON & BENTON, Richmond Stove and Variety Iron Works, Nos. 12, 14 and 16 North Washington st.


  • SAMUEL C WHITESELL, Attorney and Counselor at Law. Collections made with promptness. Reference, First National Bank.
  • W. F. MEDSKER, Attorney and Counselor at Law.
  • WM. DONEY, Cigar Manufacturer.
  • MAJOR T. ALTE, Carpenter and Joiner.
  • G. B. JONES, Druggist.
  • J. HAYS, Grocery.
  • UNDERWOOD & ALLEN, Hardware, Iron, Nails, Springs, Axles, &c.
  • GEO. G. GERDLE, Harness Maker.
  • WM. P. A. STAHR, Hotel. Central Hotel and Restaurant. Good Sample Room and Stabling.
  • JOHN I. UNDERWOOD, Insurance and Real Estate.
  • LITTLER & GIDDINGS, Liquor Dealers. Dealers in Pure Whiskies, Wines, Brandies, Gins and Cordials.
  • H. C. GATES, Music Agent.
  • HARDING, McCAIN & TALBOT, Publishers Cambridge City Tribune.
  • J. T. BAILEY, Produce, &c.
  • CHARLES GRADY, Painter, House, Sign and Ornamental.
  • HENRY RARESHEID, Saloon and Billiard Hall, Main st.
  • GEO. F. SMALLEY, Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Dealer in.
  • CALVIN BRANDENBURG, Wagon and Smith Shop.


  • JAMES HATFIELD, Carriage Maker.
  • REV. J. T. KIGGINS, General Agent and Lecturer of the Indiana Anti-Secrecy Association.
  • J. B. W. GIBBS, Printer, Job.
  • CHARLES S. McNICHOLS, Printer.


  • R. J. STRICKLAND, Publisher Wayne County Chronicle.